He Has Some Thoughts About Some Things

In which I interview my little man, age five, because I love this age so much that I can’t decide if I’d rather dip it in vat of chocolate or deep fry it in a vat of peanut oil, though now that I think of it either option would be equally delicious:

What do you want to be when you grow up?
“I want to be a daddy.”

No, I mean, what kind of job do you want to have?

Okay. Well. Where do you want to go to college?
“Um, I think I will go to Mississippi State for college.”

Where will you live after college?
“Um, I would like to live in the house with you and Daddy after I get married. I will still call you ‘Mama’ and ‘Daddy,’ but the girl I marry will call you ‘David’ and ‘Sophie.’ I don’t know how to pay for things, but that’ll be okay because she will know how to pay for things.”

[alarmed] You want to get married right after college?
“Oooh, yes, because I want to grow up. I’m growing up like a flower. ‘Cause flowers grow.”

What’s your favorite place in the whole wide world?
“Um, good question, Mama. I say our house.”

Besides that?
“Well, CiCi’s Pizza. But I love our house because it has Wii stuff.”

What’s your favorite thing to do with your daddy?
“Play Lego Star Wars on the Wii.”

What about with me?
“When we make presents for Daddy and go to the grocery store.”

What are your favorite books?
The Go Go Dogs, Chicken Little, Max’s Chocolate Chicken, Rolie Polie Olie’s Big Time Olie.”

What are your favorite toys?
“Buzz Lightyear car, Batman sword / light saber and my spinny light saber. And my Star Wars people.”

What’s your favorite thing to do outside?
“Ride my bike. And goin’ down the hills.”

What’s your favorite song?
“‘You can go / I’m gonna stay’ by Dave Barnes. ‘We can change the world’ by Dave Barnes. ‘He’s Alive’ by Travis.”

[Note: those would be “A Lot Like Me,” “Brothers & Sisters,” and “Alive Forever, Amen” – he’s not so big on the titles.]

What are your favorite movies?
“Say this: Star Wars. Curious George.”

What is your favorite game?
“Sorry and Mouse Trap. ‘Cause that thing? On the crane? That’s my favorite part. That big bad guy goes up and traps somebody.”

Do you know why we help Sharon in Africa?
“‘Cause we have to, Mama. Because people don’t have much money, and we can help to take care of them. Jesus wants us to help take care of people.”

What do you know about God?
“That He always takes care of everybody. He helps people to feel better. He loves us. He made us. He made the whole wide world. He made the earth. And Jesus is in my heart.”

What do you think about kindergarten so far?
“I like going to P.E. I like going to music. I like going to the playground. My favorite part of the playground is sliding and swinging. I like playing and painting. I love my teacher.”

Anything else you want to say?
“I’ll say something after we play football, Mama.”

Well. Fair enough, then.

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  1. Holy Cow! I’m the first to comment!
    So sweet — I need to interview my dd, never thought of doing that before!

  2. I love his answer about his favorite movies. :-) Who, except for a five-year-old, could list those two as their favorites?

    Also, I say that you dip it in a vat of chocolate and *then* deep fry it. Kind of like a deep fried candy bar. Mmmmmmm.

  3. “I JUST WANT TO BE A DADDY”…adorable.

    He picked a noble profession :)

  4. I’m tellin ya Sophie…just eat him up and treasure every ounce of this time with him…

    He is ALL boy and simply beautiful at heart. A fabulous combination!


  5. Yeah, I’m thinking that if you were going to dip it in chocolate, it would have to be a fondue party and all of us would have to be invited.

    Too stinkin’ cute!


  6. Oh, what a cutie! “I just want to be a Daddy.”

    He sounds like he’s on the right track!

  7. What a sweet interview!!! I’m tabling this idea for when my little man is older. ( :

  8. I want one… :)

  9. Oh so precious! I think when my 5 yr old niece is about 20 years older, we’ll need to introduce them to each other.

  10. I’d say stop watering that flower and keep him five forever. What a sweet little guy. You are doing yourself proud as a parent.


  11. Loved this post.

  12. SWEET, SWEET, SWEET!! I want to scoop him up!! Hugs and Kisses!!!

  13. Sweet, and yes, it is a wonderful age :)

  14. You make me wish so much that I had a blog to record things when my little people were five and a little more deep-fryable than they are now.

    I could still eat them up, I love them so much, but the conversations wouldn’t be quite so entertaining. And they’d have more eye-rolling and “Can we be done yet”s in there.

  15. You play football? I have girls, we play hair-do.

  16. That is the best thing I have read today. I think I’m going to interview my five year old as well. And very likely use your questions, if that’s okay.

  17. That is priceless.
    Deep fried,dipped in milk chocolate, on-a-stick priceless

  18. that was priceless!

  19. Football?!?!?!

    Your son is already a catch! Good job, Mama! :)

  20. I might just borrow this idea from you some day.

    I’ll totally give props to you to my 13 readers.

    I know.

  21. Too precious!


  22. I might just steal this idea and interview my 3 yo. Something to go in her baby book.

    Your little guy sounds like a keeper. So precious!

  23. How sweet. My sister has three kids – ages 5, 4 and 2. Her oldest was asking about what does she do after college and my sister said she could do anything she wanted.
    She said – “I’m going to be a mom – its really fun.”
    My sister asked her – “who told you it was fun?”
    She said – “well no one told me – but I see you and it looks like you are having a lot of fun.”

  24. He is precious. I love the part about how he won’t know how to pay for anything but his wife will. So funny!

  25. I know that dropping small children into vats of scalding oil seems like a tasty idea, but they’re chewier than you’d imagine.

    Seriously, you should do an interview like this every year and see how life changes. One day you WILL feel like boiling him in oil. Naw.

  26. Tell me that’s already cut and pasted into his scrapbook. What.a.doll!

  27. We just did this interview and then I read her Alex’s answers. She says, “How cute is that? What is that boy’s name? Can we invite him over?”

    I promise I’ll teach her to pay for things if you let her marry Alex. :)

  28. Oh. I have a tear. Forget chocolate dipped or deep fried, I wish you could can that in a jar like summer tomatoes. So you can pop it open later and taste that sweetness all over again. So, so stinkin cute.

  29. I hope your parents turn on the blog for that one, that was sweet.

  30. Well, “He’s Alive” by Travis is one of my favorite songs too…

    I knew I liked that little fella’

    Funny you posted this today… my post yesterday was about deep conversations with my little one. here is the link.


  31. fun! i can’t wait to try this!

  32. This is absolutely precious!

  33. Brought sweet memories back….like when my now 16 year old liked to have these little discussions with me! We had these wonderful little conversations all the time….now we do the eye rolling, the “how long is this gonna take”, and the famous one or two word answers!! You know what is funny? I would sit with my little sweetheart and think when people would say things like what I just said, “That will NEVER happen to us….we have such a great little relationship!” Little thought did I give to the word “hormones”!!
    Enjoy the sweetness while it is so young and innocent!! :)

  34. Is there really such a book called “The Go Go Dogs” or is he referring to “Go, Dog, Go”?

  35. Sweet little man!

    And thank you for my Hymned Again CD–it arrived just fine the other day. And I’m already LOVING it.

    Think I could be a country-western, folksy, big band kinda singer when I get to heaven. Till then, I’m just a joyful noise. But that’s okay, cause I just turn up the stereo nice and loud to drown myself out.

  36. That is just plain adorableness!

  37. Oh, Sophie! He sounds just adorable! (Like his Mama :-))

  38. Precious. Just precious. And here I was getting all sad that my two-year-old is almost 3…I had completely forgotten how adorable 5 is…thanks for the reminder!!

  39. Brilliant!!!

  40. this is hands down, absolutely THE best thing I have read in a long time. Simply wonderful.

  41. Adorable! I loved when my girls said they wanted to be a mommy! (They don’t say that anymore.)

    Did you know (I’m sure you did) that Travis Cottrell is going to be in town on 10/5? FBC, Trussville, AL

    9:15 AM, 10:15 AM, and 6:00 PM Worship Concert

    I would love to go see him!! (Might be a good Siesta reunion!)

  42. He is wise beyond is years:-)

  43. He loves his teacher! After only a few days! My first=grade-teacher heart is blessed…

  44. Seriously Adorable!!

  45. Awesome! What a sweet boy

  46. Age 5 is just about when I START to like my children.

  47. Avey Jane says:


  48. I personally think you should deep fry “five” and then dip it in chocolate…or maybe you should freeze it so you can keep it forever—cause he’s ADORABLE! :)

  49. That is one smart boy you are raising mama! Keep up the great work. He sound like one terrific kid. Don’t forget to serve a side of cheese with which ever one you choose to do, chocolate peanut oil, everything is better with cheese.

  50. He is so stinkin’ cute. I vote for the peanut oil.

    I love just about everything he said, but CiCi’s pizza makes me want to throw up just a little bit. Maybe if you drown it in queso…

  51. Very cute! I do things like this with my kids sometimes too. I have a 5 year old, I might have to ask her these very same questions just for fun! Hopefully she won’t want to be Daddy when she grows up though! LOL

  52. Oh my goodness that is just too sweet. I’m so glad you shared that with everyone.

  53. From Star Wars to Curious George, that is absolutely precious. And that is MORE WORDS than I have got out of any boy I have owned!!!!! Hope it sticks. Really, I think Deut 6:6 is what YOU Boo Mama are all about — passing on to your kids what is on your heart. Like, He is Alive!!! In you and through you!!! I absolutely LOVED meeting you for the short bit I had with you. You really touched me Sophie. And your comment about the laughter being out of pain…very insightful! My Love to You, Bev

  54. This is such a cute conversation! Love it! He is at such an impressionable age. . . and so innocent. . . enjoy it while you can!

  55. Oh my, that is too adorable!

  56. Awww…melt my heart. So precious!

  57. What a precious post and even sweeter boy. I have two sweet ones myself!

  58. Boo,
    You are medicine for the soul tonight…you and your son. ;)
    I now have power post-Gustav and am wondering how your family faired?

    Much love,

  59. I didn’t read all 57 comments before mine, so somebody else probably suggested this already; you should print this up and put it in your keepsakes to read again and cry over when A. is a teenager and trying you at every turn.

    Also, you should ask him these same questions at least once a year and compare his answers from year to year.

    I could eat him up with a SPOON! ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  60. Oh, my, I love the interviews. I haven’t done a good interview in a while….that’s at the TOP of my “to do” list!

    Love your blog….I’ve lurked for a while but this is my first post!

  61. So stinkin’ cute. Mine is 5 too and he told me today he doesn’t like that I don’t have a job anymore because now I pick him up too early from school.

  62. “Um, good question, Mama” LOVE that kid!

  63. Great idea. I love every answer!

  64. Makes me a little bit more okay with Seth growing out of the baby stage, knowing days (and interviews) like this are ahead. Thanks for posting.

  65. Now THAT is a sweet, sweet, sweet little boy.

    Even without being dipped in chocolate!

  66. The fact that he referred to him as just “Travis” is so cute. :>) And that Daddy stuff nearly sent me to the tissue box.

  67. I love that he just wants to be a daddy.

    Be prepared, he’s bring the wife and kids and moving in.


  68. I loved this!!! For several years (when my grandkids were between 4 and 12) I would interview them every summer and ask basically the same questions each time including who are your friends, what makes you a good friend. I have kept copies of those interviews and cherish them….when they graduate from college I will return them to them along with other observation I have made. God Bless, Pam

  69. Oh my! My kids were devasted when they were 2 and 4 and the Easter bunny didn’t bring them a chocolate chicken! They looked everywhere! I actually looked for one in the stores, too! Such a sad day.

  70. Love it! I especially love the part about how the girl is going to take care of things.

    How quickly he learns the ways of this world…

  71. Too cute!
    You are raising a fine young man!

  72. Oh Girl he could marry my niece, but she’ll want *her* daddy to live with y’all cause there’s no way she’s leaving him. In her words, “There’s *NO WAY* I’m ever not living with my daddy. I love my daddy I’m always going to live with him. Yep.” And she’ll be more than happy to “boss” the money and pretty much anything else.

    But he might need to get a job besides daddy. I’m just saying is all.

  73. A new reader, just poppin on in to say I love your blog and your boy is just plain adorable! I love this idea, and hopefully I’ll remember it once mine gets out into the world and can talk. =P

    Thanks for the smiles!

  74. Oh my. He’s stolen my heart.

    He and my 5 yr. old Tabor would be fast buds!

  75. So adorable! Enjoy him during this fun and never a dull moment age. We have so much to learn from these little ones.

  76. This is HILARIOUS!!!! I have interviewed my own children 2x on my blog, just to see what they would say. Love it! Sounds like your son knows just about all he needs to know! :-)

  77. Um…Chocolate Chicken??? Where in the world did you find that one? I’ve never heard of it!

    Oh, and the interview…one of the best EVER!!!