Oh, Wouldn’t It Be Fun If I Had A Good Title?

I would be lying if I told you that I was easy-breezy in the weeks leading up to SheSpeaks. Because the fact of the matter is that I was what you might call PLAGUED BY ANXIETY. I was utterly convinced that any situation that involved me saying real-live words in front of a real-live people had DANGER! DANGER! written all over it, and there were days when the simple act of, you know, breathing raised my heart rate to aerobic levels.

In fact, I’m thinking of writing a book called The Crippling Fear and Anxiety Workout: Lose Weight – And Your Sanity! – While Sitting Perfectly Still.

It’s sure to be a bestseller.

Fortunately, the anxiety subsided a little bit when I landed in Charlotte. And once I actually settled into the swing of the conference routine, I had so much fun. Even if I wanted to throw up as Melanie, Shannon and I made our way to a luncheon Friday afternoon.

Because nothing conveys an attitude of calm confidence like vomiting in a lovely, light-filled atrium.

The luncheon turned out to be great, though. Lysa was as gracious and encouraging as ever, and I loved getting to know some of the people who work with her at Proverbs 31 a little bit better. They were, without exception, warm, engaging and kind. I tried my best to behave so that I wouldn’t embarrass them.

Though I may have crossed the line when I used the phrase “pimp my post” in our Q & A session Saturday afternoon.

I do, as ever, have such a delicate way with language.

One of the weekend’s biggest highlights was being led in worship by Lindsey Kane, a girl so adorable that Melanie and I honestly could not look in her direction without lapsing into our very best Martha imitation and saying, “She’s darlin’! Just darlin’! Can you even BELIEVE how darlin’ she is?!”

Because, well, she’s darlin’.

And talented, too.

I especially enjoyed getting to hang out with blawgy friends. Mel, Shannon and I met so many neat people, and do you know that Robin even brought me a box of the fancy Cheez-It Sharp Cheddar and Parmesan Duoz? They’re PRACTICALLY MY LOVE LANGUAGE, Y’ALL.

I was deeply touched and will remain forever grateful.

And I finally – FINALLY – got to meet DeeDee and Tina in real life. After two years of reading their blogs. And they were just as wonderful as I knew that they would be.

Saturday night several bloggers made an impromptu supper run, and I ended up sitting across from Annie and Missy, also known as my Bravo-Watch-What-Happens soulmates. I laughed until I just flat-out guffawed, and I was slack-jawed, really, over how much we have in common. It felt like we’d known each other for years.

Yesterday, as I was alternating between dozing and reading Us magazine on the flight home, I couldn’t help but think that if I’d let that stinkin’ anxiety get the better of me – if I’d done what comes naturally to me and said no to Lysa’s invitation – I would’ve missed out on so much.

Missy, Mel, Shannon and Annie

Dawn, Shannon, Jo-Lynne, Mel, Annie, Some Loud Girl, Robin, Valerie, Lisa B., and Sarah

Because I would’ve missed out on them. And so many others.

That would have been a very sad thing indeed.

So yeah, I’m a person who is most comfortable when I’m sitting on my couch, wearing my pajamas, hiding behind my computer and cranking out some stunningly mediocre content. I’m a behind-the-scenes girl who will tell you in a heartbeat that Home Is My Happy Place, especially if there’s some quality reality and/or home improvement television involved.

But this past weekend reminded me that every once in awhile it’s good to stretch my heart and my faith by stepping outside of my comfort zone. It’s not easy for me, but it’s good. It’s necessary.


And it’s worth it.

It really is.

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  1. Oh Sophie, I just flat out think you are the most precious and fun-filled, life-savoring child of God!

    Wish I could have been there!

  2. PS And Bea-U-tiful, too!

  3. Wow…looks like SheSpeaks was a blast, and a blessing!

    Regarding Lindsey Kane, she was just in our church, leading worship, a week ago. She is, indeed, darlin’, and she shared her heart and God’s message of grace so sweetly. How fun that she was at SheSpeaks!

  4. You had to bring up those Cheez-Its again, didn’t you? My (starving) pregnant stomach is so susceptible to mere mentions of a tasty food. Also, it seems to think the two food groups are sugar and bread-like things.

    SheSpeaks sounds wonderful from all the posts I read today! My little sister has been raving to me about Lysa for months. So I finally google reader-ed her blog last week. Lots of fun!

    Jessie–Vanderbilt Wife

  5. Proud of you for not hiding from the hard thing…great, now you’ve inspired me…hope it doesn’t involve ME doing something hard ;)

  6. I’m jealous! Looks like y’all had a great time and you all looked just darlin’! I love that green and white blouse you had on.

  7. I have begun–and TRASHED–not one, not two, but THREE posts about SheSpeaks today! I’ve got the title…OHHHhhh, I’ve got the title, but encapsulating three days of Fun/Inspiration/Challenge? HOW CAN YOU DO THAT IN A POST THAT ISN’T SO STINKIN’ LONG PEOPLE WILL ACTUALLY R.E.A.D. IT???

    I’ve stalled. I’ve cooked a HONGRY-MAN birthday breakfast for my too-quickly growing teenage son. I’ve blog hopped and tweeted. And done laundry (because NONE of it was done while I was away…apparently I forgot to leave instructions). And talked on the phone.

    But I haven’t ironed. Perish that thought.

    See? I’m stalling AGAIN!

    All that said, to say this: YOU and the rest of your Blogging Panel Cohorts were a delight to meet in person…and the truth? It didn’t feel like a “first meeting”, it felt like a natural “hello”. Blogging’s cool for that….

    You didn’t seem nervous at.tall. You were calm, cool and collected, poised and refined…even IF you were talkin’ about pimpin’.

    Several friends called during my drive home and this morning to ask about the conference; they were all interested in knowing whether the people I read online were consistent with “who” I met in real life.

    How precious that the answer was yes :)?

    (okay…back to TRYING to write a post…’cause if I don’t soon, goodness knows I’ll forget stuff I swore I’d never forget!)

  8. Sophie, Thank you! Your workshop on “what works and what doesn’t” was terrific. I love your personality. You are the “real thing” girl! Thanks for sharing your insights.

  9. “Pimp my post” .. hehehehe .. was the session recorded? I would love to hear your Southern drawl w/ that one ..

    I wish I could been there … not only for the session, but to meet you in person and glean from some wonderful women of God.

  10. Darlin’, I’ve got to tell you that the “pimp your post” line made me laugh in such a way that I sounded like I was hocking a lugee. (Spell check is banning me from the system right now.)

    I adored meeting you in person. But, I feel like I already know you. You’re a doll! And thank you for making me feel right at home.

  11. Whoopsie… no more AnnieD.

    Supposed to be AnnieBlogs.

    You’re so inspirational.

  12. I’ve read a few other posts from the She Speaks ladies and it seems like you all had a great time!

  13. You are just a joy – I think hearing the line “pimp my blog” from your sweet southern lips would no doubt make me roll in the aisles! Glad you took the plunge and went – you obviously resonated (somehow picturing you like a tuning fork – weird image) with the crowd and the Proverbs 31 gang-o-goodies.

  14. I found your blog through a friend, and I love it!! I am also one that would have been more comfortable saying no – but would have been thrilled to have made myself do it anyway. I’m so glad that you did it and had a great time!!

  15. I truly enjoy your ability to share yourself with us through your blog. Thank you for being so real.

  16. Being the type myself who would have grasped for something, ANYTHING to get out of it, because of just how far out of my comfort zone something like that would be, I’m proud of ya! :-)

    How was that for a run-on sentence? ;-)

  17. The whole thing sounds like more fun than what I originally thought. I may have to consider it for next year. And I’m liking what I hear of Lindsey Kane. She may be a “to-download.” Good for you for going. Did you survive the “icebreakers?”

  18. “Some loud girl” really got me! LOL!

    You are so precious Sophie…I interchange between darling and precious and you are just both!

    Thanks for giving us “non she speaks” a fun little glimpse into the weekend.
    Glad it was so much fun!

  19. that looks like so much fun. i hope i get to go sometime. i would have been terrified too if i actually had to speak outloud (why do they think we blog?).

  20. Lindsey Kane sang at our church a year or two ago – LOVED her! You are right – so cute!
    And I love your green top in that picture – so cute and so is your hair!
    Wish I could have met ya’ll there!

  21. I am absolutely in love with Lindsey!! I don’t know that I’ve ever met someone so magnetic and humble and godly all wrapped into one. How could someone that gifted and gorgeous make me forget all about her and lose myself in worship??

    DANG. Bless her face and bless the Lord!

    And “pimp my post” was my favorite part of the whole weekend. A close second was hearing you say I’m funny. I’m going to buy that session on CD just to hear you say it over and over again.

    Love you to bits!!

  22. It was such a joy to meet you and listen to you impart all your bloggy wisdom in funny & delightful ways. You guys were great in your sessions and I really learned a lot.

    Also, Lindsey Kane was stinkin adorable. So much so it was kinda hard not to be mad at her. Beautiful, talented, humble and sweet? I mean seriously.

    Thanks for taking the time to talk and snap a photo with me. You were just darlin’ too!

  23. Looks like a tremendous time was had by all. I am soo making plans (and saving $$) to go next year. =)

  24. I’ve popped over to your blog now and again but lately I have been checking back daily!

    I TRIPLE love your blog. TRIPLE LOVE IT!

    Thank you for sharing all that you do!

    : )

  25. I’m glad you didn’t throw up cuz that coulda put a damper on things.

  26. Sophie
    I prayed for all of you this weekend
    I am glad it was so much fun!
    BTW: I love the new haircut – so sassy!

  27. Awesome, awesome! You all are too cool! I know you did so great. What an inspiration to all of us.

  28. Boo, I was so excited to meet you! I just hate that I had to run off to a publisher’s appointment. You were great! When I got home, I sent pics to my family and friends. Their first comments were, “You met BOO MAMA?” You are a veritable inspiration to all the Y’all speaking women everywhere! :) We do need to meet up sometime soon!

  29. Glad you didn’t let the anxiety get the best of you! I was at She Speaks and sat in Blogging Q&A — the 3 of you were awesome. As a new blogger stumbling through each blogging step, I had too many questions and would have monopolized the time. So, I just sat back and gleaned from everyone else! Thanks for sharing your blogging wisdom!

  30. I enjoyed getting to know you better and especially love your strategy of NO STRATEGY. You all were very real and approachable and fun. Thanks for the link! You are too cool.

  31. I’m just like Robin, trying to get my She Speaks post written.

    You hid your nerves well, sister, and did all of us blogging Southern gals proud. No need to apologize for the “pimp my post” line: it was the highlight of the session. It was wonderful meeting you and hanging out together.

  32. Sounds like it was wonderful — as if it could be any different with the three of you there!

    Wish I could have been there to meet y’all and everyone else. Maybe next year…

  33. Here’s how your first picture came across in bloglines:
    Missy, Mel, Shannon and Anniesize=1>

    I’m not sure I’d want to go either if everyone was equal to a size 1! Glad you had a good time. :)

  34. I’m glad you had such a great time. I really relate to this post because I am anxiety girl as well and have let it get the better of me and often it still does. But I also have some great memories of things that I did outside of my comfort zone that, like you, caused me to have some of the best memories and experiences ever. And often stepping out of that zone causes God to teach me stuff. And that’s never a bad thing :) So even though I know my happy place is at home, I am grateful for the once-in-awhile, “scary” things that I let myself do. Although none so scary as me teaching any sort of blogging class or anything. Kudos to you on doing that one.

    Sorry for the post-sized comment there. Apparently I had lots to say today. hope you don’t mind :)

  35. You are so awesome, dude.

  36. Oh, I can’t imagine you being anything less than fabulous. And I would buy a copy of that book from you but I think I could just as easily write it myself.

  37. k&c's Mom says:

    I am so very happy for your breakthrough and your wonderful time, BooMama! We need you and we love reading your blog. Thanks for the gift you are to us all! Prayers answered for you!

  38. You did such a great job this past weekend! You looked and sounded so relaxed up there! It was so much fun–it was almost like hearing your blog come alive and start talking. Thanks for sharing with us!

  39. Sophie,
    What a blessing it was that you decided to leave the zone and visit ours! I was one of the P31 ‘bouncers’ that had to guard the door during the Saturday afternoon session. The fire marshal would not be happy with standing room only.

    I got to hear the ‘pimp your post’ and since I am such a newbie I had to ask someone what it meant. What a hoot!

    My role each year is to set up and pray over the prayer room. Were you able to make it in there?

    Every attendee, worker, team member, and anyone associated with the event had their names prayed over and placed somewhere on or near a name of God. It is always so exciting to hear the feedback from women amazed by the placement. Lives were mended in that room, as always.

    Hope you come back next year!

  40. Linda M says:

    Hi, Sophie! Thanks so much for all of the great information at the Proverbs 31 blogging sessions. Didn’t realize how totally clueless I was, but happy to know I have a better clue now. Looking forward to tuning in regularly for some BooMama updates. Thanks again! And the ladies at the Q&A were right — the southern woman’s knack for story tellin’ leaves this Ohioan in your dust!

  41. Hey!
    I’ve seen that picture before. I was makin’ faces at y’all behind the camera…did ya see me?!?!


    This is my first chance to really look around on your blog. It’s awesome!
    I’d better quit for now, though, cuz I have laundry backed up like you wouldn’t believe.
    Seems my dear friend who gave so freely of herself to come and stay with my kids didn’t realize washin’ their pantaloons was part of the deal. Well, really it WASN’T part of the deal but I wish she’d have been under the impression it was. Oh well.

    Thanks for sharing your bloggy knowledge with even us sarcastic northern girls at SheSpeaks!


  42. Who would have thought tapping out posts on a computer in PJs on a couch would get you an appointment to speak at She Speaks?! Praise God who has plans for us that stretch us MUCH farther than we would think to go ourselves! You are an inspiration!

  43. I couldn’t wait to get back from our wedding trip to read all about the conference. It sounded like so much fun. I hope I can go one of these days. :>)

  44. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the stepping out you do!

  45. Oh, Boo, how I love thee, who can count the ways?

  46. Sophie-
    I popped over from “Rocks in my Dryer” after reading about your Africa trip. I was just reading the story of the Monkey Alarm system and laughed hysterically. I am currently in Kenya for the next few months, so it hit a special tone in my heart. I wish that I could have been at SheSpeaks. It sounds like it was an amazing time. I have wanted to go for the past two years, but God has lead us to Africa instead both times, so I am praying that next year I will be able to attend. Blessings to you!
    -Shauna Okongo

  47. Where have I been? I live in Charlotte! (ok, right outside of Charlotte) I could have totally stalked you! Durn!

    Glad you had a great time!

  48. It sounds like you had a great weekend, and I am very sorry that I missed it. :-)

  49. I so hear you Boo Mama – I think I like writing because you can do it on your own, away from people, and you can delete all the silly words before anyone else actually sees them. It is so much more comfortable to me than speaking.

    But, everytime I get out of my comfort zone and follow God’s lead, even though I may be screaming “WHat AM I DOING?” on the inside, He never ceases to bless my socks off and I am always glad I left the comfort zone and followed.

    I am so glad you were at She Speaks – I was in all you bloggy sessions and am very thankful you said “yes”.

  50. Ok I’ve been on your blog for so long now I’m not sure how I arrived here lol. I’m gonna have to creat a nice little link to here so I can find my way back, I get lost easily lol.Did you design your site? It’s great.I’ll be back often. You have quite a following lol. I also have another blog at
    I don’t know why I have 2. I guess one is more for fun where the other is more informational.

  51. That sounds like so much fun! I’m so glad you got the chance to meet all of your bloggy friends!

  52. I’m so glad you stepped out of your comfort zone! It was delightful meeting you.

  53. I am still recovering and boohooing that I didn’t get my invitation to the bloggy dinner until I arrived home and checked my email. My feelings are hurt. even though I was invited but didn’t know about it. story of my life: a day late and a dollar short.

  54. Home IS your happy place is… it’s a good thing that all those ladies made you feel right at home. Next time it will be way easier to let that anxiety go.

  55. I really enjoyed reading your post. I’ve been hearing so much about She Speaks…I really think I want to go next year.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  56. In those photos–though I’m sure it was not planned–y’all are color coordinated. Oh. My. Goodness.

  57. I’m glad you didn’t let anxiety get the best of you. What a delight to see you this weekend at She Speaks. The pimp my post comment was hysterical and a perfect description.

    Oh, what a challenge to step out of my comfort zone. I did it in a big way by attending She Speaks without knowing a person there. Like you, I would have missed so many blessings had I succumb to fear. Thanks for being so genuine and funny!

  58. Lindsay sang at last year’s Single Mother’s Conference…she is so GREAT!

    Looks like you girls enjoyed yourselves!!

  59. Wait! I’m suppose to believe after all you’ve been through these last few months that YOU would be nervous?!? Nah, don’t buy it.
    You can’t even claim you have no idea what a computer is especially since you healed Melanie’s laptop. I bet you were wonderful!

  60. Hey Sophie!

    I met you briefly at Friday’s luncheon and just wanted you to know that even though I was with the teen track all weekend, you gals inspired me to get on the stick with my blogging! You have touched so many lives and that’s what it’s all about!


  61. Okay, so I didnt get to go to She Speaks, but I have read a lot of blogs that talk about the conference and YOU are mentioned on almost every one of them. You must have been the life of the party!!! ;-)

  62. Mary Helen says:

    Hi, Sophie! I just love reading your blog. I found it through a friend and appreciate you sharing your life and thoughts with all of us. I went to college with Lindsey Kane (we were sorority sisters at Texas A&M) and she truly is an amazing person, in addition to being a wonderful singer! It is wonderful to see how God has been working in her life to spread the Word through her music. I am so glad you were blessed with her talent at the conference. Thanks again!

  63. Great photos and recaps. I have read on many blogs how fabulously sweet you are in person. And I didn’t realize until I saw your photos, but Big Mama is tall. I always imagined her teeny-tiny.

  64. well aren’t you just SO SWEET for saying what you said in your blog today! it pretty much made my whole day :)

    LOVED meeting and chatting with ya new friend and sistah!

    hope our paths cross again soon boomama!

  65. I was so out of my comfort zone this weekend it wasn’t funny. You, Shannon and Melanie are the rock star bloggers — as Robin would say, but when I did manage enough courage to tell you who I was, I realized y’all are just real people too :) It was a pleasure to meet you in person — and you are just like you write here, except I think it’s more fun to hear your accent in person ;)