A Giveaway That’s Peachy KEEN

The fine folks who make the delightful KEEN shoes and bags are about to make y’all so happy.

No, really. They are. I promise.




Because KEEN is giving one of you lucky people the free item of your choice from the (fab) new KEEN site. Anything you want. Sassy boots. Laptop bag. Kids’ shoes. Pick the one item you need most – and it’s yours (provided, of course, that random.org cooperates with your plans).

Here’s how to enter:

1. Visit the KEEN website.
2. Look around.
3. Come back here and tell me your favorite item.
4. Sit tight until next Monday, December 8th, when I’ll close comments and draw for one lucky winner.

If you win, the good KEEN people will give you a coupon code that will unlock the KEEN kingdom, so to speak. Then you can select your item and have it shipped straight to you.

Oh, the internet is a delight, isn’t it?

And if you decide to go ahead and buy a few presents on the KEEN site, you can get free shipping from now until December 8th by using the coupon code BOOMAMA.

So get your shopping kicks with KEEN – and have fun, everybody!

(Number of times I used the word “KEEN” in this post? Eight.)

(Nine if you count the title.)

(But I couldn’t stop. It’s a catchy word, KEEN is.)

(That makes ten.)

(You’re welcome.)

This giveaway is now closed.

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  1. I’d love the WASATCH CREST WP in cloud blue! Just in case the random number thing would happen to pick me ;)


  2. Ohhhh, I’m torn between the Calistoga and the Sienna Ballerina. The are both great!!!!

  3. Keen, KEEN!?! I thought that name looked very familiar. My beloved hiked the entire Appalachian Trail in 2007 and his favorite boots were KEEN. He wore out four pairs of boots hiking 2,174 miles from Georgia to Maine and his all time favorite was his trusty pair of Targhee. I would love for him to get a new pair.

  4. O.k. This was hard, but I love the palermo boots, and the palermo mjs, and the wrap around mjs.

    It’s just too hard to decide!!!

  5. I love the Calistoga mary janes in seal brown! I need a new pair of casual shoes very very badly!

  6. love the Winthrop boot!

  7. Winthrop boot! I LOVE Keen shoes!!! Thanks for doing a giveaway :)

  8. I also really like the boot that you have posted at the top…however, since I live in FL, it isn’t very practical. BUT a girl can dream!

  9. The Napa lace-up shoes in black would be perfect for me!


  11. Sylvie Warmath says:

    Great marketing by Keen – a brand that actually hasn’t been on my radar at all, but now it certainly is. All the styles make me want to sling on a backpack and head for the hill, but the Palermo boots are calling to me most of all.

  12. Oh the Targhee II was super cute and look comfy too. I am always a sucker for a cute mary jane as well.

  13. I’m in agreement with all the Winthrop boot lovers. Imagine that, something cute that’s still functional!

  14. Oh.My.Word!!! The cuteness! I don’t know if I should even win because my head could possibly explode trying to decide. So many Mary Jane styles to wear with jeans. So many waterproof hikers for Boy Scout camping trips. Incredible.

  15. I like the Charleston clog. There were so many cute shoes to pick from.

    Thanks for a chance to win and have a great day.

  16. That would have to be the Shay boot.

  17. All the boots…I love them all. Especially the Shay.

  18. I love the Sienna Ballerina. I’ve never heard of Keen but I really enjoyed looking at their site.

  19. I looked around at everything, but kept coming back to the Winthrop boot that you have pictured at the top. What great boots!

  20. Oooh, I really LOVE the Palermo Mary Janes in Coffee Bean brown!! Oh, and I really need the Palermo Mary Janes in Coffee Bean brown. They aren’t flat like most MJs. The height of the heel is perfect for a mom who needs comfy and trendy shoes that won’t make her jeans she likes to also wear with clogs drag on the ground and get all ripped up. Oh BooMama, save me please from my fashion dilemna!

  21. Totally would get the Kootenay for my kid.

  22. I luuuv the Shay boots and Hayden shoes..for my daughter of course! I have been looking for shoes that are easy to slip on and go and they are oh, so cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Winthrop or Palermo! Nice…

  24. For me, it’s totally a tie between the Weararound MJ and the Betty Bag… so great!

  25. going with the payson for my little girl. she would look sooo snazzy in them!

  26. I love the Sahara Natural Ventura Canvas shoes! They are cute and look comfortable for this soon-to-be mom of two boys!

  27. My husband loves his Keen sandles so it’s about time I get to enjoy some too. I would actually get the Barcelona MJ in black. Love them, and I need some new black shoes.

  28. I so love, and need, the Twenty-six laptop bag.

  29. Love the black Betty boots!

  30. Gotta say… me and those boots there could make some SERIOUS best of friends! Too cute!!!! I sure hope I have the lucky number!!!

  31. Whether or not I win this giveaway, I will be getting my hubby a new computer bag for Christmas, so that’s what caught my eye. But boy howdy, that Betty bag is cute too.

  32. Southern Gal says:

    Since I wear a women’s size 12 I’m limited, but I’d take the Charleston Lace or the Bandon Shoe WP for my size 14 footed son.

    Thanks for the chance!

  33. I love the Palermo Mary Janes! Way cool!

  34. The Chamonix boot looks pretty amazing.

  35. i need me some boots cant remember name but the ones that will keep my feet dry and warm and are brown and cute and will craddle my feet as keens do so well!!

  36. Tammy Elrod says:

    I love the Winthrop boot! What a great casual shoe.

  37. I don’t even have to look because I already know what I want – the Palermo Mary Janes!!!!! I love my Keens!

  38. Baby girl NEEDS some kicky new kicks – some explain how a girl who is all of 35 pounds has feet that grow faster then she does.

  39. I love the Charleston Mary Janes. But I also loved all the bags -I have a bag obsession ;) Hmmmm….maybe I need to go back and look at the bags again!

  40. Oh, definitely the Betty Bag in Nile. I have an addiction to tote-type bags of all kinds.

  41. The Brooklyn Bag neeeeeeeds me. :) Adorable.

  42. Oh…the boots, the boots, the boots, the boots!!!!
    I don’t have to go to the site cause I’d like the boots!!!!!
    But the waterproof sandals are swell too…and the bags…and the sox.
    Oh I just LOVE Keen.
    (did I mention I love the boots…the ones on your page? Because I do, I really, really do)

  43. Oooooo Keens are the best! I would love to have a pair of those Winthrop slip ons. My first pair has seen better days, but I still wear them and they are sooooo comfortable. Thanks for sharing the new site!

  44. The little girl’s trukees are soooooo cute!

  45. I loved the Betty Bag!

  46. I like the Winthrop boot in Bison a lot, but the Winthrop slip-on (Bison) would be more practical. Think I will go back and buy a pair for hubby and a pair for my son for Christmas. Will cross my fingers that Santa will bring me a pair!

  47. Do we have to pick ONE?
    It’s a toss up between the Timberline and the MJ. Gosh, I love their shoes…

  48. I’m torn between the Palermo Mary Janes and those Beet Red Timberlines – would love to have either!

  49. The boots are fab, but I desperately need new running shoes. Love the green/gray ones. Forget what they’re called.

  50. I like the Wasatch Crest for men.

  51. ooooooooo me please!!!! I’ve had my eye on the genoa peak boots forever!!!!!

  52. Boomama you are SO. AWESOME! Those shoes look like they would fit my poor, gout-stricken, arches-fallen, arthritic feet soooo good, sort of like Merrells. My favorite, I think is the Napa Blvd in brown. But that cute boot at the top of your site keeps calling my name too.

  53. Winthrop Boot. Its kickin’!! LOL

  54. Oh, the Winthrop Boot in Bison. It is too heavenly to be true. As soon as that image appeared on my screen, I knew they had to be mine. Here’s hoping…

  55. Well if I were going to be selfish and buy a pair for myself….I would have to go with the San Sebastian in blue/indigo. So cute and I would look like an active person with one of those kayaks on the top of my car. Which is totally not a good representation of who I am. But a girl can dream :)

  56. I love the Brooklyn Mary Jane’s and the Barcelona Mu!!

  57. Oh wow! I am really digging the Palermo boot! I think they would look fantastic on my feet! Random generator pick me!

  58. i am intrigued by the wrap around lace shoes. i think i’d have to look at them in person….but there are so many things to like on that website!!

    thanks, boomama!
    aebg1974 at bellsouth dot net

  59. I am KEEN on the Shellrock WP myself… thanks for the blogs. I love them and have included quite a few links to them lately.

  60. I am all about the winthrop boot. Oh please pick me!!

  61. I like the Palermo boot. It would be my practical choice b/c I need boots. I like about 10 other shoes even better though. Did you see those clogs? Adorable!

  62. Butterbean says:

    Winthrop Clog is C-U-T-E!!!

  63. I’d love the Winthrop clogs. I’m all for something to slop through the slush in and not have to bother with tying a boot!

  64. ventura suede in pinecone. maybe it’s time to retire the running shoes look?

  65. I lurve the Timberlines in whatever color. They are all adorable!


  66. Jennifer C says:

    Ooh I would have a hard time choosing one thing. I loved the various styles of Mary Janes. Hope I win.

  67. I need a pair of Palermo Mary Janes in 7 1/2 becauseI need todiscover the place where fashion, freedom, and function converge. :D

  68. I really like the Sienna Ballerina. They look like they’d go with just about anything. Pick me, pick me!!!

  69. Is it stingy to want it all?

    But if I must choose:

    The weararound MJ. They’ve got teacher wear potential.

  70. YES. Winthrop boots in black. LOVE THEM.

  71. dude. are you freaking kidding me? i practically work for them. what, with all my personal advertising and everything. big h is in dire need of new ones. not because they haven’t held up. because he has grown out of YET ANOTHER pair. i am all over this.

  72. I love the chocolate brown boots!! Great give away.

  73. I love the Winthrop boot. I would rock in those boots. The Mary Janes are very cute too!

  74. I LOVE my Keen sandles! I bought them for my trip to Haiti because I wanted something for hiking that also protected my toes and they were wonderful. I would definitely get the WINTHROP BOOT if I won. How exciting.

  75. I think the Wear Around MJ, is shut up cool!!! I would so love to win this giveaway!!

  76. I think my wife would like the wear around mj! It would be a great christmas present.

  77. The Betty Boot is pretty cute. The only thing that would make it better would be if it was made in the USA!!!!

  78. I’m all about those boots right here on your post. Excellent!

  79. danana banana says:

    I had never heard of this brand until reading your post! Thank you for introducing me to your fabulous friend!

    My faves are the Wear-Around MJ, the Palermo MY and the Ridgeline (just in case I feel like working out – ha!).

  80. wear around mj in blue=SO CUTE!!!

  81. I love the “wear around mj” for myself… would have to deliberate on the color IF…

    however, I am equally in love with the kootenay little boots for my little man – they would be perfect kicks for the chilly kindergarten playground =)

  82. love the winthrop boot
    betty bag
    brooklyn bag

    let’s just say i’d have a hard time choosing if i won! :)

  83. I already own about 1/2 of the Keen collection, because I just LOVE their shoes! Seriously – they have the BEST arch support and were all I wore when I had plantar fasciatis. The shoe I would like to try is the Charleston Clog.

  84. I like the look of the Chamonix boot (and a whole lot of the others!).

  85. it’s so hard to choose but i think the winthrop boot.

  86. SIENNA BALLERINA in tan, please!

  87. My little 2 year-old Spice is hoping that Santa brings her some boots….she would look absolutely adorable in the Port Royale Kootenay boots!

  88. I need shoes to wear with black jeans, and the Charleston Lace or the Winthrop Slip-On look just perfect. But I really like the Betty Bag too!

  89. WINTRHROP BOOT in black. Stunning…WOW: the boots & YOU for this giveaway!!!

  90. I would love to get a pair of Blvd shoes for my husband!

  91. I love the Morrison Daypack!

  92. I love the winterthrop boots too! I would love any of the laptop bags too to protect my precious computer when I’m carrying it back and forth to work!

  93. black Winthrop boots b/c i have no boots, zip, none, nada

  94. I love the WINTHROP CLOG!

  95. Calistoga in blue is my favorite!

  96. I love the Charleston Mary Janes! I have a pair of KEEN sandals and I LOVE them!

  97. Come on, Random Integer Generator!! Pick me!! I really love the Winthrop Clog!

  98. So easy–I want the Keens my kids have! I have shoe envy!

  99. I love the Chamonix Boot. Very cute and they look very comfy

  100. I’d be hard pressed to pick between the Palermo Mary Jane and the Venice sandal. But I’d love to be forced to choose!