It’s Already Been Brought’n

I should probably warn you that I have had a LOT of caffeine this afternoon, and it’s made me feel like Martha probably feels on a minute-by-minute basis, which is to say that I am VERY! EXCITED! about all manner of inconsequential things, including but not limited to the fact that I’m GOING! TO STEINMART(S)! TO LOOK! FOR SOME SUNGLASSES!, which of course is absolutely no big deal at all, but the overabundance of caffeine has me convinced that searching for those sunglasses is going to be the single most memorable event of my entire life, and I CAN’T WAIT! I JUST CAN’T WAIT!

And y’all? Seriously? This is the level of enthusiasm that Martha has for stuff like, oh, pimento and cheese. Or a cute postage stamp design. Or a dress she wore to a friend’s wedding back in 1964.

But I’m telling you, I think the combination of caffeine and football season has sent me right over the edge. There is absolutely nothing better than a clean football slate, than the last few hours before the season starts when I can tell myself with great certainty that the SEC Championship is OURS, ALL OURS, OH YES MA’AM.

You know, I think that of all the forms of optimism, the stone-cold, blind variety is my most favoritest kind.

So, to summarize, here are our plans for tomorrow: 1) football 2) football 3) nervous cleaning that accompanies watching my beloved Bulldogs play football and 4) SportsCenter.

And 5) QUESO.

We’ll be following up all the football by watching the weather incessantly and pleading with our relatives in Mississippi to DRIVE OVER HERE AND STAY WITH US, PLEASE. My parents were mighty stubborn post-Katrina; they didn’t have power for two weeks but insisted on staying home (unlike Martha and Sissie, who hopped in the car as soon as the trees were out of the roads and got over here ASAP so they could get their hair washed and set, THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ABOUT). I’m hoping that this time, if need be, Mama and Daddy will get the heck out of dodge and head our way.

Hope y’all have a great Labor Day.

And be safe, Gustav people. You’ll be in our prayers.

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  1. I hope your family makes it safe and all that goes with that.

  2. My hubby is a die hard Tennessee Volunteers fan and we have been counting the months, then days, and now hours until tomorrow morning. It just hasn’t seemed like a true Saturday without ESPN and College Game Day. I think we may both wet our pants once we hear that theme song and Lee and Kurt start their analysis!

  3. The only thing I love about college football is throwing parties so my husband can invite friends over to watch the games with him. And I’m all geared up for tomorrow. Did you see the cute football-shaped dishes in the dollar section at Target last week? Dont’ know if they had them in your neck of the woods, but I was all over them. Perfect for queso :-)

  4. Have great weekend of football watching and Queso. We are getting the heck out of dodge! Southeast Texas and Gustav are not mixing well with me. I pray every in your family remains safe.

    I’m bleeding maroon & white.

  5. I am so excited I can hardly stand it. It’s like Christmas Eve!!! :-)
    I just got off the razorback message boards (cause I know you do it too) looking at the new hog they FINALLY put on our field. It’s looking snazzy. So exciting to have a fresh season with a fresh new coach!

  6. With Gustav coming (and maybe bringing guests) you need to lay in some more bricks of Velveeta, Boo. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

  7. Sophie,
    I have been thinking all day that you should do a football thingy like you did with American Idol with Mr. Linky and everything. Those of us who live and breathe football, GO SEC, could write on our bloggys and link here!! You know, since you don’t have a thing to do. LOL

    It would be so much fun. I am sad that I have to wait until Monday night to watch my VOLS. BTW… I am certain the SEC TITLE and Championship is ours. heehee We should watch College Game Day together, what a hoot that would be. Do our teams play each other this year?

    One more thing, have you seen your camera and the pics we took for you? ROFL We had so much fun.
    Love ,

  8. Praying for your folks.

  9. War Eagle! And since MSU isn’t playing Auburn, GO STATE! And I’m pretty sure my day tomorrow looks exactly like your day today, including and especially the queso. Have a fab 1st day of football and I hope your family stays safe!

  10. I so hope your family is okay ~ you are all in my prayers tonight.

    FYI ~ I broke my sunglasses and had to shop for replacements…. it brought much joy to my life! :) Now, that combined with queso is just a winning combo!

    Have a great long weekend….

  11. Here in Arkansas (that’s right–HAWG Country–SOOIE!), Steinmart is having an 80% off sale over the weekend. I can barely contain myself. SEC Football AND 80% off shopping? My idea of a perfect weekend.

    Oh, and my brother is headed right for the storm, as he is a lineman for Entergy. This will be his third hurricane clean-up.

  12. Meredith says:

    I can get behind some pimento cheese! It’s delicious! I also make some that is killer! Why am I using so many exclamation points! I don;t know and now I can’t stop!!! AUGH! Help! See?

  13. F*L*O*R*I*D*A*S*T*A*T*E
    Florida state florida state florida state
    GOOOOOOOOO seminoles

  14. Prayers much appreciated! We are in Denham (which, as you know, is next door to Baton Rouge…in fact it could one day be the new Baton Rouge…;)).

    We are definitely more prepared this time! But we still covet your prayers!

    Rena Gunther

  15. First, I pray that your family, as well as all the others that will be in the path of Gustav are safe.

    Secondly, ROLL TIDE!

    Thirdly, ummmm ROLL TIDE :)


  16. Oh Boomama,
    I’m going to be rooting with you for the bulldogs.
    Only my dogs are in Georgia. :)

    Too bad we’re not playing each other… that would be fun!


    wouldn’t it?

    Hope you all have a great season!
    Maybe we’ll see you in the playoffs??

    (I do agree with you on college football season. LOVE IT. just LOVE it. Could talk about it with you. anytime. anywhere!)


  17. Waaay over here in the desert, we’ll be nervously cleaning too as we watch our beloved MSU bulldawgs…and eat queso! Go State!

  18. Nascar820 says:

    I LOVE me some SEC football. I ordered Gameplan today – gotta see my Hogs, Dawgs, and Mountaineers (yes, I know WV is not in the SEC, but love ’em anyway.)

  19. Praying for your family and their safety–and their hair, of course. I love to think about hair ministry after last weekend. I’d say after a hurrican–that getting your hair set IS such a ministry!

    Hope your team wins–unless they are playing the Aggies…

    Did ya get your book?? Hope it makes you smile!

  20. I think it’s about time your parents came and visited their grandson…don’t you? he can tell them all about school and you can show them your new sunglasses!

    I have a feeling my day will involve something similar to every evening I’ve had this week…which is NOT MUCH!

  21. I’m thinking about your family and sure hope they head your way.

    I had the same thought as Jill regarding the cute football-shaped bowls! I picked up a set the other day from the dollar bin at Target.

    Go State!

  22. LOVE SEC football!!!
    I have a Martha kind of excitement over tomorrow as well (even without the caffeine)! The only difference between you and I is the team we cheer for…GO GATORS!
    Good luck finding a pair of fabulous sunglasses!

  23. BooMama- More Martha stories please! They make my day!

  24. The incessant weather watcing is right up my alley. As a matter of fact, the moment I woke up today I bolted for my computer to check all of the latest models! Can you say obsessive?

    My parents live between New Orleans and Baton Rouge, and we live in Houston. Ususally when a hurricane heads for our little sllice of the Gulf Coast, one of us feels the effects. I’m with Martha and Sissie…I head to wherever there is air conditioning and a place to shower without being covered in sweat 20 seconds after you step out of it.


  25. I lived near New Orleans, Louisiana for 4 yrs. Was there for Katrina. We evacuated to the Houston area and came back to our home that was unharmed, messed up a bit, but we were better off than most. Thank you God! We have moved to VA but our house is still there, rented to a great family that we have known for years. I have so many friends there. I’ve been praying for the people of the coast since Gustav hit Cuba. We need to pray that hurricane down to a tropical storm. AMEN!

  26. I’m the 1st one up over here and its already on Sportscenter!! Ya see, I’m split down the middle…

    GO HOGS GO! (born and bred)

    GO VOLS GO!! (reside)

    And just for you…Go Bulldogs!! :)

  27. I can relate to the stubborn parents thing! My dad stayed in H’burg with no power for 2 weeks after Katrina despite my pleadings for him to please come make use of my guest bedroom!

    Oh, and GO BULLDOGS!! (The Mississippi State ones, wouldn’t want anyone to think I was rooting for LA tech!!)

  28. We were without power for a week when Katrina came through. Not looking good for us now, either.

    Happy shopping! I share your enthusiasm for Steinmart.

  29. I think I know what level of caffeine your talkin’ ’bout. I believe I’ve just hit it. Because today I am going TO HAVE THE CLEANEST HOUSE EVA!
    Isn’t that sad?! Just sad?! On my caffeine high I want to clean house?
    I need to get a life.
    Have a great weekend!

  30. So, who are the bulldogs? Ah, I’m just kidding. You and Melanie are making me hungry for queso and I haven’t had my morning coffee yet. Our beloved Baylor Bears lost Thursday…so sad!

    It was such a joy to meet you last weekend. Thanks for graciously visiting w/ this star struck fan and for taking a picture w/ me in the hotel lobby. I posted it on my blog yesterday.

    You are a treasure and I always enjoy my visits to your blog!

  31. And your enthusiasm is why I love ya, girl. I’m ready for some football myself. It’s gonna be a great day!

  32. Although I don’t exactly share your love of football (I like it, just don’t love it), I can totally relate for your excitement about THE Steinmart. Oh yeah! I sure wish we had one in my corner of the world!

  33. Go Bulldogs! My nephews are in the band. Hope I get to see them on TV. Yeehaw. Got some family in MS too. Prayin’ for all.

  34. I have to admit that any trip to Steinmart gets me very energized. No caffeine needed. LOL

    I hope you had good luck with finding sunglasses.

  35. In honor of the first day of college football, my husband called our satellite TV company first thing this morning to add the “sports package” to our channel line-up. I think I understood him to say that ESPN has a new contract with the SEC for the next fifteen years and with this added package he will be able to see all of the SEC sports — not just the ones being aired in our area.

  36. I’m WITH YOU! ON THE CAFFEINE! but not on the football. I know it’s terribly unAmerican of me, but I loathe college football. I have, however been known to get excited, on a very rare occasion, by NFL games. Especially if caffeine and chocolate are involved.

  37. Thanks for the prayers for Louisiana—we need them! We are preparing for no electricity, so I will miss all of my “net” friends!

  38. My daughter started at UW Madison this week and our Badgers played today. Yes…football is in the air.

    I hope that all your relatives find their way to you in the storm safely.

  39. One game in the books and VT’s season is already over. Bah.

    Oh, well. At least we have a sweet little team right up the street. Go BUCK(eye)S!

  40. I can highly recommend my $5 sunglasses from WM. They stayed firmly in place today during an unfortunate canoe capsize. One of my shoes came off, but not those klassy shades.

    We drove home from canoeing this afternoon in minimal traffic under sunny skies. Tomorrow part of our calm route will be a less than calm evacuation route.

  41. Not a good day for you or Melanie, huh? And we barely escaped losing to Western illinois.
    It may be a long season.

  42. Go Dawgs! Sic ’em! I love my school, but I’m clueless when it comes to football. I didn’t even know they were ranked #1 until I looked them up. Not living in GA anymore, I don’t hear much about them.

  43. Just want to say I really enjoy reading your blog. It was a good weekend for football all over I think! (We’re a mixture of UA and AU fans around here). I saw the new Uga (6 or 7?) on the t.v. – I would just love to squeeze that fat face – so cute! Good luck to you all this season. War Eagle! :)

  44. Okay – I think I have my wires completely crossed! I was thinking Bulldogs… Georgia… Nooooo! I am sooo sorry. I am thoroughly confused. I was thinking you were a Georgia fan. Don’t know where on earth I got that! It’s got to be the lack of sugar. I thoroughly apologize BooMama. And now I know you’re a STATE fan. In turn I’ll grant you one really good “Stupid Auburn” joke at my expense! :) Sorry again.

  45. This year I’m supposed to get excited about college football — sports of any kind — in order to encourage our students to think about college. I’m about as excited about college sports as I am about Gustav reaching all the way to Chicago. I’m sure it’s something to get excited about but not for me. SO…I shall have to read blogs that are enthusiastic and LEARN!!!

  46. Sorry about your boys :(

    They’re still SEC champs to me.

  47. This hurricane stuff is really cramping my style. I am having major flashbacks to 3 years ago when we went through Katrina. I am praying that Gustav will not be as severe. The Walmart’s here closed at 11:00 a.m. today. That’s right 11:00 a.m. They were slap out of stuff (or so I heard). We have everything picked up outside, and we are getting ready to head to my mother-in-law’s house to spend the night. I have backed up all important computer files and pictures. The Emergency Alert System is buzzing in my ear as I type. (it’s a tornado warning–great–hurricanes don’t scare me but tornadoes do!) We just got back from some friends’ house where we had a hurricane party before we have to get really SERIOUS! Which should be about NOW! I am heading to take a bath….it may be the last one I have for a few days. Pray for all of us here in LA, especially New Orleans that they will be spared the brunt of the storm. Yall have a Happy Labor Day. I’m sure we will!!! (On the bright side my son is off of school through Wedensday–talk about excited–he is so excited!)

    Oh yeah—-I almost forgot–GEAUX TIGERS! They were able to win a MORNING GAME at 10 a.m. Thank goodness.

    Amy K. in Gonzales, LA (45 miles from New Orleans and 5 miles from Baton Rouge)

  48. Here in SE Texas we don’t know whether to buy another 6 jugs of water or get the heck out of dodge! Get outta town Gustav! Pray for all in the Gulf!

  49. ChristyCate says:

    OK… Boo, can we pause and ask for a moment of silence to mourn with your sisters here in Abilene who have been grieving over the fact that our beloved Steinmart(s) will soon be passing. I KNOW!!!! It is a time of testing. I did, however, find a BoooKoooo of stuff at the 80% off sale this afternoon. And I do mean the cutest babydoll top for $4.98.

  50. Did your Mama give up and come on to Bama? I hope so…

  51. I think between now and Thanksgiving, I will have my husband take over my blog reading because I just have nothing to contribute regarding football.

    New sunglasses, however, now THAT’S exciting.

  52. I don’t blame Martha, I would have made a bee line to your house, one does what one must in order to get ones hair washed and set!

  53. Love football season too! Hope your friends and relatives are all safe!

  54. God bless caffeine.

  55. Luuuve me some college football! We are split Alabama/Auburn over here, which gets pretty interesting come the last game of the season! Steinmart(s) …lol. They do have the best shades!

    Check out my Mule Day Giveaway for some excellent southern cuisine!

  56. Such a disappointing start for our beloved Bulldogs; I can’t imagine what happened to them! Oh well, at least it wasn’t a conference game, so we’ve still got the SEC Championship in the bag!