American Idol – Top 6

Tonight’s show features the music of Andrew Lloyd Webber, so I hope everyone has their Phantom masks ready!


(Too much?)

(Yeah. Thought so.)

And before I even see anyone perform, I will tell you that I am very concerned about two contestants tonight: Brooke White (ALW has big songs that don’t lend themselves to subtlety) and Jason Castro (for pretty much those very same reasons).

But hopefully they’ll both hit a home run and we can pretend I never even wrote that previous paragraph.

Syesha Mercado – “One Rock And Roll Too Many” – I have never heard this song before. But I think it was a smart choice for that very reason. Seconds into her performance, it was clear that she was IN HER ELEMENT…I think she’s probably way more of a Broadway star than she is a pop star. Even when she had pitch problems, she seemed to be enjoying herself, and that’s the first time I’ve thought that all season long.

So all that to say: it wasn’t a perfect performance, but it was Syesha’s best night by a mile. Loved it.

Jason Castro – “Memory” – Okay, we just fell out laughing when he said, “I didn’t know a cat was singing it.” So funny. And you know, I really wanted to like this more mellow version of “Memory” – which, in fairness, worked in parts – but this song is such a showtopper that his version fell flat. This performance showcased his vocal limitations way more than it highlighted his originality. It just didn’t work. And that’s probably not a great thing for sweet Jason Castro.

Brooke White – “You Must Love Me” – Hey, the hubby just pointed out that it was smart of her to pick a song written for Madonna since Madonna isn’t really known for her huge range. But even still, the whole thing felt awkward, like she was trapped in a song that was just way bigger than her voice. It was a sweet performance, but unfortunately, it wasn’t a particularly good one.

David Archuleta – “Think Of Me” – I was pleasantly surprised to hear him do a modern take on this song, mainly because for me his greatest weakness has been his tendency to pick out songs that sound way too old for him. But tonight he got it right. I loved this performance – it was clever, effective and memorable. Really well done.

Carly Smithson – “Jesus Christ Superstar” – I had chillbumps the whole way through this performance. She took control from the beginning and never let it go, even when some of the high notes were a little much for her. She seemed genuinely happy, looked great, and WOW – that was a PHENOMENAL arrangement. The band ROCKED IT OUT on this one.

And yes, I did in fact just say “ROCKED IT OUT.”

I do hope you’ll continue to read here.

David Cook – “Music Of The Night” – This was a really surprising song choice, I thought – mainly because I expected him to pick something a little less theatrical, and I also expected him to do something a little funkier. But if nothing else, he proved that he can really sing, and while it wasn’t my favorite performance of his, he did a great job. He can sing anything – no doubt about it. And p.s. – I totally agree with what Simon said.

Should go: It pains me to say it, but based on tonight’s performances, I have to say Jason or Brooke. The musical theatre water was just way too deep for them.

Will go: Ditto the whole “should go” comment.

Best of the night: David Archuleta – and Carly is a close second for me.

Also, I thought the band did an incredible job – they were so much fun to listen to tonight.

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  1. Aaaah! I’m still watching it (mountain time is later and not live, I guess). Even so, I was so sorry for both Jason (too breathy, even though I really like the dude) and Brooke (I prayed the whole way through for her tender heart). But I love David and Syesha so far!

    OK, now off to watch the rest :)

    I lurve me some Andrew Lloyd Webber–I’m such a fan!

  2. You and I pretty much agreed on our evaluations. This is so much fun. Will you keep it going for Nashville Star?

  3. I always enjoy reading your take on things…I have really enjoyed the live blogging!

  4. I’m with you on the bottom 2 tonight…Jason and Brooke. David C was our fave of the night, though.

    I blogged the same Jason comment about the cat…he makes me smile.


  5. I love reading your take (you are so descriptive—I’ll work on that)…bottom two, I’m in total agreement with you, and I’am with PajamaMama – David C…for my fave of the night!

  6. I have to say that after seeing Carly and David Cook, I was really impressed by the passion with which they both sang! Wow. I thought that David C. almost made me buy his part as the Phantom…almost.

    I missed hearing more songs that I love from Cats :)

    Such fun–my favorite night so far!

  7. Aaaccckkk – I messed my link up. It goes to the right place but it should NOT say CVS & Kroger!!! It copied the last linky I signed, and I didn’t catch it until it was too late. Sorry! Should I do it again, and you can delete that one? I’m not sure!

  8. I pretty much agree with everything you said – poor Brooke and Jason!


  10. Tonight was a fun night on AI, in spite of Jason’s & Brooke’s struggling. I thought ALW gave some of the best advice of the season, and I thought it was a good challenge for all of them. I agree with you on who should go. Sad, but probably time. And I was delighted with the way both David’s stepped out of their usual niches.

  11. SYESHA WAS THE BEST, and I never thought I’d say that. She was finally comfortable on stage. I think this is Brooke’s last week, and I like her, so I’m sad.

  12. I agree with you on the Jason and Brooke thing. I hate to see either one of them go, but someone has to go and really, they just didn’t have it goin’ on tonight.

  13. I enjoyed reading your take on the night. I hope you aren’t right about Jason. I really would like to see him stay another week. Who else is going to make us laugh with silly comments like the cat one he made tonight. Priceless!

  14. Hey There Boo Friend… I wanted you to know I gave American Idol, you and El Fry Daddy-o a shout out over at my blog! I’ve also elected to tag you with a fun MEME so come on over, check it out and pass it on. BTW, TAG! You’re IT!

  15. You are so on the money tonight. Sheesh, if Brooke would have consulted me, maybe I could have helped her choose a better song (I talked about that in my review post). Even though I don’t think Syesha is the best of the group, she was definitely my favorite tonight.

  16. We’re still drooling over David Cook. He stole the show! We also loved Brooke. =)

  17. Did you see Ricky Minor gettin’ down? That was hilarious. Half the time he was facing the crowd dancing! I love it!

  18. I’m not sure which was more painful- the reason we were sitting in the ER tonight or watching Jason Castro struggle through Memories.

    As for the rest, I’ve got to catch it on DVR when I’m conscious again.

  19. As much as I adore Brooke, I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment. Also, when she messed up and stopped? I screeched and changed the channel. My poor dh was all “What? What?” and I had to frantically switch it back. I was just that upset for her.

    I think Carly had the performance of the night but I was super impressed with what David C. did. After all those weeks of rock mixing things up with a tough ballad? Genius.

  20. My kiddos think that Jason and Brooke will BOTH go home. I loved David Cook and Carly. Rock on with your Irish eyes girl!

  21. Ooops! I linked to my blog, instead of the specific blog post! Please forgive me! It was accidental!

    I love that you said “ROCKED IT OUT”!!! hehe One of my favorite expressions, and she did, indeed Rock it out! :)

    I agree with you that Brooke will likely go home. I am still hoping Jason won’t!!!

  22. Love the show. I thought David Cook did the best. It brought chills to me. Not a carly fan at all but she actually did good. Brooke is going home.

  23. I thought David A was the best of the night!! Them Syesha!!I really want Jason to go home, but I think it will be Brook instead!:(

  24. I agree totally with you and it makes me sad – my husband works with a guy in Rockwall TX that goes to church with Jason Castro – He said Jason would rather go now than be left as one of the top 3 b/c idol contractual stuff limits what you can do after…

  25. Beside the fact that I can’t stand the song Jesus Christ Super Star … Carly sounded amazing singing it, but even more, I liked the way she looked — flash back to the 70’s anyone??

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  27. This is the first time I’ve actually read your review (sorry! I always have to skip over your reviews in my google reader because we always Tivo AI and usually are 3 or 4 days behind and I don’t want to spoil it for myself) – BUT we actually watched last night and I have to say I could have written your review, only I’m not as cute and funny as you :). I agreed with everything you said. I hate when it gets down to just a few finalists left, I hate to see any of them go. I think it’ll be Brooke or Jason tonight though.

  28. URGENT blog reading request. I have a major prayer request. It’s all spelled out on my blog. Pleas go there.

  29. OK, I’m going to make a confession. I have never seen an entire AI episode. Not a fan of the show. However, when you wrote on your blog that the AI contestants sang songs by ALW, I just had to find them. Yay for Youtube. I would have loved just to have met ALW. I grew up listening to ALW musicals. Carly and David were my favorites, although I thought the back-up singers drowned out Carly in parts. David sounded just like Michael Crawford.

  30. Oh, one more comment – did anyone else notice that David A. forgot the words? After he sings, “Imagine me” he mumbles until he comes up with the words again. I don’t know why the judges didn’t call him on it, I guess he was just really good at hiding it.

    Also, Carly messed up the words badly, but you wouldn’t know it unless you knew the song. She hid it well. Maybe she just learned them wrong, and doesn’t even know it.

  31. Thanks for your AI blogging, it’s one of my favorite things to read. Must disagree on Baby David, though, can’t stomach a pop version of “Think of Me,” but it was bound to happen.
    Truly curious here, but when I follow some of your readers links, they say they don’t like or don’t know “opera” – do people actually think that Broadway shows and opera are the same thing??? seriously??? had to get that out, thanks, I feel better now.

  32. You do this so much better than I do!
    Enjoyed your take on it all. Perhaps if I didn’t try to live blog with a three year old in my lap I could do a tad bit better myself.

  33. I think I pretty much agree on who should go. I wonder who will go though? That’s a totally different subject these days :o)