Nothing I Want To Say Could Be More Important Than This

Please. Don’t. Miss. It.

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  1. Can’t believe I’m first! Melanie is such a wonderful writer. She has a way to make you see exactly what she is seeing everyday. I know God is doing great things with her. I know Compassion is blessed to have her on board, along with all of the other bloggers on this trip. I look forward to reading what she has to say everyday. God bless each one of them!

  2. I love the ‘fat lady’ comment.

    As if.

    She is too cute in all the pic’s.

    It was nice she had a good day to balance out the tough one.

    I am praying for her!

    I know you can’t wait to get to talk to her and compare stories.

  3. I just read that, because “big” comes before “boo” in my bloglines ;)

  4. I was almost just a weeping mess reading her blogs about the DR trip.

  5. I just read Melanies blog, then came over here! In reading her’s and the other blogs…my daughter and Ihave decided to sponsor a child!! wooohoo!! Oh…Boo…I have a friend who went to Africa for three months, then went back for three more and came back with two adopted babies!!! They are three and four now, and if I am not mistaken they are brother and sister, but I could be wrong, but my friend fell in love and would not leave Africa without them!!! They are happy and thriving kiddos…I will see them tonight at bible study!!!!!

  6. I read it this morning already! all of these stories are so moving. but… is the important part that they think mel is fat?? :)

  7. To say this post was awsome is such an understatement… As someone who has recently accepted the call to missions and is wondering where to start, it is an answer to prayer. I’m speechless… besides there isn’t a word in any earthly language to describe what I feel after reading that post. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    P.S. – Guess I wasn’t completely speechless! LOL!