Kindergarten Ninja

Way back in the winter, when Target was having its annual toy clearance, I picked up several things to keep on hand for birthday presents this spring.

And sure enough, we gave away every single toy – except for a lone Batman sword that was still hiding out in our hall closet.

And the other day, when I was in the throes of All The Cleaning, I found it.

So I took it out of the box.

And I gave it to Alex.

And OH. MY. WORD. – you would not believe the Batman Ninja Madness that has overtaken our home. The little man has used his mad sword-wielding skillz to challenge, among other things, the couch, the chairs around the kitchen table, several very tall trees in the front yard and countless imaginary bad guys.

It cracks me up.

But here’s what’s even better.

When he’s not busy fighting off imaginary foes, he walks around the house with his sword at the ready. Just like this.


I guess a little boy never knows when he’s going to be called on to defend the realm.

Or, you know, to defend his playroom.

Whichever the case may be.

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  1. Well – I have heard there were a lot of bad guys in Alabama. :-)
    Must feel good to feel protected. Maybe you need a sign “Beware of the Boy”

  2. My nephew carries his sword the same way. And he also kills many bad guys in the yards. I’m told the worst ones hang out in his Grandma’s flowerbeds.

  3. AnnieH says:

    What a Cutie! Just like my 4.5 year old little man. They are so cute aren’t they?!

  4. too cuuuute!

  5. Nana Trish says:

    Too cute!

  6. He looks ready :)

  7. Super cute! My 4 year old just found his pirate sword under a chair and has made it his mission to jump out at me from every conceivable hiding place in our house and scream “Arrgh, matey!”

  8. This reminds me of my little man! He was running around with his big bros sword that was purchased for the prom. And what makes it better — it makes a LOUD noise! Thanks big bro.

  9. At least that is better than a sword in the back of the pants…the style du jour around here.

  10. Mine does the same thing! My sister in law bought him a mini sword from Japan and he keeps it in his belt loop. If it’s not swords it’s light sabers or rebel trooper guns. Boys! Sheesh! ;:)

  11. This is definitely a boy thing. I have one son. He wears his armor most days. I have one brother, and when he was a child chased us around the house with a ‘real’ ninja sword my Dad brought him from an overseas business trip. It hung decoratively on his wall, until the parental units left. And then, he’d go crazy and chase me and my sister around the house.

    He was finally found out.

    He wrote “The Ninja was here.”

    In my Dad’s Bible.

    Yeah. Those were the days.

  12. You just gotta love them boys! My three do awesome stuff like him too. Makes me giggle… behind their backs of course! lol.

  13. This cracks me up! My little guy stuffs his pants with every toy weapon he’s got. If he’s wearing something stretchy like sweatpants, it’s hysterical!

  14. I love that he’s got the “sword storage” down!

  15. That is Stinkin adorable!

  16. Too Funny! And what a great imagination you both have! He sounds like a delightfully Ninja child and I am so glad you share his adventures with us! It takes me back to when my children were so little. *SNIFF*SNIFF*


  17. So is there a special pouch in the BACK? ’cause it appears he might be poked right in his ninja hiney were Howard to move in any unninjalike way. You just tickle me.

  18. I think this sword storage secret must be written on the male DNA, ’cause our boy did the SAME thing when he was three. . .and no one had shown him how to do it. Maybe it’s the equivalent of the female hair flip.

  19. Oh no ma’am. He ain’t scared of nothin!
    He is ready to take it ALL on!

  20. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    Great picture! ! ! I would carry my Batman sword in the same place if I had one!

  21. That is too funny! I have 3 boys and they walk around JUST like that, except they have light sabers. Oh, how I love boys.

  22. Big Mama gave us that very sword for Christmas one year. We are still using it. Love it!

  23. My son’s super powers are in his blue blanket that is so thin from years of lovin’ and protecting our pooch monsters from aliens that prey cool canines. My boy will be 13 years old in 2 weeks…and so will the blue blanket.

  24. AWESOME. Nathaniel (our 6 year-old) would wear that kind of stuff every single day if we let him.
    Unfortunately (for him)…we do not.

  25. What a cutie pie.

  26. boys are great that way :)

  27. WOW! You cleaned your closet. I’m impressed!!

  28. My boys do the exact same thing. They put smaller daggers and knives in the wasteband of their pants too. (Those are toy daggers and knives…just to be clear.)

  29. Mine did the same thing at that age. Aren’t little boys just the best thing ever?

  30. May we all be as well equipped with the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God!

    Your boy is a cutie!

    Sister Lynn

  31. This was great. I have a seven year old son who does this same thing! Always obsessed with swords and guns and dirt bikes! Thye are just born with too much male hormone!! Love it!

  32. Oh, that is toooo adorable! My son has a $1 sword from the Dollar General, and he too defends our castle. Well, hmmm, our cottage maybe!
    It does a Momma’s heart good!

  33. Love it! My boys are constantly ridding out home of “Bad Guys!” :) I think boys exit the womb ready to defend and protect. It definitely provides a mother with some great entertainment!

  34. Speaking of Ninja, my BFF and I just put a video on our blogs of “How to Speak Asian” You might like it…come on over!

    It’s one of the best tutorials on all the asian languanges I have ever done. Ok, it’s the only one. (be advised, we do not speak a different language)

  35. That’s hilarious! My kids stick their swords through their shorts! It is so funny!

  36. You just bought yourself HOURS of time this summer. DO NOT under any circumstances invite any other boys over unless you buy another sword, allow them to play with sticks or banish that one to the closet during the play date. Just a word of advice. And be forwarned, if you do banish it to the closet they WILL play swords with sticks. Once he’s had a taste he can never go back.

    Be glad you don’t have three boys. I asked my youngest where he learned to make those sword/boy noises. “In a class.” He’s three. And I’m sure I never signed him up for that class!

  37. My almost three year old boy LOVES his lightsaber. The lightsaber comes with a handy-dandy clip to attach to the pants. That boy was swinging a lightsaber before he could stand on his own. It is in the genes.

  38. You do not know how much it warms my heart to know that someone else buys the toys at Target during that sale.

    Of course, I don’t actually have a kid like you do…

    … but, at the rate we’re going, all my friends from college will have grandkids while I’m still single as a slice of cheese. And so, I like to be prepared.

  39. Shannon says:

    My son carries his the exact same way. Aren’t boys wonderful!! I feel sorry for parents who only have girls. My sister has 3 girls and I am always telling her that she is missing out. I don’t think she believes me though. :)

  40. My boys have these Nerf-like swords from the Dollar store that they love. They “Zorro” around the house with them all. day. long. These poor swords are duct tapes and hot glued beyond recognition. But they love them. Need to find some more and stock up.

  41. My son still carries his sword like that, and he is 13! *sniff,sniff* I guess he’s a middles school ninja LOL!


  42. Heather says:

    My son has that very same sword and absolutely LOVES it! Now if there was only some sort of silencer button for all those sword noises it makes whenever you move it around it would just about be perfect ;)!

  43. just precious.
    One can never be to prepared to fight off foes such as living room furniture!
    You’re lucky to have such a warrior in your home. My dd is a lover not a fighter. She names and hugs all our foes…..

  44. My son uses his underwear or shorts as a holster for his sword :). You have to love little boys.

  45. My four-year-old daughter is obsessed with swords. I saw foam swords on sale at Target and thought about buying one, but decided I could not take the grief of all the screaming that would follow her repeated attempts to cut off her sisters’ heads.

  46. At the risk of coming off like I think i’m the coolest person on the planet…my “How to Speak Asian” video is up and running. seriously, you don’t have to watch it, but you might get a giggle. Just check out the bloggity blog blog blog

    Have a super duper day!

  47. That is too cute! My son does the EXACT thing with the EXACT sword. I love it!

  48. This brought back such sweet memories of my own two Ninja boys who are now grown. They ran around the house in their superheroes underwear with swords from the dollar store stuck securely in the waistband of their drawers and the belt from their bathrobes tied around their heads.