Rest In Peace

Saturday we went to Six Flags as planned, and we had a wonderful time except for the fact that I got completely grossed out by some of the older rides. I’m a fan of amusement parks in general, and I will support just about anyone’s rollercoaster habit with unbridled enthusiasm, but if I’m on some sort of “river cruise” featuring animatronic characters and said characters are so old that there are SPIDER EGGS ON THE COSTUMES, then I’m gonna suggest that maybe it’s time to shut ‘er down and refurbish.

And yes, I’m talking to you, Haunted Mansion.

The little man loved every single second, though, and he didn’t care one bit that awnings were ripped and water was stagnant and blah mama can be a little picky about these things blah blah. Plus, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and since I never tire of seeing tall pine trees contrasted against a bright blue sky, I was a pretty happy camper. Except for those spider eggs because, well, EWWWWW.

We got home early Saturday night, just in time to see the Bulldogs get taken to the woodshed, and once I realized that the game’s outcome was not going to be pleasing I started making my way through some emails I needed to answer. I downloaded the day’s pictures and checked a few blogs, then put the computer to sleep because I wanted to watch Saturday Night Live.

A little while later I decided I wanted to check the Twitter to see what people were saying about SNL, so I woke up the computer, looked at my desktop, and couldn’t find my mouse icon anywhere. No little pointy thing to be found. So I decided to restart, because that, that is what you do when your computer does anything remotely out of the ordinary, you just restart it and it’ll fix itself and angels will sing and all will be well with the world.

But all I saw after the restart was this blue-ish screen with a file folder and a question mark blinking at me.

Now I don’t know a lot about computers, but I have seen enough television to know that odds are the whole folder with a question mark thing was probably very bad news. So I summoned the husband. And after he worked with my computer and searched some things on his computer and worked with my computer some more, he made an announcement that honest-to-goodness made me cry: “your hard drive is dead.”

All my pictures. All my email. All my MUSIC, OH MY LANDS MY MUSIC.


My Mac. My sweet little Hoopty Laptop.


Oh, internets.

Fortunately David backed up all my pictures a couple of months ago, so I didn’t lose very many of those at all – mainly just the stuff from July to now, and I’d actually uploaded a lot of those to Photobucket. For a split second I thought I’d lost all my Africa pictures, and when I realized that D made back up copies of them I was so grateful that I started to cry again, and really, why are you even reading this right now, you should totally be somewhere buying an external hard drive so you can BACK UP ALL YOUR PICTURES RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE.

The lost email is a little bit tough to take, mainly because I’d saved lots of sweet emails from y’all. I also had all of my bloggy contacts in my Mac email – but now all that stuff is gone. I sent out Travis’ Christmas CD giveaways last Wednesday or Thursday – so I should be okay where that is concerned. But if you’ve emailed me about doing a giveaway, or if we were planning a giveaway – all that stuff is toast. So if you don’t mind, just email me again and we’ll start from scratch.

And the music – well, I don’t have to tell y’all that it’s the biggest loss of all for me. I loved everything in my iTunes and had a little collection-o-music built up that so totally spoke to my heart that I’m getting teary-eyed right now just typing this. I have about 200 songs from my iTunes on my iPod right now, so for the time being I’m just going to charge my iPod in the car and pretend like all my music isn’t gone. And I can’t talk about this anymore or I’ll go into the ugly cry and that just makes me feel silly so HEY, HOW ARE Y’ALL?

I’m peachy. Thanks for asking.

Right now our plan is to buy a refurbished hard drive, try to get my Mac up and running for just a little bit longer, and then sock away money for the next few months until we have enough to get a new Macbook. We have an iMac for D’s work, so we’re not totally without a computer, but since I do a lot of my bloggy bidness while he’s working, we’re gonna have to figure out something. And I know that we will. In the grand scheme of things, this isn’t exactly an earth-shattering problem.

But nonetheless, I’ll miss Hoopty Mac as she used to be. We’ve had some good times, Hoopty and I. We’ve been hither, there and yon – overseas, even – and she’s been a trusty companion. In fact, if I hadn’t dropped her in the airport when I was leaving for Africa, she’d probably be alive and kickin’ right now.


But instead, she’s flashing a folder and a question mark, wondering what in the world happened to all those great emails, and HEY, WHO TOOK AWAY THE MUSIC?

Bless her sweet little hoopty heart.

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  1. You have just typed my BIGGEST and GREATEST Mac fear.

    Two weeks ago, the daughter dropped a cup o water on my Macbook. We rushed her to the MacER and temporarily replaced things and crossed our fingers (and fasted and prayed because we are a religious bunch). So far, so good, but she could show the question mark at any moment.

    So, I bought an external hard drive but I got busy and it’s still in the box. So I better get busy TODAY. Thanks for the reminder and RIP, Hoopty.

  2. Oh I am so sorry. There is NOTHING worse. Seriously. I would dwell on how horrible I would feel if this happened to me, but that might just make you feel worse, and I couldn’t do that. So I will change the subject. Aren’t haunted house characters supposed to look nasty and old and decrepit? Maybe the spider eggs added to their look? Not that that makes it any less nasty. . .

  3. Awww man, Boo! That is stinky! I totally understand your pain. Hang in there, God has something extra special for you…I just know it!

    Praying for it to happen quick!

  4. My heart is beyond broken for your loss.


  5. Oh dear! Same thing happened to my Mac (aka “my boyfriend”) back in August. Took it to the Mac store because not only was it giving me a question mark, it was SCREECHING at us. Evidently, we set off the internal alarm which alerts you that something is terribly wrong.

    Like you, we didn’t lose much other than our music and some Word files, but oh, I feel for you with the music. One new hard drive later and we’re good to go, but we’re also socking $$ away for a new Macbook, which we both totally drooled over at the Mac store last weekend.

    I hope you’re up and running again soon.

  6. Oh, Sophie! Been there and done that – twice! I know it’s awful. Hang in there.

  7. Have you checked with any expertsorts? I know of some guys that can get info off dead drives, even to taking the hard discs out and putting them in another drive.

  8. Oh, BooMama…I’m sad for you. Here’s to praying that the money that is socked away grows quickly so that you can get your new Mac Book!

    I don’t know about you, but I got rid of all my CD’s and put the songs I liked on my iTunes. So, if I lost my iTunes, I will have lost ALL my music.

    Oh, my, I need to back up my stuff and fast! That is on the to-do list!

  9. That is so awful–I’m afraid I’d be reduced to rocking back and forth in a corner. (As for the music…I thought as long as you had your stuff on itunes you could access it from another computer and re-download–is that wrong? Because if that is wrong, then I just added something big to worry about.)

  10. I’m so sorry for your loss.

    Thanks for the reminder. My laptop has been acting up, and I just told my husband we need to get the thing backed up in case it dies.

  11. Stick the hard drive in the freezer! (I know that sounds weird…) Then reconnect and try to ghost it…it’s worked for me in the past :)

  12. Something similar has recently happened to my home computer!! THREE YEARS worth of pictures of my 4 babies are…well…still on an unaccessible hard drive. I have been told that I can take it to an expert and they can retrieve the files for a small price. I am willing to pay any price for my pictures and the Christmas Card list which has taken 10 years to compile.

  13. I have this T-shirt. It is NOT my favorite. Might I suggest saving up for a Time Capsule as well? After my hard drive crashed last year, we bought one and it backs itself up EVERY DAY. And I don’t have to think about it.

    Also, if you contact Apple about your woes, they CAN authorize a one-time download of all the songs they have record of you purchasing. Some fell through the cracks for me, but I was able to recover most of my music. And there are also ways to pull your music off your iPod. I’m sure D can figure it all out, but we’re right here if you need details. Hubs does geek-speak reeealll nice. :-)

  14. I feel your pain! I’m a missionary in Japan and while I was home visiting my mom who had suddenly become critically ill (she recovered…God is good) I knocked over my hoopty external hard drive and lost all of my pictures and all of my itunes stuff!!

    However…all is not lost! Senuti (itunes spelled backwards) is your friend!! It is a very easy to use FREE program that will get the songs from your ipod back to your computer! It is endorsed by mac so it’s not illegal. and did I say how easy it is to use? Hope this helps!

  15. I’m so sorry for your loss. Going to look into an external hard drive right away!

  16. Senuti, you say?


  17. Ohhh noooooo! This post hurts my heart! No pictures? No music? How is one to live? Thanks for the warning, I’m backing everything up RIGHT NOW.

  18. Oh, BooMama! I am so sorry! We just had the same thing happen last month and luckily, when I took it up to the apple store, my mac woke up for a few minutes (clearly divine intervention!!) and I bought an external hard drive right there on the spot and we backed up my pics and music. 2 days later, she died…. 3 weeks out of the warranty. Talk about a sad day! However, one of the sweet little apple guys bent the rules for me and covered the total rebuild of my hard drive.

    I feel your pain, Boo! I feel your pain!!

  19. Oh how awful. This really does make me want to run right out and buy an external drive. I’ve seen the blinking question mark. It’s ugly. The fine Mac Mr. Fixits were able to save my stuff for me. And yet, I have no external drive. Am I new??

  20. BooMama, do you keep a cooling pad under your MacBook at all times? I’m guessing no, in which case, I’m not surprised you got the folder and question mark of death. The same thing happened to me about a year ago. Basically the hard drive gets too hot and fries. You need to get a USB based cooling pad — it has a fan or two in it, and your laptop sits on it. It helps keep things cool.

    My sympathies on your loss — when my hard drive fried, I hadn’t backed up ANYTHING. A hard lesson to learn, that one. ;)

  21. Awww, Sophie! Aww….I am so sorry.

    We lost many of our photos from the past year on our main computer, when it crashed. Fortunately, we have given discs to our parents, so hopefully at Thanksgiving, we can copy them. Also? the music and some videos? I WAS able to re-download some of them because I found the receipts on my hotmail account and just told them to reload. Perhaps you can do that with the itunes?

    Praying for you, friend. Keep on thinking about that lovely blue sky and those pine trees–it’s a good “whatever” kind of thinking that helps you make it through. (Phil 4:8).

    PS I have all emails (not comments) that I have sent before, let me know if you want me to resend them.

  22. Sophie, if we lived close enough, I would run right over with a casserole and a chess pie. It’s all I know to do for someone when they experience such a great loss.

    I’m so sorry. I know you’ll miss dear Hoopty Mac.

  23. It seems that so many people are giving you condolences over you computer, but I’ve come to comfort you over your SFoG’s Monster Mansion experience. That’s the real tragedy here, I think.
    (Scroll down to the bottom)

    See? It’s got a FOUR MILLION DOLLAR refurb scheduled for the off-season. Those spider eggs better hatch soon, else they won’t have a chance to run away.

  24. cute post Boomama and you are right in the scheme of things it is a small price to pay. I have 2000 songs in my itunes and I would be devastated so I have them all down loaded on my new touch i pod.
    I also said the same thing when my car crashed 3 months ago and it was not repairable so I have been without a car and had resigned myself to the fact I would be carless for a long time. Sunday after church I was told an anonymous donar gave me $5000 dollars cash for a car!! I am so unbelieveably in shock but God does take good care of us!!

  25. Oh my goodness, Sophie, I am so sorry that happened!!!! I would be crying some KIND of ugly cry as well. RIP Hoopty.

  26. At least your experience will save the pictures and music of many others. My hubby and I had a passing conversation about buying an external hard drive about two weeks ago, but let it go. Now I think I’ll go get one.

  27. BooMama – This happened to a Mac of another blog I read, one DAY out of warranty!! I think I am not going to look to Macs for longevity. She tried some place called Drive Savers.

    Good luck!

  28. I love that you said hoopty. It made me LOL.

    But I do mourn for you, as your loss as put fear into the hearts of computer owners (and music lovers) everywhere. My condolences.

  29. Try the Geek Squad at Best Buy. They were able to rescue my pics and emails…it’s not free though. I paid about $100.00 — but it was worth it to me.

  30. I completely understand your pain! Our MacBook’s hard drive crashed about four months ago, and I was crushed to think that EVERY SINGLE PICTURE I had of my then 8 month old son was gone! Thankfully, we had an external hard drive, and my husband had just backed up the entire thing a few days earlier. I cried just thinking that those pictures were almost gone.

  31. Ah, hoopty. We loved you deeply. But we knew the loss of letter “F” not long ago, was the beginning of the end.


  32. Oh but, BooMama, they are shutting down the Monster Plantation for repairs at the end of the season. And when I read about Six Flags’ plans I immediately thought of your post on the homogenizing of the South. They are dropping the name Monster Plantation altogether. FOR SHAME!

  33. Same thing happened to my mac. I heard a rumor that you can get any music you downloaded/bought from iTunes back by contacting them. Not sure if it’s true, but it might be worth checking into.

  34. I’m sorry to hear about your mac. Our Dell died a few weekends ago…sad day.

  35. I’d like to observe a moment of silence on Hoopty’s behalf.

  36. Ditto. All that just happened to me last month. (Be warned and listen to the advice of Boomama- Go, back up the pictures NOW.) I was heartbroken, but it’s not the end of the world and I have a friend who is trying to get some sort of recovery going on the hard drive. Be grateful you have hubs who has a techy clue about computers because mine, well, has none whatsoevah! And I’m not any better off than he!

  37. Sorry to hear about your loss. One thing you might consider for the future is to get a web-based e-mail, I use Gmail. It has tons of storage space and automatically archives all messages sent and received. Makes life easy because then you don’t have to go back and delete things because of lack of space. Gmail also works with outlook and other POP programs if you prefer that to the web mail interface. It has been nice (and easy) to be able to go back and find e-mails from months ago and not ever have to worry about losing them.

  38. I just happened upon your blog today from Southern Sassiness, and had to post a comment.

    I feel your pain sister.

    Last month my beautiful baby laptop died a horrible death. Very Sad. Loved that thing.

    There is a man I know, through our children’s school… who used what he calls “star wars technology” to recover the contents of my hard drive.

    He charged me for it, ($80) but says he does it ALL THE TIME… for Police Depts, Sheriff’s depts.. etc.. and his bottom line is: Stuff is always retrievable…

    I live in Illinois, but I am sure your area must have one of these experts too!!!

    Good Luck and I feel your pain.. and I hat e my new laptop… really miss by baby.

  39. Did Six Flags look anything akin to the beginning of the New Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Might be similar to “Small World” ride at Disney. Scaaarrryyy.

  40. oh, and sorry about Hoopty.

  41. Oh Boo, my heart breaks for you! How awful!!
    But, I, too, think you should take Hoopty to someone and see if they can’t retrieve some of your info. Because our hard drive crashed, but a techie saint was able to retrieve our pictures for us.
    Also, I, too, thought as long as you had an iTunes account you could access it from another computer, and it would still be there.
    And, I second the comment(s) about getting Gmail! It’s wonderful for so many reasons! I’ll NEVER go back to regular email again.
    I hope all is not lost and that things aren’t as bad as they seem.
    I’d offer to fast and pray, but seeing as how this isn’t my “good” week, I’ll just pray! ;)

  42. I feel your loss, I cried when my laptop crashed (to the floor) back in march(ish)mainly because off all of the pictures from my 1st babys first year..

  43. Sophie,
    I became the repository of all the old family photos and records so I was worried not only about computer failure but house fire. I signed up for Mozy, About a month ago, my laptop hard drive died and I just emailed Mozy and got my backup and all was well with the world. Totally worth the money! First back up takes a long time but after that it’s really quick. I highly recommend Mozy!

    Annie’s mom (it’s just who I am these days)

  44. It’s good to have a husband who’s got your back up.

  45. Hi Sophie,

    Just a suggestion… when my laptop bit the dust, my homeowner’s insurance covered the replacement for me since I use it for business. I’m guessing you use your’s for such as well. It didn’t cost me a penny to replace mine. Might be worth checking into?

  46. This happened to our old iBook. My hubby managed to “convince” the computer that our portable hard drive was the real hard drive and we were able to use it just fine.

    We ended up selling it on ebay when the new iMacs came out and we got one. The guy who bought it from us replaced the hard drive for about $200 bucks and says it works like a dream.

  47. Oh also, Boomama? New iMacs? TIME MACHINE. Automatically backs up your entire hard drive to an external drive, so you’re protected if the blinking-folder-question-mark-thingy comes up.

  48. I haven’t read all the other comments, but my hubby lost his hard drive a few years ago. Sent his laptop down to FL to some FBI-type, criminal-chasing folks. For $800 (gulp), they recovered everything.

    I’m so sorry this happened to you. It makes my heart hurt.

  49. I had this happen to me this past July. I know this pain of which you speak of.


  50. There are a few important relationships in a woman’s life: her man, her kids, her girlfriends, and her computer.

    It’s OK to grieve for Hoopty. You will love again.

  51. OK, try this for your iTunes music. My aunt and uncle’s house got struck by lighting about a month ago and have had to replace 2 computers since then. The Apple store guy suggested this: go to the iTunes store. Sign in. Click on the “Store” menu at the top of the screen and then click on “Check for available downloads”. You may not be able to get all of your songs back (if they’ve been altered in any way, which I don’t fully understand), but since you’re authorized to put a song on up to 5 computers, you should be able to get your purchased iTunes songs back.

  52. Oh, I am SO sorry. Our very own computer experienced a CATASTROPHIC FAILURE this summer. Fortunately, my geek-out brother-in-law was able to scratch and claw all of our stuff out of the old hard drive. I cried too. . .when it died. . .and when my stuff was saved.

  53. I was going to make a sweet and sympathetic comment but I don’t have time to do so because I AM BUSY BACKING UP MY HARD DRIVE!!!!


  54. Oh my! Oh my! Bless your heart! I’m troubled just reading this and now I must go back up! Which I say with such enthusiasm, but with the kids in the bath it will have to wait…

  55. Poor, poor Hoopty.

    So many good suggestions here that don’t need to be repeated by me–the iTunes access from another computer, homeowner’s insurance covering your computer replacement and such. So I’ll just say I think God was just preparing you for this by having you do all that drooling over the Macbooks and beginning the switch to Gmail last week. See? He knew. :-)

  56. There is, therefore, no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus….so don’t sweat dropping the little darling one more minute.

    God had her days numbered from before the foundation of the world and nothing you did/didn’t do would have prevented this.

    Crying with you.

  57. I haven’t read through all of the comments, so I apologize if I’m repeating someone else. As far as your music – you can go through Apple and they can restore the songs that you purchased on iTunes. My mom’s computer crashed about a month ago and they recovered her songs…unfortunately for the 3000+ pictures – not so much.

    Good luck to you! I’m praying that my computer will just hang on a little longer!

  58. The same thing happened to my MacBook back in June. My computer was 2 years old and had burned through 2 hard drives, 2 logic boards, 2 batteries, 2 keyboard replacements,1 charger… In short, it was a lemon.

    I took the hideously expensive paperweight in to my local Mac store. To my surprise, they sent me home with a brand new MacBook. Gotta love that customer service. So far, my new Mac is working perfectly.

    You might shop around and find a third party hard drive for less than buying one (or even a refurbished one) at the Mac store. Check out and

  59. That’s big of you to say “bless her heart” to the computer…isn’t this all her fault?!

  60. SO SORRY about your puter troubles.
    My hubs carries his external hard drive around in his briefcase with his laptop.
    I need to do something for my laptop like you said.

    My VERY FAVORITE thing, that I enjoy so much every single day, is the way the different trees/tree tops look against the sky. Going down the interstate, riding around town, even back to laying out in my backyard when I was a teenager! I’d lay there and take pictures of how pretty that scene looked. Any friend of mine who’s ever riden in the car with me will back me up on this… I love the nature look with the sky/treetops.
    So glad you notice and appreciate that too.

    You must be special.

  61. First I offer condolences ’cause almost nothing is as devastating as losing it – it being the compilation of months of interaction-ism. Second – knowing your musicality perhaps we should choose a number for a background – I’m thinking – Don McLean’s The Day The Music Died? yep –

  62. Dee from Tennessee says:

    We bought an external hard drive January 08. Yes we did. We were going to be PREPARED baby, PREPARED.

    Let’s is now October 08, right? Guess where the hard drive is? It has been taken out of the box (woo hoo)…and is sitting by feet (which are still wearing flip-flops even if it did get to 33 degrees last night). Not connected, nada, NOTHING baby, NOTHING.

    Methinks we need externalhardrive101 at our house.

  63. I hate it when that happens. Microsoft Money decided to delete all my financial files this weekend. It blows. That and spider eggs? We had lice at my daughter’s school. Excellent.

  64. I have no offerings on the Mac problem. We are PC people all the way. But, I do know for a fact that the Haunted Mansion ride is about get a complete overhaul. They are shutting down the ride after this season and giving it a face lift. Which I’m sure will include the removal of all “spider eggs”. I feel sure anyway, but I’m not an official spokesperson for Six Flags. I just happen to live in GA and we know these things :o)

  65. Sometimes, even though the hard drive is toast, those computer geek guys can still pull your stuff from it. Check around your church and see if you have one of those guys who could check into that for you (you know, to save you some money). Who knows, he may know of a good place to get a replacement computer at a bargain price too!

  66. Thanks so much, y’all, for all the great suggestions…I’ll be re-reading these comments and taking some notes. :-)

  67. I’m going to put all my photos on a flash drive RIGHT NOW!

  68. Did I just read in one of your comments that they’re shutting down Monster Plantation? Sad. I had my first kiss there.

    Stayyy out of the Marsh!

  69. RIP, Hoopty.



  70. Oh Boo, I’m feel’n your pain. Losing that beloved music would send me straight to the ugly cries. I’m going to remind my husband to back up the computer tonight, everything, just the whole darn thing thankyouverymuch. We need some people to give YOU some CD giveaways now!!! Come on internets….this gal needs our help!

  71. check out – we use that as our extra back up – costs about 60 a year and it checks your computer for any new files and backs them up for you automatically.

    No more missing files when your computer drops dead!!


  72. Oh, my. I’m torn between a deep sadness for your loss – and a desperate fear that this could happen to me! Only three hours until I can dash home to upload my photos to, and back up my own sweet iTunes!

    Rest in peace, Boomama’s hoopty computer.

  73. I’m not reading through the comments, and someone may have told you about it, but you can “authorize” your ipod on the new computer, and then do a transfer, or import or something from your ipod. We had to do that with my hubby’s when his laptop died with no notice.

    It does NOT transfer CDs that you copied on there, which was a pain, but it does transfer all of your apple store purchases.

    I had a photo disaster recently too. I was transferring (not copying — transferring which was the problem here) my photos to an external harddrive, and it dropped and died. Goodbye photos. Sniff.

  74. I’m sending you a link via email that is quite appropriate during this season of loss.

  75. Stayyyy out of the marrrrsh!
    “You’re invited….to a picnic…monster picnic, where humans are allowed!”

    I am disheartened that the ride will be changing. I love the spider eggs and musty smell. I hope they at least leave the kissing booth!

    So sorry about your computer. I told my hubby about it and now we are going to back up our harddrive.


  76. My husband has found a way to store his iTunes folders on our external drive and still have his iTunes software access and play it. I think he had to pull out his most extreme hacker skills to make it happen and change something in a registry somewhere, but it can be done.

    Same thing happened to us not too long ago – portraits I’d taken of my son…all gone! Not happy!

  77. Two words: Geek Squad. They can retrieve any lost info on the hard drive. I know…. I had to get them to do mine a few months back.

    Sorry for the loss… :)

  78. Listen up, one and all — I have had such horrible hardships, w/o the advantage of a hubby who thought to back up pictures. I lost everything this May. I still can hardly discuss it.

    NOW, however, I am an uber-proud subscriber at, where EVERY DAY, they log onto my snappy computer and upload anything I have saved on it since yesterday. Yes, Mozy-my-love is backing up FOR me — for $4.95/month. Indeed. So, for FAR less than a hard drive, tons-o-USB’s and what-have-yous, I don’t even have to think about it. I’m tellin’ EVERY. ONE. I. KNOW. Genius, and I SO wish I had thought of it! Yes, my music, pictures, writing, budget, blah, blah — oh, even my favorites in IE (or Firefox, or whatever you want to use!)

    My condolences regarding hoopty laptop.

  79. I was considering buying a mac….
    i dunno.

  80. MichelleB says:

    Ugh yea. Mac’s are terrible sometimes even though I love them especially the ipods and iphone stuff. For our 10th anniversary this year, my hubby bought me a pair of diamond earrings from (what a sweetie!) and I bought him an ipod nano and it scratched and broke a day later. At least I have my gorgeous earrings! He just replaced it with a new nano refurbished!

  81. If you are at all near an Apple Store, ask the guys at the Genius Bar if they can help you out. They were able to do a great transfer job for me when I got the spiffy new iMac! Cuz I would have a meltdown if I lost my iTunes library too!!

  82. Oh girl. I know the pain you’re enduring. Remember when my Mac went kaput? Oh the tears of sadness that came then, along with all the memories of photos now gone. Lesson learned, but not the way I would hope to learn it.

    Mr. Right contacted iTunes to see if we can download them again since they have a record of payment and it’s not OUR fault that we lost them. You might want to give that a shot.