We Love The Night Life, We Got To Boogie

As a general rule, BooDaddy is not a huge fan of live music unless it’s the live music we hear in the church house on Sundays. I can usually convince him to go see Alan Jackson / Tim McGraw / Insert-Name-Of-Country-Artist-Here once every couple of years, but by and large, I’m sad to say, he is not terribly enthusiastic about a concert.

Clearly we are POLAR OPPOSITES.

I’m pretty sure that his lack of concert-going zeal developed during a trip to L.A. the first year we were married. We were visiting our friend Todd, and the three of us decided to go see a Very Talented Musician play in a Very Intimate Setting.

We were understandably giddy with the anticipation of a Very Memorable, Music-Filled Evening. So once we got to the show, we found a table and waited on the edge of our seats for Very Talented Musician to hit the stage.

But when VTM finally started his show, I knew we were in trouble. First of all, it was VERY LOUD, so loud that I didn’t just WANT a pair of earplugs – I LONGED for them.

Second of all, VTM played the same three very loud notes on a very loud electric guitar at slightly varying degrees of very loud vibrato. And I don’t know if I mentioned it but it was very loud.

And also, third of all: MONOTONOUS.

After about an hour, we couldn’t take it anymore. We left the show, and as soon as we stepped outside, D looked at me and said, “That was the worst experience of my life. That was awful. It made me angry. I did not enjoy it.”


Needless to say, the night with VTM has become a running joke with us. And every single time I want to go to a concert, D says something along the lines of, “You know I don’t enjoy live music. It’s too loud. Because REMEMBER THAT TIME IN L.A.? IT’S A WONDER I CAN EVEN HEAR YOU TALKING RIGHT NOW.”

Strangely enough, the loud doesn’t bother him when he’s blowing up aliens in surround sound on the Xbox 360.

Funny how that works.

But over the last six or seven months, there’s been a bit of a turn in the musical tide in our house. D has really liked a lot of the music that people have sent our way, and he’s been much more willing to go to LIVE CONCERT EVENTS as a result.

And really, if you think about it, going to a concert has to be more fun than sitting here in the house with me while I ramble on and on about, among other things, Glory Revealed, Shane & Shane’s Pages, Monk & Neagle’s The Twenty-First Time, Matt Maher’s Empty and Beautiful, and last but not least, Everything Dave Barnes Has Ever Thought About Singing At Any Point In His Whole Life Ever.

And it just so happens that Dave Barnes was performing in our fair city last night.


So BooDaddy and I, we had ourselves a date. We lined up Alex’s favorite babysitter, unearthed a restaurant gift certificate that we’d forgotten about, and as soon as A. the wondersitter arrived at our house we hopped in the car and blazed down the road at a white-hot, lightning-fast speed of 30 miles per hour.

Not that I don’t absolutely love it, of course, when D drives at the speed of turtles while mamaws pass us on scooters.

Because his whole “stop and smell the roses” approach to ground transportation is utterly charming and endearing.

Really. I’m totally fine with it.


And after our leisurely two-hour, four-mile drive was complete, we ate supper at a very nice restaurant that had NAPKINS MADE OF CLOTH AND EVERYTHING.

Oh, it was fancy, my friends.

It was also free. And “free” is one of my favorite words in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

We had a lovely dinner, drove to the concert, and took our seats just as the opening act, needtobreathe, was about to start playing. You never really know what you’re going to get with opening acts, but may I just say? The needtobreathe? They were EXCELLENT. D and I both enjoyed them so much (they were loud enough, but not too loud, and apparently that differential is critical for BooDaddy’s optimal concert-going experience). Their song “Washed by the Water” is phenomenal, and I will be downloading it immediately, thank you.

And then – AND THEN – the tremendously talented Dave Barnes took the stage with his tremendously talented band. I seriously had a headache because I COULD NOT QUIT SMILING. I smiled and I bounced and I sang and I laughed. And my husband was right there with me.

It was so much fun, y’all.

Even if now I’m probably going to have to pay somebody some licensing fees or something because I posted a clip from the concert.

ONLY FOR YOU, Dave Barnes.

Well, or for Jesus.

But I don’t think he’s touring this spring.

BADABING! ThankyouI’llbehereallweek!

After the show we got to go backstage and talk to Dave Barnes and his beautiful wife Annie for a few minutes. Dave Barnes was warm and funny and gracious and unassuming, and honestly I wasn’t surprised by any of that because he is, after all, a good Mississippi boy.

Keep in mind that I know all about some good, unassuming Mississippi boys, because I married one, oh yes ma’am I did.

And that Mississippi boy I married? He absolutely loved the concert last night. He did!

So thanks, restaurant-with-cloth-napkins. Thanks, needtobreathe. Thanks, Dave Barnes-plus-your-fabulous-band. And thanks, husband-who-occasionally-drives-like-papaw-but-makes-me-laugh-really-hard.

It was a happy time.


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  1. Yay for a wonderful date!! Needing one ourselves soon…

  2. I’ve been to some fun concerts in my time, but I have to say that it takes somebody pretty special to make me want to go to anymore these days. Maybe it’s because I’m in student ministry and I always get to *enjoy* those said concerts with thousands of screaming teens. Not to mention that my husband has hearing loss from standing too close to those darn speakers!:) However, a nice restaurant with actual cloth napkins AND good entertainment sounds quite lovely. So glad you had a nice time!

  3. Your posts are always so fun! I am glad you had a wonderful date night with your husband and that you both enjoyed the event equally!

  4. oh my goodness…add Dave Barnes to the list of musicians I would LOVE to sit down and talk to, jam with and just plain enjoy all their musicalness.

  5. That’s all fine and I’m so happy for your lovely date with BooDaddy the Slow-Drivin’ Comic with Sensitive Ears, but WHO, whooooooooo was that mysterious VTM? I gotta know.

  6. Oh I like that music and what were you on the front row?!!
    Where did he play b/c it doesn’t sound or look like the BJCC
    Glad you and Boodaddy had such a great time.
    IT helps to enjoy such things together you know as a married couple and all – hehe

  7. Kristi Lynn says:

    The smiling so much that it gives you a headache you were referring to? I get that way when i read your blog!

    Love it!

  8. my husband and i are the same way. he is a huge music lover and i’m not. i don’t even like to go to the movie theater because it is too loud!

  9. That’s so awesome…He is gonna be here in good ole’ Virginny in a couple of weeks and now that I”m hooked because of YOU! I’ve got in on my calendar to go and see him. But like you I must convince the hubby it will be a fun time first!! Maybe I should let him read all about your good time and that will encourage excitement!! Because I too have a Xbox 360 Man who likes to play shoot em’ up at very high decibals!!!
    Love you and you’re blawg…

  10. Hey – you are FUNNY I typed it LOUD in case your ears are still ringing). I am gonna bookmark this site for certain.
    Check me out too- if you have free time (who the heck has free time? And really isn’t all time Free? :)


  11. Awwwwwwwwwww. Glad you had a good “alone” time w/ BooDaddy.

    Free eatin’ at a nice place makes the food and company EVEN better.

  12. I’m jealous! I’d love to meet Mr. Barnes – and his beautiful wife that he sings about in “Annie.” How did you get to go backstage?

  13. I am married to a 33 year old paw-paw driver myself. It is so very charming, I must say, since I am a MUST-GET-THERE-AS-SOON-AS-POSSIBLE kind of gal. :)

    Also, because of you, I am lovin’ me some Dave Barnes! So he should totally let you post that video for FREE!

  14. Got the new CD last week, courtesy of my sister. I’ve been a fan for a couple of years now, but let me tell you. After watching his videos on You Tube -especially Balumtine’th Day and Christmas Extravagan Za, 1 & 2, I love him even more for his sense of humor. I have to stop myself from watching these over and over (and thus attracting odd looks from my co-workers while I remind myself to breathe and laugh at the same time). Glad ya’ll had a good time.

  15. Ok – your local readers are dying to know……. What restaurant???!!!

  16. Got me one of those Mississippi boys, too. Aren’t we the lucky ones?

    Glad y’all had a great night.

  17. I just gotta say this to the world entire internet bloggy world…..I LOVE BOOMAMA. She makes me smile. =)

  18. Just curious what kind of connections you have to be able to attend such amazing concerts with the hubs, girl?!

    Lately our idea of a “date night” is heading to Lowe’s to pick out paint, ladders or the all so impressive weedeater at quarter til closing.

    Although, I must admit I had a similar experience with the hubs and that’s probably why I can never get him to go out to a concert with me. We saw Brad Paisley at Wild Bill’s a few years ago and whilst we didn’t have a table close to the stage, dagnabit if we still didn’t go deaf.

    I’ve never heard of Needtobreathe — LOVED them.

    Thanks for sharing, Sophie!

  19. Boo how do you score these tickets and backstage visits?????

    Up here in Michigan, we don’t get many stars in our area…darn it. All the good peeps come down yonder, by you….send em up would ya?

    I enjoy Dave thanks to you, I have him on my ipod. :) And I really enjoy John Waller thanks to you.

    Keep up the music love my sister.

    Kelly S. Michigan

  20. I LOVE Need To Breathe!! The whole CD is awesome – and yes, Washed By The Water is super good.

  21. That is a sweet story – I love date nights with my husband. Every day it just gets sweeter. (See I sound like a mawmaw at 37.)

    Speaking of age – I have seen shirts that say “If It’s Too Loud, You’re Too Old” and I’m reminded of the time my grandfather went to see Alabama in concert and stuck WHOLE KLEENEXES out of his ears. Nope, he didn’t wad them up into little discreet balls of tissue, he had LOOONG tissues hanging out of his ears, lest anyone think he was enjoying himself.

    It’s fun to be old & not care what people think of your comfort…

  22. I L O V E the way you write….you have a wonderful gift…. I have only been reading since your Compassion trip…but I read everyday…and everyday you make me smile….I can hear your precious accent….Bless your heart….Pam, South Bend

  23. Elizabeth says:

    Did you say mawmaws pass you on scooters?

    That is priceless.

  24. Gotta give a shout-out to my alma mater, Furman University. A few of the guys in needtobreathe went to school with me…needless to say they are very popular with us Paladins!! Glad you enjoyed them!

  25. yea for a date night! there are never enough of those! Where in Miss. are ya’ll from? I’m trying to talk my hubby into seeing Big Daddy Weave this Sun. night… if I told him it was some 80’s rock band he’d be all over it!

  26. You know where to send the check. :)

  27. i’m so glad you had a good time! i am going to see casting crowns tomorrow night and i think we are in the front row. do you think my friends and i (all 30 something moms) will make a spectacle of ourselves rocking out (is that even an appropriate phrase these days?) at a christian band concert?

    i hope so.

  28. Okay. . .so he is just PRECIOUS and looks like he is having the Time of His Life. :) I was smiling just watching that teeny, weeny clip, so I suggest you might need to take some Ibuprofen.

  29. I found the link to your blog from Kelly (Kelly’s Korner) and I’m so glad I did! It’s wonderful to know that I’m not alone in this world. My refuses to dance and I love to, so the kids dance with me. I have varying ages ranging from 19, 11, and 3. Each has her/his challenges. The 19 has moves that would cause a herniated disc if I even tried it, OR she wants to learn (with me) how to swing dance. Not happenin’, unless DH suddenly has the urge to take up swing dancing, but I’ll be in the White House before that happens. DS #1 must have this built in sense of toe stomping because his dancing causes me lots of pain…and chipped toenail polish. DS #2 (the 3 year old) will, no doubt, be the entire reason I have to have back surgery in my old age. I throw all 42 lbs. of him up on my hip and we can do some dancin’

    So whenever you get the urge to dance, just come on over my way, I’m sure we could find the guys a ballgame, then we could move out the furniture and cut a rug!

  30. So glad you had a wonderful evening out with your DH – he sounds like a smart man. Can’t be too careful about LOUD MUSIC and BAD SITUATIONS. Once bitten ten thousand times careful (wish that had been my life verse or was even a verse in the Bible). I digress – good date night Miz Sophie.

  31. You make me smile! Glad you had a great time!!

  32. i wish my dear hubby liked concerts. i heart them, but thanks to years of youth ministry he no longer cares for them :(

    one nice thing is he likes to take me on dates though. so i guess not all bad.

  33. I LOVE LOVE needtobreathe!! I will totally be buying that one!

    Count your blessings, I’m married to Mr. Mach-2-With-His-Hair-on-Fire…a little paw-paw driving might not be SO bad ;)

  34. I just got the DB CD per your recommendation and I really like it. Pray for me, I am taking my daughter to the Super Chicks in May…must have earplugs!

  35. What a sweet post! Sounds like you had a wonderful night.

  36. What a fun night. BooDaddy sounds a lot like Only Husband. He’s not big on concerts either. Date nights are great and when you add cloth napkins and great music wow! Rejoice!

  37. your description of Boodaddy driving describes my DH PERFECTLY! I lol’d so hard, I had to call him at work and read your post to him.
    He chuckled himself, since I always tease him that he needs to wear a drivin’ hat and pull his seat ALL.THE.WAY.UP.TO.THE.STEERING.WHEEL.
    He’s SUCH a Sunday Driver!
    Love the post!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. >>

    LOL. So funny. *sigh*

  39. I called my hubby and accused him of cheating on me. I thought for sure you couldn’t be describing anybody else’s driving habits but his! :D You know it’s bad when your in-laws have been referring to their son as Peepaw since before he could legally drink.

  40. I’m thinkin that all men drive slower than they can or should….

    Funny stuff. Sweet stuff. Y’all are simply adorable. I just knew you’d show us a picture of you and the daddy. :)

  41. I love this. It makes me realize I need a date with my hubby!