Thanks To You…

fourteen fifteen children – seven> eight of whom are orphans – have been rescued from poverty today!


That’s extraordinary, internets. Thank you so much.

There is still one orphan – Adera – who hasn’t been sponsored yet. So if you’d like to help him, just click on his name. (he’s been sponsored! yay!)

And here’s what I know for sure: as thankful as I am for what y’all have done, I can’t even being to comprehend how grateful those children will be when they find out that they’ve been sponsored.

Thank you so much, everybody. A million times.

Thank you.

I cannot say it enough.

As of 6 AM central time Tuesday morning:

Y’all ROCK.

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  1. It is so inspiring to see the way God is using you to help others. God bless you for using your writing talents for such a wonderful purpose.

  2. And THAT’s how you fit Africa into your life. Just like that. Beautiful.

  3. I just looked, and he’s gone now!

  4. That is fabulous! But is it fourteen or thirteen?

  5. Thank YOU for inspiring all of us!!!

  6. God is so AWESOME to lay this on the hearts of many. And THE MANY are so awesome too have been obedient to his call!! :) This is fantastic!

  7. Hey BooMama! I have to tell you that last week my family sponsored John Michael Flores from the Philippians. He’s 3, just six months older than my little boy, Brady. We really felt convicted to do this after reading about your trip to Africa. Once we decided to do it, we wanted to find a little boy close to Brady’s age so they could “grow up together,” you know?

    Thank you so much for inspiring us! You’re making such a difference!

  8. That is really cool! Did all the sponsors come from reading your site???? Amazing!

  9. Woo hoo! That’s awesome!

    We’ve been sponsoring a little guy from Haiti but have found that the toughest part for us isn’t the money, but creating the actual relationship by writing letters, etc. I’ve heard that’s the hardest part for most people. Maybe you could encourage others in delving in and making time for their new “children” and not just send the money to call it good. (Yup, you guessed it, that was my latest personal conviction.)

  10. You directed us to; there are 1,482 children waiting as of my time (EST), so I wonder if I have the wrong place. Either way, I’ll sponsor, but I was curious as to where you got that number in the teens; is it a figure that Compassion gives you? I’m very confused, and I shouldn’t be.