Linky Interwebby Awesomeness 11.28.08

– I ran across Amy’s Cards for Angels a couple of days ago, and I thought it was such a sweet concept…you let these ladies know of a cancer patient who might need some encouragement, and they send a handmade card with a handwritten message. At no charge to you. Just because they care. And they’ll send the card anywhere in the world.

Isn’t that awesome? You can read all about how it started – and how it works – right here.

– Don’t forget that you can buy Jewel’s latest CD for a $1 donation (plus S&H) TODAY ONLY. All proceeds benefit the Country Music Hall of Fame.

– And for my family? Today’s the biggest college football game of the year. Go ‘Dogs.

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  1. Amen! Go ‘Dogs! (My mother just said, “Let’s pray the Bulldogs can stay on the field and in an upright position.”)

  2. Yeah! Go Dogs!!! Can’t wait for them to whoop up on the rebels!!!

  3. What a wonderful idea with the cards! What a blessing!

  4. The big civil war in Oregon takes place tomorrow! Go Beavs! But today I’ll give your Dogs a holla!

  5. No, tomorrow is the biggest college football game of the year. Roll Tide!

  6. *sigh* where oh where have my little dogs gone? At least I know I’m not the ONLY person in the state of Alabama who is mourning today and couldn’t give a gnat’s eyelash about the gathering tomorrow! Except that it will be OVER and they can STOP TALKING ABOUT IT for 10 MINUTES!!

  7. Oh, sister, TOMORROW would be THE biggest college football game of the year –
    GO SOONERS!! And the napping at half time isn’t all that bad either!!

  8. Just wanted to say… So sorry about those Dawgs! We’re State fans, too, and we’re already looking toward that trophy next year!

  9. Hi! I can’t comment about the game, because I am sports illiterate, but I will say that I think Amy’s Cards for Angels are a great find! I know someone who could use one.

    I am a newbie to your site, recently started my own blog about life with my son, Max, who has mild cerebral palsy as a result of a stroke at birth and has DEFIED the odds. Mostly, though, I’ve spent my nights (and late, late nights) roaming around the web and reading lots of blogs, glad to have found yours, adding you to blogroll so I can keep up!

  10. Not related to this post, but I want to commend you on Miss State’s coach. I was so impressed with how he led the team during the player’s injury. More importantly, I just heard that he resigned. He seemed like a great man.

  11. We will never again speak of November 28, 2008 and football in the same breath.

  12. My husband used to live in Starkville before we were married. We still love Miss State football. We were so sad to hear about the game, but especially Coach Croom.