If You’re A Blogger…

…who lives in the Birmingham, Alabama area, will you leave me a comment? I’ve potentially got something up my sleeve that’ll happen mid-October-ish, and I need to send y’all an email about it.

And for the sake geographical boundaries, let’s define “Birmingham area” as within thirty miles of downtown.

I’m going to close these comments around 9 central time tonight because I need to send out the email ASAP, so if you leave a comment, you should have an email from me shortly after comments close.

And even if you know that I know you live around these parts, leave a comment anyway. I don’t want to leave out anybody.

Thanks, y’all!

p.s. This post is going to self-destruct at approximately 9:01 pm. :-)

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  1. Laura Cornutt says:

    I live 90 miles from downtown bham and I don’t blog, but I just HAD to comment.



  2. This doesn’t have anything to do with a certain concert does it? Well, you know I’m here. Bring on the email!

  3. I live in Helena which is roughly 30 miles south of downtown Birmingham. I’m interested to see what you have up your sleeve :)

  4. Um, can I pretend I live in Birmingham? Sounds like you girls are gonna have fun…no matter what it is!

  5. Kimberly Sheppard says:

    Hey There!
    I am not a blogger, but have been enjoying reading yours for only about a week now! I live in Hoover, Al…just south of Birmingham…not sure if I qualify since I don’t blog myself…but thanks for the smiles you have brought me the last week!


  6. I have a best friend that lives there and we go down for a visit occasionally (being about 2 hours away)… I’ll just comment for her, how ’bout.

  7. I’m not a blogger, but I live in the city. Just in case it’s for non-bloggers too. I love your blog. I feel like a stalker, since I know a lot about you and you nothing of me, but I think you would be very fun to sit and drink a pumpkin spice latte with, or go to steinmart with. You make me laugh a lot.

  8. What if I live in the Birmingham, Alabama region of Burbank, California?? Does that count?

    I WANT TO WIN!!!

  9. I’m a blogger, but it’s a private blog. Does that count? I live in Vestavia.

  10. hey there. hanging in out here in bluff park. Hopefully I won’t be preggers when this all goes down. :-)

  11. I also live in Helena and would love to hear more about any event you coordinate/sponsor. I am in women’s leadership in my church.

  12. I’m one of those that don’t blog but get to enjoy your blog occasionally. I live in Chelsea :-)

  13. i live in georiga..which is not even the same state…but we had the olymics in 96 and michael phelps was in the olympics and you love the olymics and you are going to alabama..so pretty much, i am your neighbor.


  14. I’m in Hoover…

  15. I “blog”, if the blog that about twelve people read counts! I’m here in the Birmingham area… although, I have to say, mid-October brings the promise of a new baby to our house! Either way, I thought I’d leave a comment. :)

  16. Does Auburn, Alabama count? And my parents live in B’ham! : )

  17. I am a Birmingham Blogger and I can’t WAIT to find out what you have up your sleeve!!

    I have actually been trying to figure out if you lived in B’ham – I was PRETTY sure you did but couldn’t confirm it. I’m glad to know that you do and we have something in common!

    I am so excited to see what is going to be going on for Birmingham Bloggers!!!

  18. I live here and i’ve been known to blog….what’s the deal? Do tell.

  19. Hey! I am in Northport and can’t wait to see what is going on!

  20. ooh ooh, i live in bham.

  21. I’m trying to blog…
    I live in Huntsville, but if this has ANYTHING to do with a certain 1st time together concert, I can get from my house to downtown Birmingham in 90 minutes if necessary….

  22. That’s A-L-I-C-I-A

  23. I’m in Atlanta but my oldest was born at St. Vincent’s in Birmingham in 2001. When we were married in 94 we lived in Birmingham. Does any of that count?


  24. I’m a little further than 30 minutes but I might just be interested:)

  25. I am a blogger who lives a mile from downtown Birmingham… I bet I win the closest to Five Points prize…

  26. I’m in the B’ham area! Can’t wait to hear your idea!

  27. Bham blogger. Hey Roxanne, I was born at St Vincent’s, but that was in the 1960’s. The only concert I know about is Maroon 5 and I bet that’s not what this is about.

  28. I am a blogger and live in Birmingham. I met you at the Siesta Fiesta and would love to be a part of what’s going on.

  29. Curiosity killed the cat! :) I’m a Birmingham girl!!

  30. I do have a private blog. Would love for you to take a look at it sometime. Husband works in B’ham, but we “live” more than 30 miles outside of downtown. However, I can drive fast, if and when necessary. :)

  31. Oh you know I am all over whatever it is you have up your sleeve!!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah Birmingham Bloggers!

  32. I live within 130 miles, and I’d drive that for a chance to blog about the same thing as BooMama.

    Er, I mean, I’d drive that for an opportunity to be involved in something Kingdom focused and gospel driven.

  33. Signing in… :)

  34. Not a blogger, but I live in Bham (Homewood) and I loooove your blog!!

  35. I’m Here! I’m here!! (jumping up and down with arms waving :o) The rumors are a flyin’ already…. Sign me up!

  36. I have a private blog that a few people are tortured to read. I live in the B’ham area.

    I’m also extremely curious. ;-)


  37. I’m here in McCalla, about 30 minutes from Birmingham. Can’t wait to find out what the surprise is!

  38. Count me in!

    reformedgrits (@) bellsouth (.) net

  39. ME TOO! ME TOO!

    I live in the Bham area and I met you at Siesta Fiesta!

    Go Dawgs!

  40. I’m in Birmingham (and go to BH with you)…

  41. Hey- The three chix all live in Hoover- A, L and J. We’re all about a “little somethin’ up your sleeve!”

  42. Count me in! I live in Alabaster, AL

    Can’t wait to see what you got up your sleeve!


  43. Hi! I live in Trussville. Very curious!!


  44. Does T-town count?

  45. I live in Homewood. How fun!

  46. Hey BooMama! I’m a b’ham siesta! I’m excited to see what you’re going to do. I love reading your site, esp. your experiences in Africa…I went on mission last Feb. to Senegal and fell in love w/ the Mandinka people. I share in your passion!

  47. I live in Alabaster. 20 miles south of Birmingham. I think I met you once at the Alabaster Target with my friend Missouri – Jen from the Wilson Six.
    I am anxious to know what the big news is!

  48. I’m just a semi-blogger. Semi coherent and semi capable-but LOVE to read yours!

  49. Well, count me in! Can’t wait to hear this….


  50. I live here, and I got this post from my sister-in-law Meredith (stilldelighted.blogspot) who lives in NC. Look forward to hearing from you.

  51. Hmmm. Don’t live in B’ham but WIILLLLLL be visiting family there (and attending a Bama game…ROLL TIDE!) in mid October. What gives?!!! ;-)

  52. I live in Atlanta but have a good friend who lives in Birmingham and would love an excuse to visit.

  53. I live in extreme north GA, close to Chatt., TN which is close to Alabama, which is where Birmingham is!!! Does that work? Sounds fun.


  54. I am a blogger and I live about 10 minutes from downtown Birmingham. What have you got going on?

    Rachel Langston

  55. I lived in Birmingham for 9 years. Would love a reason to come visit! I am in Atlanta now so not too far to road trip.

  56. I am in the Birmingham area and would love to hear what you have up your sleeve. :-)


  57. Hey, guess what? I live in Birmingham!

    (be glad to help coordinate anything – we could even meet at Starbuck’s :O)

  58. live in Birmingham and would love to find out about it.

  59. Oh, if you were giving away a prize, I would change my name to Amy.

  60. I’m hanging out here in Alabaster…as you know, not a far cry from d-town B’ham.

    You’ve obviously activited everyone’s curiosity radars! :)