American Idol – Top 5

Oh, how I adore it when we get to the phase of the competition where everyone is singing two songs. My level of happiness if off the charts, I tell you, because THIS IS ALL VERY EXCITING.

I will try to calm down a bit before I start talking about the actual performances.




All better now.

Jason Castro – “Forever In Blue Jeans” – This is not one of my favorite songs – and I think the lyrics are sort of dated – but it was good to see Jason back in his comfort zone with guitar in hand. I’d have to consult the honorable FryDaddy to know for sure, but it sounded to me like he never found a range he was comfortable with in this song. And honestly, it was kind of boring. Perfectly nice – but kind of boring.

“September Morn” – HEY. WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON WITH PAULA EVALUATING THIS PERFORMANCE BEFORE IT EVEN HAPPENED? I mean, I know she could have taken notes during rehearsal or whatever, but I do think it was unfair for her to pretty much tell the world, “What’s coming up isn’t going to be very good” before we even saw it. That being said, Jason seemed really uncomfortable, and part of me wonders if he’s not ready to fly, fly away from the Idol coop. I’m just sayin’.

David Cook – “I’m Alive” – He’s just good, y’all. Even when I don’t love the songs he sings, I love to hear him sing them. Because he can sing anything and put an original twist on it. The end.

“All I Really Need Is You” – Well done with the thoughtful half-grin at the beginning of the song, Mr. Cook. And as far as the actual song, he delivered once again. He’s consistent, original and super smart about his performances. Love him.

Brooke White – “I’m A Believer” – Is it me, or has Brooke seemed really nervous the last few weeks? She seemed sort of hesitant at the beginning of this song, and like Jason, it felt like the song wasn’t in her range. I kept thinking of “The Partridge Family” when she was singing – and she didn’t seem comfortable at all.

“I Am, I Said” – I think Brooke is totally at home behind a piano, and I actually really liked this performance. The first part of the song especially came across as totally sincere – I even had goosebumps. Total rebound on Brooke’s part. Good for her.

David Archuleta – “Sweet Caroline” – For some reason this whole performance felt dated to me, almost like Bobby Brady was trying to win a talent show so he could replace the family portrait that Jan hit with her bike when she wasn’t wearing her glasses.

“America” – Eh. I wanted to like it. I feel like I should have liked it. But I just didn’t like it. I’m sorry.

Syesha Mercado – “Hello Again” – Okay, THIS was a modern take on a Neil Diamond song, which is exactly what Jason, Brooke and David A. were missing in their first songs tonight. I don’t think she hit it out of the park, but it was a solid double. And what in the sam hill am I doing using baseball metaphors? I have absolutely no explanation.

“Thank The Lord For The Nighttime” – LOVED this arrangement – it felt retro, not dated, and yes, there is a difference. I thought Syesha’s performance was fun, but I’m not sure it was her strongest…sometimes the song felt a little big for her. BUT, she was having fun, and for that reason alone it was enjoyable to watch.

Should go: Based on tonight? Jason.

Will go: I have no idea. I just know that it won’t be either of the Davids.

Best of the night: David Cook

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  1. David Cook was fabulous. I missed the first half hour and am just waiting for the videos to be put on youtube.

  2. I concur, my lady, I concur.

    That’s David Cook is just somethin’.

  3. They really had to rush tonight, but it was a good show! David C. is the real deal.

  4. We are on the same page tonight, Boo. Except for one little thing. Forever in BlueJeans…my theme song bc jeans are my daily attire.

    David Cook was my fave tonight.


  5. Really expected a more WOW night with all the material they had to work with. Overall, it was a disappointing episode . . .

    They should just go ahead and give David Cook the crown and Baby David the flowers.

  6. Three words…

    David Cook…awesome!

  7. Yep, I’m thinking Paula had a lil something in her Coke. :>) Very odd. You gotta love live TV.

  8. Paula lacked oxygen. . . her prom dress was too tight! Bless her medicated heart!
    Rockwall, Texas loves Jason Castro–no matter what. What you see is what you get, Hollywood, College Station or on stage at Lake Pointe Church. If he goes home tomorrow we will welcome that boy home with a parade!!

    I agree with the David A & Brooke comments, they are tired!

  9. Loved the David’s and Syesha… I too think Jason should go….was not good at all tonight!!

  10. You know, David Cook kind of has a sound like Mac Powell. I just was listening tonight and not looking, while I picked up…and it struck me that he could fill in for Third Day’s man.

    I really enjoyed the movie promos more than Idol tonight. Prince Caspian, Speed Racer and Indiana Jones?? Woohoo!!

  11. Poor Jason, I think he’s ready to go home. Even though he holds a special place in my heart.

    I will follow the crowd in saying David Cook is this season’s american idol.I love him.

  12. David Cook should win it all.

    The end.

  13. I am laughing HYSTERICALLY at your reference to Bobby Brady. SO TRUE. I didn’t like David A. at all. It seemed total kareoke cruise ship to me.
    LOVE David Cook. Love him. Can I just say once more? LOVE HIM!

  14. I just don’t love any of ’em. Tonight was a little boring—except for Paula’s freakiness…that’s always like watching a train wreck.

  15. I think Syesha is more and more in her element each week, and even though I’ve loved her since the beginning, I never thought she’d make it this far. I hope Simon’s “I think you could be in trouble this week” comment helps her and doesn’t hurt her. I loved her and David C. the best. At this point, I’m completely bored by David A. and Jason, and Brooke is kind of inconsistent.

  16. I thought of Peter Brady when David’s voice cracked a little bit on “America”.

    “When it’s time to change, then it’s time to change……”

  17. You think the lyrics are dated… hmmm… maybe you’d prefer Forever In Angela’s Trouser Jeans?

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast. :)

  18. David Cook is simply amazing!

  19. Totally agreed that it won’t be one of the David’s going home. I think that’s our top 2 right there!

  20. We love us some Cook in this house. Mmmmhmm!

  21. I guess I see the Bobby Brady connection, but for a while now, I’ve been picturing a totally different somebody when I look at David A. You’ll have to see my AI post to see who.

  22. I’m so not musically inclined, but I thought it would be fun to try some live blogging…or pseudo live. Cook was our favorite as well.

  23. I agree. While I really HOPE AND PRAY David A. aka Daddy’s Lil Puppet doesn’t win, I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

    David Cook is THE BEST. NUFF SAID!!

    Brooke is totally a Norah Jones type piano girl.

    Bye Bye Jason.

    Syesha, you are finally becoming your own.

  24. I’m so glad someone felt the same way about Archie tonight. I’m just not gettin’ it.

  25. How daring of you not to be all ga-ga over David A.
    I wonder how many of of us are so busy live-blogging about the awesomeness that is David Cook that we have no time to vote for him and help him win.
    Good comments again tonight.

  26. I said an audible “THANK YOU” when I read your take on David A..
    Yes, his voice is good, but there is something that makes me very uncomfortable to watch him, even when he’s not singing. What is it about him? He seems very nice, but like there’s something going on there, can’t put my finger on it. For some reason I feel sorry for him, and just want him off of that big stage. Something in me just wants to adopt him and get him out in the sunshine.

  27. I agree. I love David Cook but I do NOT get why everyone is ga ga over David A. His voice sounds very old fashioned. What is up with Paula? I think she might need a nap…

  28. Tooootally agree with you on tonite!! :) David Cook can ROCK.IT. :D

  29. What a strange night. I felt like I was watching 70’s Idol. David Cook ROCKED, of course. The rest? meh.

  30. Fine, now I feel as though I need to start watching American Idol (or at least the YouTube vidoes) so I can see what the Sam Hill y’all are talking about. :)

  31. Heather Bady says:

    David Cook is awesome.
    Jason needs to go home…all his songs sound the same to me. David A…eh.
    Brooke seemed hmm odd during her first song. I thought it was so bad that I had to look away.
    Syesha really seems to be getting better.
    Does anyone else wish David Cook could sing “Coming to America”? We all thought he would have done great on that song!

  32. Your assessment of David A as Bobby Brady is spot on. LOL!!!

  33. At this point they’re all talented and they’ve all got potential for real success. Having said that, David Cook is THE MAN. That is all.

  34. Girl when Paula started rating Jason and then David Cook on the 2 songs they had sung (although they had only done one song) I about DIED!!
    It really shook me up and I could not concentrate for wondering WHAT WAS UP WITH PAULA!!
    I totally agree with your reviews – I think Jason is over the whole AI thing

  35. I think Jason and Brooke should both go this week. The competition is just way far beyond what either of them can do, and I don’t like suffering with them week after week. They should go before it gets worse – sort of a “quit while you’re ahead” thing.

  36. What I stated on Travis’ blog, I will reiterate here…can we all please have a moment of silent prayer for Paula? Honestly!

  37. Just my opinion but I think it’s time for Jason to go home!

  38. Oh, how I love this show. But oh, how that Paula does irritate!

  39. David C. is amazing, but I would like David A. as a son – he is so sweet! I just want to pinch his cheeks. :)

    Poor Brooke.

  40. I really, really wanted Jason to go bye bye. It’s quite obvious he’s been ready to go for a while now but he has the screamin’ mimi girls with the cell phones that keep on dialin’ his numbah. Sad, but true.

    I feel for Brooke. Not that I believe she should have been the next American Idol, I never did believe she would make it to the top. She’s genuine and I believe a lot of people judged her because of her emotions and yes, that happens a lot when ya tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, so to speak. I do it, lots of people do it. Anyhow, My votes have mostly gone to David Archuleta. He, in my opinion has the best vocals, as does David Cook – it’s going to be a close call…. but David Archuleta is also from my home state and we just have to root for the kid. He’s amazing. The two David’s are going to be very, very, very SUCCESSFUL. No matter what happens. That’s a given.

  41. David Cooke definately took the cake this week but poor brooke I wasn’t ready for her to go:(

  42. Not really impressed with Idol this season, I would have to say David Cook is my favorite.

  43. Idol this year…hmm… nice but thats all to be said…. not like the last one…