But It’s A Dry Heat

So right now I’m in Las Vegas, where according to my best (finely-honed) temperature estimation it’s a crisp and refreshing 102 degrees. This kind of heat just makes me want to head out for a nice, long run while wearing a coordinated (and lined!) windsuit-type ensemble.

It’s actually a beautiful day out here, made even better by the fact that my sweet friend Big Mama is with me. We’re here for a Lifeway women’s event (the last Deeper Still of the year) and ready to get us a FRESH WORD tonight, amen.

But the real reason I’m writing this post is to tell you that I just had a hair-related crisis-of-faith. Last night I was overcome by a need to freshen up my roots and cover up my gray, and in a moment of weakness I packed a little something extra in my suitcase:


Oh yes. Oh yes I did.

So just a minute ago I slipped it out from underneath the clothes in my suitcase, and Melanie raised her eyebrows at me like, “SISTER, YOU’D BETTER STEP BACK.” I tried to explain to her that in addition to the gray I have some ROOT ISHAHS, but she would have nothing to do with my excuses. She refused to enable me. She said, “But what if it goes wrong? What if your hair turns some strange color? I mean, I would no doubt appreciate the blog fodder if something went awry, but I just don’t think you should do it. I think you should leave well enough alone.”

And then she glared at my root touch-up kit and rebuked it. In the strong name of Jesus.

I’m telling y’all: in difficult times, it is a deeply comforting to have a hair accountability partner.

We’ll be blogging as much as we can this weekend over at allaccess, so come by and see us if you get a chance. We’re hoping to put up some video tonight when we get back to the hotel.

Now if you’ll excuse me, my roots and I need to put on some make-up. Because I’m sure that make-up is going to look beautiful once I walk out into the burning desert sun.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

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  1. So good to have a partner-in-hair ready to love you no matter the outcome.

    They will know we are Christians, by our love, by our love…
    They will know-ow we are Christians by our love.

  2. Speaking of hair, I’m really dying to know what Beth thinks of Sarah Palin’s hair – it seems to me that she would be overjoyed at the potential of big hair in the white house – I MEAN – it’s obvious that she back-combs the back of her hair to get it to poof up like that!!
    Will you be sure to ask her opinion while you happen to be chatting it up with her? That would be great.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    BooMama!!! Use the root touch-up!! It is a blessing, and it is from God. Not only will YOU be blessed, but those taller than you will appreciate not having to see your roots.

    Also, I was BLOWN AWAY at the Deeper Still in Atlanta – I am excited for all those with you in Las Vegas!! Be blessed!!

  4. Now listen BooMama… that root touch up is good stuff.

    It has saved me a few times and this is what I hear after, “girl your hair looks good” and I just say… “thanks…you know you have to splurge on the hair sometimes!” And I just keep walkin’

  5. Okay…Melinda’s comment has me rolling. (The man is watching season 1 of Heros and is really getting agrrivated at my snickers)

    I’m so glad Big is there to talk you down…what a friend….

    Have a great time and I’m looking forward to hearing more!!


  6. Tell Melanie to cover her ears, but I think you should do it. Didn’t you use the same stuff right before the Uganda trip? The results were awesome.

  7. You girls have a wonderful weekend. Really, Beth Moore just makes it a good day…. roots or no roots! PS — I once used “home hair touch up stuff” and ended up with orange hair…. Apparently my hair tends to “kick red” as the stylist explained (as she was “fixing” my error and charging me mega bucks to do so) ~~ so be careful.

  8. I am here to testify that I have used the root touch up on more than one occasion and it is a life saver. If you get the right color – it really does work great – and it’s just on your roots so even if it’s not the perfect color……..it at least looks better than gray roots (speaking from experience).
    I’m not a big fan of Vegas but I will say that when we were there a year ago for my husband’s conference – I have never had such great hair. The no humidity works wonder for hair! :-)

  9. I too have had the root touch up save my self-esteem when in a pinch. After all, you are going to see Miss Beth, a hair queen herself – and a little hair confidence never hurt anybody!

  10. Oh, you will be so blessed if you use the root touch up. I do it in between hair colorings so that I can make it longer between appts….. and my stylist totally approved. She actually said she was “impressed” at how well it looked. It is actually kind of fun… I even pulled out my tin foil so I could feel professional and all. :) Let us know how it goes!

  11. Good luck on that touch up. I am with Big. Don’t do anything drastic when you are on the road…especially in 102 degree heat!! You may spontaneously combust!

  12. Oh, BooMama, I feel your pain!!!!!!! The gray just keeps multiplying on my head, and every time I am tempted, I call my mom, who reminds me of my demonstrated lack of talent with DIY haircolor. Stay AWAY from the Evil In A Bottle.

  13. It’s funny that of all the hilarious and moving posts I’ve read since I stumbled onto your blog and BigMama’s several months ago, this should be the one to bring me out of lurkdom. But I just want to confess that I am burning with the sin of envy right now because I can imagine how much hilarity will be ensuing in that hotel room and I am home finding solace in dark chocolate with raspberry.

  14. Sounds like you have a Gulley-kind-of-friend there. And as she says, you gotta be a Big Mama friend to have a Gulley friend. Hold fast…and wait for the wizard!

  15. yall are too much. even though i don’t really want to, gotta go with big on this. don’t do something drastic while you are on the road and just getting ready to go to a big event. no no no. take care of that beforehand so if something goes terribly wrong the pros will be there to help. although youre right, it does make for good blog material!

  16. My mother, sister, & I have a pact: since none of us have hair that any of the others like, none is allowed to give advice OR criticism. Big Mama should have to adhere to that mantra because she has hair not to be seen anywhere else this side of heaven, therefore cannot relate to Root Touch-Up. Roots give rise to emotions that only rival those brought about by ill-fitting jeans; only roots YOU CAN FIX. Do not second guess yourself, BooMama. It’s YOUR HAIR! OWN IT!

    (In the interest of full disclosure, I have a very sweet friend that I only see once every few months, & if she says to me ONE MORE TIME, “Oh, I love your new hair color!” I’m going to ingest my next color mix instead of applying it to my head to end the pain.)

    Can’t wait to hear about Deeper Still. I am still awed & my brain is still swollen from Living Proof in SA!

  17. So now what are you gonna do? Give the touch up kit to good will? You can’t just toss it.

    Can you?


  18. She is a good friend and you should keep her.

    And don’t even THING about having a bloggy giveaway and trying to pass off the root touch-up on someone else. That would be wrong. And I will call you out on it.

  19. I grew up in Las Vegas, so I know about that dry heat. Thank God I’m a Mississippi girl now. Make sure you have PLENTY of lotion for your skin-I bet it starts to crack by the time you leave.

  20. I swear by Nice ‘n Easy. The all over color, the root touch up kit, all of it. It saves me about once every 6 weeks.

    Embrace the kit! Your roots will love you for it!

  21. I grew up on the Gulf Coast, so heat and humidity are my life partners, forever and ever, amen. The one respite I received from them was for the year my husband and I lived in Carlsbad, NM. How? You betcha! But at least you weren’t wringing the sweat from your clothes after a 40 foot walk from the car to the front door of Walmart(s)!

    Overall, I’d love to have the climate of the desert, with the lush green landscape of the coast but I haven’t found that place yet. Maybe that will be the climate I live in when I get to heaven! LOL!


  22. I haven’t tried that particular product, but I can tell you that at-home coloring has improved by LEAPS and BOUNDS over the last decade or so. Your hair won’t turn orange.

    I’m a fan of L’Oreal Natural Match, myself. My girlfriends tried to talk me out of it, but those are the same girlfriends who would LEAN OVER AND PLUCK OUT MY GRAY HAIRS. Without my permission, mind you.

    Go ahead and color. (I was about to say you’re worth it, but even I am not that cheesy.)

  23. I would have been just the opposite and screamed “Gimme the box and lets get busy!”

    Y’all have fun…get a good Word…i’ll check out allaccess later.

  24. Oh goodness, hair color cures all the woes of the world. You should use it, BooMama! Seriously.

  25. Well I totally forgot what I was going to say about that…

    I just looked through the SF cookbook, and I’m hoping that you’ll have me over and cook some of those recipes for me!

    I wish I could catch the cooking/cleaning bug – at least just a bit of it.

    Enjoy that wonderful Vegas weather (humidity or not, 102 is hot no matter what). I’m looking forward to hearing what ya’ll learned!

  26. Ok girlfriend, I am no Wizard, but I am a trained hairstylist (waaaaaay back in the day). So, I can tell you that it won’t hurt anything for you to succumb every once in awhile.

    However, I realize that at this typing, you will have already made your decision for the weekend, making this point a moot one.

    You’re probably having an amazing time, root ishahs and all, though!

  27. oh thank goodness Big Mama was there. I just recently blogged about my root touch-up disaster that ended in a very ugly cry.

  28. I want to know EVERYTHING…where are you staying on the strip and are you eating at Mandalay Bay buffet (best buffet I’ve ever had) and are you eating croissants in Paris and are you seeing any shows? Oh, and about Deeper Still and what God is saying, too. And are you seriously getting to be BFFs with Priscilla, too?!

  29. Heaven sent hair salvation in the form of Clairol’s Root Touch-Up. LOVE it! So fast. So easy. So rockin’ results. GO FOR IT! (Big will understand one day. She’ll find herself in root crisis, and she’ll call you for advice. And then you’ll tell her… “Well, there’s this little miracle in my arsenal of secret weapons. It’s called Root Touch-Up…”

  30. I haven’t used the root touch-up, but I have used Nice ‘N Easy 110 for years. Never had a problem.

  31. Gutsy Girl!! Go for the gold!! Root repair at a conference. whew!

  32. Reminds me of an incident in graduate school. It was 1998, and my friend Meghan was then 24 and already gray (AHH!). She colored often and this time she wanted to go red. She always went to a salon, but as a poor graduate student, she was desperate, and went for the box color. It turned out to be Strawberry Shortcake red–not what the box indicated. So one of our other friends (who is NOT very bright) said, “Just dye it again, but this time darker.”

    Needless to say, she earned the nickname “PLUM HEAD” for at least a semester. Yes. It was a deep purple and no professional hair dresser would touch it for at least 2 weeks.

  33. I have used that root touch up and it is great! It does a better job than the brown marker I used one day to cover up the gray!

  34. I had to grin at your title. That is what they say here in Utah to describe the heat.

    Too bad they tend to leave out the word wilting

    They both work.

  35. I think Antique Mommy can testify to the fact that I ridiculously over-packed this week for our trip to Photoshop World in Vegas, but even I didn’t have the nerve to attempt a root touch-up on the road. That would have been incredibly brave, and I think Melanie gave you wise council. :-)

    It would have been fun to see you girls while we were all here together, but not easy to do.

    Glad you had a good trip!

  36. As Truvy would say, “I don’t trust people who do their own hair. It’s not natural.”

    Big Mama could’ve been having a Steel Magnolias moment.

  37. Don’t you know that Satan himself walks around as an angel of light and drug store highlights?

  38. I hope that you and your roots had a wonderful time at this conference!

  39. the part where God spoke the most this weekend??

    Q&A time.

    ’nuff said.



    Great to see you again this weekend! Stop by my blog sometime and give me some pointers or something…I’m still learning.

  40. No no… that’s a mighty good friend to have. She will help you in all things hair. It’s much better to save that work for when you get home.

    Plus, think of all the time you saved for doing really fun stuff, like eating cookie dough and praising God!

  41. hey there – i have a week of blog giveaways going on at my blog this week – come stop by…….all week – thanks


  42. I’m thinking that after all my recent hair color disasters that Melanie is 100% correct about satan trolling through those aisles! “Go ahead – you can do it. Save yourself $$. It’ll be great.”

  43. oh your friend is a very good friend.
    i can think of a few boxes of hair color i should have rebuked in the name of jesus.

    great blog!