Everyday Favorites

When I was getting ready this morning (oh, I even took a shower, oh yes I did), I started thinking about a few of the simple, everyday items that make my mornings a little easier and a little bit more pleasant. These things aren’t necessities by any stretch of the imagination, but they’re helpful. Maybe even a tiny bit comforting.

You know, stuff like Eucerin moisturizer. Because it prevents my skin from cracking and falling off of my face. So in that sense the Eucerin performs a vital role in my skin care regimen.

Or Maxwell House French Roast coffee. Because it’s strong without being bitter. Inexpensive. And delicious, too.

Or my beloved Mentholatum, which costs all of $2, soothes my chapped lips and makes my sinuses snap to attention as soon as I remove the top from the jar. I’ve even used it to minister to some deeply resistant under-eye bags, and it did not disappoint. I heart it deeply.

None of these things are fancy. You can buy them at any drugstore (or, as we say in the South, AT THE WALGREENS). But they’re my early morning support network – I use each of them every single day before I snuggle into my spot on the couch and start what Alex calls “Mama’s quiet time Bible study.” They help me to wake up, feel reasonably presentable, and face the day.

So, internets, what are your everyday favorites? What inexpensive treats make your mornings a little easier? And for the sake of clarity, let’s classify “inexpensive” as less than $10, though I think my Eucerin costs $10.99, so CLEARLY I AM DISQUALIFIED.

Comment away, girls (and guys!). Can’t wait to read about your faves.

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  1. Cherry chapstick and diet mountain dew!!

  2. starbucks cafe americana – without a doubt a must have for me!

  3. Chapstick. Plain coconut oil for my face. And a cup of European drinking chocolate made with hot milk. Mmmmmm.

  4. Walgreens’ rip-off of Burt’s Bees chapstick. Lovely.

  5. Blistex Herbal Answer chapstick. I carry it in my pocket or purse at all times. I think I have about 3 lying about in various places in my house where I know to find them (for those times when I don’t have pocket or purse handy).

  6. I like Neutrogena body oil…..!!!

  7. Aveeno, a shower, and a starbucks Tall Iced Nonfat Honey Latte with double shot of espresso!! I feel so special to drive up to the window and say I want a “double tall iced nonfat honey latte’!!” I always wanted to do that!!! What can I say I’m easily excited!!

  8. Sugar free French Vanilla coffee creamer…tinted moisturizer…and bacon, specifically the microwave bacon, especially on those ultra busy days when I’m rushing around. It’s crispy just the way I love it!

  9. Cosmetic sponges.
    Disposable dental floss picks.
    Burts Bee’s lip balm.

  10. Ha! There you go again! I’m posting all about my love for Eucerin® over at Chic Critique tomorrow. And my family has sworn by Mentholatum&reg for generations, too. Also? I love a good Gentle Buf Puf (how old school is THAT?) of a mornin’ on my dry-prone areas, and some Bath & Body Works® Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Wash, which you can get for *exactly* ten bucks when it goes on sale.

  11. I never go anywhere without my SoftLips. But, I must admit what first popped into my head when I read your post is this (and it’s, ahem, free) –

    I never go to bed the night before without filling up my coffee grinder and putting a filter flipped over on top of it (like a hat); everything is all laid out and ready. It makes me smile, every morning.

  12. Can I just say that my morning routine consists of trying not to make noise so the 4-year old will stay asleep all the while trying like a mad woman to get the 9-year old out of bed for school?

    I do use the restroom first thing and really like my toilet paper. So, in a sense, the Cottonelle is really an inexpensive blessing on my back side.

    Bless God.

  13. Diet Dr Pepper or Diet Pepsi-starts my day off. I don’t drink coffee-so I take my caffene in carbinated form. A nice shower with some dial soap wakes me up the rest of the way. I also have to agree with Cindy Beall here, a day without Cottonelle just wouldnt be right!

  14. Burt’s Bees tinted lip gloss, usually in Rhubarb, but sometimes in Watermelon if I’m feeling mellow.

    Folger’s 1/2 the caffeine medium roast. Love this stuff. Keeps me from flying out of my skin, yet gives me a better taste than decaf.

    Love, Love, Love “The Walgreen’s” and go there at least four times a week for just. about. every. thing.

    MaxFactor auburn mascara . . . gives me eyelashes without making me look like a raccoon or someone who should wear stilettos : )

    Great list, Sophie!

  15. Fiber One bars in chocolate or peanut butter. Yummy and delicious and healthy and convenient for on-the-go. What more could you possibly ask of a breakfast food? Oh, and my beloved Target makes a similar product in their Market Pantry line. It’s about 30 cents cheaper than Fiber One.

  16. Oh the Diet Pepsi is a requirement.

  17. The cheapest thing that makes my morning better is sleeping in….for sure!!!

  18. Matt, Meredith, Ann and Al. The TODAY show is on every single morning at my house. And if I don’t catch the very first opening sequence where they tell the morning’s headlines…I am a bear the rest of the day. I oftentimes watch it while wearing my TODAY show pajama shirt and drinking coffee out of my TODAY show mug.
    Wow. I just realized I sound like a freak. But a well-informed freak.

  19. Hmmmmmm…..I love French Vanilla Iced Coffee from McDonalds. My favorite Bath & Body Works scent is Cherry Blossom….love it, love it, love it!!! I usually start my day off with the Cherry Blossom body wash and body splash. I use good ol’ Chapstick lip balm. I carry it in my pocket on most winter days.

  20. Hmmm, it would have to be my Special K with almonds or my fried grits and cheese Im a Texan ya’ll.
    Folgers roasted dark coffee, sugar free creamer. Definately my pantene shampoo and Caress exotic oil infusion Moroccan, yummo.

  21. dude, the hot water in the shower is like the best thing in my mornings. i also heart my coast brand soap and vaseline cocoa butter lotion.

  22. ChristyCate says:

    Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel. I don’t even dry off from the shower. It keeps my skin smoothe but not oily.

  23. Smart Start. Seriously. A coffee mug full of dry Smart Start.

    Not because it’s healthy, but because it tastes good.

  24. carmex and coke. not together or anything.

  25. Dove original scent deoderant – it makes me (and my husband) enjoy the smell of my underarms, which I know is kind of weird.

    Also, Twinings English Breakfast or Earl Grey tea, with a little milk & sugar.

    And my every-night favorite is Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

  26. Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion. Must have every day!

  27. The absolute best, most amazing thing that makes my mornings better is the fact that my daughters (4 & 7) get themselves up, dressed, breakfasted, and entertained with the TV until I haul myself outta bed at a fashionably late hour. I learned very soon after becoming a SAHM that my arthritis is MUCH better if I don’t have to jump out of bed as soon as I wake up. At least that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it!

  28. Favorites that make my mornings better:

    Snuggles from my four year old when she crawls in bed with me in the mornings.

    Fox & Friends

    Special K chocolate delight

    oil of olay moisturizer

    Crest Pro-Health toothpaste

    background music for my morning routine taken from the playlist on my blog…usually something peppy that I can sing along with.


  29. Nivea visage oil free spf 15 lotion, carmex lip balm and a big old glass of (unsweetened) nestea with lots of ice.

  30. i don’t take much time in the morning (because isn’t staying in bed just so much more fun?) but i love starting out my day with trader joe’s refresh body wash. it has a lovely hint of citrus, is so clean and oh so easy on the wallet. i have two other favorites but they are for bedtime. the first is any kind of fruit flavored chapstick and the other is country bunny body butter. i know bath and body says they have the “world’s best body butter”…but i totally disagree. :)

  31. i agree with andrea_jennine! i love twinnings english breakfast tea with a little milk and sugar. delicious! and a nice warm start to a crazy day with my toddler.

  32. My Organix Tea Tree Mint Oil Shampoo and Conditioner, it smells wonderful and wakes me up.

    Along with that, Clean and Clear Oil Free Cleanser. It too has an envigorating scent and even makes my skin tingle.


  33. I love SoftLips in cherry. I also love my Great Lash mascara which makes me look like I’m alive. And I am a Bath & Body junkie, so any of their yummy bath/shower products. They are always under $10 thanks to their coupons!

  34. Pre dawn: Coffee Mate Toffee Nut Creamer

    Post shower: Jergens Body Glow Moisturizer (love me some fake tan)

    And those little clear, plastic hair rubberbands. But 10 years ago, I would’ve said “scrunchie.”

  35. My Avon Moisture Therapy hand cream. It lasts forever and a little dab will do ya. And it smells luscious.

  36. The local newspaper.
    Folger’s Coffee.
    Burt’s Bees chapstick.
    Arbonne moisturizer.
    Baby powder.
    The blogs I like to read (how to find the time, there are so many good ones!)

  37. The mornings and I, we don’t combine.

    What can I say? I’m a night owl who stays up way, way past a sane and rational bedtime much too often.

    And I don’t drink coffee. Unless it’s flavored and sugared and blended with ice so that it no longer resembles anything remotely java-esque.

    So what gets me going ante meridiem? Two things I cannot imagine life without.

    First, a packet of Super Orange Emergen-C and a tall, cold glass of agua.

    Loads of vitamin C, an energy-fueling burst of B-complex, and happy fizzing action: what’s not to love?

    And second, a rather liberal application of Clinique’s All About Eyes, which, I am convinced, helps mask my dark circles.

    I realize (and apologize) that All About Eyes falls outside the category of “inexpensive,” but the Emergen-C packets are only twenty-five cents apiece.

    So I figure it all works out. Yes?

  38. Noxzema at night.

    Maxwell House Smooth Roast. (used to do the French Roast but now I’m all about the smooth)

    Fabuloso cleaner to make my kitchen smell fresh. Makes me feel better.

  39. A Curves breakfast bar, my vitamins and my Claritin -D. AND my local Christian radio station, gotta have that in the A.M.!

  40. Diet Mt. Dew & Caramel Cluster Zone Bar.

  41. the must of the morning is cereal, i wake up feeling like i haven’t eaten in days. if i’m actually leaving the house, i can’t go anywhere without some concealer, mascara, and some lip smackers sparkling lip gloss. (i realize that makes me sound 13, but i’m much, MUCH older than that)

  42. Oh, the wealth of information contained herein! From the healthy and pure to the downright artery-clogging and heart attack-inducing.

    I heart it all.

    For me, it’s a double cup of breakfast blend from Timothy’s along with whatever free donuts they have at work for the day.

    Which, BTW, is why I weigh slightly more than your proverbial beached whale, but a girl’s gotta have at least one or two vices, right? Can I get an AMEN???

  43. A black rubber band on my right wrist, perfectly balanced between not too tight and not too lose for my thick ponytail. A new toothbrush. Chapstick. Cinnamon raisin toast with my tea in the morning.

  44. I’ll second the Neutrogena Body Oil. My legs itch if I don’t use it.

  45. General Mills French Vanilla instant coffee. Love it more than anything brewed. I even travel with it.

  46. Moisturizer, lip balm, hair gel, (brands don’t matter too much), and Quaker chocolate chip granola bars. And in the winter, warm, fuzzy socks are a must.

  47. Christine says:

    Oil of Olay moisturizer, with sunscreen thankyouverymuch!

    Enormo plastic cup of Tejava, a little water, lots of ice and a squirt of lemon. Unsweetened iced tea with lemon is probably a stronghold I will have to answer to my Maker for when I get to Him!

    Whatever the Bath & Body Works Shower Cream flavor of the moment is in my shower. I don’t absolutely have to moisturize every day if use the shower cream.

  48. Witch hazel is hands-down the best astringent–I use it morning and night, and my complexion has never been better–well not since I was a kid anyway.
    Coke–not diet–a daily necessity at lunch time

  49. Christine says:

    And how could I forget the Max Factor Volume Couture super lengthening mascara in Auburn?!??!! Without that, the rest is all pretty much for naught!!

  50. You will not believe this, but Dunkin Donuts coffee (it’s now available, as they say in the Midwest, at Wal-Marts), is the best coffee ever. I didn’t believe it either until I tried it.

    I also have my favorite quilt. I wrap up in my quilt with my coffee and read my Bible. It’s wonderful.

    Okay, my quilt probably cost more than ten dollars (it’s not a fancy handmade quilt, but it is a real quilt). I guess I’m disqualified, too.

  51. Staying in bed until the absolute last possible nano second and then rushing the kids out the door like it’s THEIR fault we’re running late! Then, at least during tax season, it’s grab the paper and head to Village Inn where I get breakfast. All the servers there know me and my breakfast order by heart so I’m greeted with a freshly poured glass of iced sweet tea (can you say aahhhhhhh?). I read the paper or chat with other regulars while I await my order. Eat up and then it’s off to the “war room” where I manage two tax offices 4 months a year and 4 offices the other 8 months. (Stress can be interspersed throughout). Must have the tea and the rest of the day is filled diet coke (until early afternoon) and then CF diet coke or green tea afterwards.


  52. Diet Coke, my laptop, my St. Ives Apricot scrub face wash, and a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats.

  53. Neutrogena Deep Clean face scrub, Dove facial moisturizer (with the SPF built in), great coffee (Starbucks is the “cheapest” I can do), my laptop and a blueberry nutrigrain bar.

  54. Creme brulee coffee creamer (because around here, we are the FANCY type!) in my Folgers french roast coffee

    Secret deodorant, the green tea and cucumber scent

    Colgate total toothpaste. All the rest leave my mouth feeling dir-tay by 5pm or so.

    E-mail. I *have* to check it within 3 minutes of getting up or I get all twitchy.

  55. COVERGIRL OUTLAST lipstick!!!

    Yaa Hooty!!! put it on in the mornin… and I’m still wearing it when I got to bed at night.

    LOVE it!!

    Put it on before I drink my Folgers coffee and International creamer… YUM!!

  56. Dunkin Donuts Coffee (they sell it in the store now! Even at the Walgreens!!!)

  57. Burt’s Bees sensitive skin lotion (it has a far wittier name) is stinkin’ amazing. It’s about $7 a bottle and lasts forever. And it is at the Walgreens. Yes m’am, it is.
    Now, it’s not at the Walgreens, but the Ion Silk Drops (similar to Biosilk)a good-hair-day-guarantee (also about $7)

  58. I’m currently in love with my new C-PAP machine, though I’m sure even the co-pay is way more than $10.00. I’m seriously thinking of naming it in my will. But oh, my, mornings are something to enjoy again because of it!

    Other than that, my cocker spaniel (oops, she cost more than $10.00, too) who thinks any morning with me is the ultimate happiness.

    Cheese toast, cinnamon toast, long, hot showers with Johnson’s Softwash dry skin formula. Okay, now I meet the guidelines.

    Fabric spilling out of baskets and off my shelves, and an offday to play with it. (Okay, SOME of it cost less than $10.00).

  59. Swiss cake rolls and Dunkin Donuts coffee.

  60. Maxwell house classic coffee, we use to buy the expensive stuff then we feel in love with this! Half and Half creamer.

    That’s my first love in the morning,

    Then my Bible, my journal from the dollar store and this one is kinda silly but the marker pen things, I love them! I write in a different color depending on how I feel!

  61. The very first thing that greets me in the morning is my 15 year old daughter climbing in my bed for 15 minuets of snuggle time. She has done this since she was born, and I think I would curl up and die without it.

    Second, I heart Burts Bees. Heart, heart, heart!!!

    Then there is absolutely nothing like a hot shower with some Soothing Vanilla Milk body wash which squeaks in under the $10 mark.

    After that, it is all down hill baby!

  62. I’m so thrilled to see others who must have their Diet Pepsi (or Coke, those who haven’t discovered the deliciousness of the Pepsi) in the morning! My family thinks it’s totally insane – but really, how is it worse than coffee? The little bubbles just wash away all the sleepiness. :)

  63. Socks To Stay Home In from JC Penney…so soft and warm. They are $8.99 regular price but in the winter, they are pretty much $3.99 all the time.

    My other morning favorite is Folger’s 1/2 caffeine coffee with Land O Lakes fat free half n’ half.

  64. Twinings tea with honey. My favorite is “Lady Grey”.

  65. Vaseline on my lips every night before bed and after every teeth brushing.

    The new Dove Body Wash.

    A large unsweet tea from Sonic with their awesome ice. Sometimes I go for half sweet half unsweet. On the days when I’m feeling adventurous.

  66. I must have my flower cup from Starbucks that was on sale ($7.99) it makes a difference in my morning really, if I just had some old blue cup, I wouldn’t feel quite as chipper I’m sure! I drink Folgers dark roast ($8.99) and I rub Vaseline hand lotion ($4.00) on so I won’t scratch my sweet children with the sandpaper hands the winter has left me with!

  67. Well, my Max Lucado devotional book was more than $10, as was my tinted moisturizer, my ipod and my Bible …
    So, I guess my inexpensive “thing” is doing everything in my power to stay as quiet as possible for as long as possible so as not to wake up sleeping munchkins.
    And although it does not cost me a thing, I can tell ya – the time with me and God is PRICELESS!!!!

  68. Coffee, hot shower, and my children’s faces as they are just waking up … it is so peaceful at that moment.

    But then the day really begins, and I reach for more coffee – the Dunkin Donuts kind please! No funny flavors, just with lots of cream, a good amount of caffeine and sugar!

  69. Love my Coffeemate Coconut Creamer and my Jergen’s Original Scent lotion.

  70. Oil of Olay nighttime moisturizer…chapstick…lotion of any kind that is thick…not thin or watery…

    french vanilla coffee creamer…

  71. Wow, I got some great ideas for adding some new things to my morning routine! My cheap “first thing in the morning” item is my Dunkin Dounuts coffee with splenda and sugar free Hazelnut creamer. LOVE IT! I go to bed at dreaming about it. My other cheap love is my Oil of Olay Regenerist lotion and my St. Ives Cucumber Melon body wash. And I love the Slim Fast Chocolate Breakfast bars. Yummy!

  72. Creme Brulee Coffee!!! A must!!!

  73. If the baby weren’t starting to cry upstairs I would so love to read the whole list of comments and must haves! Here are mine in no particular order:
    Sesame Street (lets me read my blogs)
    My blogs (including the BooMama, at least the big three Boo, Big and Rocks)
    Coffee with fancy creamer
    A shower (not fussy on the type of soap or anything. Just getting a shower helps me wake up and face the day!)
    My Clean and Clear moisturizer
    Lip balm (not brand specific, just gotta have something!)

    I think that’s a total of under $10 to buy one of everything I need.

  74. Laptop
    Cup of hot water with a lemon squeezed in, 2 Tbsp of Maple syrup and a dash of cayenne pepper – stirred – drink it up!
    Aveeno Eye Cream (but now I am going to have to try the mentholathum- for sure)
    CG Bigelow Ultra Mentha Lip Shine No. 1122 – worth the $7.

  75. Ok, I know this sounds like I am really in shape and all, but I have to go to the gym in the morning! If for some reason, one of my kids has something or I have an appointment and can’t make it to the gym, it is just not a good day! So, ya I work out almost everyday, now if I could control my eating, I would look dang good!

  76. my clearance priced bras from Lane Bryant :) betcha didn’t see that coming

  77. Chock full o’Nuts

    …need my morning bloggy fix!

  78. I run every morning with my best friend at 5:15 am. It sounds crazy, but we start our day off talking about everything. I’m much more awake when I have to get the kids up at 6:40!! If I don’t have sugar free vanilla creamer waiting on me – I feel like crying. I can’t drink my coffee without it!! Before I start sounding all healthy……microwave bacon (thick cut please) is a must!!!

  79. Espresso Milano from my favorite coffee house “The Daily Brew”, a clip to pull my curly hair out of my face and a little mascara.

  80. Fiber One Carmel delight cereal — very weight watcher friendly when you eat one serving.

  81. Aquaphor lotion. It’s like nice vasaline (is that really a possibility?). It makes your feet soft and fabulous, so it’s worth it. My neighbor swears by it and has been telling me about it for a year. Finally got the stuff and I am ashamed that I have been missing out for so long. Note to self: listen to her advice.

  82. Rosebud Strawberry lip balm & chocolate milk w/ lots of Hershey’s syrup

  83. I love…
    Real honest to goodness half and half in my coffee;
    Dove Energy Glow lotion;
    Airborne tablets for my water bottle; and
    OxyClean stain remover spray.

  84. Twinings Irish Breakfast tea with splenda and sugar free french vanilla creamer (I drink it like coffee)
    and/or Diet Coke on ice
    Warm Vanilla Sugar body wash – the walmart brand smells just like the big brand
    on a splurge day – homemade cinnamon swirl biscuit from the local restaurant (small town, and I mean small, population below 2000). Thanks for the hint of the mintholatum. I have tried so, so many products for the puffy eyes with no success.

  85. I, too, am addicted to Chapstick. I keep a tube in my make-up drawer, one in my car, one in my husband’s car, one in my desk drawer at work, and two in my purse. At all times! I love the pepppermint flavor. I also like the vanilla mint, but haven’t been able to find that one in a while.

    Also, I don’t start many mornings without reading a few favorite blogs this yours!

  86. Burt’s Bees chapstick- will not buy anything else! I have it everywhere, on my nightstand, in my purse, on my desk at work. Also love the lip shimmers. I’m not one for regular lipstick.

    Neutrogena Visibly Even cleanser & moisturizer. The cleanser had little beads in it that make my skin feel so soft and smooth. And the moisturizer has sunscreen too.

    Seattle’s Best Henry’s Blend coffee.

    Will definitely try the Mentholatum trick. Some days I could take a trip with the bags under my eyes!

  87. I am (going to admit it here) jealous of your shower this morning… I am living in Alamosa, CO which if you haven’t heard through the news is where the water was contaminated with Salmonella… and as part of the treatment they are flushing the lines with high levels of chlorine and that means using the water for nothing but flushing the toilets! Now it is a nice excuse for not doing dishes or laundry, but a shower is sounding mighty good four days into the ban… when I can take a shower, I love my Clean and Clear Orange Burst face wash (it does the job but isn’t harsh and smells yummy). I also love my Olay moisturizer/sunblock in one (it’s sunny here in Colorado!), and my Marc Anthony curl products!

  88. A few of my favorite things:
    Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion and Dove soap
    Chapstick, strawberry flavor
    Oil of Olay Quench Body Lotion
    I’ve got to try the Mentholatum.

  89. Castile soap from Trader Joe’s, which I understand hasn’t made it to The South yet (sorry). It’s cheaper than Dr. Bronner’s brand, maybe $4.99 a bottle (I can’t remember precisely), and I use it as a face and body wash. It lasts a long time and keeps me zit-free. The peppermint kind I buy is refreshing.

    PG Tips tea. It’s expensive for tea, but I think it’s delicious so I pay the extra as my little treat. Next best, and a little cheaper, is Tetley’s British blend, in cute round tea bags.

    Oil of Olay moisturizer. I used to buy the basic, cheap kind, but for the first time ever, last week, with the temptation of multiple coupons and a store sale, I caved in and bought the really expensive kind that not only moisturizes, but also tightens the skin, fills in wrinkles, and supposedly follows through with about 25 other vain promises to aid aging skin.

    A banana. Or even just half a banana. Yum.

    And finally, steel cut oatmeal prepared in the crockpot overnight and steaming-ready when I wake up. I explained it in detail on this week’s WFMW. With blueberries and brown sugar. Mmmmmm…..

  90. LONG HOT SHOWER… I love this so much that I am willing to get up half an hour earlier to ensure that I have plenty of hot water and plenty of time.

    Also – I love Sauve Daily Clarifying Shampoo and Oil of Olay complete moisture cream.

    If I have to skip any of this – I feel yucky and gross all day.

  91. Folger’s Special Roast Coffee
    AMBI face toner – it fades the darker spots on your face, is $4, and really works!
    Crest Sparkling White Toothpaste
    Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion and spray from Bath and Boday (if I were to list them separately only one of them would be over the $10 limit by 50 cents, but everything else I use is really cheap!)

  92. Carnation’s Hazelnut creamer
    Burt’s Bee’s foot cream…mmm
    Blue Bic pens for journaling

  93. Quaker Simple Harvest granola bars in dark chocolate chunk – My girls and I both really like these AND they’re pretty healthy AND I’m not allergic to any of the ingredients! AND I don’t have to cook!

    Venus Divine Razor and Gilette shave gel – I can’t stand it if I don’t shave my legs every day, and these are what gives me the closest, most comfortable, and longest lasting shave!

    Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer Firming – Tan and firm!! From one lotion!!

  94. We live in the middle of nowhere so we don’t have a Starbucks but I love their Hazelnut Cremes. I searched in ‘Net & found a copycat recipe & now make my own. I start my mornings with a Steamer with what ever flavor of creamer I have on hand ( currently cinnamon bun..ohhh so yummy!) and a bagel slathered with peanut butter. After my shower I use Equate’s Daily Moisturizer. I make sure that I have perfume on.

  95. I’m not a coffee drinker, so it is a Dr. Pepper in the morning. The Savannah Bee Company lip balm (Bath & Body Works). I used to use Burts Bees, but changed over when I found this great stuff!!

    and of course a long, hot, uninterrupted shower where I must shave every day or I feel icky!! :)

  96. Not trying to be overly serious here… really. But I have YET to find ANYTHING that brings me close to any kind of good feeling in the mornings… other than maybe my Bible and talks with God. I have gotten a little bit of a routine of Folgers (I think) Caramel Drizzle coffee with mocha creamer and a bowl of Special K w/Berries.

  97. The tongue scraper. Very sexy, I know. Right when my feet hit the floor I need to brush, rinse, floss and SCRAPE away that morning breath.

  98. Funny how we all have our lip products!

    I enjoy a cold can of Diet Cherry Coke and my Cliff Bar for breakfast (healthy and yum!) (Cliff bar balances out the un-healthy Diet Coke) :)

    Loreal Face Wash in the shower

    Caress Body Wash to scrub the filth from my body.

    Vaseline Body Oil after the shower

    And some BooMama for my daily laugh.

    Kelly S.

  99. dr pepper.
    clinique oil-free base make up.
    and the golden girls on lifetime. :)

  100. Cherry Chapstick, Maybelline Great Lash mascara, Purpose Face Wash, and Neutrogena On-The-Spot acne cream.