The Baby Multiplies The Fun

Tonight’s episode of The Office was a sort of cringe-inducing study in awkwardness; there was the disconnect between Pam and Jim, not to mention the disconnect between Michael and, well, everybody. Plus, it was pretty much the most bizarre Office opening ever, so I think I was thrown off a little bit from the get-go.

Even still, there were some moments:

1. “This baby is related to Michael through delusion.”

3. The bowl of M&Ms for ASTIRD

4. Jan and the “lullabies”

5. Dwight and the stroller

6. The baby in the cornucopia, oh my word.

7. The hug between Michael and Holly, which was oddly touching in a I-shouldn’t-be-seeing-this sort of way.

What did y’all think? Like? No like? Happy just to see our Dunder-Mifflin friends?

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  1. This episode had its funny moments (Dwight giving birth to a watermelon on Michael’s desk), but it was a little bit sad, too. I really felt bad for Michael tonight. He really wanted to be a baby-daddy! The hug with Holly was sweet.

  2. What I wanna know is, with Pam gone who is manning the phones?

  3. Maybe it’s because I’m about to deliver my own “watermelon” shortly, but that opening scene crossed a line for me. I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the show. Blech.

    But the ending made up for it. Less awkward and more sweet.

  4. Tonight wasn’t quite as good, a little bizarre and the rhythm seemed off. The Astird thing made me laugh, and Jan’s singing, but that was about it. Oh, I almost forgot about Stanley comparing himself to a pregnant woman, saying he had varicose veins and swollen feet, and needed to know where the nearest hospital was. I LOVE HIM.

  5. i did love pam and jim’s ending message/conversation. very sweet.

  6. Well, hubby and I were rolling! We thought the whole watermelon thing was hilarious. And Creed’s facial expression when they were talking about the afterbirth was hilarious!

  7. Maybe we just have an odd sense of humor. :)

  8. I totally understand what you mean. There were parts where I was laughing and parts that I thought were a little overdone!

  9. Hubby said he liked the name Astrid, but after tonight’s episode, I’d be very afraid of that mispronunciation.

    Dwight and the stroller was the best!

  10. I thought the opening was a little weird. I did think that Dwight rubbing butter on the watermelon was hilarious, though!

  11. I will be really mad if Pam and Jim don’t make it.

    Really mad.

    For about 5 minutes.

  12. I thought Dwight was really funny tonight–“cradle my head,” and “babies are slippery.” Then trying the $1200 baby stroller out with his Trans Am.

    I thought it was extra sweet that Jim and Pam left messages at the same time that showed they were on the same page still.

    We so needed to laugh tonight…so much!

  13. So, is it true you’re not supposed to use flashes with newborns? I’m not a mom so I have never heard that…

  14. Wasn’t my favorite, but I still laughed a lot. I think it’s been a good season so far.

    I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I sort of teared up just like Holly after Micheal’s hug (It could just be hormonal). I know he can be annoying, but come on, he just wants to be loved!

  15. I’m always happy to see our Dunder Mifflin friends. I didn’t love this episode but the ending with Jim and Pam and the phone message made it all better.

  16. Loved Jan sacked out on the couch. Loved Andy’s reaction to Angela’s baby picture. Loved the Chevy and Astird M&M’s.

    Dwight was INSANE (even for Dwight).

    Jim and Pam made me want to clunk their heads together. (I don’t like how Pam always sounds frustrated and slightly annoyed with Jim now that she’s at college.) But their ending conversation was sweet.

    Is now when I admit that I didn’t know what a “Golden Shower” was? Whoops.


    In summary, even a slightly “off” Office is a good Office. =)

  17. Tricia- it’s Ryan whose supposedly manning the phone, isn’t it?

    I liked this episode in spite of Dwight’s bizarre behavior.

    And the Jim/Pam ending was great…but I kept expecting something horribly tragic to happen. I’ve got to stop watching shows like Fringe and Heroes. They’re messing with my brain.

  18. I laughed so hard at the opening I could have peed my pants. But I didn’t:-)

  19. I missed the opening (apparently good). I was cracking up at Stanley comparing himself to a pregnant woman and having to know how to get to the hospital quick.

    Dwight and the baby stroller. Oh my.

    But the whole conversation between Pam and Jim at the end – very sweet. And I agree with Shanda. I kept waiting for something to happen to one of them.

  20. “What the heck is on that thing?”
    “Butter. Babies are slippery.”

    Cracked me up. I guess my sense of humor is totally twisted b/c I loved it!

  21. I loved the end when Michael said he didn’t feel much when he held the baby but now, Holly, that’s another story. I thought that was sweet. And poignant, too, because he went inside and asked Holly out right after Jan told him not to go out with her. I think he’s breaking out of Jan’s evil hold on him, and that could be good. I also liked that Holly had tears in her eyes when he asked her. Very sweet and tender moment.

    Of course, I could be reading too much into it. :)

  22. This show is always like fingernails scraping down a chalkboard to me & I am ADDICTED!Wierdest thing…..
    Can’t believe Michael couldn’t be there for the delivery to “mark the baby’s head w/ a sharpie!’ I will be mad if Pam & Jim don’t make it!!

  23. LOVED Dwight’s suggestion to immediately mark the baby with a Sharpie to prevent it being taken by baby snatchers.

    His conspiracy theories NEVER cease to amaze me.

    LOVE him.

  24. Dwight always cracks me up. And I enjoyed Jim’s diagram, it really cleared things up for me. I’m not so sure I like depressed Michael though.

  25. Michael eating the watermelon with Dwight pulling up his pants right next to him.

    “She is in the terminal phase of her pregnancy”

    Jan asleep with the plastic party tablecloth on her, with the bows still stuck to it.

    Andy and the baby picture of Angela.

    I thought this was a great episode, awkward at times, but I love that sometimes you have to look away from the TV b/c you get so embarrassed for the characters….. ha ha

  26. There were definately some funny lines in there, but overall the watermelon thing creeped me out, a lot.
    I loved it when she only let Michael hold the baby inside the carseat. Classic.
    If they make Jim and Pam split, I am gonna have to stand in my yard with a protest sign. It is too much.
    I wondered what you were thinking, BooMama.
    I think the funniest thing is there is a guy at my office scarely similar to Dwight.
    Overall, even a bad Office episode is better than a good anything else episode.
    Enough said.

  27. LOVED IT! The Office is finally getting back to the way it was in the first couple seasons – hilariously inappropriate! After the dud of last season, I say keep ’em coming!

  28. Did anybody catch Jan’s “throne” made with post-it notes – Awesome!

  29. I liked the 4th season the best so far. I really hope that Jim & Pam make it. They are the whole reason I watch it!

    The beginning was definialty the best part! I really hope that Michael gets rid of Jan. I never did like her very much.

    I kinda hope that Angela and Dwight work things out in their twisted way. Andy just gets on my nerves.

    I have to be honest and say that sometimes I wish my office was more like this….

  30. I actually really liked it. LOVED the Golden Shower comment. LOVED Dwight talking about marking the baby with a sharpie.

    “So it could be anyone’s baby. Except Michael’s.”

    Annoyed that Jim and Pam were off tonight … but hopefully they will get it back together.

    I thought this was a GOOD episode of The Office. Nothing bad about it!

  31. I definitely thought this was one of the most over-the-top episodes I’ve ever seen… but HILARIOUS! The watermelon “birth” was outrageous!

  32. the first thing I thought of was boo mama is watching this at the same cool. I loved the baby picture scene and when Andy called the baby “natures bounty” I guess I just love Andy.

  33. daryl to michael:
    do you want to hold me and see if you feel anything?

  34. Hilarious, but its definitely different this year… well, since the writers came back from strike. It just hasn’t been the SAME. :) Still watch it and still lovin’ my office peeps!

  35. I loved it, but I usually do! Most of my favorite things have already been mentioned, but I totally cracked up when Creed compared a tub birth to “the tide at Omaha.” Gross sense of humor, I guess. Or maybe I’ve had too many babies.

  36. It was totally awkward and weird, but still, I loved it. Jan just makes me cringe. And I’m way too emotionally attached to Jim and Pam’s relationship – this long distance thing is killing me!

  37. Loved Stanley and Dwight in this episode.

    The phone message part was very touching.

  38. Well, I’m with the off beat sense of humor folks, because the watermelon bit had me HOWLING with laughter! \

    Especially: “No Dwight! Andy, would you like to have my baby?”


    Oh too funny.

    And the hug with Holly only seconds after Jan told him not to date her – that was awesome.

    And Pam and Jim leaving each other messages, was awesome, I loved it.

  39. I was so mad at Michael for calling Holly a weirdo that I had a hard time enjoying the episode. Oh well

  40. Dwight with his legs in the air giving birth to a watermelon is something that will forever be seared into my brain…

    Jan singing “Son of a Preacher Man” made me cry laughing…

    Jan telling Michael not to date Holly made me want to kick her in the teeth, but then I wanted to cheer when he went right inside, hugged Holly, and asked her out. Did you notice that Holly was teary-eyed? I really, really like this couple. Poor Michael, as bumbling as he is, really deserves someone to love him for WHO he is, not because she wants him to fund her baby’s 529 Plan… (Did anyone else catch that?)

    Not sure where the Pam and Jim thing is going…maybe just emphasizing that no one’s relationship is perfect all the time.

    OH! One more thing…when Angela called Andy a pervert because he thought Phyllis’s baby picture was Angela…Too cute!

  41. I have to admit I laughed the hardest at the
    “what did you put on that thing?”
    “Butter, new babies are slippery!”

    and then Michael started eating the watermelon which made me cringe but it was still funny!
    Love that show!

  42. I loved this episode! I laughed out loud when Michael was eating the watermelon and when Jan was singing to the baby. I loved Michael calling himself the “Baby Daddy”. Too funny………

  43. I was sitting alone in my living room laughing my heiney off!!! The best part about this show is the “laughing through the cringing” factor!! It’s so painful it’s funny. Or the other way around….

    “I call this the bumper test.” “Butter..babies are slippery”. “Wanna hold me and see if you feel something? Yea. Can I? No.”

    Loved seeing the montage w/Micheal and the babies. Then going straightaway to ask out Holly!!!! YAY!!! I’m rooting for Micheal!!! Boo Jan! Boo!

    But what was the deal w/the cornacopia (sp?) pictures? I musta missed something there.

  44. This was my favorite episode of The Office!! Hubs, who doesn’t even watch it, was laughing, too.

    Then reliving it with the girls at work this morning had us laughing so hard we were crying!

  45. Astrid (Astird) in the lettuce….oh my. Funniest thing I’ve seen on TV in a LOOOOONG time!

  46. I loved Angela’s Anne Geddes-esque photo session, the crossed phone messages, Astird, and Stanley. I love to hate Jan, and I’m rooting for Holly and Michael.

  47. It was one of those cringe-worthy episodes but I liked it nonetheless.

    “Jan had the baby and Michael wasn’t there to mark it. So the baby could be anybody’s. But Michaels.”

    and Michael being told by Jan not to ask Holly out. I loved that Michael went right in there and hugged her (it was one of those almost too intimate to be viewing moments) and then asked her out. Amy Ryan played that scene out with the perfect amount of vulnerability. I loved it!

    The whole watermelon scene was just a tad disturbing. But disturbing can be funny. Especially when Dwight Schrute is involved.

  48. Oh my word, the singing by Jan was uncomfortable. I was embarrassed for her and it’s not even real.

  49. I will say the episode needed more Kelly. Love her. By the end of the episode Curt and I were saying, “Good for you, Michael!” Bless his heart.

  50. Not as good as the others this season, but I’m always happy to see our Scranton friends. The hug at the end definitely had that feeling of I shouldn’t watch this. They both played it really well.

    Jan’s singing cracked me up. And “Andy, do you wanna have my baby??”

    Angela’s pictures. “I need it to look up here.”

  51. Loved the episode. However, the watermelon cracking open when it hit the floor was a bit, shall I say, an “oh my” moment for me.

    –Mark the baby with a sharpie, too funny.
    –Dwight dragging that stroller behing his Trans Am. I was ROFL!!!!
    –Jim and Pam’s messages to each other.
    –Michael asking Holly out.
    –Stanley needing to be close to a hospital.

  52. Michael considering Jan’s “bloated feelings” – that cracked me up!

  53. ps I caught the 529 funding shot too – cruel Jan!

  54. Not my favorite but I was glad Pam and Jim connected through disconnection at the end!

  55. The only part that I couldn’t comprehend was Jan singing “Son of a Preacher Man” during the shower. I still don’t get it. The rest of the show, however, I loved.

  56. Loved the fact that the red haired baby that Michael was holding in one of the shots is William Xavier, Regis Philbin’s grandson.

  57. Wonder if one of the babies that loved Michael is “Angela’s” child?

    I really loved the staff baby pictures, and would love to see them all. Creed looked the same.

  58. I loved the picture taking among the veggies and it was more funny because when my son was newborn I took a picture, flash and all, right in his face then became the momma bear protecting him from anyone else doing it. Not that it mattered after I damaged his retina:)

  59. I have never seen the American version of The Office before last night. We turned it on at 8:14 and watched half of an episode, and let me just say – if you’ve never seen it before – watching 1/2 of an episode can lead to the most confused 15 minutes of your life.
    I actually blogged more in depth about my confusion this morning, but I’ll just say that I am QUITE out of the loop. (sigh)

  60. Dwight’s testing of Jan’s $1200 stroller was hilarious!!!

  61. Sophie,

    I had to write to tell you that I’m finally understanding the love for “The Office”. I checked out Season One from the library and my lands, I laughed like no one should be allowed to laugh.

    Just thought that I would share that you made a convert, all due to your posts about a show I never saw. Thank you for opening a whole new world to me.


  62. “Babies are one of my many areas of expertise. Growing up I performed my own circumcision.”

    Now how often do you hear something like that?

  63. I always love the Office! There are so many hilarious lines and scenes. Though Creed always freaks me out. Didn’t get why Jan sat there and sang for everyone like it was her own karaoke party. I mean, I know you go a little batty after having a baby (I know, mine is only 3 months old), but I didn’t go that crazy. And the ending message between Jim and Pam made the universe right again. So much emotion in one show … amazing!

  64. Hubby & I were pretty busy this weekend with a big retreat at camp, so we just finally got caught up with the Office tonight- but, oh, didn’t your heart just break for Michael just a little bit when Jan came in with the baby???

    I get just a little too wrapped up in books & tv shows & it’s hard to remember that they’re not real people! :)