Tonight a couple of friends who are on the road a lot are staying with us, and since they don’t get homecooked meals very often, we’re pulling out all the stops in terms of comfort food: country fried steak, mashed potatoes, butterbeans, macaroni & cheese and chocolate pie.

Yes, it’s a little high in calories, but the good news is that you’re so happy after you eat all the goodness that you actually sort of enjoy the sensation of your arteries clogging.

And besides, I’m making the macaroni & cheese and chocolate pie with skim milk, so – HELLO – they’re totally good for you.

Last night some Birmingham bloggers (along with some other friends) came over to our house for a little get-together, and we had the best time. We had music and food and Kim made these bacon-wrapped cocktail sausage thingies that caused every single man in attendance to vow that they’d never eaten anything so delicious. In fact, I don’t know when I’ve seen my husband so enthusiastic about an appetizer, thus shoring up my theory that men have a special allegiance to any food that is wrapped in bacon, amen.

At one point last night I decided to sneak down the hall and check on the little man, who was asleep, and as I was walking up the two steps from our living room to our foyer (these would be the same two steps that led to Mama’s brief stint underneath the Christmas tree last year), I somehow managed to catch the toe of my shoe on the edge of one of the steps, and I tripped up the steps like the graceful swan that I am.

At first I thought maybe I could recover and sort of stumble into the hallway so that no one would realize what happened, but unfortunately the forward motion of the tripping catapulted me into a table in the foyer that just so happened to have two – no, three – glass items on the top of it. Once I slammed into the table, the resulting clamor stopped every bit of conversation dead in its tracks, and afterwards my husband said the only part of the entire fiasco that surprised him was that I didn’t take out one of the sidelights by the front door in the process.

So I turned beet red and assured everyone that I was FINE, REALLY, I PROMISE as I attempted to straighten up the glassware, and when I finally made my way back to Alex’s room he was awake again, buried under the covers, crying his little eyes out thanks to THE NOISE FROM ALL THE TRIPPING.

Oh, make no mistake, people: I am verrrry impressive in social situations. You might want to take some notes, even.

So if you’ll excuse me, I need to finish supper (STARCHES AHOY!), get the young’un to bed, then somehow convince three grown men that our first television priority of the evening is to watch “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” on the DVR.

You might want to wish me luck with that last thing.

See y’all tomorrow.

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  1. Poetry in motion!

  2. My husband says, “told you.”

    I wished I has DVR’d TRH of ATL

  3. LOL – I wondered if you’d blog about your slight “trip” up the stairs. It was a hilarious moment – at least there’s that! :D

    Your house was absolutely beautiful! I love your taste in decorating. Do you mind if I steal all of your paintings, one by one?

    I also noticed that you had a Walter Anderson print in your kitchen – I LOVE W.A. – being from Mississippi, I’m assuming you’ve visited his gargantuan works on the insides of the buildings in Ocean Springs? I spent a lot of time as a child in O.S., and was mesmerized by his work. I have a lot of his art in my house also.

    Thanks again for hosting us, and I had a wonderful time, in spite of my overbearing fears of consciously going into a social situation with 30 people that I’ve never met before!!

  4. Oh, I am laughing…but so thankful that you are okay. This would totally happen to me.

  5. I LOVE The Real Housewives of Atlanta! Luckily, it comes on 38 times a day, so I Tivo’d it in the middle of the night last night, and watched it during naptime today… whilst I inhaled some chocolate.

    I’m glad you had fun… so sorry about the awkward social situation.

  6. is your country fried steak recipe guarded? if you’re willing/able, please do share it! that’s one of those things on my “Culinary-Things-That-Every-Southern-Woman-Must-Master-at-Some-Point-in-Her-Life” list that i’ve yet to master.

    that, along with gravy, pecan pie, homemade bread, pie crust, sweet tea, and about a million other things! :0)

  7. I was laughing out loud throughout the whole post.
    Thanks for that tonight!
    (a nice break from getting ready for the biggest garage sale ever to be known to mankind on the face of the earth).

    Wish you lived closer to Atlanta.
    LOTS of niiiice boy clothes and light sabers in this sale Saturday.
    (LOTS of girl clothes too — I told my husband this afternoon going through all of them that I could feel myself ovulating like there was a baseball pitching machine inside of me. He just laughed and said, “we can try for one if you want”.)

    Who does that to his 38 yr old wife at such a weak moment???? I mean, c’mon!

  8. Dinner sounds delicious! All I have to say is pass the Shop Vac! Have a great time.

  9. Clicked on you from my sis Rena’s blogroll. Funny lil’ story. So did you break the glass… ha!?? J/J
    How about that recipe from Kim. Think I’ll go check out her site as well.


  10. Oh, please, please tell me you’re watching TRH of ATL for the sheer train-wreck of a show that it is! We’re NOT like that over HERE on my side of town. (I’m guilty. I’ve been watching, but only to see if I’m an “extra” in any of the shopping scenes.)

    Sorry about your fall; at least it wasn’t in front of 30 teenagers like me when I was a high school English teacher–in my former life! The rug burn sure to’e UP my hose! HA!

  11. Glad your trip was painless – sorry it was loud (I also try to fall quietly – preferring to assess damage before I have a crowd asking “are you ok?” forty eleven times when I still haven’t decided whether I need to cry or not). Sorry – your housewives tv show would not be on here either – not our cuppa sweet tea and we don’t do cable (cut it out to afford our compassion sponsorship addiction!)Goodness me – supper sounds beyond delicious –

  12. I do stuff like that all the time. People call me Grace the same way that they would call a large man Tiny.

  13. Good grief, If I lived closer I would invite myself over. A very non -southern thing to do but the food sounds divine!!

    Have a great evening!

  14. I’m wondering who the dinner guests are. You know so many famous people now, Boomama.

  15. I still haven’t recovered from your mama laying under that tree last year. That pictures stays in my head…and now this! Oh thank you for the laugh! I could just picture the whole scene.

    Those stairs are a doozy, aren’t they?

  16. And that, my friends, is why I have NO STAIRS in my house. I trip when the carpet changes color, so putting something like stairs in the mix would just be silly.


  17. Remember how I skinned my nose last year? I’m thinking we are surely related. Aw, friend, I’m sorry for your beet-red-ed-ness. There’s a fine club goin’ on for folks like us. The make others laugh at your expense club :)

  18. Today is my birthday, so I’ve decided that I want YOU to cook my birthday dinner! Seriously, it all sounds delicious.

    Glad you’re ok. You have a gift for telling stories!

  19. BooMama (I’m sorry I will never be able to call you Sophie on your blog, it just isn’t right) you sure can spin a tale. I laughed the whole way thru. God bless you! :-)

  20. Awww…I’m so sad I missed it! Glad you had fun, and that dinner sounds DIVINE!

  21. Awwww Bless your heart!

    The party sounded fun….and the good cookin too!

    I love me some Real Housewives…my fave is Orange County!

    I know….I feel so shallow!

  22. Catherine says:

    So I guess I can mention to you that I slipped while doing a little (a very little) gardening – slipped on damp potting soil while I had an armfull of stuff – and fell for about five minutes before I finally landed into the middle of the only azalia bush we own that is NOT Red Ruffle, and hence is greatly prized around here. It’s annoying to fall, but I had to laugh, even though I was (thankfully) alone. I had running sports commentary in my head: “There’s the sixty-year old fat lady – she’s got Clogs on, that might not be good – ooh, wait, she might make it, what do you think, Stan – oh noooo, she didn’t, she’s down, that had to hurt.” (crowd goes wild)

    I’ve been coveting your Christmas dishes for one solid year, girl. Let me get a look at those babies again! Just because it’s not Halloween yet is no excuse. Are you going to have the Christmas At Home blogfest again?

  23. Girlfriend. I sooooo did NOT laugh last night because I love you, but I have to tell you that I have TEARS rolling down my cheeks right now.

    God truly does smile upon you when it comes to having something to blog about.

    You are awesome, girl.

    :D :D :D

  24. oh, you have no idea how hard i just laughed! i was shaking the bed cuz i was trying to be quiet w/ the hubby asleep and all. apparently shaking the bed w/ laughter is just as bad as laughing loudly judging from the dirty look i just got. whatever… hilarious!

  25. I agree with Gayle… I did not laugh last night- was concerned that you were ok…

    But to read your account of it – has me in tears.

    You are a real blessing!

    Now, if I could just have some of that supper – do you have leftovers?

    Have a great weekend with your “hubby”.


  26. I hate that I missed the gathering — sounds like it was lots of fun! And the tripping up the stairs, well that would have made me feel right at home. Mom called me Grace growing up and it wasn’t because I had any…

  27. Sophie…………
    That cracks me up!!! It must have been the bacon wraps we ate because I tripped over my diaper bag getting out of my car after leaving your house and landed in my neighbors old,yummy smelling pinestraw……….good thing I removed the poopie diaper that I left next to your glassware on the table you so graciously leaned into:)))) I am glad your not hurt and so glad I came last night. Lets give a shout out to Trent Monk for sharing the gift of music!!! God bless-genie & crew…….

  28. I do believe poise is vastly over-rated!

  29. I’m with Linds, poise is vastly over-rated. I say that because I’ve never had it. I’ve always been known as a bit of a clutz myself.

  30. Ok Sophie…I have a confession….there is nothing that makes me laugh harder than seeing people trip or fall. I don’t know why. I can laugh about it days later. I envisioned you as you perfectly described the “trip” and I am dying. I’m sorry.

    And..the Atlanta housewives show?? Watched me a Bravo marathon the other night. Didn’t know if I loved these whacked out women or hated them. :)

  31. I’m guessing you’re gonna be feeling some muscles you never knew you had today and tomorrow.

    Funny–I was always called “Grace”, too…

  32. Boo Mama you are such a sweetheart. I love this story and I love the way you write. Your grammar is perfect, your spelling is perfect, and yet you make all that blend so effortlessly with your Southern accent and charm. I love stopping by your blog.

  33. Reading about your ‘trip’ up the stairs was funny (it had me laughing out loud, in fact)….being there was even better.

    Your home is beautiful and you have impeccable taste. If only I had the know-how to decorate like you do….I love, love, love all the artwork you have (especially the one by your back door with John 3:16 written around the heart)….it’s all beautiful!

    Thanks for inviting us over – it was a lot of fun. Hope to do it again sometime!

  34. can you share the recipe for those appetizers?

  35. Oh Boo! We have to be twins separated at birth. Every time I read something you write like this, I see myself right there with you TOTALLY relating. Oh what joy our mishaps must bring to others. Let’s keep repeating to ourselves “we are swans, we are swans.” Maybe one day grace will be a daily even in our lives!

  36. I’m a Bham blogger and I hate that I missed out Tuesday night :(

  37. I have also discovered Real Housewives of Atlanta, and I, too, have an episode waiting on my DVR. But these women? I don’t believe they know the meaning of Southern hospitality…I do believe you could show them a thing or two. Especially about bacon wrapped appetizers and country fried steak.

  38. Oh, dear, what a terrible thing to happen! And am I reading this right that these were NEW friends? That you impressed with your poise? Oh my.

    When I was a freshman in high school, I thought I could play basketball. This resulted in my tripping over – literally – my own feet. And falling. On my face. During a game, in front of God and everyone.

    Lucky for me, I have a friend from that era who STILL thinks it’s funny to retell that story. From HER perspective.

    I hope your new friends are kinder. And more forgetful.

  39. What is it you once said, “I am a graceful swan?” Yea, that’s it.

    We had such a lovely time. Thank you for hosting us.

    One caveat to the Law of Bacon: hubs once brought me chocolate with bacon in it. No, I don’t care if it two of my favorite items rolled into one. IT IS WRONG.

  40. Sophie, When you fell the other night, I almost said, “Wait! Your mom is the one who’s supposed to fall!” But then I was like, “She might think I’m feigning familiarity with her. She’d think that’s weird and disingenuous.” So I didn’t say anything. But I have to say that it totally cracked me up, because it’s something you’ve blogged about before … seeing you “in action” was like being at a concert and the performer playing the song you’ve waited for all night, right at the end of the set. The trip-and-fall was something that I could identify as one of the things I actually know about you, even though I don’t KNOW you, because of the blog. I know this doesn’t make any sense … but just know that the fall, and your response to it, were a real treat. :)

  41. You don’t know me but I follow you and now you have been tagged.

    Check it out on my blog.

  42. FUNNY! My hubs just took out the table a few days ago tripping on a small, yet slightly elevated threshold. Dang funny.

  43. So sorry to hear about the trip, it always happens when there are people in my home as opposed to when its just me.
    I am glad to hear I am not the only one watching the real housewives of atlanta. I caught it this morning at 2 am. I am just in shock while watching that show, its so foreign to my own reality. I think my jaw is hanging open the entire time the show is on.

  44. I have been there with you! All that food sounds wonderful too!

    I just wanted to tell you thanks again for going to Uganda we are so enjoying having Onesmus as part of our family!


  45. What is your recipe for country fried steak? I need a good one…

  46. Your guest are going to be so happy with the wonderful dinner they will be willing to watch anything. My husband watches all of the housewives, Orange County, New York, and Atlanta with me.

    Let’s just say he is very appreciative of me after watching them. Bless their hearts. And I mean that.

  47. Ouch! At least you had no eye witnesses to see this graceful flop. I had a room full.

  48. I am certain we are related. We must be. I’ve fallen off the end of the sofa trying to kill a spider, fallen flat on my face walking through the mall, and even bounced off a handicap sign in the parking lot of Walmart – that one earned me a black eye.

    My kids are so proud to be seen in public with me.

  49. Just taking a minute to wave and say that I LOVE TO READ YOU. You’re on my reader and nothing makes me smile bigger than when I see a new post pop up under your name.

    Thanks for sharing your life. Somehow, in some small way, you make the world a better place. And that’s a very good thing.

    Walk on…safely…

  50. Oh, my word, I am totally laughing out loud about ALL THE NOISE FROM ALL THE TRIPPING…

    the other day I had put my son down for a nap in an office at the camp where I work, and I forgot to unplug the phone…I realized it like 10 minutes after he went to sleep…so I tiptoed in, unplugged the phone, tiptoed out, shut the door, and promptly knocked over a chair. So I feel your pain. :) Although no one was watching at the time. :)

  51. I haven’t laughed that hard in a few days. Thanks for sharing … I needed that!

  52. You are so funny!

  53. Where’s the picture to prove it, girl?!! I hope you’re not feeling too bruised up today! Enjoy your company!

  54. I was introduced to your blog by Laura (Boom).

    Thanks for introducing her to Travis Cottrell!! I am loving his angelic voice!

    If you’re willing to share, I would LOVE your Mac & Cheese )made with skim milk) recipe!! That is one of God’s most perfect foods and if I could feel the slightest bit less guilty about eating it, well I would be forever grateful!

  55. Just wanted to share that I just watched an Alton Brown Good Eats episode on Country fried steak. Actually it was about cubed steak and that was just one of the recipes he shared.

    And speaking of men and bacon… have you seen that commercial? You know the one? I don’t know what it’s for but the women are at the bar and one of them is carrying bacon in her purse to attract men. Amen.

  56. Reading your menu, I just about cried. I’m a Texas girl in France, and I’d give up my best deviled egg platter for a meal like that right now!!!

  57. Isn’t it just sad when you trip over stuff in your own house? that food sounds good :)

  58. haha…
    shouldn’t laugh.

    i miss butterbeans. can’t buy them up here in Boston. of course, i can get my hands on a frozen pack of baby limas, which will have to do… but every self-respecting southern-bred soul-food cook knows that limas and butterbeans are two totally different breeds of legumes.

  59. OMG–That is the funniest!! I am crying–I hate I missed it–I love to witness a fall/trip/whathaveyou!!
    I NEED that recipe of whatever was wrapped in bacon! I am having a Halloween get together and that sounds like a MUST HAVE! xoxox!

  60. I had to google your old method of cooking the butterbeans from last year. I made them tonight and lawsie were they good. So good I got my plastic scraper out to eat the last of the juice out of the pan. And not ashamed to admit it.

    But I saw someone else say limas are not the same as butterbeans. This I did not know! I used baby limas so now I am perplexed.

    Michelle :)