Perhaps This Is Why I Don’t Scrapbook

We spent New Year’s Eve with some friends we don’t get to see as much as we’d like, and I took my camera along for the festivities because I figured there would be some hilarious moments to document and treasure forever and for always.

And there were. There were tons of hilarious moments to document. There were marathon spades games that lasted until three in the morning. There were marathon Wii tournaments that lasted until a couple of five year-olds hit rock bottom and entered melt-down mode. There was lots of singing. There was a five pound Hershey’s bar.

There was homemade beef & broccoli and fried rice and salad and cheesecake, and then, around 1:30 in the morning, there was more beef & broccoli and fried rice and cheesecake. There were biscuits and chocolate gravy (YES. I SAID “CHOCOLATE GRAVY.” HALLELUJAH.) and bacon (BACON!) and this whipped honey butter stuff that flat-out rocked my world.

And then there were more cards and more laughs and more Wii games and more fun and by late New Year’s afternoon you have never seen a group of people who were more tired and more full.

And do you know how many pictures I snapped?



So here is my lone photographic memory of our 24-hour fun-a-thon.


For what it’s worth, it was the best guacamole I’ve ever eaten.

Happy 2009, everybody. May your new year be filled with, among other things, plenty of delicious avocados.

You’re welcome and amen.

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  1. Oh my goodness…my Momma made me chocolate gravy and biscuits, just a few days ago when I went to visit…it’s a childhood favorite of mine!!

    That’s a lovely pic of gaucamole. :)

  2. love your photo:)
    and guacamole is the BEST.
    we eat a lot of it being in South Texas…LOTS of it.

    it really is good for you, too….thats what i tell myself:)

  3. aw, man…i was hoping for a shot of the 5 lb chocolate bar…what in the world!?!

    the guac looks good though…

    isn’t something how the Wii really does produce meltdowns…

    happy new year!

  4. Oh my! I LOVE chocolate gravy and thought about making it for breakfast yesterday!

    My grandmother used to make it for us all the time when I was growing up, and now she sends me a “mix” of all the dry ingredients. I love that she does that, even though I always have flour, sugar, and cocoa on hand.

  5. But at least it’s a decent-sized bowl of guacamole! I mean if it was a small, pathetic bowl, THEN I WOULD WONDER….

    Also, The Chocolate Gravy took me back. The first church we worked at in Arkansas served up the gravy at every church function.

    Those were special people.

  6. I love food, too. I didn’t even take one picture at our party, but there was this awesome Chocolate Eclair dessert that one of us had 5 helpings of… I will not name names.

  7. Sometimes I think a good guacamole is worth it’s own scrapbook page!

  8. I do that same thing. I went to a Christmas party last year and took my camera and didn’t get a single shot. This year for Christmas eve I handed the camera to my son and have a whole bunch of great family photos. I think I’ll be continuing that tradition from now on.

    Happy New Year!!!

  9. Um, I think the follow-up post to this should be the recipe for the Chocolate Gravy. And also the guacamole which you deem the best you’ve ever eaten.

    My muffin top doesn’t really want it, but my mouth does. And my mouth wins.

  10. I, too, am fully expecting to see an imminent post including recipes for the guac and the chocolate gravy! Oh my, do I have to use a biscuit? Can’t I just drizzle it directly into my mouth??

  11. I have never had chocolate gravy, but everyone seems to be talking about it these days. I love good old fashioned brown (it must be brown) sausage gravy.


    How have I missed this? We need a recipe ASAP.

    As far as pictures, I think sometimes we can get so busy documenting things that we forget to actually live in the moment.

  13. Sounds exactly like my New Years…well, the lack of pictures part anyhow. I walked past my camera a bazillion times and never took a single picture.

  14. My daddy from Tennessee used to make homemade chocolate gravy and biscuits. He’s been gone almost nine years and I hadn’t even thought about chocolate gravy in years. Guess I’m gonna have to google that recipe! Thanks for bringing back the memory :-)

  15. Oh yes! Every year should be filled with yummy avocadoes! And two words I’ve never ehard put together before are “Chocolate” and “gravy” – that sounds spectacular!

    The only thing sort fo recembling a resolution that I made this year was to stay caught up with my blog. It’s new so it’s not like I’ve actually fallen down on it (not yet at least!). But I think somewhere in part of that resolution-but-not-really is to take more pictures. I’m the same as you – go to something spectacular knowing I’ll want pictures and then I take like 3! Siiigghhhh….

  16. Look at it this way – you have your priorities straight – friendships, fun and love – well they have their place in life but oh my goodness a good bowl of dip – yeah baby now that is living! Glad to hear you managed to enjoy yourself just a tad – ain’t life grand?

  17. Biscuits and chocolate gravy!!! Love it, love it, love it!

  18. You know…I do love to scrapbook. But it’s so important to make sure we’re living the memories and not just taking pictures of them.

  19. Looks like Great guacomole…. That is a new favorite of mine – do you have the recipe? I am still experimenting on mine.

    Happy New Year!

  20. Boomama, your descriptions of food make me drool. I’ve ruined many a keyboard salivating over your descriptions. Going to google “whipped butter.”

  21. That is hilarious! I do the same thing – I remember to take my camera but get so busy I don’t take any pictures. Sounds like you guys had a blast!

  22. What is this chocolate gravy of which you speak? How do I get me some?

  23. I can’t get past the five-pound chocolate bar… kidding, right? They make those things?

  24. Ok, Soph, IN the picture, I spotted a game that NO ONE around here had ever heard of except the Swindoll family…PIT! Do you play Pit? Is that not the most hilarious game? It gets a WEE bit dangerous around here when we pull that one out….
    Glad you had a great time on New Year’s; I only took a few pictures, but it will probably take a MONTH before I download them to my computer!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  26. Oh, yes. I spotted the PIT cards right away. They in themselves tell the whole story. I imagine “being hoarse” is part of it. LONG LIVE THE PIT GAME. We used to play that every New Year’s Eve night…back in the day when we knew how to have fun…

  27. Oh that’s rich! In a good way – at least, the priorities are straight going into the New Year! This makes my Seven Layer Dip look puny.

  28. Glad to see in the comments that I am not alone…I have never heard of such a thing as chocolate gravy. Was the 5 lb. hersey bar involved in the making of it? And it goes with bacon?? My taste buds are all in a tizzy now.

  29. Oh how I do heart avocados. That looks like some good guac to me! Mmmmmm….must. go. get. some.

    I try to scrapbook but mostly it’s just another thing that pushes my guilt-button…the way the supplies stare at me accusingly, and the books are all such a long way from ever being done. Why don’t these kids stop growing and changing and doing cute things,already?

  30. Argh. I hate that I didn’t catch the fact that my old blog is linked in my comment above. Therefore I am amending it here. Even if nobody cares.

  31. mmmmm…guacamole, although I can’t eat much of it after overdosing during my first pregnancy! And is that Pit I see behind the guac? Our church group plays that game whenever we get together for a party. FUN!!

  32. Sounds like a blast!

    Now I’m wondering if said chocolate gravy was made by a certain dear one, who shared said recipe in the cookbook…

    I posted something for you on my blog–be sure and watch the Ben Stiller link. It’ll bless you, I know.

  33. PS Who needs scrapbooking, when you are living the wonderful memories? Savor those precious times!

  34. I’ve heard of the fabled chocolate gravy, but never had the privelage of trying it. I’ll have to just imagine…

    And you know what’s funny? I AM a scrapbooker, and I took a whoppin’ ZERO pictures. Seriously sad.

  35. PIT!! I love Pit.

    So glad you had a great time with friends. We were fortunate enough to spend ours with dear friends also. So much fun!

    Happy New Year to BooMama, BooDaddy and Little Boy Boo! (ha, I just thought of that. I’m sure you’ve heard it a few times by now!)

  36. I grew up eating homemade biscuits with chocolate gravy. But, here’s what’s realy good….pancakes with chocolate gravy! YUM!!

  37. Chocolate Gravy? Now that just sounds too good to be true! Wow! LOL@the one photo. But hey… good guac is good guac, right? :)

  38. HA! I’m the opposite at most events–I’m behind the camera so much that #1, I can hardly enjoy the event and #2, I’m never in any pictures!! Now people count on me to bring “The Camera.” That’s a lot of pressure. And I don’t even scrapbook!! heehee
    Sounds like a lovely New Year’s! Best wishes in ’09!

  39. I have never had chocolate gravy, but I do love me some guacamole! I think I’ll go make me some right now. And I can do that, because I took approximately 10 pictures of all of Christmas and approximately 0 at New Year’s, so I don’t have to spend my time uploading and cropping and downloading and all that stuff. So, I can … eat!

  40. I’d give anything to see (taste) the chocolate gravy. I’m a southerner and we don’t mess with the sacred gravy. You’ve got me googling and callin’ people.

  41. I see you played my Dad’s FAVORITE game, never mind it scared the pjabbers out of my little 5 yr old self, PIT!!
    Sounds like you had a splendid time, even if you don’t have the pictures to prove it.
    Happy New Year!

  42. Choc. Gravy! Ummmmm…I need that recipe before my siesta houseguests arrive in a couple of weekends. (You know for that little Travis thing here in the ATL?)

    And thanks to that one photo..I need to have the man make a run to our favorite mexican place… :)

  43. This happens to me, too- I always have to steal everyone else’s pictures- I guess it means we’re enjoying the moment, though! :)

  44. The memories and lingering good feelings after the fun are better than pictures! Thanks for all the smiles, laughs, and meaningful ponderings that you brought to the internet world in 2008! Happy New Year!

  45. Haha, that’s great! Only one pic and it’s of guacamole!! Happy New Year!

  46. oh my gosh, i have been looking for a chocolate gravy recipe for several years! any chance you can post it? the grandmother of a guy i dated in high school made it every year and it is sooo yummy!

  47. I love me some guac!

    Happy New Year!

  48. I literally laughed out loud. One picture of guacamole. Who does that? Seriously?

    Oh, yeah. YOU and ME…Can’t count how many scrapbook photos I don’t have!

  49. What do you mean this is why you don’t scrapbook?! You could totally scrapbook that picture, alongside a recipe for guacamole printed off of allrecipes, and add maybe a cute sticker or two. See? All done. :)

  50. the only thing better than choc gravy is chocolate cobbler. Glad you had a great time. Am I missing something by not knowing what Pit is?

  51. Too funny! I do it all the time. I get home from some great event and have one or two photos in my camera. I guess we can either live it or document it, but not both. Here’s to living it!

  52. Girl – You CRACK me up – that is so hilarious and proves the fun took over the picture-taking duty! As vividly as you write and as quick as your wit and mind work – you will have MEMORIES of this time forever.

    Take care and may God bless you greatly in 2009!
    Georgia Jan

  53. HA HA HA HA – We’re scrapping at my church next weekend – I bet some of the talented ladies there (not me, mind you) could make a whole book outta that 1 picture!! tee hee hee (I don’t even take a camera places so you at least have 1 picture!)

    Happy New Year!

  54. That’s hilarious – and exactly something I would do. I’m constantly dragging my camera along with me places, and then not taking any pictures (or the ones I do take aren’t at all representative of what went on at said place).

    Anyway, sound like a festive and fun New Years Eve!

  55. I have never HEARD of chocolate gravy but I am absolutely positive that I’d love it. And I totally understand about the camera…I want to be better about documenting the good times but find myself too busy enjoying the good times! Happy New Year and God’s blessings…I love your ability to write with humor.

  56. Oh, Boo! I can relate…I have had meltdowns over letting glorious moments pass me by and NOT taking enough pictures. Or at times taking NO pictures.

    Oh, like for instance, my oldest daughter graduating Co-Cadet of the cycle from YCP (National Guard’s Youth Challenge Program). Oh, I got some shots. But I didn’t have one picture taken with her. Oh, I pouted and whined and soon realized that this was a common thread.

    When I finally got around to getting my Christmas card for this year done, I realized I had very little recent pictures of my husband to add. This AFTER his 40th birthday. What’s wrong with me?

    My daughter’s boyfriend’s mother takes pictures of EV-ERYthing! She has awesome books made from Shutterfly with many of her lovely snapshots. I take pictures…but I am lacking in the pro department.

    As for you lovely shot, oh, it is simply marvelous!

    OH…and I’m not sure you’re talking about the same thing, but my family makes something kinda’ like chocolate gravy called Soppin. And we eat it with homemade biscuits….wondering if it’s the same thing. Come to think of it, Mom hasn’t made any in averyyyyyy long time.

    Think I’ll go call Mom and ask her to make me some Soppin!

    Happy New Year!

  57. P.S.

    Am I the ONLY one that rambles on in the comments?

    Is this rude?

    Sorry…it’s a problem. Really.

  58. Mmmmm… guacamole…

  59. Well guacamole is a fine thing to commemmorate, especially if it’s the best you’ve ever eaten :)

  60. We love us some chocolate gravy ’round here!

    New Year’s Blessings to you and yours!

  61. I’ve been there many times before. I bring my camera out intending to take photos and come back with 1-2 photos or none. Then I beg my friends or family members to e-mail me their photos of the said event. Reading your post made me hungry.

  62. Oh, come on! I think that would make an EXCELLENT scrap book page!

    I only wish I could dip a chip right in that guacamole this minute!

  63. Hey BooMama!! I was wondering if you could give a shout out about my bible study that starts on Tuesday night? you don’t have to because I know everyone could start asking you that…but I figured since we are local maybe some people would come

    It is at Hunter Street
    Esther by Beth Moore
    We start Tuesday night at 6:30 in Room s107-108, the bible study ends at 8:00.

    Anyone is welcomed to come all you need is the Esther workbook and your bible!!

    Thanks Boo!! and I understand if you can’t post on it but maybe you will know someone who can come =)

  64. Oh my word, I love chocolate gravy! But no one here (in Indiana) knows what it is and thinks it sounds gross so I’ve stopped even talking about it. I get tired of defending it. But my grandma makes the best chocolate gravy and biscuits.

  65. OK, now your next post should probably be the Chocolate Gravy recipe! I’ve never heard of it but everyone seems to like it.

  66. The word “scrapbook” makes me cringe. Really the word “Hobby Lobby” does too. Ha! I love to take 101 pictures and neatly put them on the ole computer with nothing to do with them later.

    Keep it simple sister!

  67. Oh I see PIT cards in this pic! I love playing that game, so much fun and active. Wow, that brings back memories….two, two, three, four, two!!

  68. Have you BEEN to a scrapbook store lately? There are so many gadgets and doo-dads that I feel sure there’s probably an entire aisle devoted to guacamole. So there’s no reason you couldn’t turn that photo into an award-winning scrapbook spread. ;)

  69. I will add my voice to the chorus of requests for the chocolate gravy recipe. I make pretty darn good biscuits, and great sausage gravy, but chocolate? Oh yeah, I need that. And soon, because Lent is coming.

  70. hey, sometimes, you just gotta have fun and it’s very inconvenient to stop having fun to take the pictures

  71. I am a true southern girl because I know all about Chocolate Gravy, it is devine! My family likes it on waffles too.

    I am a recent lover of guacamole and I would love the recipe for the one and only picture you took.