The Plague

Last Thanksgiving we forgot the ham.

This Thanksgiving, apparently, we forgot the Purell.

Because by sundown Friday night, the people in our family were dropping like flies. Stomach Virus ’08. Live and in person. And ready to ROCK OUR WORLD.

All told, there were six victims. I was victim #2 if our statistics are accurate. I went to bed unusually early Friday night and woke up about midnight with that “OH NO MA’AM” feeling, and while I’ll happily spare you the details, suffice it to say that it’ll be a long, long time – lo, even an eternity – before I ever, EVER want to eat cornbread dressing again.


I also enjoyed some crazy virus dreams, including but not limited to Feeling Panicked Because I Watched An Episode Of ‘The Office” And Forgot To List Highlights On My Blog, A Looping Photo Montage Of The Soup Mama Made With Thankgiving Leftovers (starring: TURKEY BONES!), and Catching Up With A Person I Haven’t Seen Since Approximately 1997 But She Was Still Cute As A Button In Our Imaginary Dream Conversation Eleven Years Later.

Alex also fell prey to Stomach Virus ’08 about twelve hours after I did, and mercifully Mama was able to take care of him while my bed-headed, dazed and confused self stood off to the side and mumbled things like, “Hand you rag?” or “Hand you clean t-shirt?” or “Sorry. So sorry. So, so sorry.”

Oh, I was a world of help, I was.

Anyway, Mama had to change Alex’s pajamas about three times in the first few hours he was sick, and at some point she got into the pajama reserves that the little guy’s older cousins have left at her house over the years. And that is why, when I woke up this morning at the crack of ten, I found a certain five year-old wearing this shirt:

You can imagine my pain. Salt, meet wound.

But being a house divided on an in-state football rivalry has its benefits – because look at the little man’s pajama bottoms:

Bulldogs. Ah, that’s better.

And so are we.

Now we’re about to hit the road, head home, and deck our halls.

Have a good one, everybody!

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  1. i think it would have mad me sicker if i had seen that shirt on my child. atleast he did have bulldog pants on. maybe your mom can burn the shirt now. tooo many cooties.

  2. Oh gosh. It’s that time of year for sure. We are holding our breath and washing our hands around here. :)

  3. Awww…poor ya’ll! So sorry….dang that virus!
    Nothing wrecks Thanksgiving more than that, I’ll tell ya!


  4. I am sorry about your pain, but you did give me a good laugh today in your telling of it :-) So, there’s a bright side, right? :-) Hope that you are all feeling fantastic again very soon.

  5. Oh girl, that is rough. I’m so sorry!

  6. That is so sad and funny all at the same time. We had a virus like that last year at Christmas and it got me on Christmas morning!
    Anyway, a friend recommended your blog. I have to tell you that since my husband used to live in Mississippi, we listened to your podcast last night just to hear your accent. We laughed so hard (not at the accent… just cause ya’ll are funny). I figure if a complete stranger (especially one stuck in Chicago) listens to your podcast, the LEAST she can do is leave you a comment.

  7. Holy cow, that was laugh out loud funny (well, aside from the actual illness part).

  8. First of all – I’m so sorry ya’ll have been sick and even more sorry that you can’t eat cornbread dressing – I hate when a stomach virus ruins food for you. Pregnancy and a virus have ruined several of my favorite foods for me. UGH!
    Second – please never let Alex wear that Rebel shirt again. It’s hurting my eyes just looking at it!

  9. Oh, you sound like such a trooper. How do you do it? God bless you.

  10. We all (except me, thank goodness) had that at my parents’ house last Christmas vacation. We postponed our 12 hour drive home FIVE times because kids just kept puking. On the way home we had to stop after 9 hours because our oldest had a another visit from the puke fairy. She thew up ALL night long in some hotel in St Louis… I, personally, have been blessed with my own stomach viruses twice since then. I sincerely hope we are done with them for a while!

  11. Oh my goodness, I am SO sorry to hear that that’s how your holiday weekend turned out.

    Although I have to say that you always have the best adjectives. I’m going to remember the phrase “that’ OH NO MA’AM'” feeling for next time I’m sick.

    Hope you’re all better now!

  12. Oh, so sorry about your unwanted Thanksgiving visitor! :( I know that “so sorry” feeling as my Cristian was kneeling before the commode last week & I was thinking the same. Praise God, I had just cleaned it.

  13. Oh, sorry to hear you got the stomach plague. Husband and I (thankfully not the baby) have it, too. NOT. Pretty.

    And several years ago, my mom forgot to take the turkey to our Thanksgiving. An hour’s drive away. If I remember correctly, I think we ate tacos that year.

  14. Oh girl, I am so sorry!

    Feel better sweet BooFamily. :(

  15. That does not sound like fun at all. Look at it this way, you probably lost weight after Turkey day instead of gained some like most people did!

  16. Oh, I am so sorry! I hope everyone is much better now!

  17. Oh, bless your heart. I don’t know what’s worse- the stomach bug or ruining good dressing. Hope you are better soon.

  18. I hope everyone is feeling better!

  19. Oh Lawdy Boo Mama! To a die-hard State fan, I know that was traumatic! I thought about you the whole time during the Egg Bowl…and the Croom leaving. I know you’ve had a rough, rough weekend.

    But. Hotty Totty!!! Whhheeeeeeeeee!!! LOL!!

    (just kidding)

  20. Oh, my, so sorry The Plague visited you too.

    We drove 10 hours to catch The Plague and six kids were sick as dogs and we skipped Thanksgiving Dinner entirely and had it on Black Friday. Since it was fitting and all.

  21. I found your blog via a follower of mine (Lisa Ann, I do believe) and am delighted to have done so! I knew I would enjoy your site when I gazed at your topics and saw the words “bacon fat doesn’t have any carbs”, “I love me some Jesus music”, and “The South, Y’all”!

    I’ll also be participating in your bloggy Christmas Home Tour. I was hoping someone would do one and I have not a clue how to start one all by my lonesome!

  22. Oh B-Mama,

    I’m so sorry. The plague hit K- when we were in Chicago. She missed everything that we had driven 7 hours to see. Oh, and conveniently I have the post right here for you:

    Um, yes. Nasty. And, Hubs decided to come down with it when we got home. At least it wasn’t on the road. He scored Rotavirus. Good times, I’ll tell you.

    And B-Mama, don’t permanently write cornbread dressing off your list. Know that it has only been good to you up until now. Ease back in slowly. I have a friend with a similar issue with rice. She has since mended her ways and they are friends again.

    Wishes of wellness! But you and Alex got it, but did Hubs remain well?

  23. Oh my. Glad you’re all doing better, but so sorry you were struck with that misery right after Thanksgiving. I’m just now feeling ready to eat stuffed peppers again after a very similar, yucky experience with them years ago. Very sad.

  24. tori pace says:

    I’m feeling your pain! As I read your blog, I am still in bed from that same stinkin’ virus. So far this week it has plagued 4 of us in our family of 6…all beginning during the night. The worst 7 hour drive in my life yesterday driving home from my in-laws.

  25. Sorry about the game, and Coach Croom. My team did great against A&M, but not so great with the BCS.

  26. Oh my, I’m so sorry to hear about that. It reminds me of one Memorial Day weekend when my entire extended family–including my grandmother!–were together. One by one we crashed. Except my Dad who swore he never got sick, so he went to town to buy 7-Up and orange sherbert because that’s what we get when we’re sick. By the end of the weekend we were all (including Grandma) feeling a bit better, but Dad was nowhere to be found. He was in bed.

  27. Sorry about the sickness and all, BUT forgetting to write your Office highlights, now THAT would be a real nightmare cause I enjoy it that much. I just do. Sorry about your bulldogs and Coach Croom.

  28. people in our family had this too. i escaped it (at least so far).

  29. I’m so sorry Boo! One of my little guys got the flu too!
    ~The Bargain Shopper Lady

  30. Ick. Honestly not sure Purell would have stopped that one. Well, at least it didn’t strike while you were driving home! :)

  31. Oh, I don’t even want to THINK about the stomach flu.

    And I love the little guy’s jacked-up pajamas.

  32. yikes. I had a stomach bug on my birthday and I thought that was bad. But I would say that the whole family getting the same stomach bug at Thanksgiving festivities takes the cake.

    Sorry about the pajamas. Did one of your evil family members plant those pj’s? mm,mm,mm.

  33. So sorry y’all got that darn bug…my little men had it the day before Thanksgiving, and since we certainly didn’t want to pass it to any of my extended family, only Anna K. and I got to have Thanksgiving lunch at my Mom’s with all of my crew. I felt so sorry for my boys, but selfishly I begging God to please have mercy on my soul and let this plague pass over me. I’m still holding my breath.

  34. Oy, glad you’re better! Some plague hit me, too. Thankfully it missed the rest of my family, but I didn’t even get to enjoy the turkey dinner as I was out Wednesday night… and still not completely better. :(

  35. Unfortunately we got it, too. My husband did not spare so many words on his blog, or mine when he hijacked it. :)

  36. Oh goodness! Glad to hear that everyone is on the mend. : )

  37. ‘Tis a sad, sad day for bulldog-kind.

  38. that happened in our family one thanksgiving… think one of my miss. aunts left something sitting out to long, or just tried to poison us… everyone got it but the aunts who cooked??? nothing like being so sick you want to sleep by the tolit on somone’s else’s bathroom floor… yep, great family times…

  39. We must be living parallel lives. My poor little one is having it at both ends now. I feel your pain. Glad you guys are better!

  40. Christine says:

    It hit our house too!! I can totally relate to everything you wrote, save the part about the family divided over football. None of us went to anything remotely resembling a football power. But I can relate to 14 pairs of jammies over the weekend and never, ever wanting to see Thanksgiving food again! Or at least for another 11 months and 3 weeks! We’ve already decided that beef…it’s what’s for Christmas! Hope y’all are on the mend again!

  41. I am so sorry! How awful. My whole family battled Stomach Flu ’07 the exact same week last year and I’m still so grossed out by it that we didn’t even have turkey this year. Yuck. Glad you’re better.

  42. The plague hit us here too. Fun, good times. Only 1 person in the house was spared it was the littlest one. She took real good care of herself, poor baby.

  43. Oh dear. I’m so sorry and I can truly, literally feel your pain. I am the last one standing in my house of four and by the looks of things….I don’t know how much longer I’ll be standing. Pray for health!

  44. If my Aggie husband awoke to his child in a longhorn shirt, I don’t think that he would have forgiven the offender — even if it meant the next time HE had to deal with the sickness himself.

  45. I just about swallowed my tongue on that first photo.

  46. Hotty toddy! As Ole Miss alums, we’d feel the same way about the bulldog pants. Glad everyone is better.