Update On Baby Harper

Such great news! So, so happy for Kelly, Scott and their sweet baby girl.

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  1. I just saw that, too! I had to comment on her site even though I know it is one in a hundred bajillion. But to watch this sweet miracle take leaps and bounds…I just can’t help but state my excitement. So cool.

  2. I know!!!!!!! I was so, so excited to see that a few minutes ago!

  3. You are so sweet!
    It’s been the BEST day!!!!! God is MORE than good!

  4. Absolutely amazing!!!

  5. I know, pretty amazing miracle huh???

  6. The pictures say it all. I am so thankful for their entire family. God is GREAT:)
    Matthew 21:22

  7. Thanks for the update. I just popped over to Kelly’s site. What tremendous blessings! And Harper is absolutely adorable.

  8. Isn’t God grand?

  9. God is definitely awesome! Tears sprang to my eyes when I saw her holding that sweet baby; beautiful, baby girl.

  10. God is so infinately gracious!

    I am quite sure God was dancing with joy because of the faith of this couple as they held Harper for the first time.

    What an amazing testimony of trust.

  11. Thanks Sophie for the update. Precious, precious photos of that beautiful baby and her parents.

  12. WONDERFUL!!! God is so Amazingly Good!

  13. Saw the pictures this morning & was sooo thrilled… I dont know who was cuter – Kelly or Harper!!! OK – a beautiful queen tie!

  14. The power of prayer is an AMAZING thing!

  15. ALL things are possible with God!

    I am so happy for them!


  16. Isn’t God awesome?! I’m rejoicing for sweet Kelly and baby Harper as well! Oh…the blessing of a mama’s arms filled with her baby…a longing fulfilled. That’s good stuff. God is good!

  17. Hang in there, Big Mama…

    Sending you love and prayers,
    Kelly G

  18. OOPS…I mean BooMama! What is up with me?!