A Giveaway That’s Peachy KEEN

The fine folks who make the delightful KEEN shoes and bags are about to make y’all so happy.

No, really. They are. I promise.




Because KEEN is giving one of you lucky people the free item of your choice from the (fab) new KEEN site. Anything you want. Sassy boots. Laptop bag. Kids’ shoes. Pick the one item you need most – and it’s yours (provided, of course, that random.org cooperates with your plans).

Here’s how to enter:

1. Visit the KEEN website.
2. Look around.
3. Come back here and tell me your favorite item.
4. Sit tight until next Monday, December 8th, when I’ll close comments and draw for one lucky winner.

If you win, the good KEEN people will give you a coupon code that will unlock the KEEN kingdom, so to speak. Then you can select your item and have it shipped straight to you.

Oh, the internet is a delight, isn’t it?

And if you decide to go ahead and buy a few presents on the KEEN site, you can get free shipping from now until December 8th by using the coupon code BOOMAMA.

So get your shopping kicks with KEEN – and have fun, everybody!

(Number of times I used the word “KEEN” in this post? Eight.)

(Nine if you count the title.)

(But I couldn’t stop. It’s a catchy word, KEEN is.)

(That makes ten.)

(You’re welcome.)

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. Wow! Those are some fancy shoes. Love the site! And I would make those Winthrop boots look swell. Or the other way around.

  2. Love the Berkeleys in brown…they are soooo purdy!

  3. OOH! I want the Woman’s Chocolate Charleston Clog…(CCC!)

    Looks comfy and sylish!

    Great Giveaway! Thanks!


  4. I looked at the website, but my favorite is those boots you had at the top! I love, love, love those Winthrop Boots in Bison. How cute are those!?! I would wear those all the time! :)

  5. Michelle H. says:

    LOVE Keen!! I am in love with the Winthrop Boot. I have to say followed closely be the Winthrop Clog, Timberline and the Ventura Suede.

  6. Oh the Market St. Saratoga II in Chipper would be so awesome!!

  7. Oooh! I’d like the Calistoga mary janes in Orion Blue!

  8. I want those boots–right at the top of your post. Size 10, please. And brown is just fine.

  9. I like the Syndey II. Too cute!

  10. Ohhhh I love the Charlston Lace shoes for women!!

  11. I love, love, love the ventura suede’s…they are just too sassy!

    How fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Did you see the Oswego bag? In Port Royale? Yeah … I need that.

  13. I loved the BLVD line of shoes–but had a giggle with the description: “Rugged, urban style with classic appeal”. Because in my imagination I am like that. I also loved the Oswego bag. Makes me think of Al Roker (a SUNY Oswego graduate).

    See? Rugged. Urban. Classic. Watches too much tv……

  14. Oh man, I REALLY need some winter boots. I’d probably do the Chamonix in brown IF the random number generator just HAPPENED to pick ME!!!

  15. Love the Winthrop boots but also the Chamonix boots. You get the ‘kid in a candyshop’ sensation looking at this site!

  16. Well, I’d probably pick a pair of the clogs for me (Winthrop) and then I’m sure I’d buy a pair of the Truckees for the little man. You know, if the random picker randomly picked me, of course.

  17. I’ve never owned a pair, but the BLVD Winthrop boot in either black or brown looks pretty cool.

  18. I like the several but I think my faves are the Market and the Winthrop boot. Thanks BooMama!

  19. I love the CHAMONIX BOOT. I am a kindergarten teacher and I’m always looking for comfortable and stylish shoes. THESE ARE IT!!

  20. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    The Tallinn boots for girls…..darling!!

  21. Lovin’ the green wasatch – fun!

  22. Oh….the boots! the boots! the boots!
    I love them! The Winthrop’s…..the Chamonix! HEART THEM! LURVE THEM!

    I have to have em!

    I’m a clog-a-holic by nature…don’t ask me how many pair of Born clogs I have! It’s way too personal! But the boots are calling my name! :)
    Great prize!

  23. Oh My! I want the Winthrop Boot! I am LOVING them! LOVE!

  24. Winthrop boot, in brown. LOVE!

  25. Dear Santa,
    I have been really good this year, I promise. Please bring me the Winthrop boots (in brown), and a pony. HoHoHo-
    P.S.- I think Mrs. Clause might like a pair too…they’d be super cute to shovel reindeer pellets in…or to make bowls of jelly…or whatever is it that she does.

  26. I SO want the Briggs shoe in peacoat blue…just can’t bear the thought of spending $90 on a pair of shoes for myself with a baby on the way…sigh.

  27. Wow! It’s hard to chose. I think probably the Winthrop clogs are my favorite, although some of the other stuff caught my eye too.

  28. How awesome! I’ve heard Keens are great shoes. My 2 year old has some, but I don’t. :) I love the WASATCH CREST tennis shoes. So cute!

  29. The Charleston Mary Janes are about the cutest thing out there. Whoo-hoo!

  30. Love Keen shoes and have wanted a pair forever! For the cold Michigan winters the wintrop boots would make my day! And look mighty sassy at the same time :)

  31. I like the Trailhead show. Love the pink!!

  32. I love the Keen boots–all of them! They are VERY comfortable shoes!

  33. LOVE THE TARGHEE for woman and the ones for kids

  34. I’m totally a bag girl. I love the Betty bag in the brownish color! Very cool stuff.

  35. I love the Palermo Mary Janes! They are gorgeous!

  36. I need the Winthrop boot. Pick me! Pick me!!

  37. Winthrop boot, please. :)

  38. my favorite is the H2 in the bossa nova color!

  39. I LOVE those Winthrop Clogs in Bison. I wear clogs ALL the time and those sound so comfy. How do you get these companies to do giveaways on your site? I love the idea!!

  40. Oooh, we are a Keen family through and through! I’d have to go with the Tallinn in pink for my daughter. LOVE them!!

  41. Wow. There are so many fabulous things in this store, it is hard to choose! I think my favorite is the Wintrop clog. What a great giveaway!

  42. I think I am in love with the Bronze Green Iguana Morrison backpack! I love it!

  43. What a great giveaway! They all look so nice but I think my favorite is the Winthrop clog.

  44. The winthrop clog would be delightful. Very nice giveaway!

  45. I LOVE the ladies’ Palermo MJ. They’re TOO cute!

  46. I like the Wear Around MJ in pink. Wahoo!

  47. I love the sienna ballerina shoes in pink!

  48. So many lovely things! I think the Market Street Palermo boots in RED would be great!

  49. OOH!!!Winthrop boot in Bison. Not a sentence I thought I’d be saying today…

  50. Ooh, the ladies Palermo MJ is too cute!

  51. Please don’t wake me if this is a dream, but OH MY HEAVENS I believe you are having a KEEN giveaway!!!

    And I’m a little excited.

    I’d pick boots, for sure boots! In red or black, Palermo or Winthrop. Myself and my kids wear the shoes, but I didn’t even know they made boots. Very cool.

  52. I would pick the Timberline in Seal Brown! I have problems with my feet and have to wear shoes ALL the time and these would be great to wear around the house!

  53. I am in LOVE with the Winthrop boots…ahhhhh,

  54. My fave is the Venture Suede in black…then maybe the brown…Love them!!!!

  55. Wow. Keen. That’s big time! Not to say that vacuums and jewelry aren’t, of course… just … wow! Love it!

    I really need, yes NEED the Betty bag!!! I just love it and my current bag is falling apart at the seams. I’m picky and can’t easily find things I like, so… need.

    Anyway, thanks for the chance.


  56. Gotta be the Brooklyn Mids.

  57. I love, love, love Keen shoes! My favs right now are the Ventura canvas sneaks,,,,,in black,,,,,I would wear them to work.

    also, who knew they made sox??

    pick me, pick me!!!

  58. I like the Barcelona, the Palermo, and the Winthrop clog. They’re cute and look so comfy.

  59. it is hard to pick one fav, but I liked the
    Sienna Mary Janes- they look so comfortable.

    nice give-away!

  60. I love KEENs!!!! I have the old Newports in red. I love the Timberline, Winthrop slip on and the Winthrop clog.

    Please, please, please pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Amy Cole

  61. Such fun stuff and a great giveaway!! I love the WEAR AROUND MJ in black. They would go with so much!!

  62. I would get the Shay for my little girl. She’s 3 months old and this would be her first pair of shoes! How fun it would be to win!

  63. ooooo, Keen’s are my FAVORITE!! i bought a pair a couple of years ago before i moved to mexico and have literally worn them OUT. they are amazing shoes! (the only reason i wore them out is because i literally wore them every day) anyway, you would make me oh so happy if you chose me. i’m moving to Vancouver, BC in january (serious climate change for me!) and am in dire need of some boots. i think i’d choose either the winthrop or the palermo. please please please pick me!!

  64. i need those newport hs’s for my boy. :)

  65. To pick just one is way too hard – the Sienna Ballerina is way cute, but I love the Ashland for my hubby. Such cool stuff! I should pick the Irving bag since it is the name of my hometown… too hard to choose!

  66. I’m more selfish than that Mary lady above – I guess that’s why she’s named after Jesus’s mother and I’m not… Definitely love the walkaround mary janes.

  67. The Winthrop clog is my favorite!!

  68. I love Keens and wear them to work everyday. I’d love a pair of Ventura Suede for casual wear, too.

  69. I am not a shoe person. I know, a woman who doesn’t like shoes – I’m a freak of nature.

    That said, I adore those Winthrop boots more than I ever thought possible.

  70. Love the Keen Winthrop Slip-Ons in black. They look so cute and comfy.

  71. I want the charleston clog in pinecone. I keep changing my mind! Love your site, by the way!

  72. I’m so in need of a new stylish pair of boots for this season, especially since my child has a.) more pair than me, and b.) cuter pairs than me! The Winthrop boot would for sure do the trick! Cool, stylish, and they look oh so comfy!

  73. The Wear Around Mary Jane is TOO CUTE! I like the blue ones. C’mon random.org – mama needs a new pair of shoes!

  74. The rigdeline baroque rose is my favorite. A great choice for hiking here in CO!

    Hope you enjoyed a wonderful holiday!!

  75. I love the shellrock WP in the trooper/surf spray color – too cool! Great give away. We love KEEN!

  76. The Sydney II has my number in midnight blue. Oh, how pretty they are!

    Yum. They might have to make a visit to my closet even if I don’t win. Thanks for sharing that site!


  77. love me some good, soft sox!!!!

  78. Wear Around MJs!

  79. It is a toss up between the boots in your post and the Betty Bag!

  80. Oh, a computer bag would be great!


  81. Calistoga in Seal Brown would totally rock!

  82. Indeed, keen is such a keen word! :) I am loving the Chamonix boot and my boots are really needing to be put out of their misery. :P

  83. I’ve heard such good things about Keen shoes. Calistoga is my favorite today.

  84. Junglewife says:

    I LOVE the Keen shoes! I think my favorite is the Winthrop clog – boy, I Hope I win!!!

  85. Have 2 pair of Keens and LOVE them both! Like everyone else, I really like the Winthrop boot in Bison!

  86. I am loving the Palermo and the Sydney II!

  87. What fun! I love the Palermo Mary Janes.

  88. I have the ruby wine Mystic. And I love them. Today was the first day since I bought them that I didn’t wear them – and it’s 31 degrees outside with a wind chill in the 20s, so that explains why I would choose something a little more enclosed.

    I WANT the sagey WASATCH CREST trailrunners. Because I do a lot of running. Particularly when I’m on the trail of one of my littles. Like the one who is currently standing in his highchair and turning around and around because it seems to him to be a good place to get dizzy. Yep. I need some new running shoes.

  89. I am LOVIN’ Ye Olde Winthrop Boot. It is speaking to me in ways of which my husband is not likely to approve!

  90. All of them!!! But, Portola or Ventura Suede if I have to pick!

  91. The toddler Tallinn boots. Oh, my. Love ’em! Warm tootsies for the Wee One (and STYLE too). Win, win!

    December 8th: I anxiously await your arrival. =)

  92. Loooooooove the womens boots.
    Vail. Tan.
    Cool stuff.
    Thanks Keen and BooMama.

    Annette (blogless)

  93. The Winthrop boot, absolutely. I am moving to China in a few weeks, and I don’t think that my trusty Reef flip-flops are going to stand up to the weather in Shanghai. :-)

    Great giveaway — thanks!

  94. Elizabeth says:

    Love the Market St. Sienna MJs!!

  95. I have a pair of Keen sandals that I LOVE (but I’m too lazy to get up and see what model they are!). I love the Barcelona and Palermo mary janes……

  96. At this moment, I like the bags-backpack, computer carrier, purses, day bags-all of them. Ask me in five minutes and I have a feeling i will like something else. And i do like the fact that they donate $5 to important causes. Well, I wish me luck in the drawing and I thank you very much.

  97. I really like the Sienna Ballerina shoes. Too cute!

  98. i like the pink mary jane for kids, but i have already forgotten the official name… thanks for the giveaway.. it was a keen idea!

  99. Love them all, but my favorite is Palermo MJ!

  100. O.MY.Word. I love these shoes! I love the Chamonix or the Sydney II but the boots are to die for too! ANY would do!

    What stores carry these? Love them!
    Please enter me in your contest!