American Idol Watch Party


How are y’all?

I’m fine-ish. Thanks for asking. The only really interesting thing going on right this second is that I still haven’t had supper and it’s after 9:00 so I think I’m about to have a date with some Kashi Go Lean Crunch.

Isn’t my life fascinating?


My post on tonight’s episode of American Idol is up over at Culture11.

And the good people over there moved us to a blog so that you no longer have to register to comment. You can just enter your name and email address like you do here. And maybe fill in a little verification box. Easy breezy.

There. I believe that’s all. I’m going to go whip up a fancy bowl of cereal now.


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  1. I used to love me some Kashi Go Lean Crunch, Boo. Mixed with some plain lowfat vanilla yogurt and some fresh fruit?
    Yes Ma’am.

    But apparently, as good as it tastes, what it does inside you could very well be the gastrointestinal equivalent of something MacGyver would whip up back in the day.

    And even so, I miss it. It really was good.

    Glad they changed the comment options over at Culture 11 — left you one tonight.

    take care!
    Gonna go pretend I didn’t just talk about my Kashi memories on the world wide web.

  2. Well, I guess it’s safe to say you’re a HUGE reality TV person, haha!!! :)

  3. “In the MOST DRAMATIC kick people out ceremony”………Idol was great……I’m an first time Idol watcher……. Has it always been this good? Where have I been? We only watch one t.v. show…..and that is Survivor. But I caved……..And dad-gum……..Jason and the girls have so totally sucked me in………….I am now a true reality show junkie!

  4. I’m totally admiring your healthy eating choice Friend. I on the other hand could not sleep last night so decided that the leftover birthday cake needed to be consumed ~ in large quantities. I think the sugar high remains this morning. And as much as I want to read the A.I. recap, it’s our familiy’s Friday Night show to watch together. Hope it’s gonna be a good season…. A.I. don’t let us down! Have a great day…

  5. I had a bowl of Honeycomb last night at 9. I’m starving now. Didn’t really last too long.

  6. One of my daughter’s friends from high school is going to be on AI tonight but don’t know how much air time he will get. He told her he went to Hollywood and was cut there, but that after going through the process, it was a good thing.

  7. are you on a diet or something foolish like that? what’s all this talk of kashi go lean? where are the posts dripping in bacon fat that we all know and love?

  8. Kashi “go lean crunch” is second only to their “heart to heart.”

  9. I do love me some cereal for a snack. But my favorite is Fiber One Caramel Delight. And a delight it is. Do NOT try it. It is addictive :)