Um, You Can Win A Thousand Dollars Over At Shannon’s Blog

I’m not even kidding.

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  1. Huh. I could use a thousand dollars.

  2. Hi Boo Mama,
    I know why there’s only one comment on here so far… everyone took of to Shannon’s blog without stopping to say hi! =)
    Anyway, I just wanted to say that the Dave Barnes cd arrived yesterday and I’m really enjoying it! Thank you SO much!

  3. Leaving a comment and then will go see. . . if I win $1000.00, I will donate a portion to Compassion!

  4. I know! Can you believe it. *insert Elaine voice* GET.OUT! *shove*


    I got my Dave Barnes CD yesterday, too. I listened to it last night while I tried not to miss the hubs and I went out to my car at lunch and put in the 6-disc rotation. Thank you so much for offering the giveaway.

    LOVE it! Wish the hubs wrote a super sweet song about me.

  5. Thanks for the info!! I haven’t been to her site yet.

    Off to win me some$$

  6. too bad I stink at haiku…

    drat, those pesky terms and conditions!

  7. Is it considered a bit much to post – oh 20 haikus? I’m just saying… That money would be wisely spent is all I can say…