ASCAP Christian Awards, Part Dos


Have I ever told y’all how, when I was a little girl, I used to dream of being a background singer, a production assistant, or some sort of editor? And how doing behind-the-scenes stuff is pretty much my dream come true?

Because that is why tonight – sitting behind a computer, doing some heavy duty people-watching, listening to live music and writing blog posts in the middle of some large, celebratory event – is pretty much, oh, PERFECTION.

(Also, there’s a guy named Joel Auge singing, and I’ve never heard him before, but he is oh-so-very talented.)

Finally, I just ate a really good salad with tomatoes, asparagus, parmesean and proscuitto (in Mississippi we just slice that proscuitto stuff a little thicker and call it, you know, HAM). I really wanted to take my roll and drag it across the salad plate so that I didn’t miss even one morsel of deliciousness, but I thought that might be rude.

Up next: some fancy tenderloin something with some fancy grits.

And by the way, Chris Tomlin said the blessing.


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  1. CHRIS TOMLIN!?! Green with envy…but the nice trendy spring green, of course.


  2. Seriously, this is the best day of my life– i mean, your life. Can we be best friends or you know, you could just take me with you wherever you go in a completely non stalker way. Girls from Mississippi kinship and all.

  3. Dear Diary,

    Why can’t I be Boo Mama?

  4. Tell Chris Tomlin a member of the church where his friend Kevin in Abilene is the Pastor said hi.

    You are a blessed woman.

  5. AHH! (That was a silent scream) You are the coolest person ever!

  6. Oh y’all. I am such a geeky goober girl. Which is why this is so stinkin’ fun. :-)

  7. If this is JUST LIKE HOME, um, can I move in next door?

    Are Monk & Neagle there? Because, you know, they totally BELONG to all of us blawg people.

  8. Oh please tell them all your bloggy buds say hi! And a few hugs too!

  9. I am not at all envious that you are listening to great music and eating food blessed by Chris Tomlin. It’s almost as good as my night watched Star Wars Episode 74. Or whatever.

  10. IT’S THE DREAM!!!! It’s the geeky Christian girl who likes music, computers, and M&M’s dream! It’s MY dream! It’s like we’re the same person. Or not. Cause I’m in my pj’s watching Dancing with the Stars and eating a brownie. So clearly we were separated at birth.

  11. I won’t tell you, then, about the time I was at a Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire Conference in Atlanta and us & our pals the Blackwelders were on the front row worshiping as the Cymbalas (think Brooklyn Tabernacle) led; when I looked to my right, there was Babbie Mason singing up a storm and about 4 seats to my left was Cliff Barrow, the music leader for Billy Graham.

    Hey it was the only big moment like that I ever had. Gimme a break here.

  12. You know what? Chris Tomlin said the blessing, when I was having a brain MRI last year, oh YES he did! Actually, his See the Morning CD was playing to keep me from trembling all over, ya know?

    I cannot believe the FUN thing you are getting to do!! Enjoy it, my friend!!

  13. *PERK* Did someone say “grits?” Honey, you are in Nashville – isn’t it considered rude there NOT to soppy up yer plate juices (potliquor) with a roll?

  14. Oh, just the mental picture of you dragging your dinner roll across your plate and licking it clean, made me laugh out loud-hubby too. What a nice thought to go to bed on.

  15. Do you need an assistant? :-)

  16. Chris Tomlin…oh yeah, another Texas boy who rocks!

  17. I love it how God will surprise us sometimes with a dream come true.

  18. I’m just so impressed you knew how to spell proscuitto, proscuito, mosquito, whatever. Why can’t we just save time & ink by saying Ham?

    Yeah, I wanna be you.

  19. I would just like to say that I have the same hopes and dreams as you…and I am jealous (with a righteous jealousy, of course). I’m loving your blogging!

    p.s. I’ve only ever heard of mascarpone from Top Chef. I appreciate your ministry of culture.

  20. Perfection is right. And oh the christian music would have just made it beyond perfection but I don’t know a word for that. I’m a behind the scenes kinda girl, but I’m on the bossy side, so I’ve always thought directing would be nice or putting the program together. Cuz then I would be pretty much the boss. I have a daughter that I call BoutrosBoutros Bossy-Booty, but I should probably use it on myself too.

    And you should totally have sopped it up with yer biscuit, cuz that’s what they”re for!