I’m Ready To Be Bored For Awhile

Right now I’m in Panera for the second time today. I was here for the first time when I met my friend Leigh for lunch, which was a luxurious hour of quickly devouring a chicken Caesar salad so that I could spend the rest of my lunch telling Alex to a) quit jumping on the chair b) quit pulling on the blinds c) quit interrupting, please quit interrupting, it would help Mama a whole bunch, sugar, if there could just be NO MORE INTERRUPTING.

Finally I just handed him my cell phone and said, “Do with it what you will. Punch buttons to your heart’s content. Just don’t hit the green button and we’ll be fine.”

And my cell phone idea was clearly brilliant, because as a result of it Leigh and I had EIGHT WHOLE MINUTES of quality adult conversation. What a treasure.

After lunch A and I made a quick trip to the library, ran home so that I could change clothes, went BACK by the little man’s school because I forgot to drop off some stuff the first AND second times I was there today (it was our third! exciting! trip! to the schoolhouse!), then headed over to my friend NK’s house so my boy and her girls could play while I sat on the sofa and stared off into space.

Oh, I kid. I’ll have you know that I managed to form a few words and maybe even some sentences.

So now A and his daddy are enjoying some time together, and Mama here has retreated to the well-lit, sufficiently Wi-Fi’d haven that is Panera. And I plan to sit here until I’m tired of sitting. Or until I’m tired of writing. Or until I’m just plain tired.


How are y’all?

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  1. oh, how i value that good ol’ quiet time! i too sat at lunch with my boy (19 months old) today and begged him not to throw toys and scream, and i too have been given some quiet time as i skipped out on church and let my dear husband and the kiddos go without me for once. let’s just say the quality time in the whirlpool tub did much for this mama. :)

  2. I’m ok, thanks for asking. I think I’ll head off to bed since it’s 10:10pm and the 2.5 year old daughter has started rising with the sun and this preggo mom is tired. Ti-erd, I tell ya. Happy boredom and good night!

  3. I handed my 1.5 year old my phone the other day for almost the same reasons you gave yours to Alex (except she can’t interrupt and she was digging in the trash and eating rocks from the fire place and I was just plain tired of saying ‘no.’) The phone idea was brilliant until I found out later she called THE PASTOR OF OUR CHURCH-on his day off. Yes. She hit the green button.

    I could use a trip to a Wi Fi haven RIGHT Now. Hope yours is productive and do have a cookie or scone. They are delish.

  4. Wow. 8 whole minutes? Really?

    The things we mamas get excited about…

  5. Meredith says:

    I have retreated to the bedroom, away from the D-O-G and my H-U-S-B-A-N-D whom I love so much but they both know how to try my patience! Enjoy your alone time. I miss that so much since I got married and no one seems to understand!

  6. The title of this post is speaking volumes to me right now. If one more person…adult or child…tells me that I need to bring something, buy something, send something, do something, be somewhere at a certain time…..

    I’m afraid of what i’ll say or do!

    And, I do kid, but I kinda mean it too! :)

    we’ll hang in there together Boo!

  7. I’m all snuggled up with my computer. Just had a bowl of Golden Grahams, 4 month old monkey is in bed, hubs and the other 2 haven’t been home all evening :) and listening to some sweet Neil Diamond…i heart him.

  8. Fact: Alex had your cell phone today.
    Fact: Idol received an abnormally large number of votes this week.

    Any connection?

  9. I soooo remember the first time we sat in a restaurant and had a CONVERSATION after the meal. Both boys were reading comic books we had just purchased. Yes! Comic Books!! But was it bliss!! We conversed for exactly 22 minutes and 37 seconds AFTER the last scrap of food was eaten!!! An occasion to celebrate.

  10. oh, and now I’m sad…poor Brooke. hey, there is “gripe water” in you blogher ad box. If I give it to my kids will it make them stop? I jest…


    gripe water

  11. chicken caesar salad – yum!

  12. So stinking jealous that your at Panera…eat a cinnamon crunch bagel, for me. Great, now I’m hungry :) I blame…you ;)

  13. Right now my son is asleep, dead to the world. Which leads me to believe that he will want to be awake from 2-4am. Would you mind writing another post please to keep me entertained for those hours? :)

  14. Yay, what could be BETTER than Panera…by YOURSELF, oh sweet heaven! Enjoy, darling! :)

  15. I’m wondering why you don’t have any movies on your iPod? It would be more entertaining for A than a cell phone. :)

  16. Christine says:

    All is well here… made mac and cheese for dinner tonight. The REAL kind not the kind that comes frozen or with the package of neon orange “cheese”. I have both those on the shelf (now that DH brought htem home) but I made the real stuff tonight and it was a treat! Hopefully the girlies will drift off early tonight since they didn’t last night and mama could use the sleep! Glad you’re able to get a few minutes to yourself to just be bored! Wahoo!!

    Oh – and totally looking forward to the release of the latest podcast! LOVE IT when you and Big and Frydaddy get goin’!

  17. I am starving, eat something good for me. I promise to play with your cell phone and leave you alone!

  18. Time alone at Panera sounds amazing! I treated myself to a haircut and color this evening. I don’t do that very often so it was great! My stylist is awesome and she did a great job.

  19. I don’t know Soph-

    I follow you on Twitter and I’m pretty sure it said that you were trying to bang out a post in FOUR minutes. Clearly you were putting time constraints upon yourself…

    Doesn’t sound like there was a need to rush from the place that is Panera. :0)

  20. I’m turning 30 tomorrow. But other than that, I’m fine, thanks for asking. :)

  21. I (wait, hush Tabor.) under (no, not yet, Tabor) stand. :)

    I am getting a little bit of the congestion–which is not good, because I am going to Living Proof Live this weekend…and had plans to sing and worship, you know with the others. So I’m praying for a nyquil miracle tonight.

  22. wow.

    i don’t think i’m ready for kids!!!!

  23. Um. Does your Panera have “the notice” posted? Ours says that the wi-fi will be limited to (gulp) 30 minutes starting tomorrow.

    What is a girl to do?

  24. An aside… Mandy… nobody is EVER really ready for kids IMHO. ;)

    I had somewhat of a similar day. I posted today that I just needed a catheter and a bag to haul around… who has time for the bathroom even?

    God is good. I had me some divine appointments today. :)

  25. I’m good, thanks. Back in my home state of North Carolina after driving here from Texas yesterday. Yup, Texas to Birmingham, AL yesterday and then on to NC today. I really wanted to email you and see if you could meet for coffee this morning but then I thought, “This woman doesn’t know me from Adam, she’ll think I’m nuts.” So I didn’t. But I will say that about 4 different BigBoocasts (played sporadically, not in a row, of course) got me through seven states and kept me laughing all the way. Do you think the new podcast will be up by the time I head back on May 12th? Because that would be just faaaaaaaaabulous.

    And I win longest comment of the day. Hooray!

  26. My boys have gameboys for that exact reason. At first, the only place I allowed them to play them was when we were out to eat. Or somewhere else where there would be a lot of waiting.

    But the cell phone was a good idea too. =)

  27. Thanks for asking! I’m on cloud nine, actually. We just got home from a booksigning. Laura Bush and her daughter Jenna signed their children’s book for us! I’m more giddy (giddier? giddyer? oh, who cares!) than if I’d just met Brad Pitt!

    OK, now I’m off to post about it… :0)

  28. Tried to take Bubbalu out for dinner tonight. Much standing on the high-chair, screeching, reaching, and embarrassment for Mama…

    Oh the joys :)

  29. Monthly doctor’s visit- check

    All errands run – check

    Tired after 15 hours in the car – check

    Done feeding offspring – check

    Off to bed – CHECK.

  30. There is a lot of joy to be found in quiet time, no doubt. I love my dd and dh, but there are times I NEED some ME time..

  31. You make me want a laptop. I heart Panera.

  32. I will count 2 trips to Panera this week. 1. lunch with my girls after bible study
    2. 7:00 AM meeting with high school core team.

    Number 2 is too stinkin’ early and I have no good ideas at that time of day. Number 1 is much funner. Wonder if I can fit one more trip there…maybe Sunday lunch? Pitiful.

  33. Wow. He followed directions about the green button? Both of my boys would have immediately pushed that one FIRST. Hope you had a lovely time!

  34. Pining for Panera! Feel blessed that you have the opportunity to go at all. :-)

  35. You had eight whole minutes? Uninterrupted? I’m jealous.

  36. Wow, eight minutes, huh? What was it like? I don’t think I get that much time in a day!

  37. Oh, I’m good here. I’m staring at the Panera across the courtyard right now, wishing that I could be there right now with a loaf of sour dough bread being consumed.

    I did just get a call from Addie who told me that she and Ben can’t make it to the birthday shindig this weekend. Bummer. I know she would have helped me kick butt in Charades…

  38. I want a haven, I NEED a haven! Going to Panera ALONE, with WIFI, COFFEE, BAGELS with CREAM CHEESE….I can only dream at the moment. I don’t think I’d even get tired of sitting! :)

  39. Tiffany says:

    Normally I dont do well not having anything to do or being bored but slowly i am learning to enjoying not having anything to do and appreciating the quit times. I pray for some of that for you! Just that you get the opportunity to have nothing to do even for 15 minutes! :)

  40. Oh gracious that is funny
    It reminds me of talking on the phone yesterday and having my 4 yr old behind me following me from room to room saying can I talk to Miss Meg please please PLEASE – nonstop until finally I locked myself in my bedrooom – UGH!!
    Kids are great aren’t they :)

  41. Panera’s wi-fi is more reliable than mine :/. Get this: every time the PHONE rings, it knocks my laptop off line. WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?

    You can get a whooooooole lot done in eight minutes…I think countries have been couped in less time!


  42. My laptop and I love Panera. I go at least once a week while Kyle’s at preschool. I have had two-a-days as well.

    I too get tired sometimes–of sitting, of writing, or just plain tired.

  43. My 18 month old called my BOSS AT HIS HOME with the cell phone. Good times. What we are willing to do for some QUIET ALREADY!

  44. Ooh, Panera. Makes me want a cup of french onion soup and a baguette. We just moved to San Antonio and I’ll have you know there’s only one Panera in San Antonio, Texas, and it’s a mighty long way from mi casa. But back in Houston I went once a week. Good times. Thanks for the memories!!

  45. QUIT was at the top of my vocabulary list last night when I was trying to meet with a friend from church to start a bible study in her home. I felt so bad for her because she had to listen to my kids tell me they were starving like, oh, 500 times! And then had to watch as my daughter attempted to whisper something in my ear about borrowing my phone to text her daddy because she was bored. Oh, the joys of motherhood. Finally, last night I told my hubs that I was off to the store to buy some toilet paper. Now if that’s not desperate to get some alone time, I don’t know what is. I called a couple of girlfriends and a neighbor told me I could have borrowed some toilet paper from her. I laughed hysterically and told her, “Oh, no, I needed to get away. But thanks anyway!”

  46. Would you please have a bread bowl of chicken/wild rice soup for me? I love it in a really serious way.

  47. queen b has to be fibbing. we’re gone 3 months and a change that big has happened. i love panera, i miss panera, i miss it alot. and my heart is now heavy with the news of wi-fi limitations. i think i’ll go back to bed.

  48. Ooh, I am jealous. Eight whole minutes!

    I am new to your blog, and I truly, truly appreciated this important and insightful post. Panera is a lovely place. I always manage to waste $3.95 on one of those incredible Spinach and Artichoke souffles…. but I rationalize it by telling myself that I’m eating vegetables. :)

  49. We have no Panera in the Knox agroplex or anywhere within an hours drive, only DQ and Allsups. I’m not sure anyplace in the county is wifi connected except maybe the John Deere office…After the days’ activities (nursing mom through chemo after effects, retrieving Dad from cardioangioscopy cath test thing, chasing after 3 kids & little brother, having break down to hubby on the way to angioscopy, nurse/maid/chef at ‘rents house) Lost on the DVR and a heating pad on my tummy with a caffeine free DRPepper was a brief respite from harsh reality. Lost makes my reality seem not so harsh. So anyway, Panera sounds like heaven to this country bumpkin.

  50. I just want to know if Howard pushed the green button. If my mom tried that with me I would have SO pressed the green button!

  51. Ready to be bored…I’m going to need to remember that line and use it often. In the last 3 months, I’ve managed to miss 3 or possibly 4 nights sleep and my kids are older. Missed flights, broken hearts…all lead moms to sleepless nights. So glad I found your blog.