American Idol – Top 8

I must confess: I’m intrigued by the theme of inspirational songs. But so help me, if somebody tries to break out Whitney’s “One Moment In Time” from the 1988 Olympic Games, I’m out, people. Done. Nothing left to give.

Oh, I kid.


And here we go.

Michael Johns – “Dream On” – ROCKIN’ THE ASCOT for the second week in a row! And I think he did a great job, even though I thought the end of it was a little shrill. Also, DON’T TALK BACK TO THE JUDGES, POR FAVOR. Still, it seems like he’s confident and on a bit of a roll – especially with the audience. I didn’t love it like I loved last week’s performance, but I think it’s good enough to keep him around for another week. Like Simon, though, I really prefer to hear Michael sing more bluesy / R&B stuff.

Syesha Mercado – “I Believe” – I really don’t understand why Syesha keeps picking these songs that are SO identifiable with the person who recorded them. I just think she’s singing such straightforward arrangements that she’s not putting her own spin on stuff. And I wanted to like it. I did. But it was just a’ight for me. And again: DON’T TALK BACK TO THE JUDGES. It’s an evaluation, not a conversation, thank you.

Jason Castro – “Over the Rainbow” – Oh bless heart – did he just get the lyrics messed up? I think he just got the lyrics all confused. Maybe I’m wrong. As far as his performance, I thought the whole ukulele thing was perfect for him, and he sounded great. I don’t think I loved it quite as much as the judges did, but I thought it was really good.

Kristy Leigh Cook – “Anyway” – So at the beginning of this performance I couldn’t help but think that a Martina song was verrrry ambitious. But you know what? That was actually pretty good – the best she’s ever done, I think. Good for her. I feel strangely proud.

David Cook – “Innocent” – It was a little rough at the beginning, but about midway through I thought he found his groove. It wasn’t his best performance by any stretch, but he was still good. And I have to say this or I’ll start to twitch: the jacket was a little weird for me. But the hair is SO much better. I think we can all rest easier now.

Carly Smithson – “The Show Must Go On” – I just think this song was wrong, all wrong. Her voice is beautiful, but she has a tendency to pick these Pat Benatar / Heart / Bonnie Tyler-ish songs, and it’s difficult to connect to those kinds of songs in a minute and a half, ESPECIALLY when she’s supposed to be singing an inspirational song. I think it would’ve been great if she had done something like Faith Hill’s “There Will Come A Day” – and it seems like that’s much more in her range. Anyhoo.

David Archuleta – “Angels” – I really, really love the original version of this song by Robbie Williams. And David A. did a nice job – but the mama in me is worried about him because it seems like he is just worn down and worn out. That being said, I don’t think he’s in any danger of being voted off this week – plus, it was fun to hear him sing something a little bit more contemporary than what he’s been doing.

Brooke White – “You’ve Got A Friend” – PERFECT song for her. My only “issue” is that she didn’t do anything different than the original version – not that she’s required to do that, of course – but there was nothing about the arrangement that made it uniquely Brooke. So in that sense it felt a little bit like a talent show. With a different arrangement, it could’ve been special. But with the arrangement she used, it was just good.

Should go: Either Carly or Syesha – both of them have had about six weeks now to show us what makes them “tick” musically – and so far I don’t feel like either one of them has really set themselves apart from the pack. And I mean that in the nicest possible way, because it makes me a little disappointed for them.

Will go: I don’t think anybody will go because during “Idol Gives Back” don’t they do that whole thing where nobody goes home this week and then they eliminate two people the next week? So I think everyone is safe for the time being.

Best of the night: To be honest, I really don’t have a favorite – it was sort of an “eh” night for me. But if I had to pick anybody, I’d probably pick Michael Johns – up until he did the whole falsetto thing.

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  1. Hey girl! I love your take on it…I DVR’d it and watched it late, but felt basically the same as you…I think I heard from Ryan tonight that they will be having the results show Thursday…so maybe they will vote someone off then…who knows!

  2. another girl in the 'ham says:

    I totally agree- a very ‘eh’ night… though I did like Jason’s a lot. [I’m new-ish to your blog, and you make me laugh. A lot.]

  3. You and me…we’s the same. Perty much agree with you on the whole dang thang.

  4. Reality is interfering with my reality TV watching. I missed AI and the timer I set on my antiquated recorder did not work. Oh well…it doesn’t sound like I missed too much. I would have liked to have seen the return of the Ascot.

  5. It was a weird night. They were allowed to pick basically any song they wanted and some of them clunked out. I think Syesha’s has overperformed her way to 8th place.

  6. Oops- if you get a chance and want to delete my first link, I’m a moron.

    I forgot that there might not be an elimination! That’s right!

  7. Wow. We really thought Syesha did great and that she did put her own spin on the song. Jason Castro was the family fave tonight, though. I’m with you about David A…he needs to get some rest. I’m thinking Kristy or Karlie will say goodbye.


  8. I went and posted my glorious recap and failed to mention you and your mister linky (not that you require a nod), so i have added it now.
    I really don’t know why I’m telling you. You don’t seem like the brooding, overly-sensitive type who’s going to stomp away and not let me jump rope with you and your friends at recess tomorrow.

  9. I’ve been linking here each week, but I keep forgetting to leave a comment! Shame on me. I really enjoy your recaps – they always make me laugh! I wish I had a way with words like you do. It’s a true gift – one I most definitely did not get!

  10. Yup, Thursday at 8:00pm. Syesha gots to go.

  11. boo mama, you are very good. that said, david cook is my idol yet i am so old it does not matter. and i like michael johns. and i thought of tiny tim when castro sung tonight. and carly was ten times better than brooke. I have heard that carole king song wayyyyyyy too many times. archuletta, way too young. DAVID COOK OR MICHAEL JOHNS must win IDOL!

  12. sang

  13. You said exactly what I’ve been thinking about Carly. And I agree with Susie.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow so I can read all the links!

  14. Ok, I haven’t reeeeeeeealy liked Jason Castro….until now. He won me over (ha!)with “Over the Rainbow.” And yes, the lyrics seem off but that’s the way it goes in the version he picked. Random pop culture note: it’s the version that played in the background of that episode of “ER” when Dr. Green died. Yeah, like that didn’t make me cry.

  15. I wish I had your sense of humor. Tonight I just was not impressed with anyone really. bummer!

    Your recaps are GREAT! I “ditto-ed” you on a couple things, but made sure to give you credit!

    Keep up the laughter!

  16. Oh my. I think I might read your blog too much. I might be starting to sound like you. My Syesha comments almost mirror yours exactly! And I swear I didn’t read yours first!

  17. Oh yeah….and I think I know why Carly’s husband never smiles….

  18. Excuse me, were we watching the same show? ;o)

  19. OK, I haven’t watched Idol since the tryouts so I’m a little behind. But my faves tonight were David Archuleta (great timbre and dang he’s adorable) and Brooke White. Jason didn’t mess up the song at all — he did an excellent cover of one of my favorite tunes. I did not understand that “Innocent” song at all — the range was too low for his voice and the song had such a strange meter.

  20. Don’t watch Idol, but laughed at your “One Moment in Time” reference because that was our Senior Prom Song. No “Always and Forever” for us, at the tender age of 17 we were already realists, prom was just one night, nothin’ more.

  21. Yup, I’m up in the middle of the night…dang hormones! I’m glad you enjoyed the video…we love it!

    I thought the same thing about Jason & the lyrics, so I googled it…it appears he sang it correctly, but it sure felt weird.

    David C’s jacket was creepy, and I didn’t get the song, but I still really like him. I didn’t know or really get David A’s “Angels” song, but he still sings like one.

    I wish I had your gift for writing…I was just braggin’ on you to my husband. I always leave your blog both encouraged and uplifted. You “RAWK” (which I have to say in “”‘s, because I’m just too old and uncool to say normally)! But you totally do.

  22. Yep. Just an a’ight night, unfortunately. And can I just say, that if they have a third show this week on Thurs night and don’t send someone home I will be SO annoyed.

  23. Oh – I forgot tonight was Give Back so I think you are right – no one will go home. Go Michael Johns

  24. I think most people think it was just a so-so night. The Meatloaf commercial was the highlight for me.

  25. Results show is Thursday night at 8.

  26. DON’T TALK BACK TO THE JUDGES. So true. It’s useless and just like walking into a door.

    Sorry I posted the link to my blog not the correct post, next time I’ll do better. Feel free to delete me for today.

    Yeah, Carly could be doing so much better with more lovely power songs. I’d be goose-bumping all over, instead of feeling railed against, like last night. Oh, well. It’s a tough, tough scene, that American Idol.

  27. Colleen says:

    Did anyone else wonder what was up with Paula’s dress? I mean, I understand that strapless needs to be tight to stay up – but really, to push all the cleavage out the top . . .I don’t get it. The ascot was okay for one week – but I really hope it doesn’t come back again – it’s just too weirdly 60’s for me. The music – Boo Mama – you rock!

  28. Alright, I did my first Rookie re-cap this week. Ben laughed at my notes on a 3×5 card, and the fact that I went back through their performances to finalize my thoughts.

    David A. brings out the mama in all of us! Bless his heart, this does seem to be a bit to much for him. I would have loved it if he would have waited maybe another year or two. His talent would still be incredible, and he’d have developed the self awareness to go along with it.

  29. You hit the nail on the head with that entire recap….I couldn’t have said it better myself. Good post!

  30. Ok, I only mostly agree with you on Carly. She didn’t do great last night, but she can definitely sing. And in my opinion is the best female vocalist, so no, I don’t think she should even be close to going home. Kristy needs to go.

  31. I just have to say when Brooke said she was singing “You’ve Got a Friend”, I couldn’t help but singing the “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story. It’s still in my head.

  32. they were all kind of stinky….except for J-castro…..he and brooke are still my favorites, because d-cook went back to his pre “billie jean” performances….got a little ahead of himself with that song that no one knows.

    if it was inspirational where was “big bottoms” by spinal tap?

  33. p.s. see how the show goes down hill without chikeze fo’sheezie?

  34. Does anyone else vote? I never used to, but I started to this season. Last night I voted twice for M.J., once for J.C., three times for K.L.C., and the one I really wanted to vote for – Baby David – I could never get beyond a busy signal. ( I actually ended up placing some of those other votes just to confirm that the phone system was working!).

  35. Jenny from VA says:

    Can I just say that the songs picked for “inspirational” night were pathetic. They didn’t inspire me at all. Kristy was the only one I liked. Where’s Mandisa when you need her?

  36. I found Randy a bit confrontational last night. I hope someone jazzes up his Coca Cola for him next week.

  37. Send the ascot home. :-)
    Not Micheal Johns…just his ascot friend.

  38. Just wanted to reiterate what Leslie Ruth said that Jason Castro didn’t get the lyrics wrong. That’s how they are in that version. (Also, that version was played in the movie Finding Forester too.)

  39. Michael Johns – I actually laughed out loud (and though of you) when I saw the ascot.

    Jason Castro – Yes, he totally got the lyrics wrong. Judy Garland must’ve rolled over in her grave.

    Carly Smithson – I still really love her, just wish she’d stop FROWNING.

    Brooke White – She could get up there and sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and I’d still vote for her.

    Paula Abdul — Darlin’, put some clothes on.

  40. No one’s ever going to sing Over the Rainbow like Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwo ‘Ole sang it, but Jason did a fantastic job with it. I’m liking him better and better every week and not just because he’s an Aggie!

  41. Loved, loved! my little Jason last night. Someone asked if anyone votes. Well, I’ve voted randomly in the past, but this year, I’m a voting machine. And if I knew all of you personally I’d pay you lots of money (if I had it) to vote for Jason :) I even got my 68 year old momma to vote 680 times last night. I’m not even trying to figure out how many I got in with 4 phones going.

    I’m really not obsessive….much. :)

  42. I just don’t understand why everyone loved Jason tonight! I wanna wash that boy’s hair in the worst way.

  43. Did you see the special give back program last night? The sang “Shout to the Lord” at the very end!!!!! We couldn’t believe our eyes or ears! We sang along with them, because we sing that song in church a lot. The Word says, if we don’t praise the Lord, even the rocks will cry out–I guess these rock stars are crying out. PTL!

  44. Can you believe it?!?! They sang Shout to the Lord on AI….2 nights in a row? I can hardly believe my eyes and ears. Praise Him!

    Amen :)


    I’M IN SHOCK…. oh my… I’m shouting…