Be Sure To Catch Her Upcoming World Tour

The girls and I each had a different kind of microphone for our Q & A session on Saturday.

Shannon had a cordless microphone.

I had a lapel microphone.

And Melanie? She had this kind of microphone.

It brought me untold delight.

I kept waiting for her to break out with some choreographed dance moves while she lip-synched some lyrics.

Or at the very least to lead us in an impromptu cardio-funk routine.

But sadly, she forgot to pack her leotard.

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  1. i am so honored to be one of the first to comment on this. which has brought me so much joy as i drift off to sleep.

    i have no doubt my dreams tonight will somehow confuse her with one of the backstreet boys.

    melanie singing “i want it that way.”

    smiling from ear to ear. that’s me right now.

  2. Wow, can you rent those things for home use?

    It would make for one rockin’ karaoke night.

    Minus the leotards of course.

  3. One time I had one of those on to speak at a Starlite event. The guy helping me with it assured me it was off before I ran to the bathroom. Guess what? It wasn’t.

    Oh yes m’am.

  4. I noticed Shannon’s hand-held, but I missed the subtle difference of head gear vs. lapel. Melanie looks so proud :).

    The thought of Shannon on lead vocals and you and Melanie breakin’ into dance as the back-up singers (since y’all were hands free and all)? Now THAT would’ve made for the most MEMORABLE session of them all!

    Then again, pimpin’ blogs and Southern humor vs. Northern left quite the impression ;).

  5. I’m bringing my leotard this weekend. Just in case.

  6. Oh ha ha ha ho ho ho ha ha ha…

    My stomach hurts from laughing!

  7. LOL At church, we call those the “Madonna Mic” or for the younger group the “Brittney Mic”.

  8. HAH!!!! Definitely reminds me of Janet Jackson, circa ’86.

    “No my first name AIN’T baby. It’s Melanie…BigMama if you’re nasty!”

  9. All she needed was Justin Timberlake. ;>)

  10. You are so funny!

  11. That is just hilarious!

  12. It’s the perfect look for her. And I’m glad she wore that cute dress – I’m seeing it all over Bloggityville – she looks adorable.

  13. HILARIOUS!!!

    She obviously was the “one” who God knew could handle such a microphone!

    Don’t hate her!

  14. Watch Out, Garth Brooks! Here’s Big Mama!!

    Oh that is so fun.

  15. at least she didn’t have a “wardrobe malfunction”.

  16. I thought she had some kind of lapse in getting ready and she left a Q-tip in her ear…

  17. Amazing how one little microphone can elevate one to SUPER STAR!!!!

  18. Now that’s fancy.

  19. Ahh! Why didn’t you “rock paper scissors” to get the ear mic? I would’ve totally negotiated a trade. Because if you know anything about me, you know I want to be a backup singer. For Reba. Yes, I do.

  20. you are seriously TOO much!

    LOVE it!!!!

  21. Sophie- this has brought me untold joy!

  22. I, too, was totally disappointed that all 3 of you didn’t break out into song — or at least lead us in an invigorating jazzercise routine!!
    But I was not disappointed in the advice and the entertainment. All 3 of you did a great job. Thanks for helping my ADD brain (mommy-onset, of course) focus!!

  23. Thanks so much for taking a glance at my blog. Good to know it works.

    I am also stopping by to tell you about a cool story I just posted. Thought you might enjoy. It’s a warm fuzzy piece.

    Our friends who just returned from China with #2 have been featured on CNN. If you link here you can watch it:


  24. Did they call it a “countryman”? I don’t know why that’s the real name of it, but it cracks me up!

  25. I’ve heard so much about you and just had to stop buy to “get to know you”=) Glad you had fun at the SheSpeaks conference. I look forward to keeping up with your blog!

  26. She has the urge to Vogue, I can tell.

  27. She looks ready to team up with the “ShamWOW!” guy….you know, in case the blogging thing doesn’t work out…..

  28. I thought the first rule of travel was “Never Leave Home Without Some Sort of Tard – Uni or Leo”

  29. Either that or she’s about to try to sell you a timeshare in Florida, or upgrade your cellphone for free, or tell you that your vehicle’s extended warranty is about to expire.

  30. These comments are cracking me up! Ellebell, too funny! “Big Mama if you’re nasty!” Ha!

    ShamWow guy! LOL!

  31. Was she as amused as you?

  32. How awesome would it have been if she had come out singing a song from High School Musical?! :-)

  33. Funny story: I was wearing one of those while preaching a few weeks ago. The sound system kept clicking…it was driving me nuts! I kept looking at the sound guy, willing him to do something about it. All of a sudden I figured it out, and said, “The Lord said to me…I’ll tell you right after I TAKE OFF MY EARRING!”
    Yep, I’m a dork ;)