This post by David Kuo is absolutely beautiful.

And p.s. – Unrelated to Africa, but this post of Carlos’ made me cry.

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  1. It made me cry too. There is so much beauty and love on this earth. I hope to meet Dickens one day.

  2. They both made me cry.

  3. I just found your blog and another where I stumbled upon Carols’ blog. I agree what a beautiful post.

  4. Carlos’ words made me pause…I have two adopted daughters from China and I rarely think about their birth mothers because the situation there is so different, but his words really made me stop again and think…do their birth moms miss them? Do they know what all they have given up? Do they have any idea how full my life is b/c of their gift to me? I’m wondering…thanks for leading me to Los’ post so I could stop, think and pray for my girl’s birth moms.

  5. What David said about leaving the suitcase as a reminder of where he was and what he saw: stunning.