Feed Ish-Ahs

Most of you who subscribe to my blog through Bloglines are subscribed through a feed that seems to have stopped working.

Which is why you may be seeing a bright red exclamation point next to “BooMama” in your list-o-blogs.


I have absolutely no idea how this stuff works, but just know that all my feeds are running through Feedburner now, and if you are tired of seeing the bright red exclamation point, then you can subscribe to the new feed either in Bloglines or Google Reader or whatever RSS reader you use.

And here’s the new feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/Boomama. It is sure to be very sassy.

If you’re not seeing the bright red exclamation point and everything has been updating as usual, then you’re golden. No need to change a thing.

And now I need to go take some Advil. Because the tech talk is right up there with math as far as I’m concerned.

Oh, I type the techy words and think they might have a shot of being at least somewhat accurate usage-wise, but in my head all I hear is “blah blah blahdety blah blah.”

Feed / reader / RSS / aggregation / blah blah blahdety blah blah.

The interweb is awesome.

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  1. I really have nothing to say, just wanted to seize the opportunity to be the FIRST to comment on your post FOR. ONCE. IN. MY. LIFE !! :-) Love your blog!

  2. I was coming to ask if the exclamation point was just a me problem. Thanks for handling that.

  3. blah blah blahdety blah blah. I SO relate to this! I don’t get servers and RAMs and ROMs, etc., but because I am queen of software, I get to be the go-to person in my office, whenever our tech guy is out. Which is fine, except when it involves calling X Server or Y Provider or D Hardware company. Because those people? They just don’t speak my language!

  4. Ummm…that was supposed to be Z Hardware company…apparently I don’t speak my language either.

  5. At least someone else (other than me) is willing to admit it!

  6. ***************BLAWGHER INFORMATION*****************

    See here for details!

  7. For some reason, my comments disappear, LOL.

    For those that plan to attend BlawgHer, please see my blog. :)

  8. Oh. Good. Because I have no idea what any of that means. I thought when you said feed ish-ahs you were going to talk about how the Cheez-its were not up to par. See? The less you know, the less you have to worry about. Ignorance is a blessing.

  9. Yep, I understand. When anyone starts talking tech to me, the soundtrack from a Charlie Brown cartoon begins playing in my head. You know, the scenes where an adult would speak to the kids?

    All that to say, I subscribe to you through Google Reader, so all’s good. ;-)

  10. Wow, the whole time I was reading that techno-fare, all I could hear in my head was Charlie Brown’s teacher talking.


  11. All I read was “blah, blah, blah, blah, blah” anyway. Whats the problem?! :)

    I got every word of “blah, blah, blah!”

  12. I am so glad someone else shares my confusion!

  13. BooMama youa re hilarious. The tech talk ranks right up there with math! Right!

  14. I still use Bloglines although I do have a Google Reader account. I just like Bloglines better. I’ve been seeing the little red ! but I was trying to wait it out and see if it’d fix itself. Not. So I was doing it the old school way and just clicking over here several times a day to see if you had any new words of wisdom to share.

    I updated my Bloglines with the new feed and I’m happy to say it’s working splendidly. So far.

    Now, as to why that feed works and the other one didn’t — I ain’t got no idear.

  15. Ok, I don’t know how this works either. So, I deleted you and then added you back in. Hope it works!

    Is Big Mama having the same problem, too????

    Laurie in TN

  16. Whoohoo! It works again! Thanks!

  17. Oooo, Ahhh, It WORKS again!!! Thank you BooMama, the red exclamation point was starting to get on my nerves!

  18. I feel ya. I thought I was savvy till I lost my feed one day too. I still don’t think it’s “right”.

  19. I feel the exact same way. I still get RAM mixed up with the 80’s group REM.

    I’m just sayin’.

  20. Oh! Your last four posts just popped up in my reader, so I guess we’re good to go.

  21. I was wondering. I thought the red exclamation point was for ‘hang on ’cause this rambling is going to be exciting!’ Now I know. I’ve also missed several posts!

  22. If you email bloglines, they can reset your feed. :-)

  23. I’m just glad it’s worked out. I coudln’t for the life of me figure out why you weren’t posting.

    Like, I could have just come here and checked …

    but no-oooooooo.

    That would make too. much. sense.

  24. I’ve been wondering for DAYS what happened to you!

  25. Ok what – I have no idea what that post said – was it in Chinese?
    I do not read computer but if I did I might could get my bloglines to work again – hehe