Linky Interwebby Awesomeness 01.14.09

– I got a little weepy when I read “Today I Was A Mom” by Kathryn at Daring Young Mom.

– Anne at My Tiny Kingdom has a great bloggy idea called Flashback Friday – it starts January 16th.

– I loved the show to pieces, but I think maybe the “Moonlighting” folks should leave well enough alone. (link via Throwing Things)

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  1. I enjoyed Kathryn’s post, too! :)

  2. Thanks for posting these links lately. I am a pretty new blogger and I love meeting new people and learning new things.

    Thanks and love your blog!


  3. Oh my goodness!!! I LOVED MOONLIGHTING. I so wasn’t old enough to be watching it, but I just adored it. I’m totally with you though, I’m not sure I’d want a reunion. I’d like a DVD set though.

  4. Thanks for the linky love about Flashback Friday!

  5. Your posts crack me up! :D I didn’t know where else to post this. So I figured I’d just do it on the most recent. lol! I am loving reading your blog. Good job. and THANK YOU for sharing. :D ~Sarah