A Desperate Cry For Help

Okay, internets.

Melanie, Travis and I are recording a podcast this afternoon.

So far we have all of one potential topic. ONE. UNO.

And granted, we usually don’t have some fancy outline with Roman numerals and stuff (oh, make no mistake: Roman numerals are VERY fancy), nor do we try to be, you know, EDUCATIONAL, but it’s always nice to have some conversational springboards.


Does anyone have any lighthearted questions you’d like for us to answer? Something along the lines of TV / music / family silliness / movies / general trivia / just please oh please nothing involving science or history?

You have two hours to complete this mission. Because we’re recording at 3 o’clock central.

Fire away.

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  1. What are some of your favorite restaurants?

    What has been your favorite vacation ever and what would be your dream vacation?

    The 3 of ya’ll could talk about paint drying and I would be fascinated and would laugh. So excited about another podcast!!!

  2. This is light-hearted: What is the most embarrassing thing your child(ren)have ever done to you in public?

  3. What are the ingredients in the perfect sandwich?

    You can tell a lot about a person by their sandwich choices…

  4. you should each come clean and talk about what reality shows you watch. We all know about American Idol but what other guilty pleasures do you have? The Bachelor? Big Brother? Top Chef? Design Star? Not that I watch any of those or even care if Matt picks Chelsea or Shayne.

  5. Do y’all like Pork Rinds?
    Sweet or unsweet tea?
    What’s your fave dish at your fave restaurant?
    Man…I’m hungry.

  6. If you could spend a Saturday all by yourself with no responsibilities, what would you choose to do?

  7. Oh, ya’ll totally need to talk about NEIL DIAMOND night on AI. I know what Melanie things cause I just read her blog, but what do you and Travis think?? :-)

  8. alaskalark says:

    On Mother’s Day weekend my friend Shannon (not Mrs. Dryer) and I are flying to a city much larger than our own to shop. This was formulated by our very sweet husbands who not only encouraged us to go, but who will also bear the burden of caring for the five kids we have between us.

    Any ideas of what should be on my list of clothing to buy? Shannon turned me on to Ms. Big’s Fashion Fridays and that’s been a big help. If you were us, where in the world would you start in terms of shopping for clothes?

  9. What is your absolute least favorite chore to do around the house? Why do you hate it? How do you manage to get done what you absolutlely abhor doing?

    (Can you tell what I’m avoiding doing while I waste time on the ‘puter?)

  10. Well, I have never meet any of you in person–however, I have seen and heard Travis at conferences.

    How do you feel about a complete stranger approaching you and “knowing details” from your life due to blogging?

    Hope that’s light enough. But I AM curious!

    Praying for the details of the podcast to go smoothly! and for lots of laughter–that makes me happy :)

  11. Say hello to Travis for me! Go Apps!

    I’ve always wondered how the three of you met? I know you said one time you saw Travis standing in the concession stand line at an event and you were too chicken to say hello. How did you go from this to podcasting with FryDaddy?

    Also, how did you and BigMama meet?



  12. OH and who is your hero?

  13. Heather says:

    How do you three say the word for the clothes you wear at night? I have heard that what you call those clothes indicates in what state or area of the U.S. you were born.

    Just wanted to say hello to Melanie from a fellow southeast TX girl. I’m from Nederland (but now in Nashville). Love all your Beaumont and TX references.

  14. Have the three of you watched the tv show Eli Stone? I think it is an amazing show that actually admits 1. God is real 2. He talks to us 3. He wants to make a difference in this world.

    The fact that the show is hilarious and well-written makes it a great conversation starter!

  15. It always sounds like you guys know each other from your childhood. I think the Mama’s met through their blogs – but how did Travis get dumped in the mix?
    Also, do you all have any big summer family plans – vacations coming up or events of any kind?

  16. Hmmm, What makes a perfect date night with your spouse? Dinner and a movie is about all we can think of. Unfortunately we’ve lost the ability to just THINK over the past six or so years. I believe our brains are buried under about ten thousand diapers.

  17. I do have something I’ve always been curious about. How is it you have so many blogging friends? Are they friends who just so happen to be bloggers OR bloggers who have become friends? If it is the second, how have you been able to move from a blogging relationship to an actual real relationship? Just curious, b/c I have a number of blogging friends whom I’ve gotten to know from reading each other’s sites, but I can’t imagine emailing them or calling them up or even meeting in person eventually. I am fine with the way things are but I’ve always been interested in how you and Big Mama and Shannon all seem to know alot of bloggers (and each other) pretty well outside of just reading their blogs. Sorry if this is a random question – hopefully it’s something ya’ll can talk about at some point even if not today! Thanks :)

  18. Of reality or competition television shows, real or imaginary, which one would you be most likely to win and why?

  19. I would love to hear y’all answer Johna’s question.

  20. What movies have you seen recently?

    Any that you’d recommend for families?

    How did Travis get hooked up with Living Proof?

  21. I’m hooked on my TiVO, now I want to rewind my radio, and people during their conversations. Does this happen to you?

  22. Well. I just yesterday told the story about your impacted ear and that your description made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

    You could always share that one on-air for some lighthearted fun.

  23. I think first date stories would be lovely.

  24. Well, Sophie, I think you would so impress your podcast posse by telling them that there is a 6 year old boy that wants to use Boomama as his Webkins password. :)

  25. What is your favorite must have item excluding i-pod, computer, bible and food?

  26. Don’t know if this is a repeat, and I just put it on Amanda’s post on the LPM blog too, but if you could invite anyone (living or not) to your fantasy dinner party, who would you want there?

  27. What would your job be if you weren’t able to do what you do now. – ie. if Travis was tone deaf, etc.

    PS, I’m SO glad Travis isn’t tone deaf. That would totally rock the world of my iPod.

  28. Tell us a great vacation spot (but not too exotic) for a big anniversary celebration?

  29. What kind of car do you drive? What kind WOULD you if you could have any kind you wanted?

    If you had a flat tire away from home, would you (A) Call hubby, (B) Call a road service, AAA, etc, or (C) Change it yourself?

  30. I have nothing. Except that MY name is Melanie and my brother’s name is Travis. Which I find interesting considering who you’ll be speaking with this afternoon. And make no mistake, it is interesting. ;)

  31. I’ve heard you talk about your sister’s job. Does your sister know if they’re hiring – because I feel confident that I would be perfect for the position. :o)

  32. Oh shoot, it’s nearly 3 pacific time… I’m a little late. But I’ll cross my fingers that this podcast doesn’t rank high enough for public listeners, so here’s to next time possibly answering this question: “Do you have any family traditions that you’re not proud of?”

  33. Emily C says:

    What do you wish you knew when your kids were infants/really young? We’re planning to make ours a family of three soon and I’m eating up any advice or tricks-of-the-trade!

  34. YAYYYYYYYYYY! ***doing the happy dance*** Another Boo cast! LOL! I was just listening to episode 7 today and wondering when the next new one would happen! :-) I am too late to submit questions and topics, but I can’t wait to hear it nonetheless!

  35. I’m too late, darnit.

    I was going to insist that you three provide an in-depth analysis of Barack Obama’s relationship with Jeremiah Wright.

    Or I was going to ask what your favorite Duran Duran song is.

    But I’m too late.