Next Thing You Know She’ll Be On The Twitter

Late yesterday afternoon I saw an email in my inbox from Julia Claire, who is my sister-in-law Rose’s mother (stay with me) and one of Martha’s dearest friends.

She is also Martha’s only friend who has a computer with DSL, which means that she is pretty much Martha’s one and only link to the wide world interweb.

However, as some of you may remember, last summer Martha VOWED AND DECLARED that she didn’t think she could read my blog on Julia Claire’s computer because “it’s just for ordering things! Her computer is only for ordering things!”


Apparently Julia Claire upgraded to an internet package where she can send email, read the blogs AND order things, because that email that I got from Julia Claire this afternoon?

It was actually from Martha.


I’m thinking of having some t-shirts made.

Maybe y’all could use Julia Claire’s computer to order them.

Anyway, as it turns out, Martha was able to sit down at Julia Claire’s computer today and read my blog for the first time, and I don’t think I can even begin to articulate how deeply – DEEPLY – I would love to have a videotape of this particular milestone, mainly because I want to see what Martha was wearing the first time she surfed the ‘net.

I mean, did she wear her lime green jacket from the Steinmart(s)? Or her light lime green jacket from the Steinmart(s)? Or maybe her dark lime green jacket from the Steinmart(s)? Or the lime green jacket from the Steinmart(s) that’s really more of a yellow but not a golden yellow, OH HEAVENS NO, because that would clash with her hair and besides she would have a terrible time finding a lipstick to wear with a golden yellow jacket that wouldn’t wash her out! It would wash her out!

There’s just not a bit of tellin’.

So since I love the internets, and since the internets love Martha, I thought I would share her email with you.

It is quite a treasure.

Maybe even a future family heirloom.

Dear BooMama,

Guess who’s just been reading your Blog — Your Mother-in-Law!!!

Now that I know how to do this, you better be very careful what you say. JUST JOKING!!!

It was fun, and I really enjoyed the Rocking Reception.

Give Alex a big hug and kiss for me.


Now y’all have to admit that’s pretty adorable.

And I still can’t get over the fact that she called me “BooMama.” I mean, it was only a year ago when she asked me if there was a “handle” people needed to know in order to find me on the internet, and now she’s writing EMAILS with my BLOG NAME in the salutation. I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed such staggering technological progress.

Also: you have no idea how happy the exclamation points made me.

(Not one! Not two!! But three!!!)

(Three exclamation points!!!)

(It’s more fun! So much fun! Just more fun!)


So welcome to the blawg, Martha / “Martie.” Who knows? There may even be a guest post in your future.

Provided that we can come up with a real cute “handle” for you and all.

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  1. Boomama
    That is a hoot! I have read your blog for the last several months (which I am positively ADDICTED to) and cannot stop cracking up at the stories. You are living my life ….except you’re in another state. I live in Indiana now. Married to a pastor….it’s like life on the road or something. Ministry means leaving family behind sometimes.

    I am a “southern” girl (born & raised in Florida) and much of what you talk…..I have either lived or am in the midst of living.
    When I saw today’s blog about Martha…I squeeled with delight…because I knew it would be good.
    Look out…she’s on here now!
    God love Martie!

  2. Hey Boo,

    My 85 yr.old Mother-in-law has just discovered the blog world and she reads my daughter’s and mine everyday and loves it!
    I am so proud of her and not to mention, it is better than “Days of Our L*ives” and makes her day more enjoyable. Of course, without Bo and Hope and drama and such….! I’m just sayin’!

  3. “Martie” is moving on up! Love it!

  4. Do you know? I needed me a Martha story more than anything this moment.

    She’s just so fun! So much fun!! She’s just SO FUN Y’all!

  5. My MIL–who is just 50–panicked one time because she was typing in MS Word and it filled in the rest of her daughter’s name for her without her typing it.

    She does know how to send e-mail, but that’s about it. I’m not quite sure what she would think of my blog, although my parents and co-workers read it so it’s pretty tame. :)

  6. I am SO PROUD of Martha. ;-)

  7. Woo Hoo Martha!!!

  8. How great would it be to have Martha on Twitter?!?! I’d be on there all day. She’s such a doll!

  9. Reminds me of the time my own Luddite mother finally caved in and got herself a microwave (in the 90s!) and just couldn’t stop talking about how GOOD! So GOOD! Unbelievably GOOD! And BUTTERY! and FAST! was microwave popcorn!!! And also how thrilled I am EVERY TIME I get an email from her. Martha and my Mom. Virginia Slims poster girls – They’ve come a long way, babeeeee.

  10. “The Twitter.” Hee. That’s rich.

    I’m keeping the twitter a secret from my family for now. I feel it’s safer.

  11. Well country has come to town!!! (three exclamations!!!)

    I’m so proud of “Mauwtha” I can’t even begin to tell you how I was picturin’ her hair all “set” with her pearls and lipstick on, a sweet shade of summer coral with just a hint of shimmer, sittin’ there readin’ your blawg and saying things like, “well honestly!” and “I declare!” every other sentence!

    I love it!

  12. I just LOVE it! I am so proud of Martha! It takes guts to explore new territory, and she’s doing it with all the grace and charm of a Southern Lady.

  13. This entire post made me SMILE!! As long as she doesn’t unplug the “tri-fold functional” computer from the wall to turn it off, I think you are all set!

  14. You & “Martie” need your own sit-com! Honestly!!!

  15. You’ve reminded me of a funny story. Back in the early 90s, when the e-mail was still new to many people, one of my husband’s fellow executives moved to a new office.

    He then inquired about his new e-mail address, since his desk was in a new place.


  16. Way to go Martie!

  17. boomama. i have one thing to say. this little here post made me smile. all day long.

  18. That is a treasure FOR SURE!!!

  19. Wow! Welcome Martha!

  20. Being from a Small East Texas Town, I know many “Martha’s”(and their lime green jackets). I LOVE Martha stories and love sharing them with my Momma. :) Thanks for making me smile this afternoon.

  21. So cute that she signed it “Martie” :) I miss my mother-in-law SO much…she’s been gone almost 7 years. Please give yours a big hug from me the next time you see her…!!!

  22. Hello! I just came over to your blog from The Happy Wanderer. I also signed up for the before and after challenge.
    What you have thought up is so good for everyone!! Thanks for the idea! There is so much to do and so little time!

  23. I just read your whole e-mail to Lynne over the phone as she was driving down the road and everything…we were laughing so hard we were crying! We just love Martha!

  24. Martha is great! I really think that you and Melanie should interview Martha for the podcast sometime. THAT would be awesome!!!

  25. It sounds like the staff here at BooMama are going nuts.

  26. How fun! I have a couple of aunts in their 80s that surf the net and read blogs. How fun is that?! :)

  27. As if Martie hadn’t given us all reason enough to love her already, it brought a tear of joy to my eye to see that she didn’t end a “Guess who” with a question mark. Not that I would expect anything less, but oh, sweet grammatical perfection.

  28. My kids cannot figure out why I am laughing so hard there are tears running down my face.
    Oh you need to have her guest post. So very much.

  29. That is SO cute :) I know my MIL reads my blog, but not sure if my Grandma does…

  30. That is too funny! What a sweet mother in law you have.

    My mother in law reads my blog every day, too. It’s a hoot when she leaves me a comment on a post or sends me an email.

    My mom, on the other hand, doesn’t read my blog because, well, I don’t think she’s fluent enough with the internet to know how to get to it. The only thing she knows how to do is read email messages and then forward them. She doesn’t write comments in the forwarded email, mind you, she just forwards it.

  31. Dude! She’s right… you’re gonna have to watch what you type now. :)

    That is a moment to remember. A year from now when she’s tootling all over the net, you’ll pull this post up and she’ll laugh at how far she’s come!

    Welcome Martie!!!

  32. Well, great heavenly days!!!


  33. “Maybe y’all could use Julia Claire’s computer to order them”… funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. You are too much:-)

  34. “Martie” on the blog! Will wonders never cease?

    A guest blog would be fabulous, to be sure, but I have to tell you, I want Martha as a guest on the podcast. How fantastic would it be to hear her sweet Southern lady voice?

    I cannot be alone here. Bring her on!!! (three exclamations, which I *never* use!)

  35. As a died-in-the-wool southerner who is so very familiar with SteinMart(s) and ALL the shades of lime green jackets they offer I have to say *welcome to the BLOG world* to your sweet mil. I have only been LIVING here in bloggyland since January and I simply adore it! And I laugh every single time I visit you! Thanks for the fun =)

  36. Ohhh, how cute! My mother-in-law is my most loyal reader and fan! Of course, all those cute pics of the grandkids help a lot. ;)

  37. That is so funny! I don’t think my in-laws read my blog~~yet.

    Apparently I have been on your blog I just opened my laptop and your blog was still up from this morning. Sorry if it messed anything up with your traffic.
    We’ll be passin’ through B-ham on July 1st. I love going to Alabama!

  38. Ok that totally took me back to the dirt roads on our way to Murchison falls. I feel the bumpy roads and the fabulous story of Martha! Love it. Tell her when she starts to twitter so will I. H
    See you soon.

  39. I love the Martha stories.

    A few months ago, Wife was outed to her prayer group for having a blog. They were all very interested, but no one really had a clue what a blog was.

    One of the girls asked, “So do I just go to and type in your name?”

    And another asked, “I have a friend who has a blog. Do I go to her blog to get to yours?”

    It still cracks me up.

  40. ROFL!!! Cracked me up!

  41. Thank you! – Thank you! for the great post. I’ve just started reading your blog regularly and just got through clearing my eyes of the tears from giggling at this one. Wonderful stuff!

  42. Welcome Martha! And now the question we all want answered, how is your sassy verbena?

  43. I’m hoping for a new explosion of Mommy-in-Law Blogs all over the interweb.

  44. Welcome “Martie”. This may be my favorite post ever! I was laughing so hard my co-workers were starting to think I was crazy. Funny, funny, funny!!!

  45. Well that is great. I’d have a heart attack on the spot it my mama in law read my blog…or did anything on the computer.

    love to read your blog… it alway makes me smile!

  46. Oh my goodness! I would roll over and die if my mother in law figured out how to use the computer more or less the internet! My 77 year old grandma, asks to see my FLOG when she comes over to my house…

  47. Well..if that isnt pricelss! I love hearing about Martha. We better watch out internets…she’s been let loose! :)

  48. How ’bout Steinmartie? :- )

  49. Woot Martha!!!

  50. Do I need to get a life because first thing this morning I felt a deep sense of pride and joy for Martha? I clapped my hands and laughed.



  51. All those exclamation points? Girl, you definitely married into the right family!! Oh, I can hardly stand the excitement, “Martie” is on the web!!!

  52. Boomama,
    I read your blog every day – and love it EVERY day. So….I had to go back and read about Martha, catch up on the history and what-not. My only question is – did the Verbena survive? I have to know – burning question, reader wants an answer…
    And, how totally hilarious. I want to be a southern girl when I grow up (and my kids move away, you know I’m 40 now, I have to have my dreams.)
    Thanks for the fantastic blog. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

  53. Well, there just ain’t nothin’ in life better than seein’ Martha’s email and all. So fun. Just too fun. More fun than I can even begin to explain!!

  54. You have absolutely GOT to record a conversation with her, phone or otherwise, and post it to the blog.

  55. Yeahhhhhy, for Martha !
    She’s not a fictional character in you blog?
    My MIL has a laptop, but will not read my blog, because it not “safe”, they might know where she’s looking ! LOL
    I tryed to bait her w/ grandkid picture of what we spent the gift $ she sent on.
    No way ! Don’t let ppl know Gandma gives her Grandkids $ ! Ha, ha she just cracks me up, but i’ll keep on and maybe one day have a “Martha” post.

  56. please oh please tell me that nobody is teaching this at the senior center, it could be ruin of us all :)

    actually, in all honesty, I would be honored if my MIL read my blog

    Blessings, Penny Raine

  57. I couldn’t help but wonder if you know Martha is reading will that in any way hamper your writing about her? And, obviously that is not the case after I read the description of the jacket! It is still authentic, unaltered BooMama! But, what else would I expect from the woman who posted a picture of her mother under the Christmas tree?? LOL!