I’m Not Here. I’m There.

I have a new post about hoochie mamas over at AllAccess.

Okay. Maybe not hoochie mamas.

But I am talking about the fact that it wouldn’t hurt if people would put on some clothes.

Some clothes with coverage, to be more specific.

And I’m asking some questions, too.


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  1. Oh, thank you in advance!

  2. Great topic! Thanks for bringing this up.

  3. And with this post, your next post about net searches that end up at BooMama, will no doubt be veddy interesting…veddy, VEDDY interesting!

    (Off to read your post if allaccess will load :/…I’ve had problems bringing up the page. This is a near & dear subject to me–have you tried shopping for a 15-year-old girl? It’s WORK because of all the TRASH hangin’ on the racks!)

  4. I just got back from reading your post and all I have to say is “AMEN SISTER”. I was going to write a similar post right after we got back from Disney World. I was shocked by the lack of decent clothing. I’m not for sure when it became so acceptable to dress so indecently and show so much of one’s private undergarmets. And private areas of one’s body.

  5. This is such a timely topic. I think it’s hideous that fashion designers/stores are encouraging immodesty (skankiness) in tweens and teens. But many moms of girls don’t help the situation either. I don’t think 35 years old moms should wear cheek leak shorts and tank tops that are skin tight with their bra straps hanging out. Shorts for girls and women get shorter and shorter. It seems to be the opposite for boys, as their clothes get baggier and their shorts get longer. What’s up with that?

  6. I love it the most that you said Hoochie Mamas! :-) Right here on your blog.

    I’ll go read the other blog and comment on it there. Glad you had a good trip to the conference!

  7. Boo Mama you crack me up! (sorry for the pun!) Your article was great. My girls and I went swimsuit shopping a few weeks ago. My mom asked me at church, the next day, how it went. I told her that we couldn’t find any good swimsuits; they were all hoochiemama suits. She didn’t understand. So, I had to explain to her (she is also the pastor’s wife) in church, what a hoochi mama is. So funny!


  8. I think this is a great topic for summer.I think this also goes with the fact that just because they make it in your size doesn’t mean you should buy that size or wear it. I have a 3 year old daughter who thinks she is a Princess. She loves to wear dresses and be covered up. I do wear make up and i tell her all the time you do not have to wear make up to be a beautiful Princess. I wear jeans and t shirts around my kids but when hubby and i go out about the worst thing i wear is low cut shirts and i can’t really help what is seen right now cause i am nursing. Hopefully her “style” won’t change much more and we will get away with this for the next 15 years.

    great topic!!! Just the first week of summer makes it great timing!!

  9. Thanks, Boo. I’m speaking to a mixed group of college-age folk on Saturday morning on “The Opposite Sex.” I’ve been praying for some ideas, and “taking your sexy to Sunday School” is perfect.

    Here are my modesty preferences:

    1.) Head orifices aside, I don’t want to see ANY of your (your in general, not YOUR as in Sophie) cracks or holes. (not boob cracks, not bum cracks, not belly buttons)

    2.) I want to see some breathing/wiggle room in your tops and bottoms. As in, it shouldn’t look like it was painted onto your skin.

    And I think we’d all be better off if we carried this over into swimwear and wedding attire as well. (which will take much creativity but is entirely possible)

    Wow, I just meant to thank you and I climbed up on a soapbox.

  10. Good one! We have a son that will be a Sr. this year….and 2 girls 13 & 15. It really hit home with my husband and I when our son came into our room one night confessing “lust” over the way girls are dressing at school. He was an 8th grader then. We had always followed “modesty” rules in our family…but we had no idea how the rest of the world affected our hormonal kid.
    Thankfully, he has learned some pretty cool skills of “not looking”. Still he is bombarded by “S E X I N E S S”!!!

    Our girls are awesome (not perfect!) but awesome about dressing appropriately. We have a family joke about “hoochie mama’s”.
    Many outfit ensembles have the….does it look hoochie? test before anyone wears it out.

    It is a shame….people are not more aware of how their appearance affects those around them. Oh and the whole…people judge you by the way you look…..IT’S TRUE! So…honor God in everything you do, including your clothes!
    Amen! The end!
    Love you Boomama! You rock, girl!

  11. Good words, Sophie!

    You could…uh…talk about this topic on a podcast.

    Sorry! We have too many children repeating their questions over and over…just sharing the love.

    Forgive me?

  12. The media tends to give out the message that in order for women to be powerful, they have to be naked. Or close to it.

    This is the truth that I try to get my 15-year-old daughter to see, that her power, her respect, her self-esteem, doesn’t come from wearing skin tight clothes. I’ve been trying to get her to understand that clothing like that actually takes away her power to be seen as a woman and reduces her to nothing more than an object of lust.

    To make a long story short (too late!) I talk to my daughter all the time. And I don’t mean preach. I converse with her, ask her opinions, stuff like that. And you know what? She’s learned to see the truth for herself and makes very wise clothing choices. I’m very proud of her.

  13. But…but…what about here?

    Not there.


    I worked hard to get my before & after accomplished and now you aren’t here!

    You’re there.

    Not here.

    I miss you here.

    (But I did like you there too.)

    Wishing you were here,

  14. I’m a long-time lurker but first-time commenter. Your post rings so true! It’s especially disturbing to me when women in our choir or worship team wear immodest clothing. I am so grateful of the counsel we received when our daughter (now 12) was a toddler from a pastor who challenged us to set our modesty standards early (ex. no bikinis as a toddler). She and I will both wear some of the trendier tops by putting a layer underneath. It means more laundry and more clothes but at least we’re covered. Thanks for posting.

  15. Girl! What a topic that is SO TRUE!!

    I was told long ago: If you have to ask, “Is this OK?” then it probably isn’t and you need to change.

    This is a tough topic, especially with the kiddos. I think kids and younger adults are a little more comfortable with their bodies so they aren’t afraid to wear the tighter shirts, the lower jeans, clothing cut down to here and up to there, etc.

    Still doesn’t mean it’s acceptable.

    I’m not sure what the right answer is, but for me, I just have to do my best to be the best role model that I can be.

  16. We were somewhere the other day and I commented to my husband that it must be leave-home-without-a-bra day. And these weren’t small-chested women, either. What in the world? I have thought about carrying a spare in my purse to hand out as needed, LOL.


  17. Great article. I commented over thar regarding my ever increasing prudity.

    I am sure you have read Vicki’s “An open letter to hoochie mama’s”

  18. Vicki Courtney would be proud, BooMama! If you–and readers–are not aware, Vicki writes an awesome blog on remaining virtuous–http://virtuealert.blogspot.com. It’s excellent, especially if you have teenage daughters.

  19. Gee, good thing you changed your shirt before your plane trip!

    I’ve been the victim of child-caused exposure. I start out holding my son high on my waist then as he gets heavier he sags down to my hip taking my shirt with him. Then there I am with my bra all hanging out.

  20. Hey there! I just read your other post and I’m cheering you on! It’s good to hear other women who are concerned about modesty and just plain coverage too! :)

    I really want to be modest and dress appropriately so I often ask my husband to give me the thumbs up or thumbs down.

    We have 2 daughters who are 5 and 3. I did put them in little bikini’s when they were toddlers but bikini’s are DONE now! :) I don’t ever want them to get used to wearing next to nothing. Hopefully I can instill in them the heart of modesty instead of just the rules of it!

    I loved hearing you and meeting you at She Speaks this weekend. You are great! :)

  21. Mary Lou says:

    Thank you for this post. I wish you all could talk to my daughter who is in her mid thirties…I somehow failed her. She wears far too many tops with a little clevage showing. It breaks my heart. I could say something but it would be to no avail, none of her friends dress this way. She is a very godly woman and loves the Lord with all her heart and is teaching her children much better about Him than I did her. Thank you for showing me that all young women her age don’t think that clevage and bikini’s are the right way to dress. I really think she doesn’t have a clue, she should but I don’t think she does and this is what breaks my heart. Her husband should do something but I think it hasn’t dawned on him. I just keep praying. thanks for this post again. You did it with a great flair. Blessings on your week and all of your writing.

  22. Love, love, LOVE what you have to say! Thanks for writing this. My hubby and I work with our youth group at church, and I am shocked weekly by the attire these girls are allowed to wear. Too many parents trying to be friends rather than parents. Sigh.

    Our two-year old daughter goes to find her daddy every time she gets dressed to show him what she’s wearing. It’s our prayer that she’ll still want his approval when she’s a teenager (that is, if we even let her out of the house).

    I don’t comment often, but I love reading your blog. You have blessed me immeasurably.

  23. Amen.

  24. I am so glad to hear that you have written about that, I’ll have to go read it. Put on clothes, I agree! lol

  25. Oh, my goodness gracious! I thought “I” was the only one who thought of those gals as hoochie mamas! So nice to see a kindred spirit. Having a sweet, 16 yo dd makes those clothes even harder to bear. Not because she wants them…because you can’t find DECENT clothes for teens anymore!

    BTW, love your blog.