American Idol Watch Party

So Shannon and I are going to be blogging about season eight of American Idol over at Culture11. We’re calling it “American Idol Watch Party” because all the punny Idol-y names are taken. Unless we call our posts “Idol-y Thoughts,” which, now that I think about it, sort of makes me smile.


Here’s my first Idol-y post. In case you want to read it. And maybe comment. And you can even rate it, but oh, FOR THE LOVE OF PETE, PLEASE BE KIND.


I keep going back and forth about using my full name when I “write” at other places. I’m starting to get used to the idea, but part of me likes holding on to just a little bit of anonymity until the little guy gets old enough to understand all this interweb bloggy bidness. After talking to my husband this morning I decided that I was going to step out and use my full name over at Culture11, but a few minutes ago I clicked over to the article, saw that my byline says “Sophie Boomama,” and laughed my head off. So for now, “Sophie Boomama” it is.

Have a great day, everybody!

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  1. I’ll be checking out your American Idol blog posts, no matter what name you go by. :) I added my two cents today on Heart Choices.

  2. And now I’m feeling all self-conscious about MY name. For the record, it’s pronounced Tong-gu, as in salad tongs, then goo. And you have to say the Momma with your best authentic or imitation Southern accent, or it doesn’t work.

    As to AI this season… I like the new judge. I almost winced when she told Scott MacIntyre that he was brave for trying out, but then she finished with, “it must feel really difficult to sing without your instrument.” I now love her.

  3. Sophie BooMama sounds like your stripper name but we’ll agree that little guy’s sensibilities come first – we all know BooMaMa Sophie and pray for her as such. You are such a hoot even about your aliases! Sophie a.k.a. the BooMaMa

  4. You have a great day too, Sophie Boomama! From Elizabeth Nomad. ;)

  5. How about “Idyllic Idol?” :-)

  6. Does this mean you won’t be doing Mr. Linky from your site again this year?

  7. Ha! I’m laughing at Linda Sue’s “stripper name” comment. So funny!

    I’m looking forward to sharing the AI experience with you, Sophie Boomama.

    Yours truly,

    MamaCat Ventura

  8. I’m still going to do the Mr. Linky – but I’ll wait until the round of 36 starts.

  9. A little anonymity is a good thing. Especially when you’ve got little ones. Last night I had a dream that I had a blog stalker. I’m so full of myself.

    Kimba Asoftplacetoland

  10. Sophie BooMama–LOVE IT! :-) I think it sounds like a perfect alias!

  11. I totally understand about the internet anonymity. Privacy is a scarce and precious thing in the world-hold on to whatever you can! (Seriousness over now.) Plus, BooMama is a great name.

  12. Hmmmm….Sophie Boomama works. Fly with that for awhile. I like it, I like it.

  13. Stevie Wright is my one to watch, I loved the post i am surprised you did not comment on bikini girl. And my seven year old loved the girl in the pink hat (with the scrap book) She was mad at Simon the whole night and she and my son started keeping talley’s of how many dreams get crushed, I thought that was cute and kinda sad

  14. I like Sophie Boomama. Sweet!

    Watched Idol w/ the kids last night. I am behind the times… needing to figure out who the new judge is. When I have time for some brain candy research, I will have to get new details figured out.

    Have a great day!

  15. As one fairly new to the bloggy world, I’m really struggling with the screen name/real name thing, too. It’s so weird to have people call me Photoqueen and not my real first name. Plus, I don’t really LOVE my screen name. And yeah, what about when I start writing on other blogs? (Yep, I’m thinking optimistically.)

    I guess I don’t have anything to add here, just saying I have the same problem. Helpful, no? :)

  16. Oh, Sophie Boomama, I just can’t wait to click over and read ya’ll’s Idol post! I am sure I will heart it just as much as all the rest of the stuff you “write.” :-)

  17. I can so totally see Sophie Boomama inside of the jacket of your first book that you publish! Who knows, it might just stick!

    Loved your recap- I totally loved pink hair girl too. And was totally impressed with a few others.

    But, let’s face it- Inquiring minds really would like to know your opinion of bikini girl.

  18. I love that your name is listed as Sophie Boomama! Love it, love it, love it! :)

    I missed AI last night because I actually cookeda REAL supper for the little family, and there was much cleaning up to do. Now that I know you’re going to writing weekly recaps, well, I will not miss another episode.

    Happy Wednesday, Soph!

  19. is it bad that i totally forgot AI started last night? don’t get me wrong – it is on my DVR list, so I won’t miss it, but i just totally spaced it

  20. LOL that is what Cole has been calling you for at least a year now :)
    AI was interesting last night and I do love Kara – is that Car-a or Care-a LOL

  21. Sophie Boomama…that is hillarious!

    You are right on, about all the contestants. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  22. I would just like to thank you for the use of one of my favorite phrases…”For the love of Pete”. I have said this for years to express various emotions, and have even been known to throw down a “What the Pete!” if I’m feeling quite strongly about a subject. However, I was recently mocked in the teacher’s lounge for my “Pete phrases” and told by several co-workers that they had never heard of either one! Imagine my surprise…I mean What the Pete! So, I posted a link to your blog on my facebook page this morning to prove the existence of such phrases. After all, if BooMama says it…

    Anyway thanks for the validation, friend.

    Have a good one!
    Kelly Gerken

  23. That’s a great review! (I’m too lazy to sifn up for one more site, just to comment.)

  24. Oh my goodness I almost suggested Sophie Boomama. I am “Kim Grits” a lot of other places. Well, not a lot but internetty I am… haha

  25. Oh and by the way, I TOTALLY could have done without the Bikini Lady. What a minx– a pathetic minx at that. And how shallow that she admittedly went dressed like that to make the cut– for her body. I’m sad they stooped so low as to let her in.

  26. Funny. That reminds me of how I spent the majority of my 20s trying to become MELISSA. And I succeeded. Then I got a job teaching at the church where I grew up and – right there on my contract and on all publications – MISSY. I just gave up.

  27. I’m with Aunt LoLo…too lazy to sign up for another site…but I so enjoyed the review. I’m *ahem* a couple of decades past my thirties but still am the type to holler at an SEC football game and set the table with old silver…so I feel like we are on the same wavelength.

  28. I dig the blog layout. I like the name too. Will follow the AI stuff when I get time. keep it up.

  29. Got AI play by plays going on over at our bloggy house too..

  30. I regret using my full name or my kids’ names on my blog. I had a child molester commenting for months before I found out.

  31. I am so excited AI is back! Loved your recap…Can’t wait to *discuss* each week!

  32. Hey, how fun. I will check it out.
    I actually auditioned for idol in Phoenix. And Bikini Girl annoyed us all. :-)

  33. It’s me again. I just posted a little bit about the audition process over at 5 Minutes for mom, in case you are curious. :-)