It Certainly Would’ve Been Quite The First Impression, Though Not Necessarily A Good One

We’re buckling our seat belts, getting ready to leave our house so that I can catch my flight to Charlotte:

“Hold on! I just looked down and realized that I can see through my shirt.”

“Oh, your shirt’s not…WOW. Your shirt is REALLY see-through.”

“Let me grab a tank top from my suitcase.”

I hop out of my seat, walk to the back of the car, open the trunk, unzip my suitcase, grab a tank top, then proceed to put on the tank top in the driveway while hiding behind a car door so the neighbors won’t think I’ve taken up an odd – and somewhat disturbing – new hobby.


“Can’t you just SEE me showing up for the SheSpeaks conference wearing a see-through shirt?'”

“Well, then they’d have to change the name of the conference to SheSpeaksVolumes.”

“You make an excellent point.”

“I try.”

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  1. Pffft.

  2. This is obviously one of the reasons you married the man.

  3. Thank you for a much needed chuckle on a Friday morning! Ohmygoodnessgracious – transparency spiritually = good thing, transparency chothingwise = bad thing very bad thing. ROFL – I love the visual of you changing in the driveway also – glad we’ve seen pictures of your long and somewhat secluded driveway! Live long and prosper (and stand in front of a mirror with some good lights!)

  4. the word which is NOT English would be clothingwise not chothingwise – DOH

  5. At least you noticed it before you checked in your luggage at the airport!!

  6. Oh my goodness!!! Now, that would have been interesting to say the least. Yeah…she speaks alright. :)

    Praying for the weekend. It’s gonna be awesome!

  7. Oh, you know how many pictures you’d probably be in and it’s so good you realized it in time! Have a blast!


  8. SheSpeaks and SheShows…

  9. Well-spoken, D.

    Thanks for the laughs!

  10. BooMama, you are so funny. Hope your trip is terrific.

  11. (posting from CFA across the street from She Speaks)

    That’s hilarious! Too bad we won’t be treated to the full show :-)

  12. at least you noticed! I went to church one day after changing my shirt last minute from a dark one to a light one. It wasn’t until I got into the bathroom right before church that I realized I failed to think about my choice of undergarments while changing my shirt! you could see everything!

    My husband didn’t notice until I pointed it out either, then he made a joke of it and said “hey, all the young kids are doing it now days!” yah.. too bad I was a pregnant lady in church not a young girl at the mall! he he.

  13. This same thing happened to me on Sunday with a new maternity shirt only I was already at church when I noticed. I spent the rest of the morning clutching a diaper bag in front of me.

  14. SheSpeaks Volumes–a course for everyday TMI :)

    Hee hee!
    Wish I could be there!

  15. I am SO glad you noticed it in time!! You all have fun up there…I hope you get to blog a little this weekend!

  16. You just crack me up BooMama!!

  17. Rimshot, please! ;)

    Have fun!

  18. All I’m saying is it’s not a bad thing to have to change your clothes in your car in broad daylight….

    All I’m saying is there’s a place I found in your hometown next to TJ Maxx that is the PERFECT spot for changing from one’s perfectly adorable pool party dress that got squirted by a pin-jab-under-the-fingernail-and-I’m-not-talking-fake-blood fiasco the other afternoon.

    I did your hometown proud, S. VOLUMES and all!!!

    And I got a new and really cute turquoise dress to prove it.

  19. LOL, I’m glad you figured it out before you got to the conference!! Enjoy yourself!

  20. SheShouts From the Rooftops! Have a great time!

  21. LOL. . .and again I say LOL.

  22. Good thing you caught it. All those girls don’t need to see YOUR “girls”! hee hee I hope you have soooooooo much fun!

  23. Heh-heh-heh!

  24. OMG how funny!!!!

  25. Gotta love the traveling fun! Glad you caught it before you left. You’d hate seeing pics from the conference later if you hadn’t.

  26. Mary Lou says:

    You are just too funny, I really needed a laugh…thanks. Blessings on your trip. Learn lots, share lots and come back and tell us all.

  27. Well, there would’ve been a bit OOPS censored across you in your photos, but at least you noticed before then. ;)

  28. I got to meet you!
    I’m so happy.

  29. I’ve got a lovely photo of me, sitting on the sofa between my in-laws, nice sheer top and BLACK bra showing right through. Lovely photo if you like the hussey look. Glad you noticed, hope the conference is awesome. xoxo

  30. This is too funny! I’ll be checking back to hear all about the conference that I couldn’t attend.

  31. Sweets, if you’re unzipped or spinached-toothed, I’ve gotcha covered ;).

  32. Dontcha just luv husbands? That one sounds like a keeper.

  33. But the blog posts about “peek-a-BooMama” written by all the conference attendees would’ve been HI-larious!!!

  34. Too funny!

  35. Hey welcome to Charlotte! (I’m a little late, I know) I’m not at SheSpeaks, but i am in CLT! Maybe I’ll sneak in and meet you guys. Think I’d get kicked out? Or tackled by some SheSpeaks muscle guy? Hmmmm…

  36. ROFL

    still ROFL

  37. Very funny story, BooMama. Have a great time in Charlotte.

  38. GURL!!! i love that we’re friends now thanks to the p31 conference! i loved meeting you and i can’t wait to go back and read all your blogs! can’t wait to do ministry with you in some capacity. cuz, well, you are darlin darlin darlin. thanks for all you do, especially for compassion intl.

  39. You would’ve loved the example outfits Shari shared in the “What not to wear” session — I hate that it was the same time as the Blogging Q&A because you know, us bloggers need to know how to dress when we go out in public :D

    It was absolutely a delight hearing you speak in the sessions this weekend and meeting you in real-live-person :) You speak just like you write and it’s great!

  40. SO funny!

    Then again, when I saw Beth’s pic on your sidebar, I thought her Bible was part of her shirt initially–making her resemble a proud young pregnant woman holding her belly.

    Then again, I just had eye surgery on both eyes three weeks ago, not quite there yet, obviously! Ya’ll pray.

  41. So great to meet you at SheSpeaks! Love the cool shirt from Steinmart. You all three did a wonderful presentation and made for interesting and fun listening.

    Take care. Hope your travels home went well.

  42. welcome home! It was so fun to see you in person at SheSpeaks. Thanks for all your bloggy wisdom! btw–you are hi-lar-ious!

  43. Your countenance is so lovely, I could not move my eyes away from your lovely face. So I wouldn’t have noticed. No, hardly at all. Plus it’s my policy to not stare at other women’s, you know, stuff.

    And? You give the best hugs ever.

  44. You are hilarious!

  45. You were covered quite nicely when I saw you, but I love the peek-a-BooMama comment! That would have made an excellent post title.

    I’m trying to send you an email with a link to the conference photos I took, but I’m getting nabbed by your spam filter or something. If you could email me (maybe with another address?) I’ll try to get it to you.


  46. Well, that would have made for some interesting stories anyway! Was in the Blog Q & A session on Sat, thanx for the great info and sharing. I, like you, am pretty blog transparent (like the play on words..hehe)and reveal (again, I know, I can’t stop) perhaps more than I should, but I know that there are so many women that need to know we are all on this road together and I don’t mind blog show and tell. Again BooMama…blog show and tell. Not shirt. :)
    Have a great week! And thanks again for your openness, candor and GREAT sense of humor!
    Mindy <