In Which I Make My Peace With Cornbread Dressing

Some of y’all might remember that I swore off cornbread dressing after our
unfortunate stomach virus incident this past Thanksgiving. In fact, I was so deeply opposed to cornbread dressing that I made pizzas for Christmas dinner, and I’ve thought more than once that cornbread dressing and I were done forever.


But 2009 brought new resolve to be faithful in the small things, and one of those small things is to plan and prepare meals for my family without wrecking our grocery budget. Since cornbread dressing is inexpensive to make, I figured it was just a matter of time before it showed up again at our dinner table.


So last week I bought a family pack of pork chops for cheap dollars and thrifty cents, and I decided to make pork chops and dressing. I knew a big batch would stretch for several meals, and I figured that if the dressing bothered me that much I could just load up on butterbeans and deal with it.

When it came time to make the dressing I realized that I wasn’t quite ready to deal with my mama’s recipe again. I didn’t want diced pieces of onion or celery within a five-mile radius of my person, and I double-dog dared raw eggs to enter the picture. So I improvised.

And I have to say: the dressing? IT WAS TASTY.

So I thought I’d share.


Pork Chops & Dressing

6-8 pork chops (I used bone-in)
one batch of delicious tasty cornbread (I left out the creamed corn this time)
1/2 cup butter
16 oz. beef broth (chicken broth would work fine – beef broth was all I had)
1 can cream of chicken soup

Make cornbread according to directions. When it comes out of the oven, flip it into a large mixing bowl. Add the butter, and break apart the cornbread until it’s well-combined with the butter. Add broth, soup, and then taste. Add salt and pepper if necessary.

Heat skillet (medium high-ish), then pour in a couple of tablespoons of your favorite oil. Season pork chops with salt and pepper, then brown on each side for 3-4 minutes.

Spray a baking dish with non-stick spray, and place browned pork chops along the bottom of the dish. Spread dressing mixture on top of the pork chops, then cover the baking dish with aluminum foil.

Bake (covered) on 350 for about 45 minutes. Then remove foil and bake another 15 minutes.


Oh, it’s good, y’all. The pork chops stay nice and tender, the dressing doesn’t get dry, and your family will love it.

Happy dressing, everybody!

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  1. BEEF broth hmmmm … maybe I will try this … no celery? Are you kidding me? :)

    Welcome back to the dressing, I knew you would not stay away …

  2. Sounds yummy, I will have to try it as I, too, am avoiding onions for the same reason as you are. Except my meal that came back to haunt me was French Onion Soup. My mouth salivates just thinking of it. Anyway, love the cornbread recipe and I am pretty loyal to my cornbread. Except my family calls a batch of cornbread a “pone.” Is it just us?!

  3. My mom’s bday is Saturday and one of her favorite foods is pork chops. I think I’m going to have to try this one out this weekend for her!!Thanks!!

  4. You are a bold woman.. I just don’t think I could even go down that road this soon if I were in your shoes. But I’m glad you did, cause that sounds tasty AND economical, and that makes it the top-dog recipe card in my stack! Thanks~

  5. Mmmmm…butterbeans. WHY does no one know about butterbeans around here?

  6. …I’m sorry – I’m really not laughing at you…

  7. So hilariously ironic that you chose “pork” and “dressing”! You see, pork tenderloin is my hubby’s “cornbread dressing” and it is TOTALLY wrecking my meal planning!!!

    Chris got food poisoning after eating pork tenderloin the NIGHT BEFORE my last child was to come into the world (exactly 1 year ago)! Needless to say, I was not happy to have to share childbirth with food poisoning, but I digress.

    I’m gonna show him this post and tell him to SUCK IT UP. One year is looooonng enough! Look at BooMama….she only had to wait a MONTH!!!

  8. Sounds yummy! I will definitely give it a try.

    I loved your line “cheap dollars and thrifty cents.” Made this frugal gal burst out laughing. I might have to add it to my repertoire.

  9. Oooh girl, I’ve got a dressing recipe with BACON in it. TASTY…..and of course, it’s a Southern Living recipe!!! Want it???


  10. I’ve got a baggie of butterbeans in the freezer-and I am realizing I don’t remember how my grandma fixed them. Could you please please possibly share your recipe with us internets? Thanking you in advance-

  11. Mmmmm! Sounds yummy! Glad you braved the dressing, see sometimes you just have to step out away from the fear to get a new perspective!

  12. And when does the BooMama Cook Book come out. This sounds wonderful and super easy compared to our family dressing recipe too. :)

  13. Sounds yummy! I’ll have to try this, as our dressing recipe is complicated.

  14. Baby steps.

    I was so unhappy for you after your dressing trauma.

    Have you made the pork chops with the brown rice recipe? Very similar and yummy!

  15. I made the same thing yesterday, except with chicken and I put it in the crock pot all day… yummy

  16. Cereal is pretty cheap too. You could always go for cereal for dinner.

  17. wow, this sounds good. I have pork chops already set out for supper too. I just may have to whip up some cornbread and try this.

  18. This sounds about a hundred times better than the Shake ‘N Bake I always do. I’m printing this out as fast as I can, and thank you!

  19. Now see, aren’t you glad you ventured into the cornbread dressing arena again! Sounds awesome. I may have to make a road trip and “just happen” to stop by next time you make ’em! Have a great day!

  20. Sounds delicious! I love cornbread in any form so I can’t wait to try it. Just a hint if you’re worried about raw eggs, try eggbeaters in any recepie that calls for raw eggs. They work just the same and they are pasturized so NO food poisoning risk :)

  21. I’m so glad you posted this before I once again made the dreaded Shake’n Bake porkchops, which don’t get that great of reviews by my man. I’m giving this a try tonight. Bless you!

  22. I applaud you for you bravery! That looks like such a southern dish – can’t wait to try it! I posted a pork chop recipe yesterday on my recipe blog too!

  23. Love your blog! Something you might want to try next time you make dressing: My mom always puts hard boiled eggs in hers – rather than raw – then you don’t have to worry about the possible food poisoning. Just boil, peel and dice up! She also dices up a small red delicious apple in there (helps with the moisture and flavor) and leaves the skin on – so yummy. And its widely know around here (Texas) that my mom’s dressing is the best around! Enjoy! (I can send you her complete recipe if you want…)Amy in Austin, TX

  24. Ohhhhhh…that sounds so good! Thanks for the recipe :)

  25. Sounds so good . . . and even easy enough that I might be able to make it! :-) thanks for sharing!

  26. Yummy! I’m certainly going to try this soon. Maybe even tomorrow for dinner. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  27. Barb sent me here, thanks for supper tomorrow night! (and I have the iron skillet to make it just right).

  28. I detest both onions and celery, so I’ll be making this right soon! Thank you, ma’am!