Let’s Hear It For The Boys

Trust me when I tell you that I have NEVER BEEN MORE DELIGHTED to blog about “The Office” than I am at right this very minute, because earlier today I thought that the blog had dissipated in a cloud of “parse error: syntax error” smoke.

No kidding: between the fear that I had singlehandedly RURNT THE WHOLE DANG THING and the realization that no one could get to the “Bite Back” post to donate mosquito nets, I’m think my heart rate elevated to a level that enabled me to enjoy all the benefits of an aerobic workout while doing nothing more than sitting nervously on the edge of the sofa.

Fortunately, sweet Anne came to the rescue and fixed everything for me (there may still be some Internet Explorer issues, but they’ll get ironed out soon). I am forever it Anne’s debt because there were about five hours this afternoon when I thought it was going to take a peanut butter scalp massage to make me feel better.



This was sort of a strange episode of “The Office” for me, what with the revelation that Ryan has a bit of a drug problem, not to mention Toby’s inability to suppress his love for Pam. And also: NOT NEARLY ENOUGH ANDY.

Still, there were some funny moments – here are my favorites.

1. “If any of you…makes fun of his half beard…”


3. “If I’m not in my bath with a glass of red wine in one hour, you’re both dead.”


5. Meredith’s football-related injury

Chime in with your own favorites, but for the love of pete don’t look at the blog wrong or the whole thing could blow up in an HTML-fueled fireball.

Regardless, I can’t wait to sit here with a glass of olives and a glass of maraschino cherries and read all of your comments.

I’m livin’ the dream, y’all.

I’m livin’ the dream.

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  1. I completely forgot this was on tonight. I’ll have to find it online tomorrow.

  2. This wasn’t one of my favorite episodes either. I thought the whole Ryan with the drug problem was…I don’t know…sad, and I thought Toby’s exit was weird, but Michael always brings it around at the end…I just love his reference to eighties hits. “Let’s hear it for the boys”. It was nice to see Shrute be the stud for a change.

    By the way, I freaked out when I clicked on your bookmark and saw no Boomama blog, so I can’t imagine the trauma you were facing.

  3. I was rolling when Michael called his mom from the bar and then told her that he had to go because his “friend is being beat up by a bunch of girls”!

    Also LOL that Dwight found a beauty and Michael didn’t even notice.

    WHEN IS JIM GOING TO PROPOSE? Why didn’t he react to Toby?

    I am waaaaay too into this show. :-)

  4. FYI- something really wonky is going on with your blog.

  5. I liked the revelation that Jim forgot to collect the Christmas tip for the security guard…Elliot? Edgar?? Hank!

    How about when Dwight refused the drink at the bar?

    Or when Michael asked Ryan if he wanted him to take off his clothes?

    Oh..and when Michael said he needed to sleep on the couch, not the floor because he didn’t want his head stepped on when someone went to the bathroom.

    ADORE this show.

    Oh, and I love it when an actress is pregnant and they come up with clever ways to disguise their stomach (Angela Kinsey…standing somewhat behind Pam’s cubicle).

  6. Whoa! Yo’ blawg is sick.

    Hurts mine eyes.

    See ya.

  7. About to go watch it now with my Honey! We taped it on ye olde VCR…we may never have a DVR. aye.

    Glad to see you are back :) I love when God makes a goal like Bite Back just that much harder. Maybe the goal will even be surpassed! ‘Talking with my Chris about Bite Back tonight.

    Love you!

  8. This was a little odd episode and I also spent the whole 30 min. holding my breathe thinking that Jim may propose.

    I loved the peanut butter part. When Pam told Dwight to get some peanut butter from the kitchen and Michael said he didn’t feel like peanut butter, but rather an ice cream sandwich and not to leave it in too long because it had 100 calories in it.

  9. I read your blog and gasped realizing I forgot to watch it… waiting for Lost to come on, who would have thought there would be two shows in one night, I got used to nothing to watch…need my excitment more spread out! Have to watch it online tomorrow!

  10. “Place is packed…packed with hot babies.”

  11. I have some questions. HOW DARE YOU?

    Love Kelly Kapur.

  12. Something is terribly awry with your blawg or I seriously need to get some sleep.

  13. ‘Tis true; you did fall error to the Parser. I’m an editor, and use a parsing tool daily, so I know how you feel. You’ll get over it; seems you have.

  14. I forgot it was on, had to search your sight for the hulu link (I had it in my head as hula – cool videos, just not The Office). My favs

    “Dwight said if he were dead, we’d all have been dead a week”

  15. Melissa says:

    Sorry this is not about the Office but what is up with Monk & Neagle? Did they split?

  16. When Pam said “Don’t use the good peanut butter, everyone will get mad!” Also, the red wine and bath tub…priceless. Oh how I relate to these people.

  17. The peanut butter in Michael’s hair just cracked me up.

    Kelly–how dare you!

    I was surprised at Jim’s lack of reaction to Tody’s hand on Pam’s knee. Maybe Tody’s fast exit didn’t give him time to react.

    It took me a while to figure out what was going on with Ryan, I must be more nieve that I realized, and I was SHOCKED.

  18. Oh my gosh – when Toby put his hand on Pam’s knee . . . sooooooooooooo inappropriate. And Jim just staring at it. And then his crazy Costa Rica exit. WOW.

    Also, “Who thinks me and Angela are a better couple than Jim and Pam?”

    Big Mama beat me to my favorite of the night – HOW DARE YOU? We need more Kelly!

    I loved this one. With the exception of the revelation of Ryan’s drug problem, this one was more classic Office than the past two episodes (for me anyway).

    (By the by, I’m here via Opera this morning and everything looks totally fine and normal!)

  19. For those of us who do care and didn’t get to watch- please brag some more and tell us how Fry Daddy did at the Dove’s! :) Thanks for the update! We needed to know.

  20. The comment about “Crawford-ness” cracked us up. Also Angela’s comment, “I’m right here!” after Andy’s inappropriate comment about ball and chain. Not my favorite of all the episodes…we didn’t like the folks dissing Jim for getting them locked in.

    OH and Chris said yes to Bite Back, so I’ll be back later to get it done :)

  21. Sorry friend to be off topic but SO glad to find you again – the syntax error message was peculairly chilling and disconcerting. Olives and maraschino cherries – oh my goodness what indigestion I’d be enjoying – completely unlike my fried chicken breast and chocolate bar which sustaineth me last night.

  22. There’s peanut butter in the fridge.
    I’m not hungry.

  23. Don’t call me for direct quotes. I’m not very good at it! :)

  24. When Michael ordered chicken fingers at the very cool NYC club…


    How Andy punched the air after Ryan said “peace” when leaving…

    I agree, we need more Andy. Specifically more Andy SINGING…

  25. I love Kelly Kapur’s comment. “If I created a website with this many problems, I’d kill myself.”

    The awkwardness of the last 3 episodes is genuis. I so want to download the song from the dinner party episode, but can’t find it anywhere.
    Love The Office!

  26. This ep was so worth waiting for! I haven’t seen it in some time and I was thrilled to tune in.

    I don’t have a favorite part, per se, but the whole Jim having a great idea and getting everyone locked in then everything spiraling downward for him was just plain funny. Oh, and the whole Toby rubbing Pam’s leg and then declaring he was moving to Costa Rica was hilarious!

  27. It all seemed a little too far fetched for the normal office humor that I have grown to love so much.

  28. “Do you live in a regular sized house?”

    “Raise your hand if you think we’re a better couple than Jim and Pam.”

    Am I stating the obvious when I tell you that the actor who plays Ryan is one of the show’s main writers?

    The drug thing was weird, and Toby seems gay so why are they making him love Pam?

    Why couldn’t everyone else just hop the fence like Toby did?

  29. Not enough Andy….

    “If anyone makes fun of his half-beard…”

    Not my favorite episode, but had its moments.

  30. So does whatever official title Ryan’s job has just turn people into a train wreck? First Jan and now Ryan? That’s just a bit weird.

  31. Ahhhhhhh let’s give the boys a handddddd….Let’s hear it for my baby…

    Sorry, I got distracted!

    You know, I’ve never seen one episode of the Office?!?!

  32. The best was Michael and Dwight meeting Ryan in the bar.

    Ryan: “Woo! It’s great to see you guys.”

    Michael, somewhat disbelievingly: “Ryan, it’s Michael and Dwight.”

  33. I forgot one of my favorite lines

    hot chic in bar: What do you do?
    Michael: I’m a bank teller.
    To the camera: Ryan said girls are impressed if you work in finance.


  34. I have to watch this episode again. The beginning went by so fast I couldn’t keep up. Okay, I might possibly have been multi-tasking at the time, but still. Slow it down, people!

    @That Girl: Toby isn’t gay, he’s divorced and has kids and has had a ‘thing’ for Pam forever. The others couldn’t just scale the fence and go home (I thought about this when I first saw the locked gate) because their cars were locked inside. Note he said he would run home. However, I think I would have scaled the fence after awhile and called a cab or something. Maybe a locksmith?

    I guess the post-strike episodes have the theme of “Awkward!” It has had a little different feel, but I’m going along with it. Still trusting the writers. Still fearing the inevitable drama with JAM that will probably be the season cliff-hanger. Also nervously awaiting the upcoming episode titled “Did I Stutter?” I’m afraid this is JAM engagement related. I trust the writers, I trust the writers, I trust the writers…

    Favorite moment: Pam hitting Meredith with the football and Jim’s facial expression when it happened.

    You can tell Mindy wrote this episode, giving herself a most awesome line, “Yeah, I have a lot of questions. Number one: HOW DARE YOU?” The delivery was great.

    Only 3 more episodes left of this season!!

  35. OK- so how some nobody else noticed Toby’s obsession with Pam all this time? Please, he can’t move to Costa Rica- what about all the awesome lines between Michael and him? The show would just not be the same with him gone…

    I laughed out loud when Pam hit Meredith with the football- silly, simple physical humor always does it for me!

    Ryan’s drug problem- not sure where they’ll go with it- he’s so good at being the jerk you love to hate that I can’t imagine what would happen with him in a different role.

    Andy, Andy, Andy– he makes me laugh out loud- the ball and chain comment was too much!

    Glad the blog is back to normal!

  36. Ryan – “And you brought that guy!”

    Michael – “BEST…NIGHT…EVER.”

    Andy – “The old ball and chain has been a little less ball and a little more chain.”
    Angela – “I’m right here.”

    Dwight (in line at the second bar) – “Where did you find each other?”
    And then – “AMAZONS.”
    And then – “Don’t step on him.”

    As for Toby, he has been in love with Pam for a long time. Definitely not gay.

    This was my least favorite episode in a while, but I still found plenty to laugh about!

  37. It kind of made me sad to see Jim and Pam look stupid. Because… COME ON… they’re the normal ones.

    But I did particularly enjoy the part when Ryan is so excited to see them at the club and Michael goes “Ryan, it’s Michael and Dwight.” Like “hello! you don’t normally like to see us.”

  38. Michael…with the slow clap during Ryan’s meeting. I love a slow clap!

  39. Finally just watched it. Wait…do you get comments in your email anymore? Or am I leaving this comment and you’ll never again return to this post and not see it?

    Half beard was the BEST.
    So I’m assuming by the desk placement and the purse placement that the actress who plays Angela is preggo?

  40. I finally got to see this episode. I kept wondering why they didnt call a locksmith to let them out with their cars…but then again, that would make sense and things that make sense have no place in this show any more than good grammar belongs in my blog comment here.