Linky Interwebby Awesomeness 1.05.09

– Over at Toddled Dredge, Veronica’s brother-in-law wrote an absolutely beautiful post entitled The Tenth Day of Christmas: The Eyes of the Blind Shall Be Opened. Veronica denies it, but I’m fairly certain that entrance into her family requires a mandatory writing exam. They’re a talented bunch.

– Melanie has a great post up over at AllAccess.

– Less than one week until this (I finally watched the movie over the weekend, and I believe I’m overinvested emotionally already).

And less than two weeks until this.

My joy, it knows no bounds.

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  1. We are super excited about 24 and American Idol at our house too!!! Of course I, myself, am excited about The Bachelor tonight. :)

  2. I usually blog about AI, but this year, since I’m all fancy and whatnot, I’m considering twittering it. Is twittering a word?

    It is now.

    I usually watch AI on the DVR but may have to change that if I’m going to twitter it.

    Oh, the decisions.

  3. American Idol + DVR = 20 minutes of joy!!

  4. I FORGOT TO MENTION “THE BACHELOR.” But don’t you worry: I will be PLANTED in front of the TV tonight.

  5. Hey Sophie, the last few times you have posted a link to the AllAccess blog, I haven’t been able to get the blog to show up. It gives me a message saying the server is down or cannot be found. I’m usually pretty tech-savvy, but I haven’t been able to figure out the problem in this circumstance. Any ideas or suggestions? Is anyone else having a similar problem?

  6. The Bachelor…Idol…my excitement is overwhelming. Love your blog!

  7. Hey Lindsay –

    The link just worked for me – so I bet you have an old page in your cache. Try clearing the cache and then clicking on the link. If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll get some more specific info from you to turn over to some techy people. :-)


  8. Um, I may need a 12 step program to kick my Jack Bauer habit. I’ve named my phone and my Ipod Jack. And my potential 5th child. And my car. I feel safer in it that way.
    Love your blog!

  9. It’s sad, but I am soo ready for AI, too!! It’s one program that all five of us want to watch and that is really unusual. . .

  10. I just knew that last link was for Idol! WooHoo! Yep, my joy has been aboundin’ too!

  11. What movie is about “24?” ???

  12. I’ve not watched “24” yet. But that picture of Jack Bauer?

    Num num num num num num num…

    I may have to get into that show.

    I’m pumped up for Battlestar Galactica, starting on the 16th. Course, we don’t have cable, so we’ll be watching it on the net 24+ hours after it airs. LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL.

  13. Not 2 weeks my friend, but ONE! American Idol mania has hit my blood again.

    Love ya!

  14. Jack is my hero.

    I just love him.