It’ll Be Just Like HGTV. Except For The TV Part.

Edited with new date and graphic.

Our first house was an old house. A really old house. A house so old that, when we first walked through it, we were able to look at the kitchen floor that had a slope of approximately thirty degrees and say, “Oh! Isn’t that charming?!”

And we meant it.

Clearly we weren’t thinking about that fact that if you dropped an apple in that kitchen, you were gonna be walking about six feet to pick it up.

We were undeterred by the kitchen’s hilly terrain.

And because the house wasn’t in pristine condition, I never worried too much about messing it up. The smallest cosmetic changes did a world of good, and I loved the whole process of transforming that house into our first real home.

And yes, that even includes the time that I ripped the carpet out of one of the bedrooms and gagged for about six hours as a result of all the exceedingly displeasing smells that seared themselves onto my temporal lobe, thus ensuring that I can never forget the foulness, EVER, and sometimes still catch a whiff of that carpet at the oddest moments, like when I’m walking through a parking lot or putting a puzzle together or unloading the dishwasher.

It was, in a word, horrific.

Thankfully our next house was in much better shape and didn’t require nearly as much work. The same goes for our current one. But this house was built in the early 70s, and there are parts of it that, while in fine condition, are a little dated. And after a year and a half here, it’s time for me to start tackling some of those things. Our master bedroom and bathroom are at the top of my list.

But here’s the thing.

If left to my own procrastination-oriented devices, I’ll make lots of plans for the master bedroom and bath, and I’ll make lots of lists related to the master bedroom and bath, but I won’t actually do a dadgum thing because I’ll get overwhelmed that I won’t be able to get everything like I want it.

Have I ever told y’all about my passive-aggressive perfectionism? It is loads of fun.

Anyway, I figured that since interweb accountability helped when I did this and this, it might also help when I’m working on our bedroom and bath.

And thus, a Before and After bloggy extravaganza was born.


Brings a tear to the eye, doesn’t it?

So here’s what to do if you’d like to join the fun.

Grab the button by using this code:

Then write a post that tells us what your goals are. Maybe you want to paint your kitchen cabinets, or maybe you want to rearrange your den, or maybe you want to weed the area around your mailbox and then plant some flowers there. Whatever suits your fancy.

And your post doesn’t have to be long. A list-o-goals would be perfectly fine. Here are my goals, by the way:

1) paint our bedroom
2) paint our bathroom
3) paint the storage cabinet in our bathroom
4) tile our bathroom floor because there is CARPET in there right now but I can’t talk about the carpet anymore or I’ll start to itch

And if you only have one goal, that is perfectly fine. Not to mention reasonable. I just have a lot of goals because I’m ready to get this stuff done, and I figure that if I work on these projects a couple of days a week for the next four or five weeks, I should be able to get ‘er done.

On September 26th I’ll put up a Mr. Linky here, and you can add your post so that we can all see your fab Before and After pictures. You can tell us all about your project(s) – what worked, what didn’t, and maybe even share some helpful hints for people who might want to do something similar.

And then we will all gather ’round for a group hug.

Oh, I’m totally kidding.


Have fun, y’all!

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  1. Oh, I have fab-u-lously wonderful PLANS, but I’ve done about all I can do until we save up more $$$! I would love to participate but nothing dramatic is gonna happen between now and July 25th! Maybe I could post something that I’ve already done in our HGTV-like home???

  2. I so need to do this! There are a million and one projects I need to get in gear to do around the house (like painting our kitchen and replacing the florescent lights).

    I’ll try to get a list together this week and link back to you then.

    Thanks for doing this! This is just the kick in the pants I need to get going!

  3. Oh I’m SOOOO excited about this! We have redone our entire house this year! It was kinda like “flip this house” but the “flip” part isn’t working out so well in this market right now! =)

    I can’t wait to post this one and see everyone else’s!

    ps- Can’t wait to meet you on Friday!

  4. Dang girl, if only I lived closer. I can tile! Yes, I can even use a wet saw. I know, I know.

    Of course, this is assuming you’d want me in your home, what with me eating all of your fried chicken. Cuz I prolly would, you know.

    Have fun!

  5. Yay! Just what I needed to get going. ~:-)

  6. Oh, this is perfect. I’m totally in.

  7. I’ll be back tomorrow – I know what my goal is, I just have to see if I can finish it by the 25th of July… so there it is… I’ll be back! I sound just like Arnold Schwarzaneggar, eh?


  8. You’ve really thrown down the gauntlet this time, BooMama. I’m notorious for “thinking about things” and figuring I’ve done my part. I’m getting out of my hamster wheel of activity to get these things done. Great idea, great time frame.

    Let the party begin!

  9. Ok. I am new at this but excited!!

  10. I’ll do this for the new kid’s room! Woot! Hope my red chair makes it here in time for the pics. Oh yeah, and the baby.

  11. What in the wide, wide world of sports am I thinking?
    I guess I’m in.
    Only a month?

  12. I’m in! This is perfect motivation to finally get some things finished. Or started, too.
    Since, ya know, we’ve had this house for four years now. It’s time to do some painting!

  13. I am excited about this – I’m in!

  14. If we actually manage to close on our house by mid-July, as hoped, I’ll jump in.

  15. We have carpet in our bathroom, too!!! I HATE it. I love everything about this house but WHY they carpeted the bathroom is beyond me. I am hoping we get enough of an income tax return next year that we can replace our downstairs carpet with hardwoods and I will add the bathroom in…while we are doing it, of course. :) Good luck on all your projects!

  16. Oh how I need to participate in this particular accountability group, but I would need a later date like August 25. I run a summer program. But I can look at everyone else and get tons of ideas for me :)

    We had carpet in our bathrooms of our former house. After replacing it with a new floor I was amazed at how much I cleaned up around the base of the toilet (I have three boys). Just think that was in my carpet and I never knew.

  17. This does sound like a great idea but I’m embarassed to say I’m just too darn lazy to join…:-(

  18. Oh, boy, did I ever need this kick in the pants! To Sherwin-Williams I go! Tomorrow!

  19. We are renting a house that has carpet in the master bath. Why?! Why do people carpet bathrooms? I would love to call them and say, opps, someone spilled bleach on the bathroom floor and we need to have the carpeting replaced, how about a nice floor tile instead?

  20. ewwww fun and I am not #999 either!
    I am also wanting to paint my bedroom and master bath off my bedroom. I bought the paint a while back and I guess I have just been waiting for this to come along!! It will be a big job so I may not be finished until the end of June or beginning of August lol! But the incentive is certainly nice! The key is to just get er done!
    Thanks for the encouragement Boo!

  21. This is exciting! I’ve never done one of this extravaganza thingys, so I just set one goal but it’s big – clean out the closets!

  22. cindi weber says:

    first goal, finish sewing curtains for my new dining room b4 my relatives get here on the 24th of june. that should put me over til july 25th, 2009.

    i am pretty sure i can’t, but can i post pics if i don’t have a blog?

  23. Yeah, I love this idea.

    I’ll be there.

    With a whole new bedroom!

    (I’ve been working on it, but let’s pretend I just started today, m’kay?) Thanks.

  24. Oh, this is just what I needed! I have a LONG list of things to accomplish this summer!

    It is SO ON now, though. It’s all gettin’ done. Oh, yes, it is!

  25. Great idea to do the button. I don’t know if there are any projects I’m just dying to do but I’ll be thinking. Can’t wait to see what you end up doing in your bedroom and bathroom!

  26. THIS IS SO COOOOOOOL! I have a million projects but I’ll find a few acheivable ones in this amount of time. I, too, have an old house (99 years old).

  27. Good idea!

    And whatever you do, don’t fixate on how nasty it is to have carpet in the bathroom. Don’t think about the variety of things that have splattered and splashed and dripped into the carpet lo these many years.

    Just don’t think about it. You’ll have tile soon.

  28. Just purchased a foreclosure. I don’t just have lists of goals, I have books upon books of them…LOL! I am in!

  29. I am so excited to be help accountable so I might actually finish something! Thanks for the inspiration.

  30. My goals are not all that exciting, but totally necessary! We are moving, and I gotta pack. Fun fun fun!

  31. This sounds like it might require me to work and I read your blog for entertainment, not work. But okay.

  32. Is it ok if I recently renovated my kitchen and posted about it can I link to that one next week? I assume so… I just won’t have a goal list ’cause we’ve pretty much whipped up on everything around here. Oh, except for the Master Bath shower and the stone trim around the flower bed that I want. Ok, maybe I have a list… ; )

  33. This is just the push I needed to tackle some projects around here. Thanks!

  34. Oh, I am excited. I am not remodeling, I am moving. So I am decorating a new place. Thanks for the challenge. Now when I move I have to get busy on those boxes and get the decorating done.

  35. I don’t have a blog but I plan on following whatever everyone else is doing.
    Tomorrow I start priming our 4 yr. old son’s room. He moved into our daughter’s room when she married & moved out. He told me on Sunday he’s done with that sissy room. He’s ready for his garage. He loves anything to do with cars, so he’s getting a garage room. But I have to prime the ugly colors I allowed our daughter to paint it. What a moment of insanity that was! Punk pink, lime green, white trim. I am so with Cam-Man on this one. It’s time for that to go away. Bring on the soft grey.

  36. Linked to you from MamaLoveLock. Interesting idea. I have some major goals….but I’m not sure I’m eligible to enter as I’ve already started working on those goals.
    Goal #1–get rid of everything I don’t use, love, or otherwise HAVE to keep (i.e. life insurance papers!)
    Goal #2–See Goal #1
    In fact, my post yesterday shows some of the results if you’d like to check it out. ;)

  37. It’s funny that you posted this right when I am in the midst of trying to get a whole house finished. I am hoping that by joining in it will help motivate me to get all this work done.
    Thanks and I can’t wait to see what everyone else is working on.

  38. This is JUST WHAT I NEED! Yea for accountability! I’m excited!

  39. Oh, Boo Mama, I am soooo excited about this. We have just bought a new house that is in need of some decorating savy to say the least. It will be a continuing, on going, project. Which led me to start a new blog journaling our way to our new home. So this challenge is soooo perfect for me. Before signing Mr. Linky, I am going to really think about what project I want to tackle before July 25th. Which is a great date. Thank you for lighting this fire.
    Oh and I share your carpeted bathroom pain. The only thing I can think is they didn’t have children or dogs to bath.LOL

  40. I never new what my problem was before. Now it has a name and that name is passive-aggressive perfectionism! It’s like a veil has been lifted. Thank you BooMama! And amen.

    That is all.

  41. BooMama, I read your blog every day! You have inspired me to start blogging again and to get some things finished around here! I’m not sure that I will get to all my goals but I will sure try! Thanks.

  42. This might actually put a fire under my heiney. Or at least my husbands! HA!

  43. Thanks for the anti-procrastination meme. My husband applauds you and God thanks you.

  44. Passive-aggressive perfectionism. I knew there had to be a name for it. It’s so good to have a diagnosis. Maybe now I can begin to find a cure. Is there a support group? I’d host it but my house is a mess and I have so much to get done before I can invite anyone over….

    Mr. Linky might just be the perfect motivater. Good going!

  45. I’m in with some before photos posted. I hope to have some dramatic before and after photos on the 25th. A girl’s gotta dream…

  46. Oooooeeeee! I just know God has spoken to me through this because I just this morning made my very own list! Yippee! I could use a major dose of accountability. Will you hound me every day until July 25th?

  47. I’ve already been to the store this morning to buy supplies!!!
    THANKS… 100s of procrastinating women (and their husbands) will either love you or hate you after this challenge is over!!! :)

  48. I’m in!! There will be some “moving” around this place and it will be good to get more done!! Good idea and thanks!!

  49. Oops..I meant to sign in as Flower…so I’ll fix it now.

  50. I would so like to do this. But I need some suggestions/feedback on the best way to tackle my issues–I should clarify, my project issues. Anyone willing to consult? I posted my issue today. I would be eternally grateful for the input!

  51. I hope we accomplish at least one item on my list. :)

  52. Well, shoot. I just finished painting four rooms in my house, and I’ll be in Asia for half of July, so I think I’m out for this round. Can I count the post I’ve already posted with all the painting, or would that be cheating?

    It may be cheating, but what the heck. It took me two weeks to do all that work(including the Bookcase Reorganization Extravaganza). So here’s my cheating link. =)

  53. It’s because you use phrases like “hilly terrain” to describe your kitchen that I heart this blog so much.


  54. I admit, I’m not sooooo excited about this, but I see it as a necessary evil to force me into action. We’ll see if the internet accountability really does anything to resolve my terrible procrastination habits.
    Great idea! Can’t wait to see everybody’s pics.

  55. Well, this is just a great idea. I need some accountability and motivation.
    Thank you
    Kathy b

  56. oh, haa haa this is too funny. You actually think we will actually DO this stuff? I always start out with the best of intentions. LOL I bet there will be a lot of “before” picutures and no so many “afters”

    Love the idea, hopefully it will keep me motivated!

    Take Care,


  57. You are such an ambitious one!!! Can’t wait to see the final product. By the way, should you need a designer, I know a really good one. I also happen to live with “Handy Man” who I’m sure would be more than happy to provide advice about tiling your floors. Have fun!!!

  58. Count me in on this one. I have one goal: to tidy up the toy room.
    Thanks for giving me the impetus I needed to actually *do* something about it and not just moan a lot.

  59. Great idea! I have a looonng list of things to get done around my house.

  60. Ahem. I just re-read and it says to leave the list of things here.

    I always get things about a meter off center.


    1) I’m finishing a jeans quilt for my son that I started when he was about 5 or 6. He’s now 15.

    2) Weeding the flower beds. It’s a spring job, but it got overwhelming and I get scared to get anywhere near it this time of year. Fifteen minutes a day, I’ll get that one.

    3) Lose ten pounds. It’s a home improvement project. Because if I don’t, and if I keep going, I’d have to enlarge the door frames. It’s a preventive measure.

  61. Feeling pretty confident that I will actually finish this one…since I’m almost done already!!

  62. HELP! You have to fix my “thingy”…I typed in the URL wrong on your fix-it-up post and it won’t link to my blog (have I mentioned lately that I’m technologically challenged??) It’s #53.

  63. Okay … I am here. I posted. AND included pictures. Well… my house looks bad but until I took the pics, I did not realize just HOW BAD. I must get this place decluttered, organized, and looking like a home. I have lived here in a brand new house for almost two years now and it looks like this… AHHHH… Thank you for posting this challenge. Maybe it is a swift kick in the derrière that I need in order to get myself going… that and a little accountability !!! Good luck everyone !

  64. count me in too … I have been slack lately.

  65. Oh, I am so in! I just found your it! I can hardly wait to see all of the before and after pictures. Accountability…what a motivater :o)

  66. Just the excuse I needed to finish the home improvement project I started over a month ago.

    Plus I loved the Christmas Tour of Homes so I know this will be fun!

  67. Considering that these projects range in start date from five years ago to six months ago, I guess I needed a boost! Thanks!

  68. i’m in!! i’m always up for a challenge :)

    my goals:
    1. paint and decorate oldest daughter’s room
    2. paint and decorate youngest daughter’s room
    3. paint and decorate their bathrooms
    4. paint master bedroom


  69. We moved into our house fourteen years ago and at the time I thought it was perfect. Now there’s lots that needs updating, but it seems like we spend the funds on keeping things in good repair. I’ve got a long wishlist and big plans for the future.Add mouldings, change countertops, refinish the kitchen island, new window treatments in master bed and bathrooms, you get the idea.

  70. I’m in …. committed …. need this to motivate me!! This should be fun …. can’t wait to see everyone’s results!

  71. Thanks for the “BooMama Before and After!” Committed indeed. This is exciting. And will be so great to be finished!

  72. Maybe this will motivate me to finish unpacking everything and get the house put together sooner rather than later. Like sooner, before the rest of our stuff arrives…

  73. Okay, I made my list. Now to get out of this chair and get to work on it!

  74. Great idea!

  75. Seriously?! YOU MUST check out my post from earlier today about just moving in and getting our house feel like home! Maybe I can get something accomplished with this nudge! Thanks!

  76. my hub will be thrilled with anything that will motivate me to get some projects done. i’m in. got my list. hey ckb! wanna’ come to my place and help? i’ll spring for the fried chicken. :)

  77. steve(the hubby)will be glad to get all of this stuff out of the dining room. not always on the table, but in the room for a few weeks(don’t think it’s months at least)i needed the jolt to get going…thanks:)

  78. i have been working on my house all summer but just was facing burn-out… and the desire to quit.

    somehow i missed this challenge/post earlier, but when i saw it today, i realized this is the motivation (a.k.a. accountability!) that i needed to push through and finish!

    yay for internets and boomama’s great ideas :)