Here Comes Treble

Well, I found tonight’s episode of “The Office” to be delightful in most parts, a little frustrating in others, and just plan weird at times (um, hello? Toby? In the hospital? Sort of bizarre). However, there were plenty-o-memorable moments.

1. Dwight hammering the apple into the vending machine.

2. “What up, 212?”

3. “Under my Ange-rella, ella, ella, hey, hey…”

4. “Dangerous. Tacky. Sharks. Haunted.”

5. “I’ll marry you in the eye of a hurricane in the middle of a snowstorm on top of a monsoon,” OH GOD BLESS HIM.

6. Dwight kicking the cheesecake.

7. Ryan’s back. And Kelly Kapur likes him.

8. “…and you burned over a thousand calories walking home…PHYLLIS NANCE, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.”

9. “Andy Bernard does not lose contests. He wins them, or he quits them. Because they’re unfair.”

And finally:


So. What did y’all think?

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  1. I heart the Office. I heart it. So happy it’s back. So happy they didn’t make me wait longer than the first episode for the magic. YAY!!!!

  2. Just about to watch it here in CO!

  3. I thought…it’s about time, Jim!

  4. When Jim got down on one knee, my husband and I both said, “Yea!” And when that dark-haired guy was kind of hitting on Pam in class, Husband said, “I don’t like that guy.” So funny!

  5. Angie Smith says:

    Todd and I also danced to “The Little Drummer” as our first song.

    What are the chances?!?!?!

    :) Thanks for the tip.

  6. Toby at the end was a real buzz-kill. They just won’t let him be happy, will they?

    I am so relieved that Jim finally proposed. So happy. About Pam…now, she does not have a good track record for being engaged and having guys who are friends. It would be totally in character for her to cheat on Jim with her new “friend-who-makes-her-laugh,” making me hate her forever.

    Angela paging Dwight for stress sex is weird and evil. But Phyllis using the dirt to be head of the party committee is AWESOME. Cuz what else would you want to do with that kind of information?

  7. Oh as soon as I saw that rest stop I knew what was coming. And the guy that said the relationship ended because he didn’t like eating dinner that early..oh, how I’ve missed thee..

  8. Loved it! Yipee for Jim and Pam!

  9. The episode was over far too soon for me, I wanted it to go on and on. Can’t wait till next week!!

  10. Did anyone else notice Meredith’s face at the beginning of the show during the weigh-in? It looked like she had burned it or something and I was waiting the entire show to find out what had happened but by the end of the show her face was normal…what’s up with that?!

  11. “Kevin’s mentally challenged! And he’s doing a GOOD JOB here!”

    “Back up a minute, you think I’m RETARDED???”

  12. I’m with Leslie…I smell trouble for Pam with that guy from her class.

  13. “Every little boy fantasizes about his fairy tale wedding” Andy

    “Because most of the time friends don’t talk about other friends butts” Jim

    We missed these Guy’s !

  14. I was just giddy with excitement last night! :-)and then cried when Jim proposed. Maybe it’s the preggo hormones, but come on ya’ll – finally!!

    and yea, what WAS up with Meredith’s face? Did I forget something from last season? And the Toby thing did leave me a bit puzzled, I just kept trying to figure out where they might be going with it. All in all I laughed out loud plenty of times and remembered how much I missed it over the summer.

  15. Definitely, the #1 thing was Jim finally asking Pam to marry him, in the RAIN at the Quick Stop!


    Meredith’s face, well, it could have been she had a sunburn initially, but the show did take place over the entire summer–all those weeks of weight loss.

    Ryan taking notes so he can refer to them when he gets back to the top. Wonder if he will get back?

    Don’t like the guy in the class with Pam, at all. I think he’s going to be a problem for sure. Jim will have to beat his butt. (That’s a southern term, ya’ll.)

    Phyllis has Dwight and Angela right where they need to be–under control, the out-of-control social coordinator and the chief office ratter (ratter–the person that rats to the boss). :-) Dwight was sooooo mean to Phyllis putting her out and making her walk. ROFL, sorry. He’ll pay for that as well.

  16. I watched it for the first time, very funny. Especially when he ripped the tickets, or when she was on the web cam and and Steve keep carring her around

  17. I loved the part where Dwight put the fruits and veggies in the vending machine. Also loved when Michael ripped up the tickets at the end of the show.
    Can’t wait till next week.

  18. Two things: One, Holly looks JUST like my HR manager. It’s bizarre and just not right. And two, I felt like a total sap when I teared up at the Quik Stop part. Sigh.

  19. I think I sucked all the air out of our living room as I gasped at the proposal. It really took me by surprise.

    My favorites were Kelly — looking like death warmed over — talking about how great she’s going to look. Also, Andy wearing his tie outside of his garbage bag. LOVE him.

  20. When Jim proposed, I cheered! Yay! Yay! Yay!

  21. I could not stop smiling and laughing the whole show. I was just simply excited that they are back! :) You nailed the 10 most memorable for sure.

    And those zip-lines will getchya every time! LOL!

  22. I have always loved this show, but it now has an even more special place in my heart because my husband proposed to me on the side of a highway, just a few miles after a quik stop. It’s all I could say to him after Jim did it – “DID YOU SEE WHAT HE DID? IT”S JUST LIKE US!!!”

  23. Oh brother. I feel certain that Pam is going to blow it. That stupid watering-can graphic artist is going to be the black cloud over every episode. I tell you what, if she doesn’t make it clear next week that she only wants to be his friend, I’m going to put her on MY list.

    And is it a bit of a stretch for anyone else that Pam is an RA?

  24. I LOVED it!!! LOVED it!! Except…I hope they don’t screw the Pam and Jim thing with her new “friends” at school. Give me a break!!

  25. Oh, but what about Kelly’s tapeworm from Mexico???! And her size 2 bikinis she ordered?! So great! I loved it!

  26. I’m just so glad Jim proposed to Pam! That made all of the earlier weirdness with the weight stuff worthwhile!

  27. I thought it was a bit weird but still good.

    AND Pam and Jim – ENGAGED!!! I am wiht the other folks – I will be MAD MAD MAD if Pam’s school “friends” mess things up with her and Jim.

    Ack…. I can’t stand that Ryan is back.

  28. My favorite part was that Angela said she’d marry Andy in a thousand year old church in the contingent US….and Andy paying all the non-refundable down payments to some really cool places! and Angela said No.

    The goatee string of happennings were very funny, esp. Dwight.

    And carrying the laptop around so Pam could tel the new temp where the colored paper clips are…and how the temp did nothing but sit there, acc. to Michael.

    We were SO surprised by Jim’s proposal!

  29. Oh my, we LOVED it! Except Ryan. Can’t stand him. Loved the rest! Laughed out loud several times.

    Shocked at the proposal. Just shocked! And so happy! But I’m with everyone else… the friends better not mess this up! (You know they will, and then I’ll be all mad at NBC.)

  30. In the midst of economic woes and wars and elections, blah blah blah God gave us The Office. I swear we’re going to buy every single year’s DVD’s and when life gets rough, just pop in one. What on earth did we do before watching The Office? Loved it!

  31. I am a faithful blog reader and a funny girl. I know this will be unpopular, but I’m just going to say it. I don’t get “The Office.” I’ve tried watching a few times, hoping it would catch on. Sigh.

  32. “Wait, back up. Do you think that I’m retarded?”

  33. I cracked up when Dwight started spraying the leftovers so nobody could eat them!

    I was very surprised by the proposal. I thought they’d let it build up throughout the season, so I’m anticipating some conflict while Pam’s away at school…

  34. “wica, wica, wica, whaaa” I laughed EVERY time I saw that.
    OH, and “Do you think I’m retarded?” I knew that was going to pay off BIG and it was SOOO funny! “NOOOO! You do NOT talk to him like that!” hahahahahaha

  35. I’m so happy! We just watched the first 2 seasons online, season 3 from neflix… and the last one was just this week so AWESOME that it started last night!
    Great episode. Hating Pam’s new friend. Gr.
    I could totally do without Toby. I think he’s really some weird, psycho-stalker, rapist serial killer. He creeps me out.
    I feel so bad for what’s coming for Andy. But man, what a goob!
    Loved the proposal– aw!!! PAM you better not screw this up!!!!!!!! (which we all know is going to happen…)

  36. I was SO EXCITED Office was back
    I must confess I did not laugh as much as I thought I would but I still really enjoyed it
    I love the comment from Holly to Kevin – when she was defending him from Angela – LOL
    And the ENGAGEMENT – I GASPED when Jim dropped to his knee!! And then I got all teary eyed YEAH!
    Such a great show!

  37. Kim, I’m with you. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I am also very concerned they are going to mess with the Jim and Pam dynamic with her new “friend”. Taking the laptop so that Pam could find his paperclips…clasic.

  38. We are recent fans of the Office. We were eagerly looking forward to the show. I have to say, though, it was not as funny as I was expecting. It was a bit of a letdown. But the rest stop scene was pretty great.

  39. loved the bugs in the vending machine and then dwight SPRAYING inside the machine.

    yep- did sense a bit of foreshadowing with pam and the new guy friend. blech.

  40. I loved it when Dwight, Holly, Ronnie and Micheal were spying on the others eating cake in Dwangela’s sex room. Dwight said,” They shouldn’t be in there.” Also, when Jim called Ryan on his “Community Service”. And when Andy was naming off the names of the guys in his group!

  41. I liked when Pam’s new friend was all “Don’t look now — that’s my old girlfriend.” So deliciously high school. SO glad The Office is back; makes me feel better about my own glamorous career as a SAHM.

  42. The only thing hubs and I could figure out about the Meredith face thing was that it was something explained in the outtake footage that didn’t make it into the episode.

    Now why they didn’t reshoot the clip on the scale with her face all Freddy Kruger-like, I have no idea.

  43. Dwight spraying the Raid on the leftover food at the beginning was CLASSIC, and then, of course, spraying the bugs in the vending machine because of the hammering incident.

    I’m so glad my show is back on!


  44. I loved it. I think my favorite part was when Dwight was hammering the fruit in the vending machine and the look on his face when he was done.

  45. Jim made me cry.

    Dwight spraying the bug poison on the fruit that was hammered into the vending machine sent me over the edge!

  46. I’m a lurker who has come out of hiding to talk about one of my favorite shows…

    I was disappointed overall, but I still enjoyed it because hello, it’s The Office, so even when it’s mediocre it’s still better than most other shows on TV!

    I am so glad I am not the only one who spent the episode wondering what was up with Meredith’s face! Very odd.

    And the Toby thing was definitely a downer. He’s such an Eeyore. I am wondering if he will be coming back to Dunder Mifflin after this…

    I loved that the proposal was nothing huge or grandiose, just tender and real. Yay!

    Angela’s evil ways really bother me. Andy is kind of a goofball, but he doesn’t deserve the treatment he gets from Angela. Their relationship is definitely doomed. Poor Andy.

    Okay, enough of my rambling. I love this show! (And your blog.)

  47. Classic “Office”. I loved it. My boss and I have been doing a “cleanse” diet. So, Kelly’s sweating, low blood sugar episodes, and fainting episode really made me laugh.

  48. I was so excited. SO EXCITED.
    Kelly was so hilarious, and Ryan’s return was classic! Angela and her answer to how she sleeps at night completely cracked me up (but really, she is way meaner right now to Andy than she has ever been to anyone else). And Andy Bernard? Bless that poor guy’s heart. My favorite line from him had to be when he said “Every little boy fantasizes about his fairy tale wedding”. Not to mention little things like the fruit flies in the vending machine after Dwight replaced all the junk food. Pure awesomeness.Perfect, just perfect.
    But Jim and Pam. Be still my heart, how sweet can they be!
    And poor Toby!
    Oh, and one more thing: Don’t mess with Phyllis Vance (I could not believe Dwight did that to her, but I guess I should not be surprised).
    Can you tell I am happy about The Office being back?

  49. Dwight with the bug spray at the beginning and in the vending machine! Priceless!!

    Jim and Pam in the rain … So sweet! But wasn’t she supposed to be only gone for 3 mos. and Jim said toward the end that she had been gone for 10 weeks? I sense that her NY stay will be extended. :(

  50. I thought it was hilarious! As always :)

    But somehow I thought it was going to be a 2-hour special (wishful thinking, perhaps?)…so I was a little disappointed when hour one ended, and hour two did not start.

    My husband and I just started getting into the show with the reruns on TBS – and we’re already hooked for this season!

  51. One condition: that our first dance is my favorite song, “Little Drummer Boy”!!!

    Oh, Angela, I missed you!

    Also, Pam being interviewed in the chair on the laptop was classic!

  52. Oh my goodness! How I’ve missed Andy! Ange ella ella ella!!! The best!

    And finally! Way to go Jim!!!

  53. I was wondering what happened to Meredith’s face too.
    To be honest, I found the proposal scene lacked something for me. I thought Pam was going to stand Jim up at the Quick Stop. I was hoping for something more dramatic, I guess.
    No, Pam would not be an RA for the summer term, I don’t think!
    In real life, Ryan would not be allowed to come back there to work, not even as a temp with another agency. Wondering how they’ll keep him in the show?
    It’s still my favorite show, though, and the only program on TV that I will try to watch each week!

  54. Loved every single second of it. Watched it again this morning on the DVR. :)

  55. I think I’m with most people…I was so glad it was back on, but I felt a tad let down. It was funny…but not like some of the earlier seasons. I am THRILLED that the new season has started and plan to watch it every week, maybe we were all expecting and anticipating it too much??
    It was funny in parts..and wierd in other parts.
    Yes..yes..yes…what was UP with Meridith’s face, I thought I was going crazy????????????

  56. My favorite part was when Phyllis came in and yelled at Dwight. Go Phyllis!

    Lots of unexpected surprises which I liked. I never thought Ryan would come back and be the temp. receptionist.

  57. Overall, loved it. My friends and I had a premier party. Yes, we did.

    I gasped when Jim got on one knee; I said “Oh, honey” when I saw Toby in the hospital. Andy has wormed his way into my heart and my favorite scene was Pam’s Skype talk. I DVRd it and will most likely watch it again soon! YAY THE OFFICE!

  58. Ok, I loved it, but it just had a weird vibe to it that makes me a little nervous that it is going to change. You know?

    One of my favorite things about the Office is Jim’s faces. On his very cute face. So at the first weigh in when Michael passed up a perfect “that’s what she said” moment, the look on Jim’s face made me sigh…oh, I missed you, Office…

    Other than that one of my favorite lines was when Jan said “oh, they found her?” about the missing girl. I love Jan’s character. She makes me cringe as much as Michael.

  59. It was just so good to see our friends again! I loved:
    When Pam stayed in the Typeface class
    Dwight spraying the fruit, Dwight kicking the cheesecake
    Ryan making the list
    Creed: “It’s not from Mexico.”
    Wicka Wicka Wicka Wicka wahhhhhh
    Michael tearing up the tickets

    Also, poor, poor Andy. I did not like Angela in this one at all.

    Can’t wait for next week!

  60. The Meredith mystery is solved! NBC has deleted scenes from the episode posted online, and one of them explains her face (kind of). Here’s a link:

  61. Oh, I almost cried. Sniff, sniff. Almost.

  62. The thing with Michael Scott carrying Pam around with Roni to find the colored paper clips that he likes? That is my boss. THAT IS MY BOSS.

  63. love the office! my husband has been telling me all summer long that no matter what, Pam and Jim will break up. I want to beat that “classmate” of hers with a wet noodle. We’ll see where the writers take it….

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