Before I Commit To Tonight’s “Project Runway” Marathon…

…I wanted to share a few things.

1. Last call for people who are interested in being Praise Baby bloggers. You’ll write a couple of posts for the PB blog, get some free music as a thank you, and enjoy lifelong peace and happiness if you participate. Except I can’t really guarantee that last thing. Email me tonight if you’re interested. I’m sending out details tomorrow.

2. If you’re not reading Veronica‘s Twelve Days of Christmas series, you’re missing out on some inspiring bloggy goodness. The series starts right here. And her post for the second day of Christmas? It’ll preach.

3. I don’t really have a third thing. But two things seemed sort of lame. So now I’m rambling.

So. How are y’all?

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  1. Oh girl, the hubs was flipping through the cable guide when I saw “Project Runway” after “Project Runway” gliding across the schedule.

    Alas and alack, he clicked on CSI.

    But then…he left the room to take a phone call and now the TV is mine, all mine! Mwaahahaha!

    Fierce and fabulous…

  2. First, to respond to #3… I’m doing jest fine, thanks for asking. And how’re y’all? How’s your mama? (because in the South, that’s just always the next question, now isn’t it?).
    Anyway, I s’pose I’ll forgive you a little for providing me with the matches and spoon that go with Pathwords since you also gave me the “in” to Veronica’s site. Wow. just wow. Stand back, cause the light she focuses through her magnifying glass can set a heart on fire….

  3. Lady, my stats on this series were looking so dismal until you linked to me. I’m happy to talk about Jesus even when my stats tank, but it’s also nice to get a little back pat. Ya don’t s’pose he minds, do you?

  4. If DHS comes knockin’ on my door and threatens to take my children, I am blaming you for telling us about Crackwords. I am ashamed at how much time I am wasting there!!

  5. Why, we’re just fine thank you! So happy to hear the Christmas Day pizzas went off well. We couldn’t do the traditional turkey this year for the same reason y’all couldn’t so as I served our beef roast I told the story of your pizzas. I think they’d have been preferred! Certainly by the dishwashers in our house that day! And the Pathwords? Evil! If Satan were a three-letter word I’d spell it on Pathwords! That game is addiction personified! And if I don’t pass 730 soon I might just have to take a sabbatical from work!

  6. Doing pretty good here – very very tired from all the festivities but happy tired.

  7. Hey Boo Mama! I’m giving you an award! Please stop by and pick it up when you can!!
    Blessings for a great day!!

  8. I just found you through Tired Supergirls website. I am inspired by you two!!!

    It looks like I am a day late, but I would so love to get in on the Praise Baby blogging. My husband and I lead praise & worship, I have small children, and lurv a good write…so if there’s still time, please count me in.

  9. I am interested in the Praise Baby blogging too! I have a 1 year old daughter and a blog and we are BIG PB fans around here!

  10. We don’t have BRAVO anymore, so alas, no more project runway for us… my hubby secretly watched it with me… don’t tell!
    We aren’t bitter, we still have stylista as a guilty pleasure!!

  11. Every man in our house knows not to touch the channel with PR is on. Of course, having a daughter majoring in fashion design makes it a must see at our house. She was off yesterday and she watched it all day long.

    Now when the hunting shows come on….I high tail it out of there!

  12. I’m still in on the Praise Baby thing if you need me. I can’t email you tonight cause I am on my hubby’s computer, but I will try to do it tomorrow. Just email me the details, though!

  13. I just stumbled upon your blog, if you are still in need of Praise Baby bloggers, feel free to contact me! We love PB around here. Their DVDs are the only thing my 13 month old will watch!

  14. Can you believe I have never seen one episode of Project Runway until just a few days ago when I saw the marathon from the year that Christian won. I think it was from 2007. I really enjoyed seeing all three fashion shows at the end and was blown away by Christian’s collection.