Third Day Q & A // Giveaway

Hey y’all.

I was planning to do this earlier today but I totally forgot because I AM HIGHLY ORGANIZED.

But anyway. Think of this as a little mid-day bloggy fun.


Third Day‘s latest (oh-so-awesome) CD, Revelation, hits stores today. And to celebrate that, Melanie, Carlos and I have a golden opportunity for you to win some stuff.

Some Third Day stuff.

I’m guessing you probably figured out that last part by now.


If you’d like to a chance to win a copy of Revelation as well as a t-shirt autographed by the members of the band, leave a question for Third Day in my comments. You can ask them about music, about faith, about whatever.

Well, maybe not about math. I can’t fathom they’d want to answer questions about math. But maybe I’m just bringing my own personal math-related baggage to the Q&A table.

Anyway. Leave a question. Mark from Third Day will pick five of them (and five from Mel’s comments, and five from Carlos’ comments) to answer on his blog on August 18th. And EVERYBODY who leaves a question will be entered into the CD / t-shirt drawing. If you want to enter the drawing three times, just ask a different question at each of three participating blogs.

There. I believe that’s all.

Rock on.

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  1. What’s your favorite hymn(s)?

  2. What is your favorite city, and why?

  3. Do you find it hard to be creative or focused on the positive when you are having personal strugles?

  4. I think this cd is going to be really amazing… looking forward to it.

    How old were you when you got your first guitar? Did you teach yourself how to play?

  5. wow, a question? I don’t know, lets see if I can come up with something slightly intelligent…probably not but here goes anyway! Do you sing when you are driving in the car? And what is your favorite music to listen to on a road trip? I guess that was two questions, eh?

  6. Jennifer says:

    Well even my young children love to hear you on the radio and the couple of cd’s we actually own. Mostly they know you as the Water Beatles from Hermie and always ask if that is the “Water Beatles” when one of your songs come on the radio. Have you done any other kid friendly projects like this?

  7. If you could give up one of your most dreaded chores, what would you give up? Assuming of course that someone else would do it, because surely it would have to be done. Mine would be to vaccum (with the appendenge) the edge, where the carpet meet the wall.

  8. dearest third day,

    my husband is currently deployed. if you could preform for our deployed troops, and you could only sing 3 songs, which would you choose?

  9. How do you handle faith and celebrity? I love this question for celebrities. I have a very hard time with faith and the real world, so I can’t imagine living with fame and faith!

  10. What three things would you take with you if you were going to be on Survivor?

  11. Whitney says:

    OK — which reality show is your favorite to watch, and on which would you most enjoy being a contestant? :)

  12. Heather says:

    What do you all as a band do to unwind after a big concert?

  13. Love your music………
    Here’s my question:
    If you were to stand before God & sing one song to Him, straight from your heart, what would it be?

  14. Do y’all enjoy “meet and greets” prior to concert or is that just one of the things you endure out of kindness to your fans?


    Love me some Third Day!!!

  15. We as fans all have our favorite songs, the ones that have spoken to us at particular times in our lives… Which of your songs has been the most meaningful or impactful to you–either during the writing/recording process, or later after it was released and it came about to be meaningful in a season of your life?

    Thanks so much for this contest–I love, love, LOVE Third Day! :-)

  16. My question is, what is it like keeping strong in your faith with being so big in the music business?

  17. Butterbean says:

    Describe a typical day in the life of Third Day (while on tour).

  18. What one city,state, or country would you love to play in that you have not yet?

  19. Kristen says:

    How do you put God first in your everyday lives? How do you make time to read the Bible (i.e. have a quiet time) everyday? Thanks for the great music! When are you coming back to SC?

  20. With your busy schedules, how do you work in your quiet time with God? Do you study God’s Word solo and as a group?

    Love you guys! I saw you in concert in Mobile, AL a couple of years ago. It was by far the best concert I’ve ever been to in my life. Full of energy…full of praise! I loved it!

    Prayers and blessings,

  21. How do you keep from getting distracted with thoughts like “How did I sound? How did I look? What did the crowd think?” How do you keep the focus off you and on Him?

  22. What made you decide to go with the producer that you did?


  23. What would be your career choice if you didn’t have musical talent?

  24. I love Third Day – have seen them live and would love to do it again. So my question that doesn’t count as the “real” question is when will you be in the DFW area?
    Real question – what do you do to hold yourselves accountable, especially while touring? It must be a real temptation to want to believe your press releases, so to speak, and pride is so sly….what is it that keeps you aware that it’s about GOD and not you?

  25. How did you all get your first break? My husband is trying to do the same.


  26. Mac:

    Have you ever considered a duet w/ Travis Tritt? That would be a RICHES of huskiness!! ;-)

    p.s. — I’ve always thought you 2 sounded alike. I like your voice better. Shhh. Please don’t tell Travis. It would be un-Christlike to hurt his feelings, ya know?

  27. If you could have written and performed one guitar solo from any song, which one would you choose?

  28. Mark,

    What, about you, is unique in the world?

  29. Carroll says:

    Do you most admire? Why?

  30. What’s your favorite inspirational environment? I.e. what do you do when you’re wanting to feel inspired?

  31. There are days when I cannot get Nothing Compares out of my mind, and that is completely ok!

    How do you slow down and focus on God when everything around you is so busy and going at warp speed 24/7?

  32. MArk uses PRS, Tai uses Fender and lately Mac has been using Taylors. Watching one of the live feeds, I was wondering if Mac’s Taylor was a Maple body. How did they choose on this album what to use or did it matter much in the overall result?

  33. All of you now have kids and most of them are grown up enough to know their own interests.
    Do any of the Third Day Children have a favourite Third Day song/s? If so, what?

  34. God is consistent, but we, as humans are not.

    how do you deal with the ebbs and flows of the Christian walk, while having to constantly preform?

  35. I have seen Third Day many times in concert, do I qualify for a groupie even if I am over 40?

    Also, what is your favorite kind of pizza?

    And,what do you do to exercise while you are on the road?

    Yea I know all pretty spiritual questions…..well I just worked out, and we had pizza for dinner, so that is what you get tonight! :)

  36. Ever have a really embarrassing/funny moment during a concert?

  37. My very favorite song is “Call My Name.” What/who was the inspiring force behind this masterpiece? It’s been such a blessing to my ears and my heart.

  38. Stephanie Levsen says:

    What is your favorite cd project you have done so far? And why is it your favorite?

  39. Hi, Sophie and Third Day!

    My son has been called into the Praise and Worship Ministry. How in the world do I keep him grounded and gently make sure that he keeps doing this for the right reasons without sounding like a complete nag?

  40. Which artists have inspired you over the length of your career? Not just during the making of this album, but early on, and continuing to the present. I’d love to know which of your inspirations has that kind of staying power.

  41. Hey Third Day!

    My favorite song: Your love O LORD reaches to the heavens (and I sing it really great in the shower.)

    Do you attend church when you are on the road or what do you do to keep up with God during that time?

    Kelly S. Michigan

  42. The upcoming tour has a great lineup of bands. How did the whole tour thing come about and who asked who to join up etc. Who was the brains behind the idea and to work with Habitat for Humanity?

    Burnt Orange Gomer

  43. Looks like a great cd!
    Do you have any special family traditions?
    Where do you like to go for vacation?

  44. I know there are times when you are doing what you do, and you think to yourself “Yes – this is why I do this!”

    Please tell us about a time each of you have had like this that really stands out in your memory.

  45. Hi Third Day-
    What one life experience (good or bad) has inspired your songwriting? I hope I win!

  46. What is the number one thing that you want people to know about God through your music?

  47. Sharon Justice says:

    You hear all the time about movie stars and the paparazzi invading their every move. How much of a “normal” life can you & your family have now that you are considered very popular?

  48. I was just wondering what happened to the other guitarist? I really miss his sound in your mix, although, of course, you still sound awesome. My hubbie and I saw you all at the Carowinds park in NC last month and had a wonderful time. You guys are amazing. We love you!!

  49. what is the craziest/most unusal thing that has ever happened during a performance? either onstage or in the audience?

  50. Alethea says:

    What’s the most difficult decision you have had to make as a band?

  51. What ethnic food do you love?
    Great giveaway! Count me in.

  52. Well, b/c I went to Melanie’s house first and asked 3 whole questions, I’m trying to come up with another question….ok, here it is, “do you all read BooMama’s blog?” That’s it :) does it qualify??? Hope I win!

  53. What is up? Love the new tunes…..I set my DVR for Leno, because we were hosting a show for Abandon Kansas(check them out if you get a chance)

    I have two questions…….
    WE just started a concert venue at our new church building for regional artists with the hopes of one day bringing in bigger artists. As a venue what can we do to make a bands life easier?

    How do you juggle family life with being on the road?


  54. With the new CD on the “street” now, is it living up to your expectations? “Call My Name” is already a hit. What other singles do you expect to be released?

  55. Kathleen says:

    One of my favorite Third Day songs was a live version that you performed on KLOVE radio where Mac had to sing in the bathroom!

    Which of your songs has the most meaning to you? (can be answered by the band or each individually)

  56. Ok, I already have the cd (and it’s awesome!) I can’t think of a question except are y’all coming back to East Texas anytime soon? I was at the concert in Tyler last year and I just want to tell you that the fact that a ceiling tile fell on your drummer does not reflect our feelings for you! Please don’t hold it against us, ok? :)

  57. I saw your biography on the Gospel Music Channel recently. What inspired you to bleach your hair blonde at that particular juncture in your life???

    Amy K.

  58. What is the best and worst thing about being able to talk to your fans as much you do?

  59. do your families travel with you on tour? how do you work all that out?

  60. What is your advice on dealing with teenagers (from a Christian family!) and secular music?

  61. Kimberly says:

    What is your favorite hymn of all time?

  62. “Nothing Compares” and Philippians 3:7-11 is my favorite Third Day song and passage. What would Third Day consider their favorite passage in writing a song.

  63. Is it hard to continue to be inspired to write/sing such deep and touching songs?

  64. Hi Third Day! My hubby and I are big fans of yours… we are expecting our first baby in September, and are so excited. The baby is already a Third Day fan, I believe ;)

    My question is – do you ever hate that you are famous?

  65. What is the title of a song that you wrote that may never get recorded, but is still one of your favorites? What is the song about and why won’t you ever record it?


  66. I would think there are some songs that you’ve written that has never been put on one of y’alls albums. What is the name of one of those songs and what is it about?

  67. Hubby and I saw you on Leno earlier this week. Hubby then later remarked that you must be a ‘crossover’ band now. Do you think that is true? Was that your intention?

  68. Awesome performance on Leno!

    I watched the two guests who preceded you guys as well…and was disgusted over some of the humor that surrounded them…ie carelessly talking about drugs, masterbation, sex and using vulgar speech to boot. Seeing all of that leads me to this question.

    Performing on a show like Leno, puts you in direct contact (I’m assuming) with celebrities who I imagine rarely, if ever, rub shoulders with believers. Describe your interaction with them backstage or in the green room…assuming this kind of interaction takes place.

    PS…we’re huge fans…knew y’all would be awesome way back at cornerstone festival back in 96…i think?

  69. Angie M says:

    Hey guys-I’m a 44 year old mom and wife and love Third Day! (I’m about a 5-year old fan). The first Third Day song I ever heard was “It’s Alright” and from there I knew I had to get more of your music! Hope to see you at the Nebraska State Fair in a few weeks!

    My question: How do your wives and children handle the absences while you are on tour? I’m sure they are resilient!

  70. Which of your songs is your favorite?

  71. When/how did you first know God’s calling on your life?

  72. question for the band

    super heros. who were the super heros in the lives of the band members and how have these heros influenced their lives to make them who they are now?