And So On And So Forth And Etc.

A few random things I’ve been meaning to tell you:

1. 50,000 Shoes in 50 Days – only seven days left to get in on the action, and this would be such a cool thing to do with your kids. I love the idea of giving your kids ten minutes to run around the house and find five dollars in change – then gathering all the young’uns around the computer and showing them how spare change can provide two pairs of shoes for children in need. I’d say that’s a mighty fine lesson.

2. A couple of months ago I asked if any of you might be interested in blogging for the new Praise Baby blog. And then about 70 people emailed me, and then my computer died. Many of the original volunteers emailed me again once my computer was up and running, but if you haven’t emailed me and you’re still interested in writing a couple of posts for Praise Baby, let me know (aye, and quickly). The PB blog is going to be up and running at the first of the year, and I’m about to start working on a posting schedule. And yes, there is free music involved.

3. I have a post up over at AllAccess about how a cake made me all teary-eyed.

4. Thank y’all so much for all your great suggestions for our Christmas Day pizza. I’m making marinara tomorrow, and we’re going to make pizza crust from scratch – even though I may rue the day I decided from-scratch crust was a good idea.


But in the interest in MAKING SWEET MEMORIES, I’m going all in.

5. I haven’t forgotten about Daily Linky Interwebby Awesomeness. But I am taking a little linky-hiatus until after Christmas. In case you were wondering. Which you probably weren’t.

But still.

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  1. Good luck with the rolling pin! :) I
    making a new Christmas breakfast this year that we found in the Costco cookbook of all places. It involves cream cheese, nutella and croissants…and more fat than I even want to think about.

    But it’s all about the love of family, so I’ll sacrifice myself like that.

    I’d be interested in the Praise Baby blog if you have more information. :)

    Have a great Christmas!

  2. im thinking that pizza crust from scratch spells D I S A S T E R. just a hunch. but at least it will make for some great memories.. and great blog fodder!

  3. Hi. I just wanted to let you know what we do at our house when I make homemade pizza(out of the Jiffy box counts as homemade for me :o]). After making the dough I split it up so that each family member has their own dough, roll it out, and let each person put on the toppings of their choosing. We call it “Pizza Picasso”! My boys enjoying doing their own toppings and everyone has their own masterpiece when you are finished. Just an idea for you! Love your blog! I hope that you and your family have a blessed and joyous Christmas!

  4. Don’t know what’s involved but I would HAVE LOVED to have the Praise Baby Music collection when my kids were smaller!My kids have listened to music, scripture, and now book on CD, since the DAY they were brought home from the Hospital…they can’t sleep with out it now (almost).

  5. We contributed to the souls 4 soles and my kids loved it. Then they sent us a little shoe keychain and now they are fighting over it. LOL Thanks for letting us know about that program.

  6. Good luck with the pizza – it sounds so yummy!

    I’d love to be involved with the Praise Baby blog – those DVD’s saved my life when my now 2 year old was an infant.

    Between some severe (but not life threatening) health issues and the inability to sleep due to those health issues, we were all going crazy trying to hold a screaming baby 24-7.

    A dear friend gifted us with them for Jake’s Baptism and I was finally able to put him down for 30 minutes and do very important things around the house – like bathe myself.

    He still watches them now, happily (and healthy) singing along with great enthusiasm.

    Merry Christmas,

  7. about half-way through tgiving dinner i am already tired of the standard holiday fare…a pizza is SUCH A GOOOD IDEA. i wonder how that would go over at my in-laws house?!?

  8. My pizza crust from scratch:

    2 c flour
    1/3 c oil
    2/3 c water
    1 tsp baking powder

    Mix, smoosh into pan. Voila.


  9. I miss the Daily Interwebby Awesomeness but you do deserve a break. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

  10. I’m with ya’ sister. I have a rolling pin for looks and that’s it. Good luck with the pizza!

  11. I love the pizza idea for Christmas. I think we’re having spaghetti at our house. A rolling pin is not required for the pizza dough, just butter your hands really well and use them to spread it out over the pizza pan. Alex would probably love to help with this part! :-)

  12. You said “aye.” LOL.
    I’m all in on the PB blog. Bring it, my friend.
    And I love using a rolling pin. However, I detest cleaning up the mess afterwards. Flour in every crevass of my kitchen makes me want to partake in an adult beverage.

  13. Thanks for the great 50,000 website. I’m going to get the kids involved and donate!

  14. Not sure what it involves but I may be interested in the Praise Baby blog. I have the CD’s for my 2 older kids and I have a baby boy due in March so I will have to check out the lullabies!!

  15. Just had to comment. We LOOVVEE homemade pizza around here and a rolling pin is NOT required. at. all. Mix your dough (which should be flour, water, yeast/sugar, little bit of olive oil) and let it rise briefly (or longer if you like more ‘bready’ dough). And then just oil up your hands and smoosh/stretch it into the pan/onto the stone.

    I’m sure you will enjoy it. =)

  16. Merry Christmas, Sophie!

  17. yeah, um, I think you have a problem with all your pictures! It says photobucket bandwidth exceeded on all the places where there should be pictures! Me thinks you might need to go delete a few old images!

    Also, I don’t have my mom’s recipe, but we never use a rolling pin when we make pizza dough. You just divide it up into the number of pans and then stretch/moosh it until it fits! It’s way more fun that way too! (but be sure to put some butter on your hands if you don’t want it stuck everywhere!

  18. We almost always make homemade pizza and dough. If you have a Kitchen Aid or bread machine, use them to mix the dough and knead it. Also, letting it rise in the fridge overnight will allow you to avoid rolling it out altogether if you hand toss it, or it will relax the dough enough to make rolling it out very easy. Here is my pizza dough recipe which we love and everyone else has always loved it, too. Good luck!

  19. I never use a rolling pin for my pizza dough, either. And we make it quite often. I do have a Pampered Chef roller thingy that I use to spread the dough out on the pan, but fingers work just as well. I hope your pizza turns out great!

  20. My little tidbit of a tip for homemaking pizza crust is to grease the pan and then dust some cornmeal all over it before putting the crust down. Oh, how it flavors the bottom of the crust. Yu-um!

  21. I thought the only good thing a rolling pin was good for was to break up crackers for casserole topping. Who knew?!?!

    I would love to do some guest posting at Praise Baby if you still need anyone. I have an abundance of words.

    Blessings for the most glorious Christmas celebration ever!

  22. Yuo don’t have to use a rolling pin- just stretch out the dough with your hands- that’s what I do!

  23. Love the Praise Baby DVD’s for my 7 month old. I am game………. thanks

  24. I’m intrigued, please tell me more about the Praise Baby blog. More than likely I’ll want to participate.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays


  25. Hello
    So glad your pizzas were nummy! We did that Christmas eve – hamburger, taco, and ham and pineapple!

    I will happily provide insight on the first 3 Praise babies. Haven’t used the latest couple. Just let me know what to do.