Coming To You From I-20

Our family-o-three is on our way to Six Flags this morning, and since my entertainment options are listening to Anderson Cooper’s podcast (Hubby’s choice) or watching A Snoodle’s Tale (little guy’s choice), I thought I’d check in with the internets, which could be a little tricky because I am typing on a very tiny keyboard and quite frankly my thumbs are enormous.

(Sidenote: right now I’m listening to a guy named Daniel Renstrom on my iPod, and I am going to be talking about hom A LOT in the days and weeks to come because OH, THE MUSICAL GIFTEDNESS. My friend Jason told me about him, and, well, SCORE. /sidenote)

I’ve had a little bit of beach withdrawal this week, because oddly enough when I wake up at my house there is no large body of water crashing against a sandy shore. However, we are so grateful for the time away, so grateful for sweet family members who let us borrow their condo for a few days. My SIL Janie and my nephews were also at the beach last week, so we got to spend some much-needed time with them, and Alex loved every single second. Cousins, they are good.

Last night one of the little guy’s classmates had a costume party at her grandparents’ house, and while y’all know that I’m not really one for large social gatherings, especially when said social gathering is accompanied by the possibility that someone might be dressed up as a clown, we had the best time. There was a bouncy castle and hot dogs and a hayride without the hay since it was super-damp outside. I didn’t take my camera, but that’s okay because I will never, ever forget the sight of Alex in his Darth Vader costume on that hayride – with a grin a mile wide as he and Batman and Indiana Jones growled like bears. It’s one of my favorite mama memories ever. And in all honesty it made me want about six or twenty more children, which might be problematic given my ever-increasing age, so maybe some of y’all could just lend me your young’uns for a bit until my hormones settle down, m’kay?

And seriously: SWEET MERCY at the blessing of that little fella riding in the backseat. I’ll never get over him.

Okay – here’s our exit. Hope y’all have a wonderful Saturday. Don’t tell me if there are typos in this. Let’s just pretend that I type beautifully with my thumbs.

Also: parking here is $15. So I expect our car to be washed and waxed when we leave the park later this afternoon. Just sayin’.

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  1. Hey, I left you a message. On your way back, look for what I described and please pray.

    Have SO MUCH FUN!


  2. Oh… I just returned from the beach. Have never been in October, but it was like diving into a bag of marshmallows for me…soft, white and very therapeutic.
    Will be blogging about some very introspective things I learned while watching the waves come crashing up over my feet. God times, Boomama… oh…. and I meant it that way… GOD TIMES!

  3. Mine are available for loan any time you want ’em. :-)

  4. Have a good time. Don’t hold your breath on the car detailing, though.

  5. What a fun way to spend the day…have fun!

  6. Jeannette says:

    $15! I would at least expect a tram to take me back to my car. I don’t care if I do park my car near the pole that says B-2. After a day of walking around in the park I always find my car closer to Z-99.

  7. Got to love I-20! Have fun at Six Flags! It’ll be a little chilly for those coasters!

  8. Glad I’m not the only one terrified of clowns…

    Have a BLAST!

  9. Feel free to take a Wog or a Bug, or both. Anytime. Sirsly!

  10. seriously…aren’t parking prices out of control?!

    and know what? if you headed west on i-20 and kept going…and going…and going…you could come visit us in TX! we have a six flags here too! :0)

  11. Just watch an episode or two of “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” and your hormones will be squelched back down to normal levels. That’s what I do.

  12. Six Flags has got to be one of my least-favorite places on the face of the earth. The $15 parking is just the start, my friend! If it’s Six Flags over Georgia, just pray that your car is there (dirty, waxed, or otherwise) when you get back.

  13. Sounds like a fun time on the hayride. Aren’t kids precious. I have 2 teen girls and love them to death, but everytime I see a little boy, I think, “wouldn’t it be fun to have one of those.” But thankfully that thought doesn’t last too long…lol

    Hope you have a great time at Six Flags!

  14. You can borrow her anytime:-)

  15. Boo,

    We went to Six Flags, Georgia this summer. I also thought it needed some updating. Very disappointing after Disney and Busch Gardens, VA.

  16. While I do love my 3 kids dearly, you can borrow them ALL anytime you want! And for as long as you want. At least 3 days at a time would be nice, thank you very much.

  17. My husband says that he loves you b/c if I read this post right, you hate clowns, and he is scared to death of clowns and thought he was the only one to have this problem.

  18. I feel the same way when we return from our Mexico trips. I really miss the falling asleep and waking up to the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the shore and sighting dolphins at 6 AM with my little guy! I don’t miss the sand all over the condo floor though. :)

    That costume party sounds fantastic! I’d love to go to something like that. :)

    Hope you all had a great time at Six Flags!

  19. OK next time you come to Sa you have to bring him – he would jump right in with my boys. Jacks is Obie Won Kinobie (sp?!?) and I had to go to 3 places to find the correctly colored light saber. ALso – we became huge fans of Fiesta Texas this summer and in fact have the map of it up on his bulletin board.

  20. You are welcome to my three Wild Boys anytime you want :).

    We went to the Opryland Hotel in Nashville Friday night to meet some friends for dinner. Parking was $18!!! Luckily the restaurant validated our parking. I could not believe it.

  21. Oh, if only you lived in TX… I have one little darlin’ in particular that I’d let you HAVE today!! We have tangled up several times today…. I don’t think I’m winning ANY of our arguments!! :-)

  22. I certainly couldn’t have done any better with my thumbs.

    Isn’t it almost criminal what the charge for parking? Ridiculous really.

  23. Ok…I know about the whole parking fee…RIDICULOUS…and just to help with that whole “more kids”…go into youth ministry – it’s the perfect fix. Or for me…volunteer for children’s church…large groups of small children. Ummm…not good for any of us…that urge is completely gone after about 10 minutes. Just a suggestion of course. ;)

  24. I have three you can borrow. I bet you could spend three days just playing with my baby’s curls and not even get tired of it!