Hello, I Have Some Music News

All righty, internets – three things:

1. Dave Barnes (have I mentioned him before? I wasn’t sure) is going to be in Birmingham (Alabama, not England) tomorrow night at WorkPlay. He has two shows – one at 7 and one at 9:30. You can get ticket info here.

2. Trent Monk (from Monk & Neagle) is going to be performing in Birmingham (Alabama, not England) Thursday night, April 10 – you can email me for more info if you’re interested.

3. And Emma Kate asked me to tell y’all that Trent will also be in Tupelo, Mississippi on Friday night, April 11 at The Church at Trace Crossing. The show starts at 7, and admission is whatever you want to give. I’m not even kidding. So if you need more info, click here.

I believe that’s all.

As you were.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks also for your great blog – it’s really fun and informative.

  2. But what I want to know is who’s playing in Birmingham, England? :-)

  3. I will continue starring in my current role, “Crazy As A Loon,” here in Nash Vegas. Free admission to all.

  4. What time do you think I should leave to get to Birmingham in time to meet you for the concerts? :-)

  5. Did you see where Dave Barnes itunes album price has been lowered to 5.99. His latest release!

  6. Actually, Dave Barnes is going to be at House of Blues in New Orleans tonight. I’m not able to go, but my husband and I know the guitar player, Scott Bernard, that is currently playing with him. Thanks for introducing Dave to us. I really like his music.

  7. I think it is time for me to just finally make the move… why on earth am I still in California? You seem to have all the good music… :)

  8. Just hearing you utter the words “Tupelo, Mississippi” makes me homesick. (and can you hear someone utter words on the internet…I guess you can if you have the same accent you know that they must have. lol)

  9. Dave Barnes is playing at the Cannery in Nashville tonight. Not sure of the time.