Round Two: All You Never Wanted To Know

Amanda asks: Do you wear flip flops?

Amanda, my love for the flip flop is deep and true. I wear them constantly. And my favorite brand is SODA – OHMYWORD they’re the best. My sister-in-law and I both love their black platform flip-flops (here’s a pair in white – though I wouldn’t wear the white, because they would be filthy in less than four minutes, not to mention that I do not enjoy the way white shoes look on me, though I think they’re absolutely lovely for other people).

In conclusion comma flip flops rock. And for me, they pretty much rock year ’round.

Marla asks: I know getting a book published isn’t as glamorous as it sounds, but is that something you’d like to do someday?

Please understand that there’s a part of me that GUFFAWS when anyone asks me about the book thing. But I’m trying to be more of a grown-up about the writing stuff (AHEM) and so instead of guffawing, I’ll just say thank you, Marla – it’s very kind that you would even ask such a thing.


And here’s another thing: I LOVE blogging. I get to “write,” and people read it, and people comment, and for me the whole thing just works beautifully. It doesn’t require a theme or characters or plot development – it’s just fun and easy.

Plus, I have never had any desire whatsoever to see my name on a book cover, and I’ve certainly never had any desire to have one of those “author pictures” made for the book jacket. You know, the picture where the author leans forward with her hand under her chin and looks engagingly at the camera and wordlessly conveys the message that THIS, THIS IS HOW I SIT WHEN I AM THINKING.



Oh, I kid because I’m trying to avoid the rest of my answer.

And the rest of my answer is this: if the last year of my life has taught me anything, it’s that Ephesians 3:20 is alive, well, and rockin’ my world every single day. So if God should open the book writing door, I will walk through it. I’ll walk through it with my knees knocking together, and I’ll probably want to throw up a little bit, but I’ll walk through it.

Which reminds me: one day on the phone Lysa asked me what my core message would be if I were to write a book, and I said all sorts of profound things like “I AIN’T GOT NO MESSAGE” and “DID I TELL YOU ABOUT THE CUTE SHOES I SAW AT TARGET?” AND “LOOK! THERE ARE BIRDS OUTSIDE MY WINDOW! I KNOW YOU CAN’T SEE THEM! BUT TRUST ME! BIRRRRRRRRRRDS!”

As you can see, I am deeply articulate. And terribly profound.

Sarah asks: Every time you have posted any pictures of your home it looks like you’ve got some realllllly cool art work. Is it a specific artist or just random pieces?

Sarah, do I ever have some exciting news for you.

Just go to Michael’s or Hobby Lobby or any other place that sells art supplies. Buy a bunch of canvases. Buy a bunch of cheap acrylic paint. And then buy some cheap paint brushes.

Go home, turn on some music, fix you a diet Coke, and paint to your heart’s content. That’s exactly what we did – because most of what you see on our walls is stuff that we’ve painted. We’ve had friends jump in to help us, and my favorite painting is actually one that my sister and I did – you can read all about it here.

It’s so easy and so much fun. And now I have a couple of canvases that Alex has done hanging around the house…it’s become our lone crafty tradition. And while our paintings wouldn’t mean much to most people, I love that I know the stories behind each one. It’s been a cool thing indeed.

All righty, internets – it’s 4:17 and church is at 6. So a shower, it would be good.

See y’all later.

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  1. Those flip flops are too cute! Do you like Crocs? I tried the mary janes once and now I have 5 pair.

  2. This is funny. I just wrote about flip flops today!!

  3. I never thought of using canvas to paint on then hang around your home. Maybe I should try that!

  4. BooMama,
    You are way cool.

  5. I miss my flip flops. Here’s hoping I can wear them again in the next few weeks. The snow is gone so that’s a good start and if you look REAL close, there are some small buds on some of the trees. Ah, spring, I knew you would come back.

    And since we’re talking about flip flops, I think the best possible thing about them is that they require no bending over to get them securely on your feet. Don’t you agree? I think that is especially exciting to me as my ever growing baby bump gets in the way of normal shoe putting-on.

  6. Anonymous Today says:

    I hate to hijack your blog comments, but I need to ask for a prayer request from you and all your loyal readers.

    My husband found two lumps in a very private region yesterday. A region where a lump usually means cancer.

    He’s also sworn me to secrecy until he can get to the doctor. Which is killing me because my brain automatically jumps from lumps, to cancer, to no more love of my life. And I’m freaked out, and I can’t talk to anybody.

    So, if you could please pray for my dear sweet man and for me, I would really, really appreciate it.

  7. #1 Praying for Anon husband health issue.
    #2 I did have a desire to write a book…I became a single mom when my daughter was 10 years old. I had a job but there was no money for extras…none! I remarried 17 years later and told my new husband of my desire to help other people provide wonderful memories and traditions for people they loved by investing time NOT money. Two years later I was blessed to be published. My book is called Creating Happy Memories and it is available on It includes the favorite memories and traditions of some famous folks too. The best part for me…we met while volunteering at the local Center for the Homeless so we have givne all of the royaltys to their children’s programs…..please check it out….God Bless, Pam

  8. Anonymous Today- i just prayed for you and will continue to. May you be overwhelmed with God’s peace.

  9. What a great post, thanks for the smiles!

  10. I love the art idea. I’m inspired to do the same thing – my home is in desperate need of color on the walls! Don’t know why I never thought to just up and MAKE some!

  11. I love the painting idea! We might have to try that.

  12. Thanks for answering my flip flop question! I am wearing my white (although slightly scuffy) flip flops AT THIS VERY MOMENT…

    As always you make me smile…and my flip flops will live on in infamy :)

    My flip flop picks for this season are…

  13. I saw an author picture like that yesterday on a Law and Order rerun, and someone commented that they pose like that to hide the double chin. (1) I never thought of that, and (2) I’m totally owning that pose for my next family photo.

  14. I would love to meet you Boo Mama~we could solve the whole world’s problems over a Starbuck’s in the sunshine! Us Texas chicks wear flip flops almost everyday, except Easter and Christmas, because they just don’t seem dressy enough. . . although Jesus did wear sandals/flip flops. A reach? My favorites are REEF–so comfortable, and you get to feel a little bit cool going into the store to by them. =)

    As for the book thing, you should write a children’s book! Thoughts?

  15. “and I’ll probably want to throw up a little bit”

    Girl, you make me laugh!

    I’d buy that book BooMama, several in fact. :)

  16. And you say you aren’t crafty…

    Anonymous Today–just prayed for you and your husband.

  17. BooMama ~ Thanks for the FABULOUS idea of having friends/family paint on canvases for my home! I am one homesick Ohio gal living in Texas, and seeing the LOVE of those I miss around me will be like a big old hug. My girlfriend and her kids are coming on Tuesday – what a surprise they have in store…!!

    Anon Today – Praying for you and your honey. Keep your eyes on the Lord, darlin’.

  18. BooMama – Thank you so much for always making me either laugh or cry. I first found your blog thru the LPM blog almost 2 yrs ago – I had never read a ‘stranger’s’ blog before yours (aka blog of someone I didn’t personally know). I now have a list of blogs I enjoy reading – all because of you!
    Thanks again for sharing your gift of humour, words and faith!
    Praying for Anonymous.

  19. I am going to jump on the homemade art! I have some framed art pictures that the girls did, but I really like the canvas idea.

    Especially with summer vacation coming up and all!

    I must be one of the weird-o’s that can’t wear flip-flops, they hurt my toes!


  20. Alas, as I suspected – I clicked on the shoes, ever hopeful and they had 3″ heels which would put my head up with the tree branches, about 2″ above Dear Hubby’s so another no in the shoe locating mission. But they are cute!

  21. Wow! I would love for my family to paint like you all did–sounds like a wonderful memory!!

    I wish I liked flip-flops, but they kill my feet, especially between my toes. Any recommendations for sandal-wearers, who like a strap around the back?

    PS I would buy your book, if you ever walked the knee-knocking journey!!

  22. tiffany says:

    I’m live in Texas but i’m originally a Cali girl. I am hooked on the brand REEF. You must try them. They come in every color, and are the most comfy things ever! With Texas weather, I wear my flip flops year around and have them in a about ohhh 12 different colors :)

  23. Thanks for answering my question, Boo. You’re cute.

    I am SO stealing your low-cost, high-impact art idea. My hubby and girlies are artists. (not me. i feel the same way about painting that you do about writing a book. gives me the pukies.)I can’t wait to let them go at some canvas!

    You can also go to the thrift store and buy other people’s discarded painted canvasses for $1.50. :)

  24. I am soooo glad you posted about the artwork!!!! I have had a blank canvas hanging around since Christmas that I wanted to paint for my husband’s office. Of course, I wanted to see some examples before I started so I wouldn’t screw it up (I had remembered seeing the canvas painted on one of those decorating shows ages ago). I couldn’t find anything when I searched on the internet. So, thank you!!! One quick question: were the “craft paints” just plain old acrylic paint?

  25. I SO love that art idea! I’m going to do that…very soon…how cool are you?

  26. Carole in AL says:

    Hey, Boo! Funny you mention the art thing. I remembered one you had the kids at school do, which was great. So I had L do some for her room a couple of years ago. They turned out great, and to make them more girly and to jazz them up, I glued ribbon around the edge. I always think of you when I see them! Miss you!

  27. First thing, I’m praying for Anon Today’s man. No cancer!

    Love my flip flops too. However, I would NEVER try wearing those platform ones. I would fall off them and break my neck, so I just stick to my beloved Teva’s, in various colors. :-)

  28. Well if we’re still in allyoueverwantedtoknowaboutBooMama, here’s a couple questions for ya. :)

    First, which comes first: fashion or pain? I was sorely limping into a mid-fancyish restaurant in heels that were divine (looking) and got some weird stares from those who do not understand that pain is gain. The pain is actually STILL living in infamy. So is fashion worth the pain to look dee-vine? (FYI: I wore my toe pinching heels with my new trouser jeans… oh, I would have made you proud!)

    Second, are you a morning person? Do you roll out of bed slowly after snoozing 15 times or just pop right up like a jack-in-the-box on caffeine? Then the more important question, what about your husband and son, do you want to hit them multiple times in the morning just to get them to open their eyes, or do you want to throw your pillow over your head and scream at THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE DISRUPTING YOUR SLEEP!

    Just curious….

  29. You are so much fun. I’m a fairly new reader but LOVE your site.

    Your art idea is the bomb!!! I must steal that! My son would love to help decorate the house as well! Sweet!


  30. Love the painting idea!! We knew there was magic in diet coke!!

    kari & kijsa

  31. Just had to add my comment and vouch for the wonderfulness that is Rainbow flip flops. They’re the true Southern California surfer style. And before you go thinking they are some Rainbow-bright colored monstrosity — they’re just regular black or brown leather flip flops — Rainbow is just the brand name. :) And they are THE most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. You must try them!

  32. I absolutely LOVE your paintings!! I am soooo not crafty, but I may just have try my hand at this!

  33. Attention all flip flop want to wears. . . if they hurt your toes you need to try another brand. I love Old Navy, but their flip flops are pure torture!!! You need some with fabric/canvas between the toes. REEF, Rainbow, etc. As I mentioned REEF get my vote!
    Flip Flop Blessings,

  34. No flip flops here – I’m a crocs gal. Also occasionally some totally not cool sandals one can find at that chic emporium – Wallee Bodega (aka WalMart). Thanks for the insight into your insides -mental not physical ’cause I don’t want to go there. I believe you absolutely COULD write a book, but again, it is the issue about “Oh I can’t go to Uganda – I just can’t” — in case you didn’t remember a woman who thought she couldn’t leave her small child and go on a trip. Same woman is more than able to write a HOT book – maybe about septic systems and flip flops and diet co-colas and sisters who are so cool and mamas who do the under-the-Christmas-tree display. Oh yes she could!

  35. The idea for the canvases is just delicious! I’m going to file that little gem and do it when we move. And I’ll have the kids make some for their own rooms too!