I’m in official post-holiday overload, completely aware of the fact that I have lots of funny tales to tell, but now that we’re down to a house-o-three again, I’m mostly just tempted to sit in front of the television and change the channel until I run across some sort of series marathon (FINGERS CROSSED FOR “TOP CHEF”), at which point I’ll ask my hubby to bring me three diet Cokes and Rotel dip and a blanket and then I’ll sit right here and watch TV and drink diet Coke and eat cheese until I fall into some sort of reality television stupor.

I know. My goal-setting is inspiring, isn’t it?

You’ll be happy to know that my Pathwords obsession hasn’t diminished during the holidays, even though I didn’t get to play very much and have made approximately zero progress with my score. I’m starting to feel like something is wrong with me, what with my friends sailing past me in the rankings, yet I continue to trash talk with great enthusiasm and pray that at some point in my life I will know the joy of beating one particular friend’s high score in the strong name of Jesus, amen.

We made pizzas on Christmas Day just like we planned, and while I think I need to keep working on the dough part (I thought it was sort of bland-tasting, though the texture was great), it was a great change-o-pace from the usual Christmas fare. Martha even liked it, which is quite a feat considering that she never eats pizza because she has said for years that she thinks it tastes like perfume.

We’re not exactly sure how she knows what perfume tastes like. But we trust that when she’s ready to tell us the back story, she will.

Anyway, she thought the homemade pizza was “wonderful! just wonderful! it’s perfectly wonderful!,” and my daddy was grateful that he didn’t have to eat turkey, and Mama was glad that she wasn’t the one cooking, so it worked out beautifully for all on hand. Friday night I used the leftover marinara to make chicken parmesan, and SWEET MERCY IN HEAVEN it was good. We had the best homemade cheesecake in the universe for dessert (hubby actually makes it, and it is forty two different kinds of divine), but I made the critical error of drinking a big mug of coffee with the cheesecake and as a result slept for a solid three hours Friday night.

As you can imagine, I was DEEPLY rested when I dragged myself out of bed Saturday morning.

The fellas went to lunch and a movie Saturday while the girls spent a little of their Christmas money. I was delighted to find a new stainless steel Dutch oven on sale at Macy’s for $19.99, not to mention a cute sweater at the Steinmarts that was about 60% off. Then we ate some blackeyed peas, cornbread and cheese grits for supper, watched a movie with about fourteen different plot lines (“Eagle Eye”), and apparently had a contest to see who could fall asleep first (Sister’s hubby won, but Mama was a close second).

So now we’re just going to try to ease back into normal. I need to work on some blog stuff tomorrow and get all the Christmas decorations put away. I also need to run about sixteen miles and would like to lose forty pounds before the new year because I am, as ever, all about some realistic fitness goals.

Hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas.

And if you see happen to see that there’s a “Top Chef” marathon on Bravo, please email me immediately, oh thank you.

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  1. I have your same same fitness goal. I would like to be marathon ready by the new year.. I can currently make it half a song with heavy breathing

  2. If you figure out how to lose those forty pounds before the new year you just pass that info right along. will ya?

  3. You always make me smile and laugh, which is exactly why I visit here often. You’re on my list of favorite places!! Doesn’t that just make you wanna HOLLA!!!?? You’re probably on lots of people’s fav’s lists!! Well, anyway, thanks for the belly-laff, and for sharing your great personality!!

    Becky :)

  4. well, you’re way ahead on getting your black eyed peas and cornbread in by new years…that should give you a great 2009!

  5. waaaaay ahead of you on the rotel. started that christmas eve and havent stopped since… except to eat the 2 dozen sugar cookies… with a REAL dr pepper praisethelord!!

  6. Sorry to break it to you, but there was a Top Chef marathon on this morning until about 1pm (central time). Not sure about the rest of the day. But the date with the Rotel and a comfy blanket is enough all by itself!

  7. Holla back!

  8. I read about Pathwords on your blog several days ago…weeks, who knows. Because I’ve lost count of time in my new addiction. I’m up to 940 points and am determined that if I could just keep my fingers from getting stiff after several hours of playing I could crack that 1000 mark. And as for losing weight, that would take activity and Pathwords doesn’t require activity. I hate you. blessings, marlene

  9. Just clicked over from playing Pathwords, and I haven’t even reached your score yet. My last puzzle had about 39 Is, Os, and Es jumbled together and nary a consonant anywhere close. And guess what? E-I-E-I-O does NOT earn you any points no matter how many times you hit the last letter or the “submit” button.

    I ate so much Ro-Tel this week that it scared my husband. Between the Pathwords and the Ro-Tel-eating, I hardly had time to celebrate Christmas……:)

    Hope y’all had a Merry one.

  10. Ok, so you and others need to share: what are some good Pathwords strategies? I’m only at 530 and need some inspiration. How goes it?

  11. On the pizza dough – sometimes I use half whole wheat and half white flour if I feel all health nutty, and I ALWAYS put about a half stick of butter on a large cookie sheet and stick it in the pre heating oven to melt. When it is melted I pat out the dough, and, now this next part is critical, turn it over, so both sides will be buttery, before adding the toppings.

    Mmmmmmm – just like the greasy deep dish pizza from Pizza Hut! And what could be more health nutty than that?

  12. Did you say PUT AWAY DECORATIONS? Is it already time for that? Surely they’ve only been up a couple of days. I think these Christmas cookies are going straight to my brain.

  13. I spent the day infront of the HOUSE marathon, so I understand your motivation and goal setting strategies.

  14. Missed you! Now I’m sure I will go to bed wondering what perfume and pizza have in common, taste-wise. I may even have a weird dream about it.

    Do you know??! My Chris brought me some cinnamon coffee one morning and began to reflect “back in the day”–when he decided to try in college to smoke a pipe–that the coffee tastes just like the pipe tobacco smelled. I had to THROW OUT the whole cup and bag o’ coffee right there. For it was no longer tasty!

  15. Oh, you always crack me up. I’m glad to read that you had a wonderful time with your family. :)

  16. Sounds like you didn’t think too much of Eagle Eye. We liked it – but then again my husband is an OSI agent (like the female lead) and we’re just gald there was a movie about us and not the Navy’s NCIS!

  17. It’s so weird to me that when I was watching a Bobby Flay throwdown, with a dude who makes famous deep-dish pizza, I thought “OOH! I wish I knew Boomama in person – I’d call her & tell her this was on!” Amazing, this internet.

  18. you are just a hoot!
    A hoot, I tell ya!

    I once had a friend call me at 9am, saying she’d just found out she was having a blind date at lunch time, and she NEEDED to lose 10 pounds by then!
    Did I have any ideas??

    Um, No.

    But my goal for right now is to lose 30 by Valentine’s Day.
    I should’ve been stuffing all those cookies and pie in my back pocket the last two weeks… that’s where it all went anyway, but aint gonna be so easy to get rid of!

    So maybe instead of just dusting off the treadmill when company comes over – so it looks like I’m using it – I’ll actually climb on that sucker. Dangit, I guess it’s NOT the thought that counts!

  19. Um, so what is your Pathwords score anyway? Not that I’m competitive or anything.

  20. maybe we’ll try pizza next christmas. since turkeys are like $60 bucks a pop here. and i hate turkey anyway.

  21. I love the pizza idea but can’t quite make the perfume deal work out in my mind. So glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Blessings for a glorious New Year.

  22. Just thankyouverymuch for being in my cyber world. What a fun read you are. Another plus is that we have similar goals and aspirations. Happy New Year!

  23. Darlin’, if you want to feel better about your Pathwords ranking try playing me on Facebook! Instant self-worth, I promise.

  24. I know, Shannon beat me too! I am upset with her.

    Mary, fellow pathwords addict.

  25. I don’t know how committed you are to making your own pizza dough, but if you are NOT, try Trader Joe’s pizza dough.

    It’s in the refrigerator case, very inexpensive, and tastes good. One bag, divided, gives 2 good sized personal pan pizzas.
    They have regular, whole wheat and I think another kind that is escaping me at the moment. My kids were NOT fans of the ww.

    Yum! And not a hint of perfume.

  26. I impressed myself with a 650 in Pathwords and wake up this morning to see that someone has gotten a 940 – clearly I will have to do nothing this week but try and achieve that! And I also think you should tell us your high score!! Pretty Please?!

  27. What is Pathwords? I’m hearing all sorts of various Tweetings going on, and again, I see I’ve been left behind in the technological dust!

    My healthy competitive spirit needs to know. So I can kick…um, I mean, participate.

    Happy New Year, sweet girl!!!

  28. Glad you hear you had a lovely holiday! I am all about a good after-Christmas-sale deal. $19.99 for a dutch oven? GET OUT! Lucky girl… : )

  29. If you are looking for a good (easy!) pizza dough, in the book “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” (the authors’ names escape me right now) their olive oil dough makes superb crust. That is the only one that I use any more. It has about 4 or 5 ingredients and there is no kneading involved. Happy baking!

  30. Wasn’t Eagle Eye a bummer of a movie? I was so looking forward to it, and it did not live up to my hopes and dreams.

    On a happier holiday note, I’m glad to hear your pizza plan went well!! :)

  31. New reader by way of emilywithaheart. Love the post and will make yours one of my daily reads.

  32. Glad to hear the pizza-o-rama was good for all. Your holidays sound ambitious enough – maybe we could campaign for a sabbath from holidaying?? We actually watched all of Eagle Eye – had NO expectations for it so DH thoroughly enjoyed the lack of romantic side story, intense car chases and lots of explosions – our kind of diversion. Good to hear you’ll be back a’bloggin’ – am putting away Christmas decor today in our household. New Year’s Day is our wedding anniversary and I pretend each year I’m a devoted housekeeper and neaten up for that special event!

  33. Top Chef marathon on January 7 from 10 am to 5 pm! The end of season three. LOVE IT!

  34. You’re doing great. Anyone who is actually moving around more than a throw rug right now is doing great. I’ll let you know when I have enough energy to do like an after-Christmas sticker and I peel myself up off the floor.

  35. Leslie George says:

    My mother would never drink pop, because she said it tasted like fly spray. I always asked her how she knew what fly spray tasted like, and she said, “it tastes like fly spray SMELLS”. So, now you know. :)

  36. I’m glad you are back to the blog!

  37. Sounds wonderfully merry! I am so craving some cheese grits right now…mmmmm

  38. One day you and I need to have a visit and eat Rotel cheese dip and watch reality television. It is a sickness but one I will keep. ;)

    I am at a whopping 410 in Pathwords and if you ever need a three letter word I am your go to friend. lol My longest word…mustard. I thought my friend Dori had the high score until I saw Mel’s score and let me say one of my goals is to beat one of them. Have mercy.

    I am sure Top Chef will have a marathon. Keep the faith sister!!

  39. I want you to know that I am secretly mad at Bigmama who is about to like score 2000 on pathwords and I’m stuck in the high 400’s. I just scored 480 with my “hard word” being herein. Don’t even know that word or when to use it.

    I’ll perse-dang-vere (as Beth Moore says) through my pathwords funk and I’ll be better than ever. I know it.


  40. Pathwords is fun but Word Twist is funner!

  41. BooMama, I just wanted to say I love your ways. I love your ghetto mama ‘holla’s’ and your unique and hilarious ways of seeing things- it makes all our days brighter :) Thanks for being you! (And sharing you with all of us).

  42. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you for introducing me to Pathwords (she said with great, dripping sarcasm). Because NOTHING gets done for who knows how long once I enter THAT dark zone. Oh, cursed game, that sucks the life out of my days and the minutes out of my clock! Each game is 5 minutes long, so if the little counter thing that tells your high score, longest word, and how many games you’ve played says you’ve played over 200 games… well.. do the math. ugh. Once again, I am eternally indebted to you for sucking me into the pit of addiction right along with you. I will search endlessly for a favor with which to reciprocate. Happy New Year (or however many minutes of it we actually get to LIVE outside of the crackwords obsession).

  43. Not sure why I am bothering to comment since no one in their right mind would leave a good t.v. show to read comment # 43, but just wanted it to be known that I am always amazed that you and I share the exact same taste in T.V. shows and a love of cheese. I am off to look for a top Chef marathon right now. I have to fold laundry and it helps me get through the ugliness…

  44. At least I’m not sitting in the “I stink at Pathwords” boat alone…. or maybe your in the boat ahead of me….”I rock at Pathwords and say I don’t”!

  45. Oh my word I love Martha. And I KNOW you can’t make this stuff up.

  46. I don’t suppose your husband would be willing to share his cheesecake making secrets? I love cheesecake, but mine always cracks badly – like all the way to the crust – and this year it was too soft to boot. I’d love to get better at this.

  47. Eagle Eye…not so good.


    Losing weight while eating cheesecake…priceless

    Just set some new goals for weightloss if you want to join us. Several have joined in.