Why I’m A Little Slow With The “Writing”


You know what’s handy when you’re a blogger?

The letter F.


So now I’m going to sit back and wait for a nice man on the Ebay to send me the replacement F that hubby ordered for me.

And I’m getting a new H, too. Because I’m telling you: it may still be semi-attached, but my H is not long for this world.

My keyboard would appreciate your prayers.

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  1. I’m missing my “L” and my “.” Maybe this is a sign that I’m supposed to call Dell today!

  2. I love how your letters are rubbed off. Mine are that way too. : ) Does it show how smart we are at typing or that we spend WAY too much time on the thing? Need to ponder….


  3. thats so funny. looks like the “n” might could use some help too!

  4. I’m losing my “n.” I feel your pain.

  5. BooMama, you are too funny!

  6. You must really be attached to your keyboard if you are ordering letters versus buying a new one. I get this… finding a keyboard that fits and feels right is as hard as finding that perfect pair of jeans!

  7. I feel for you! I spilled Sprite on my keyboard and now my M sticks if I don’t push down on it with my thumb. I’ve gotten used to it but when anyone else tries to type it messes them up!

  8. I’m thinking that this calls for one of those particularly clever posts in which you use an “f” or an “h” tongue-twister, substituting all the f’s and h’s with * or – (sort of like “BINGO”: -INGO, and Ingo was his name-o!

    My A & E are worn off…I’m working on becoming vowel-free.

  9. Just don’t write anything about undamental ailures, rench ries or your avorite antasies and you’ll be all right.

  10. I lost my “e” 2 weeks after I got my new computer!!!! Lived that way for 2 years until I got another new computer.

  11. My “j” is on its way out. Many the email, Tweet or post I’ve written about my wonderful husband… ohn.

  12. my “a” and “s” are pretty faded!

  13. Do you have an Apple store near you? Whenever my keys fall off (or I should say “usually” as my enter key is gone and i’m using the enter key on the bottom row now) I take it over the Apple store and voila! they fix it!

  14. I think that is your answer to getting the new macbook. You’ve earned it!

  15. Anja peels the keys off my laptop every once in a while, but I’ve always gotten them to pop back on. Sorry, little F…

    I am very happy to see shiny keys. This means much typing has been done on your keyboard, which makes it feel loved and happy. *smile*

  16. I think the Macbook people should show you some love and give you new one.

  17. At least you can see the rest of your letters. I’ve worn all mine off. It’s like being back in typing class, when the teacher covered all the letters with masking tape. Good grief. I need a whole new keyboard! I’d send you MY F except, you know, it’s blank. You wouldn’t know it was an F. LOL

  18. Hubby’s X is broken… We have to push on the little rubber knobby thing under it to make it work. The joy of having a 2 year old, I suppose!

  19. lol! i love it :) the picture is priceless!

  20. To bad MTV doesn’t have a show called “Pimp My Mac” because you’d be prime candidate! That poor laptop has seen a lot of mileage. I FHeel FHor you. :D

  21. My shift key had Sprite spilled on it and it sticks, despite cleaning.

    Them there are some worn out keys, Missy!

    Blog on!

  22. I wonder how much it costs to buy an f and an h. Vanna might know.

  23. For me it’s my backspace… That button is hanging on by the skin of it’s teeth.

    I think the fact that it’s my backspace button may signal a serious problem. I’m choosing to ignore it. ;)


  24. It reminds me of when Clinton’s administration was leaving office and making room for Bush’s…Clinton’s guys too the W off of all the key boards. I think that is classic:-)

  25. ::::sign:::: I often pray I’ll lose my a– but not on the keyboard. Trusting The Ebay will come through with the H and F and whatever other Sesame Street friends you are lacking. T-anking you -or your patience in-forming your devoted -ans

  26. Y’all are CRACKING ME UP.

  27. Oh this is too funny. I thought I was the only one with this problem. My ‘H’ button has been off for months. I used to hit the litle rubber thingy underneath but just knew I would lose it somehow (read: 4 kids, enough said), so now it and Mr. H are in a ziplock bag in the junk drawer. I don’t know what I plan on doing with them, but I’ve got ’em just in case.

    Ah well, such is the life of a blogger, aye?

  28. Ugh. I feel your pain. My N is completely worn off. My E only has the top bar, and my D is missing its curve. BUT at least the keys are there. Good luck!!!

  29. It is obvious to me that you need a brand new MacBook. Right? :)

  30. I suppose that’s why I haven’t heard from you in a while. :)

    For fun, I just tried to write a sentence without the use of the fabulous “F” word. Forget it. I fold. I see your dilemma.


  31. Only you, my bloggy friend, could make losing a “F” from your keyboard laugh out loud funny.

    That’s why I love your blog. Well, that and your Compassion trip. :)

  32. Wait.

    You can lose keys on your laptop?

    I knew that the keys popped off a regular keyboard, but a laptop…oh goodness.

    I swear to you that I just looked at my keyboard to “check” my keys!!

  33. You may have to resort to the dash dash dash.

  34. Been there, done that.

    Mine’s still broken. But if I press really hard where the key used to be, it still works.

  35. Well, I got you beat, girl! Thanks to my almost three year old, I have 11 keys that look like your “f”!! I have been typing on it like that for two months now- blech.

  36. I don’t have a MAC – but my keyboard has only half of D, C, and V. N and M are almost completely gone – I can see just the very tip tops of the points of them.

    On my 10-key pad the 1 is totally gone, tne 2 is 90% gone and the 5 is 1/2 gone.

    What does this all mean?

  37. WHAT HAPPENED?? Why are all of your letters beginning to revolt and leave the keyboard?

    I hope you wrangle them up soon and let them know who’s boss! :)

  38. My keyboard is in bad shape, too, thanks to 2 year-old Spice who thrills at plucking the little pieces of plastic from their homes. I am currently missing one enter, my Fn, and my Shift is hanging by a thread. I’ve become pretty much an expert at replacing keys…

  39. i didn’t know you could order letters from ebay. that’ll come in handy when my h goes out tomorrow.

  40. That’s terrible! I’ll hold special prayer for those 2….may they come in very soon!

    How will you type BFF stories? Or talk about far-out fun stuff?

    This is T R A G I C!

  41. The zero on the 10 key pad on my keyboard is dead. We were given this keyboard by an avid cream and sugar coffee drinker who spilled! I’ve learned to adapt. Someday maybe I can get a new keyboard!

  42. Wow! Your keyboard looks like the preset buttons on my car stereo. Of course, your keys may say that you’re a hard worker or something…mine just say that I’m a little ADD with the radio.

  43. Without an ‘F,” how can you type FOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM?

  44. Oh Boo

    I just read the cutest post over at 4tunate’s blog….go see her dilemma!

    She’s in worse shape than you, I think!


  45. Ha! Looks like our laptop! Baby Gray loves to pop the keys off!

  46. I have to punch my “G” my “;” and my spacebar….and most of the keys are so worn I can only see half of the letter. Hmmm…sounds like it might be time for a new laptop:)

  47. I think you should ask Santa for that new iMac you’ve been “drooling” over! Although, my daughter survived her entire senior year of college without her “j”–it can be done! ;-)

  48. I do hope that it won’t impede your update on The Office, which I am still picking myself off the floor from laughing.


  49. Oh, girl!

    I had that happen in like a year or a year and half with a keyboard, emailed HP about it, telling them it seemed crazy to me that a keyboard should break down with holes in it. Do you know they sent me a whole new keyboard!?!

  50. Oh my goodness – I thought I was the only one with this problem! My S keeps falling off and one of the IT guys at work has replaced it for me several times. I finally felt bad going to him AGAIN, so I worked with it until I could get it back on, but now it’s not quite right and I have to jam on it every time. I feel SO much better now.

  51. Been there! I was thrilled to get a new MacBook because now I can see all my keyboard letters again! Hooray!

  52. Looks like a good reason to go get a new MacBook! ;-)

  53. You need to read Ella Minnow Pea. Seriously.

  54. We are missing our g, k and comma. I just type without the keys. Sometimes it makes it difficult to be quick!

  55. We miss you, but hope you are enjoying the break.