Look! A List! With Numbers!

1. Judging from the length of my recovery period from Monday’s late night return trip from Nashville, I am a 90-something woman trapped in a 30-something body. Because SWEET MERCY I need some naps.

2. Laminin is very, very cool. (And thanks, Big Mama, for the video tip.)

3. Veronica has a real knack for noticing and then articulating the subtext of a conversation. But then I already knew that.

4. If your five year-old boy has a friend over for the afternoon, I highly recommend taking them to the carwash. Because GOOD GRIEF, PEOPLE, THAT CARWASH MIGHT AS WELL HAVE BEEN A ROLLER COASTER.

Seriously. You’ve never seen such excitement.

And when I had to drive back through the carwash because all the dead bugs didn’t come off of my front bumper the first time around, you would have thought I’d installed an endless fountain of chocolate in the backseat.

I think they even high-fived.

5. These crackers are a treasure.


I recommend eating them with some red pepper hummus from the Jason’s salad bar.

And a little asiago cheese sprinkled on top if you’re feeling sort of adventurous.

You can thank me later.

6. The Dove Awards are tonight at 7 central time. And our friend FryDaddy has three nominations in two categories. He will probably kill me for even mentioning it because he’s all humble and stuff, but still. I thought the internets would want to know. And you can get the broadcast information right here.

I believe that is all.

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  1. Oh my WORD! I totally ate my weight in those Jason’s Deli crackers and hummus on Monday night! I’m craving them every day now.

  2. Wonderful–the car wash and Frydaddy and you being 90 and all! :)

    I enjoyed Veronica’s article, too!

  3. Hey, it IS socially acceptable to go through the carwash again if all the dead bugs don’t come off the first time! Whew, I feel better now. Because there is no way I’m going to go through the hassle of washing the whole truck myself just for the sake of a few left over dead bugs, and with the hubby gone and all… yeah.

  4. Go FryDaddy!

    Now I know what MY evening will consist of…


  5. Those car washes are wonderfully exciting! We love to take our kids through them now that they aren’t completely freaked out by them any more. Too funny!

    I would love to try those crackers. Yummm!

  6. Woo hoo for FryDaddy! Now you can have endless podcast discussions about “what it was like to win SOOO many awards” and then give us internets one to listen to.

  7. Thanks for that video link. I am getting ready to leave for jail again tonight, and that message is exactly right for the ladies there. Perfection.
    Of course, I’m not Louis, but I’ll share it as best I can anyway. Glad I stopped by this afternoon.

  8. I have just recently discovered the red pepper humus at Jason’s (I think it’s a new addition to their bar) and it is heavenly. I have been eating it on their toasted buttery baguette slices that are with the croutons.

    I didn’t think it could get any better than that. I’ll have to give it a try on these crackers! Thanks for the tip.

  9. Yes, the car wash – a regular theme park. My kids love to suggest our car is dirty…

    I just want to add -I love the look and feel of your site. Are those cherry blossoms. My eyes just like to rest on those branches… the blue, the cream, the brown… my very favorite color pairings…

  10. Hmmm. What the deuce is Laminin? Must go click link now.

  11. I was just wondering if you were watching the dove awards:) I saw yours and my woman, Christy Nockles, perform a minute ago!!

    that’s hilarious about the car wash. I think my little man might be scared of it right now. haha

  12. Those are my FAVORITE crackers, and I LOVE eating them with hummus. Yum!

  13. I don’t think I could carry off the phrase, “noticing and then articulating the subtext of a conversation” without hurting myself, so I just have to say BRAVO. Well done, ma’am. Well done.

  14. Oh yes those crackers are so so good!

  15. Car wash experiences are a bit dicey around here. I totally freaked out my little niece when I had a car with the hand crank windows. I forgot to shut the window after pushing in the code and she got sprayed all the way in the back seat. Then I hurried to roll it up and stop her from hysterics and ended up rolling the car wash things in the window. I had to roll it all back down *again* in order to keep going through the car wash. But I’m a hero to some of my children. I think.
    Great liveblogging, BooMama. I loved it thoroughly.

  16. Next time you take your kids to the car wash, pick up some lunch to go from your favorite fast food place. Eat it while you sit in your car while it is getting washed. It takes the whole car wash experience for the kids to a new level. At least it did for me with mine. It is also fun to do this with the family dog inside too. LOL

  17. I will never forget our first trip in the car wash. Zach SCREAMED, CRIED, SCREAMED, CRIED…Did I mention he screamed and cried through the whole thing??

    Luckily, it’s much better now and they just love that colorful soap it puts all over the van!

  18. My first born was TERRIFIED of car washes when he was little. Fast forward to college boy…never gets his car washed. Hmmm….

  19. I’m so bummed I’m just now reading about the Dove Awards. Hopefully they will show them again and I can watch.

  20. Someone said to me the other day “you’re only as old as you feel.” I thought, Shoot I must be like 100. (I’m 32)
    Also, as a side note, car washes cause me all kinds of anxiety and there is no way I could have gone through twice. I am afraid it will stop and I will be stranded and the water and the soap will continue to spray and oh my! the wax! What if I had to run through the wax!
    All kind of rational in there.

  21. Jasons? Man, you southerners get everything! I have never had Sonic, Chick-Fil-A, Jasons (whatever that is), Popeye…Michigan really needs help (in more ways than one)

  22. Oh. I was at the Dove Awards last year, then missed them on TV. So, I guess I’ll be able to watch them tonight and pretend I was there again!


  23. Don’t you just love Jason’s Deli? I love those crackers. Try their red currant tea, it’s delicious.

  24. When my 17 y/o son was 2, we took him on his very first airplane trip to a family wedding in Virginia. We talked for weeks in advance about the airplane, that we’d rent a car, all the relatives we’d meet, etc., etc. Well, when we went to pick up our rental car, there was a car wash there, and they were lining them up and washing car after car. Needless to say, that was the high point of our trip, and pretty much the only thing he talked about the rest of the weekend, once we got home, and on and on until the summer was pretty much over. We could have saved a lot of money and just stayed home and visited a few gas stations.

  25. Oh my! You seriously crack me up, esp. the part about the high-five and the chocolate fountain :)
    A lady I work with takes her grandchildren through the carwash ALL the time, but I’ll have to fill her in on the fact that she has a couple more years of entertainment left (they’re only 3 and 4 yrs. old)! If you think about it…$8-$10 for three people’s enteratinment isn’t half bad these days.
    Thanks for the laugh!