The Big Boo Cast, Episode 13

This is downright embarrassing, really.

SEVEN MONTHS between podcasts.

We hang our heads in shame.

And you’d think that between May and December we might have come up with a little, you know, THOUGHT-PROVOKING CONTENT. But oh no. We’re still talking about movies from the 80s and breakfast foods we enjoy and word games we like to play on the interweb.



Click here to listen on the web. Or, you can go here and then click on the speaker next to Episode 13.

And you may want to wear your headphones. Because 1) the podcast is much easier to hear with headphones and 2) headphones will save you the embarrassment of anyone knowing that you’re listening to a couple of women in their late 30s talk about Jake Ryan from “Sixteen Candles.”

Thank you and have a lovely Christmas.

Edited to add: you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes right here.

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  1. I’m just now starting to listen but I had to go ahead and say that the lead-in music sounds like Katie Couric is about to come on the scene. But something tells me that Katie would not waste a minute of her million dollar salaried job discussing Pathwords…which I’m sure will be mentioned at some point.

  2.!! Oh yeah!!!

    Love you Sophie!

  3. Yes! Pathwords in the final minutes…you DID NOT disappoint!!! :)

  4. Thank you for the wonderful Christmas present. I have sorely missed the podcasts. Please do them at least monthly! I had to turn to the Satellite Sisters in your absence, but prefer BigBoo!

  5. Oh, I love me some Jake Ryan.

  6. I’m so excited!! Seriously!! I have downloaded all the other podcasts and you have kept me company and laughing during some walks. I will look forward to walking with you after Christmas. :)

  7. Sarah Kate in WA state says:

    Clapping my hands in delight! You two will be a ray of sunshine in my 4th day of being snowbound with 3 young children here in WA where it NEVER snows this much!! If I can’t get out and run my Christmas errands, you and BigMama are definitely the next best thing!! :) Off to listen now…

  8. Mazzios and hot fudge cakes are bring back some serious memories. I’m not even half way into this and crackin up. I’m sure I’ll be back to comment again.

  9. Mary Kat's Mom says:

    Just listened over at Big Mama and want to thank you for the Christmas present of Episode 13! I really needed to laugh, so thank you because you had me on so many topics! Loved it! BTW, I just ordered my New Year’s cards because I couldn’t get it together to get the picture Christmas cards ordered. You will get mine hopefully just as you ring in 2009! Love you!

  10. Please stop!!!! I’m crying listening to y’all talk about pathwords!!!!!!!!!!! Please stop! I can’t breathe.

  11. Thank you for this gift! Merry Christmas.
    (By the way, I go the funniest looks listening to your last podcast on an airplane from Minnesota to California – people don’t expect to see you laughing and crying :-)

    God Bless

  12. I am still listening to it, but so far, the part about Bacon is cracking me up.

  13. And here I was, afraid we would never get another one again! I’m so happy to see a new one – woohoo for the drive home tonight!

  14. I remember walking with my friends to Mazzio’s every Friday after school in junior high – always with our yellow free refill cups in hand! I’ll always have a soft spot for that pizza place in my heart because it’s where I discovered my love for Mr. Pibb.

  15. Forgive me for being, well, slow, but is there an option to download this to my iPod?

  16. Enjoyed having you on in the background while I was playing Pathwords. I got 300 on several matches. Had to stop and laugh at bacon. Then I got up to 800+ once you started talking about the game. :)

    Hubs has one of those 1000+ scores, but it was one of those days where he locked himself away from the kids AND was in “the zone.”

  17. Starbucks Coffee:

    I used to hate the Grande/Venti labels, but learned to say them when I moved to Mecca…I mean DC.

    I started out keeping it simple, but one day on the way to church I realized that I had “become ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE.” Now I order:

    year-round: venti skim one Splenda latte

    holiday: (last year) venti skim one pump pumpkin spice latte

    (this year) venti skim one pump harvest spice latte

    Obviously, I can add my own Splenda, but for $4 incl. tip, I think it’s worth ordering it perfect.

    If you are trying to break the Starbuck’s habit, I highly recommend the Tassimo system. Although the coffee is not as cheap as Maxwell House French Roast, it is much closer to the Starbuck’s experience for hubby. You will like the “Crema” variety, BooMama. It is rich and full. Their are even darker blends if you desire.

  18. JAKE RYAN!!! So good to hear that someone else remembers him!!! Here is what you need to do……..because you probably have the resources to get it done……..Find the dress…that she wore while sitting on top of the table while blowing out the candles on her birtday cake………….

    And can anyone else make the connection from Sixteen Candles to Poltergeist?

  19. Yay! We got on ipod over the summer, and I was wondering if the podcast days were over. Now I get to listen to them!

  20. Ok – very important question: have you ever shuffled in Pathwords and forfeited 20 points to rearrange your letters? And if so, do you think it helped?? I’m soo tempted to do it when things are going poorly but then I realize I’m not likely to beat my high score anyway so what’s the point? They just don’t give you enough time to perform a cost benefit analysis! Ahh!

    Enjoyed the podcast. Thanks!

  21. I checked itunes right before we left for Christmas trip to see if I had missed one..needed some intertainment to drown out the fighting kids in the car… but now you have it out a few days late… I’ll enjoy it on the next car trip!

  22. Thanks for sending us a link to download on Itunes. Now I’ll actually get to listen to them. Cuz now they will be on my ipod and I can listen to them as I work out! Which I will be starting back up with this coming week!!